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GayYoungOld: gay younger men and older men together.

2011.06.20 15:32 headShrinker GayYoungOld: gay younger men and older men together.

GayYoungOld is about gay younger men and older men together. It's about sex and love in intergenerational relationships.

2020.08.26 16:39 annabutochnikova Dating with no pressure

Dating with no pressure
Why it might be hard to find love using traditional dating apps that are based on swiping? Because after a short chat two strangers are going on a date. During a couple of hours two people have to find out if they like each other and this kills all joy and sincerity. People are acting not in a natural way and you wrong conclusions can be made. It’s like a walk in the darkness, only few lucky ones will reach the light.
On Promenad people don’t swipe. People use wide search settings and find people with the same interests and the same goals. They can go on a date, but also they can do sports together, can go on a trip or do anything else without a pressure of being on a date. This is the perfect way to establish sympathy, friendship or even love.
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2020.04.14 02:33 Steven1863 The childfree dating site IdoNOTwantKids is back online!

In case anyone was wondering what happened to the childfree dating site IdoNOTwantKids, it was down for a while, but now it's back online! This might be a good resource for anyone seeking a childfree relationship.
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2019.03.14 23:44 NaughtyFriendGirl Online cameras with girls

Online cameras with girls
Online cameras with girls on a dating site are an excellent way to spend your free time

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8lKqpRck7tfn4e6_B_KJ0w
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/useNaughtyFriendGirl
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naughtyfriendgirl/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Naughty-Friend-Girl-570014246800424/
Tumblr: https://naughtyfriendgirl.tumblr.com/
Official website: https://naughtyfriendgirl.com/

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2017.11.30 08:35 interracialseekers Dating is the best way to match perfect bond

Time to time and day to day increasing every person ideas and goals of a relationship.the busy life is necessary today fast running world. all the people looking to make easy way to do lot of things such are may be business growth,job,love and relationships.anything today people are looking fast ,dreaming fast and growing fast that a better to time saving in life.for the love and relationships their thinking is very nice because today so many families are splitting for the small reasons that can effect to their children.so the online dating makes to two people perfect understanding,proper love and trusting each other,after this can make to their bond strong.the datingsites are more and more today in the world wide web,but in this some of the sites are famous in the world.that can provide a best service to the seeking singles.so many advantages given to the users this facilities are providing to give a best result to the customer or singles.the main advantage of the seeker is to creating their profiles free,that can give information to the other people someone is looking for the quality match,and also making groups can give the more and more people interaction and know how the people behaving that can give you beautiful experience to find your best match.lot of people are interested in quality type of match making be a part in community make those seeking singles beautiful life.
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2017.09.05 23:14 causeWhyNotMate [email protected]

[email protected]: Being happy without a SO
https://www.reddit.com/ForeverAlone/comments/6y8ta1/being_happy_without_a_so/ I have been single for a year. Last serious relationship has been three years ago. Had some dates. I don't meet a lot of women because of my work. And I have friends. But not the going to clubs and bars type.
Datingsites are pretty useless. Two thirds are male. And you have to score high on pictures and bio. I don't, I am much better in person.
I think I am a fun guy and a loyal friend and a seven out of ten with looks.
So I have no clue how to get a SO. I talk to women when I pick up grosseries that kind of stuff. And once or twice a year I go to a party or out. Sometimes I get a number.
Every time dating someone fails I feel bad. It shakes me up. And I figured it is unhealthy to chase something that may never happen.
So I wanted to learn to be happy alone. Not just untill another relationship. But being content with this never happening. I just wanted to vent this.
Any advice or thoughts?
Edit: Sorry if I am not alone enough. I understand there are people worse of than me. But I really have a hard time dealing with lonelyness. https://redd.it/6y8ta1
Comment link: /ForeverAlone/comments/6y8ta1/being_happy_without_a_so/dmly1zg
  • cadude1: > I have been single for a year.
I stopped reading there.
  • weallwantsomethink: Why?
  • causeWhyNotMate: why not, mate?
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2016.03.03 07:59 angelachristine789 Review For Bi Sexual Dating Sites Bi Cupid Review

Bi cupid is the top dating sites for people who seeking men, women and bi sexual singles. Bi sexual dating sites helps you to seek relationship with bi sexual singles. http://www.bisexual-datingsites.com/bi-cupid-review/
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2016.02.17 06:56 angelachristine789 Best Bisexual Dating Site for Bisexual Singles

Here is the world’s best dating site for bisexual singles, men and women, bisexual couples, bisexual personals, bisexual chat, bisexual match maker. www.bisexual-datingsites.com
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2014.08.30 09:12 nickelgirlfriend A Full Proof way of having consensual Sex without fear of getting rape charge in future

Since india has too stringent rape laws. Here is an idea to have consensual sex which can not be claimed as rape in future.
Just transfer 500 to the girl's bank account. If she is interested to have sex let her transfer 501 to the guy's bank account. If she is not interested to have sex, she can just refund 500.
Will this idea work?
Forget Half Girlfriend, move to Nickel Girlfriend (Five percent Girlfriend)
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2014.07.31 19:06 Bilari For everyone having problems with dating: Have you tried these sites?

Hey guys,
I've seen a lot of people here wishing there was a specifically child free dating service/website. I've always been interested in setting up my own business one day, so I figured I'd do a bit of research and see if something like this already exists or if it's something I'd be interested in trying to set up myself.
Well, lo & behold! The domain name I entered to check if it was available was 'childfreedating.com'. I know, I know, not very creative but I wanted to check. Well it turns out that someone has obviously been thinking along similar lines, because the domain name is taken and if you go to http://childfreedating.com/ you'll notice that the site is currently under construction and will be up and running in September 2014 - not long!
The description reads: 'Child Free Dating is a new dating site targeted at people who are happy without children and would like to meet likeminded souls. The site is under construction and destined to go live mid-Summer 2014.'
So this may be something to watch out for?
Also, I notice that these two sites/services are already available:
  1. http://childfreematchmaker.com/
  2. http://www.puzzele.com/datingsite/index.php
To be honest I'm not sure how successful they are, the second one in particular doesn't strike me as something I'd want to join but I read a few good reviews of it and it's free to join.
Has anyone tried any of these? If so, what are your experiences?
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