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How WWE Should've Booked Cesaro after Wrestlemania 30: Part 2

2020.11.20 17:25 bestevr4 How WWE Should've Booked Cesaro after Wrestlemania 30: Part 2

September 22 2014 Monday Night Raw
We open RAW with Dean Ambrose. He says that the one moment that has continued to go through his mind is the assault on him last month. We get a recap of Ambrose’s head going through some cinder blocks. Ambrose says he’s flattered that The Authority would go through such great lengths to get rid of him, but he is not dead or satisfied and can hold a grudge. He’s sick of The Authority, and he’s not leaving this ring until he gets his hands on Seth. He’s doing the ol Show Takeover, complete with a chair.
The music of Cesaro hits. Cesaro is angry. Ambrose says that he’ll be real honest, he doesn’t like the fact that Cesaro is standing in the ring right now. Tells him that he’s flying real close, and not to give Ambrose a reason to not like him.
Cesaro says that this is an unfortunate turn of events. They both have a similar agenda. Rollins tried to take Ambrose out, but last night he prevented Cesaro from winning the US Title. Cesaro should be champ right now, but he’s not. Ambrose tells Cesaro that he warned him once. Ambrose removes his jacket.
The Authority is here now. Trips says that Rollins won’t be fighting anyone. Tonight –Nope, Cesaro cuts him off and he and Ambrose run down the ramp. They attack Orton, Kane, and Sheamus to get to Rollins. Rollins heads into the ring while Orton and Kane distract, but it's short-lived. Ambrose and Cesaro head to the ring. Ambrose chases Rollins all the way to the back. Cesaro follows suit.
Ambrose is backstage attacking Rollins. Cesaro is here to join in on the fun. Seth ends up escaping both men and steals a car. Ambrose tries to hop on the trunk but doesn’t have a good grip. Cesaro and Ambrose stare each other down, mad that they couldn’t get their hands on Rollins.
Cesaro def. Kane
Dean Ambrose def. Randy Orton
September 29 2014 Monday Night Raw
We go backstage with Cesaro. Cesaro says that he wants Rollins and in comes Dean. Dean says that Rollins is his. Cesaro says if Rollins shows, Cesaro will make sure that he gets a beat down from him. Ambrose then laughs and tells Cesaro that no one takes food off of his plate, and that includes him. We go to commercial.
Dean Ambrose and Cesaro vs Randy Orton and Kane
Cesaro and Orton start the match off. Cesaro starts off with a running bulldog, but Orton grabs Cesaro and tags in Kane. Kane then tries to get some offense in, but Cesaro fights back with a shoulder block. Cesaro then goes for the Neutralizer, but Kane’s weight is too much for Cesaro. Orton is tagged in and is in control as we go to commercial break.
We return with Orton in control over Cesaro. Orton hits a power slam and then Orton poses. Orton then calls for the RKO, but Cesaro reverses it. Orton however immediately hits his signature backbreaker, and then tags in Kane. Kane puts Cesaro in a headlock. Cesaro gets out and hits a dropkick, but Kane hits a sidewalk slam right away and then tags in Orton. Orton begins to stomp away on Cesaro and then locks in another headlock. Cesaro however finally gains space and tags in Dean! Dean begins his comeback, taking out both Kane and Orton! Dean then hits Dirty Deeds but outcomes Rollins.
Cesaro and Ambrose finally get their hands on Rollins, but both men begin to fight over who can get their hands on him. Cesaro throws Ambrose onto the ground, and Ambrose comes back and throws Cesaro out of the ring! The bickering between Cesaro and Ambrose gives the Authority enough time to get back in it. Cesaro and Ambrose both take an RKO, Chokeslam, and a Curb Stomp on the Briefcase. Rollins and the Authority stand tall to close Raw.
No Contest
October 10 2014 Smackdown
During Smackdown it is announced that Cesaro vs Ambrose will be a contract on a pole match at HIAC and the winner will face Rollins Later in the night.
October 13, 2014, Raw
Ambrose on the mic. There’s nothing he would love more than to be locked in a cell with Seth. Just Dean and Seth inside a cell where he can pummel him so bad that he wishes he never even met Ambrose. Before he gets there, though, there is something that is really pissing him off. Another matter to deal with. He’s gotta get through Cesaro first. He tells Cesaro he has no problem dropping him where he stands, and that’s what he did on RAW. It’s quite clear what The Authority wants them to do; tear each other apart. There’s only one way to do this, though. He’s going to Hell in a Cell, grab the contract, and beat Cesaro senseless with it. Then he’s going to the cell and he’s going to toss Seth’s head all around the cell like a basketball, and there’s nothing Cesaro or The Authority can do about it.
Cesaro’s music hits. He says everyone is excited! He tells Dean to relax. They know Dean and Cesaro have a chance to see who finally will be able to get their hands on Seth Rollins. Dean is out here trash talking and chest-beating, why? Maybe he walks out, maybe he doesn’t.
Triple H’s music hits. He tells Cesaro and Ambrose to calm down. He says wait till their match where they can rip each other apart. Steph says she wants to see them in tag team action. Ambrose and Cesar as partners? Triple H doesn’t think they can get along for five minutes before they attack each other. Triple H and Steph make a bet. Tonight there will be a triple threat tag team match. Cesaro/Ambrose vs Goldust and Stardust vs The Usos.
Cesaro and Dean Ambrose vs The Usos vs Goldust and Stardust
Cesaro and Ambrose’s lack of chemistry as a team shows here as they get doubled by the pairs of brothers multiple times. Overall raw talent wins out as Cesaro and Ambrose win after a Dirty Deeds to Jimmy.
Cesaro and Dean Ambrose def. Goldust and Stardust, and The Usos
The music of Trips hits, and he comes out to tell Steph that she was right. He hands Steph a dollar. He hates to lose. Maybe the guys lacked the proper motivation, maybe they need that…spark He brings up Rollins and says why wait till next week to see who gets it. Let’s do this: Let’s hang a contract on a pole in the corner, and No Holds Barred Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose. Only one will get the chance to face Rollins and it will be the man that takes the contract down….
“Tonight, Hell starts for both of you.”
Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose
Both guys run straight up the corner for the contract, then link up for some right hands. Ambrose hits the ropes and splashes into Cesaro then gets a beat down on him in the corner. Ambrose tries for the contract, but Cesaro grabs him and hits a back suplex. Cesaro hits a Fisherman’s suplex. Cesaro With another suplex. One more!! Cesaro sends Dean into the corner, whips him again, goes for the bulldog, but Ambrose sends Cesaro out of the ring!!! He paces around the ring then heads to the outside and fights Cesaro up the ramp! Dean with a knee to the face of Cesaro! They are atop the stage now. Cesaro looks for the Neutralizer, but Ambrose gets out and hits a suplex on the stage!! Ambrose grabs his back and heads down the ramp. He makes his way to the ring, selling his back. He’s midway across the ring. He heads up the corner. Cesaro is here. Electric Chair Drop to Ambrose!! Cesaro Goes for the contract. Ambrose pulls him down. Cesaro sets up for the Neutralizer. Ambrose bounces off the ropes and hits Cesaro. Dean sets up for the Dirty Deeds, but Cesaro reverses and locks in the crossface. Dean bites Cesaro! Cesaro rolls onto the apron. Ambrose with a dropkick, knocking Cesaro off the apron. Dean runs to the ropes. SUICIDE DIVE!!!
Cesaro is able to get the upper hand, sending Dean into the steps. He tosses him aside then ends up close to The Authority who are by the announce tables. Dean whips Cesaro into the barricade. Orton asks Dean what the hell is he doing, the contract is on the pole! Ambrose attacks Orton!! Cesaro from behind knocks Ambrose on his ass. The Authority talks trash. Cesaro tosses Ambrose into all three men! Cesaro comes into the ring to grab the contract. Orton runs in and attacks!!! Ambrose heads in and attacks Orton. Rollins and Kane are in! They get Ambrose in the corner. Orton and Cesaro are fighting. Ambrose sends Rollins to the outside! Kane looks to chokeslam Ambrose, but Ambrose gets out of the hold. Cesaro with the Neutralizer to Kane! Ambrose is up top! HE GRABS THE CONTRACT!
Dean Ambrose def. Cesaro
October 20 2014 Monday Night Raw
Handicap Street Fight: Cesaro and Ambrose vs. Kane, Rollins, and Orton
We have our main event tonight. The 5 of them go all out with kendo sticks just lay into each other. When they see HIAC above the ring and already partially lowered at the start, they drop the cell and give us a preview of Sunday’s PPV. They do a finisher buffet, and Ambrose Pins Kane clean after Cesaro takes out Rollins and Orton. Rollins then curb stomps Orton and stands tall on top of the cell to close the show.
Cesaro and Ambrose def. Kane, Rollins, and Orton
Hell In a Cell 2014
Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose
John Cena def. Sheamus
Number 1 Contender Match: Cesaro vs Randy Orton Hell in a Cell
The winner gets a title shot against Brock Lesnar. Orton attacks to start and Cesaro fights back. Orton catches Cesaro with an elbow and Cesaro bails. Orton follows out and he attempts to send Cesaro into the cell but he blocks. Orton finally succeeds and back in, he covers for 2. Back in, Cesaro blocks a chair shot, and he suplexes Orton. Cesaro charges with the chair but Orton blocks and knocks Cesaro down. Orton drives a chair into the midsection and back of Cesaro for 2. Orton catches Cesaro with a DDT for 2 and Cesaro bails. Orton drives Cesaro's face against the cage and back in, he covers for 2. Clothesline by Orton gets 2. Orton sends Cesaro hard into the corner for 2. Cesaro catches Orton with a clothesline for 2 and Orton catches Cesaro with multiple corner clotheslines for 2. Orton sends Cesaro into the cell and back in, he covers Cesaro for 2. Orton goes to the chin lock but Cesaro begins to power out and he cleans up. Cravate by Cesaro and Orton blocks the Swiss 19. Powerslam by Orton gets 2 and Cesaro blocks the hanging DDT by backdropping Orton to the floor. Cesaro rams Orton into the cell a few times and he goes for the Neutralizer but Orton blocks. He crotches Cesaro against the post and hits a hanging Orton backbreaker. Back in, Orton covers for 2. Orton knocks Cesaro off the apron, sending him crashing into the cell. Cesaro sends Orton into the cell a few times and back in, Cesaro sets up a table in the ring. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Orton escapes and dropkicks Cesaro for 2. Orton sends Cesaro into a chair set up in the corner for 2. Orton drives a chair into the midsection of Cesaro and Cesaro goes for a leaping shoulder block but Orton catches him with the RKO for 2!!! Orton sends Cesaro through a table in the corner for 2. Orton brings the steps into the ring and goes for the RKO but Cesaro blocks with the Cravat onto the Steps!!! Money Dive by Cesaro and he goes for the Neutralizer but Orton escapes. Orton goes low and covers for 2. Orton goes for the Punt but misses and Cesaro grabs the Sharpshooter. Orton pulls Cesaro into the ropes, choking Cesaro and forcing him to unlock the hold. Cesaro goes to toss the stairs at Orton but Orton moves out of the way in time. Orton sends Cesaro into the post and back in, Cesaro hits the Neutralizer for 2!!! Cesaro goes for a second one but Orton counters into the RKO for 2!!! Neutralizer by Cesaro gets 2!!! Cesaro sets up a table and puts Orton on it. Cesaro goes up but Orton crotches him and follows up. Cesaro blocks a super RKO and Orton goes back up. Cesaro catches him with a Super Neutralizer through the table for 3!!!
Cesaro def. Randy Orton
October 27, 2014, Raw
Cena comes out. Stephanie McMahon arrives. She talks about Survivor Series, noting that there will be a traditional Survivor Series tag team match. But then she goes into trying to get Cena to do what is right for business. She questions why he does what he does for the people, and says that he could join the Authority where he’d be loved and appreciated. Cena refuses to sell out to the Authority even though Stephanie says that Cena will be left beaten and forgotten. Triple H arrives, telling him that he cannot stop the future and that they will have Team Authority vs. Team Cena at the Survivor Series. Triple H says that the Authority is the future and that they always win.
We see Cena recruiting Cesaro for his Survivor Series team. When we come back from the break, Kane accuses Cesaro of threats against the Authority and makes a match between them for later
Cesaro vs Kane
This was set up earlier when Cesaro talked with Cena about the Survivor Series match. Kane felt that this was a declaration of war, and abused his power to set up the match. Cesaro works really hard here and shows off not only his strength but his speed and picks up the win. Rollins attacks him post-match and Cena makes the save.
Cesaro def. Kane
November 3, 2014, Monday Night Raw
During Raw Dolph Ziggler makes his way out for a match, but Triple H, Stephanie, Kane, Rollins, Noble, and Mercury all come to the ring. Triple H and Stephanie try to temp Ziggler to come to their side and join Team Authority. Since Cena isn’t there, they play that card and note that Ziggler works hard but will never get the credit if Cena’s team wins, because Cena takes all of the glory. In the end, he stands up to the Authority, which leads to him taking a beating.
Mark Henry def. Big Show via Authority Interference (sides with authority)
Ryback def. Titus O'Neil (Team Authority is scouting)
Big Show says that if Cena needs him that he’d be on his Survivor Series team. Show wants to knock Henry out of his life but also misses his friend.
November 10, 2014, Raw
This week’s opening talking segment is all about courting Ryback onto a Survivor Series team. Cena opened the show and discussed the Survivor Series battle, and asks Ryback to come to the ring. The Authority make their way to the ring and make their case for him. Cena reveals that Cesaro is on his team, and Triple H laughs at that. Cena tries to give one of his passionate speeches about the fans picking the right guys, but Ryback gives him a spine buster because Cena doesn’t sign the big guy’s checks!
Rollins meets with the Big Guy backstage. He says he knows they had their issues in the past, but that they were on the same team now and ready to destroy team Cena.
Cesaro and Cena meet, Cena offers Cesaro a chance to jump ship and worry about the title and career, but Cesaro says that they were on the same page and that they need to beat the Authority. Triple H then appears and bans Cena from ringside during Cesaro's next match.
Cesaro vs Mark Henry
Henry tosses a chair into Cesaro’s face and then tries to give him the world’s strongest slam on the steps. Big Show makes the save, and announces that he is joining Team Cena.
Show talks with Cena, Ziggler, and Cesaro. They talk about needing two more guys to fill out the team. Erick Rowan says that he doesn’t know what is going on with Harper but he will step in even if Harper is on team Authority.
Kane, Rollins, and Henry complain that Ryback isn’t a team player. Ryback arrives, and Triple H calms the waters and tells Ryback that he doesn't have to be a team player during the main event, all he has to do is destroy.
John Cena def Ryback by DQ
The Authority causes the DQ and Ryback turns his back on them. Harper comes in and takes out Rowan, making him the final member of Team Authority.
November 17 2014 Monday Night Raw
The show starts properly with Team Authority coming out in full force. Tonight, Team Cena will be decimated either figuratively or literally, and at the end of the night, there will be the biggest contract signing in the history of WWE. Whoever is left, and whoever has the guts to sign their name next to Cena will be there.
Cesaro def. Luke Harper
Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler
Sheamus def. Erick Rowan
After the match the Authority pilminizes Rowan
John Cena def. Mark Henry
Cena comes out alone. Triple H is looking for the rest of the team. He says he can’t see the rest of Cena’s team. Cena says Trips has jokes. The jokes stop this Sunday. Cena sees it, the most important day of their lives is coming. Everyone will be watching, and they will see them lose. Steph says Cena has no army. Rowan is at the hospital. No one else is standing with Cena. There’s really only one choice here, Johnny boy. Cena tells Steph he sees their dream team, sees their underhanded tricks. They got every man. Every man except one. Cena says every decision they make is what’s best for them. He’ll pick four people out of the crowd if he’s got to. He asks for volunteers, and there’s plenty of people who want in. Cena high fives a kid. He needs one more, and some five-year-old is now on the team. Cena says there is a difference between his team and theirs. Every member of his team has a passion for WWE. His team is a bunch of suck-ups and sellouts.
John Cena wants to give a preview of what’s going on. On Sunday, the King and Queen will saunter down to the ring, watch their dream team try to destroy John Cena, take their ringside seats, and think that this is all but a formality and that’s when Team Authority will fall one by one. Kane will be the first. Former fire-breathing monster, controlled by the magical urn…now a super butt-kissing bootleg Drew Carey.
Cena says Harper will fall. Cena then says Sheamus won’t be able to get the job done either. Henry will be destroyed.
This leaves one more person; Seth Rollins. When this guy finally gets his attitude adjusted, Triple H will sit there and watch as the ref counts to three, and they will feel like three years. Every person that Trips stepped on to get to the top….it’ll be fitting that Trips spends the rest of his time clea—, Steph slaps John Cena. DOLPH ZIGGLER IS HERE!! But Trips still isn’t scared. Big Show lumbers down the ramp to make his presence felt. A slight pause and the music of…Cesaro comes on! Steph on the mic: She says that’s a big surprise, but there are still only four of you numbnuts. Cena is still one man short. If they compete with only four, it’s tantamount to career suicide, so she is giving them one chance to reconsider.
Ryback is here! The Big Guy!! He joins Team Cena, and we get a big brawl. Everyone leaves the ring except for Seth and Cena. Seth hits a roundhouse, but Cena no-sells and sets up for the AA. Triple H is in, and he kicks Cena then hits a right. He sets up for The Pedigree, but Ryback is in the ring!!!! Cena turns Triple H and hits an AA through the table!
Survivor Series 2014
5v5 Elimination Match Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Ryback, Big Show) vs Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Sheamus)
Henry and Show start. HHH gives Henry some advice from the apron and Show catches him with the KO punch for 3!!!!!! Mark Henry is eliminated. Team Authority is stunned at that turn of events.
Mark Henry is eliminated
Harper distracts Show, allowing Rollins to attack from behind. Rollins leaps off the second rope but Show chops him on the way down. Rollins bails to recover and back in, Kane tags in. Show hammers Kane in the corner and Cena tags in. Rights by Cena and he hits a dropkick. Uppercut by Kane and Harper tags in. Cesaro tags in as well to face up with Harper. Rollins blind tags in before we can see the confrontation. Cesaro drives Rollins’ head into the turnbuckle and he slams Rollins. Tag to Ryback and he rams Rollins into the corner a few times. Blind tag from Harper and Ryback overpowers him. Delayed suplex by Ryback and Kane tags in. Thesz press by Ryback and he hits a big splash for 1. Tag to Sheamus and they slug it out. Sheamus works over Ryback and Ryback comes back with a spine buster. Meat Hook by Ryback and he goes for the Shell Shock but Sheamus escapes. Big boot by Kane and both teams brawl. Rollins hits the Curb Stomp on Ryback and Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for 3.
Ryback is eliminated
Big Show comes in and Sheamus works him over in the corner. Sheamus charges in the corner but eats a boot. Shamus escapes the Chokeslam and Harper tags in. Dropkick by Harper and Rollins tags in. Rollins hits a basement dropkick for 2. Tag to Kane and he stomps away on Show. Basement dropkick by Kane gets 2. Tag to Harper and he grabs the side headlock. Show breaks with a back suplex and Ziggler tags in. He cleans house and hits a swinging neck breaker. Truck Stop by Harper gets 2. Tag to Rollins and he hammers Ziggler in the corner. Tag to Sheamus and he stomps away on Ziggler for 2. Tag to Kane and he hits an Avalanche in the corner. Sidewalk slam by Kane gets 2. Chinlock by Kane but Ziggler fights out. A big boot by Kane gets 2. Tag to Harper and he knocks Ziggler down for 2. Tag to Sheamus and Ziggler fights back. Sheamus throws some knees to end that and he hits a fall-a-way slam for 2. Tag to Rollins and he works over Ziggler. Ziggler fights back again and Rollins hits a flatliner into the corner to end that comeback. Rollins covers for 2 and Sheamus tags in. Cobra Clutch by Rusev but Ziggler fights out and hits the DDT on Sheamus for 2 as Harper saves. Cena hits the AA on Harper. Chokeslam by Kane. Chokeslam by Show. Flying superkick by Rollins. Rollins blocks a Cesaro powerbomb attempt and he charges but Cesaro backdrops him onto everyone on the floor!!!! Spinning heel kick by Sheamus to Cesaro and Ziggler goes for the Fameasser but Sheamus blocks by POWERBOMBING ZIGGLER ONTO EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Sheamus takes apart the announce table and he puts Ziggler on the table. Sheamus goes for a big splash off one table but misses and crashes through the other table!!!! Ziggler gets in but Cesaro flips the table onto Sheamus and he can’t reach the count of 10.
Sheamus is eliminated
Ziggler escapes a chokeslam attempt and tags Cena in. Cena cleans house and hits the Blue Thunder Driver on Kane. Five Knuckle Shuffle~!!!!! AA by Cena but Rollins catches him with a Curb Stomp immediately after. Tag to Cesaro and he slugs it out with Harper. Cesaro tosses Harper into the corner and he hits an Avalanche in the corner. He throws some head butts at Harper but Harper catches him in the sleeper. Cesaro backs him into the corner to break and he hits a German on Harper. Tag to Ziggler. Springboard superkick by Rollins to Ziggler and Harper hits the lariat for 3.
Dolph Ziggler is eliminated
Harper hits a Lariat onto Cena! Curb-Stomp from Rollins! CHOKESLAM FROM KANE! HARPER ELIMINATES CENA!
John Cena is eliminated
Big Show is eliminated
Team Cena is down to just Cesaro. Kane tosses Cesaro into the barricade and back in, he covers for 2. Tag to Rollins and he toys with Cesaro. Tag to Kane and he puts Cesaro on top. Kane follows up but Cesaro fights him off. Crossbody off the top by Cesaro gets 2. German by Cesaro and he hits the Neutralizer for 3!!!
Kane is eliminated
A big boot by Harper knocks Cesaro to the floor. Suicide dive to the floor by Harper and back in, he hits a superkick for 2. Sit-out powerbomb by Harper gets 2. Roll-up with the tights by Cesaro gets 3!!!
Luke Harper is eliminated
Rollins stomps away on Cesaro and he dumps Cesaro to the floor. Rollins sends Cesaro into the barricade and back in, Cesaro gets a small package for 2!!! DDT by Cesaro gets 2. Buckle Bomb by Rollins gets 2. Rollins hammers Cesaro on the mat and he goes up. Cesaro follows up but Rollins fights him off. Top rope curb stomp misses and Cesaro hits the European Uppercut for 2!!! Rollins blocks the Neutralizer and Cesaro knocks Noble and Mercury off the apron. Rollins charges in the corner but misses and Cesaro hits the Neutralizer for 2 as Triple H pulls the ref out of the ring!!!! Triple H nails the ref as Mercury and Noble attack Cesaro. Cesaro fights back and hits Germans on both. Buckle Bomb by Rollins and he goes for the Curb Stomp but misses. Neutralizer gets 2 as Triple H attacks the new ref!!!! He dumps that ref to the floor and Triple H hammers away on Cesaro. Clothesline by Triple H and he hits the Pedigree. Triple H puts Rollins on top of Cesaro and brings out Scott Armstrong. He counts 2 as we hear crows and a video appears on the titantron. STING IS HERE!!!! Sting nails Armstrong on his way into the ring and he and Triple H stare down. The crowd is going crazy and Triple H can’t understand why Sting is here. Triple H goes to attack but Sting blocks and hits the Scorpion Death Drop!!!!! CESARO PUTS A SHARPSHOOTER ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! ROLLINS TAPS! TEAM CENA WINS!
Team Cena def. Team Authority
November 24 2014 Monday Night Raw
Renee Young is here with John Cena and Cesaro. She calls the past 24 hours extraordinary. Cesaro says that jobs were on the line and he promised them if it took every last breath, he would do whatever he needed to survive. They needed a miracle, and that miracle was a man named Sting. He helped change the course of history. Cena is here saying because of Sting, the course of the WWE has changed.
Cesaro and John Cena def. Seth Rollins and J&J security
December 1, 2014, Raw
John Cena, Cesaro, and Ryback def. Seth Rollins, Kane, and Luke Harper.
December 8 2014 Monday Night Raw
Seth Rollins def. Cesaro
Tlc 2014
Mark Henry def. Erick Rowan
WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Cesaro vs Luke Harper
Harper goes for a powerbomb early but Cesaro escapes. They both go for ladders and Harper tosses Cesaro into a ladder. Harper tosses Cesaro into the timekeeper’s area and back in, he sets up the ladder. Harper climbs but Cesaro stops that. Big boot by Harper and he places a ladder between the apron and the announce table. Harper goes for a powerbomb but Cesaro escapes. Truck Stop on the floor by Harper!!! Back in, Harper climbs but again, Cesaro blocks. Harper tosses Cesaro into the ladder and he dumps the ladder onto Cesaro. Harper charges but Cesaro blocks him with a ladder. Cesaro goes up but Harper kicks the ladder, knocking Cesaro all the way to the floor. Harper chucks a ladder from the ring onto Cesaro on the floor. SUICIDE DIVE ATTEMPT BY HARPER BUT CESARO BLOCKS WITH THE LADDER!!!! Back in, Cesaro climbs but Harper stops him. Cesaro fights him off and continues to climb but Harper tips the ladder over, bringing Cesaro down. Cesaro escapes another powerbomb attempt and he dropkicks Harper onto the ladder. Harper blocks a German and he finally connects with a powerbomb onto the ladder!!!! Harper slingshots Cesaro against a ladder placed against him. Cesaro is busted open as Harper begins to climb. Cesaro follows up and they slug it out on top of the ladder. The ladder tips over, sending both men crashing to the mat. Cesaro blocks another powerbomb attempt and drives Harper’s face onto a ladder. Cesaro climbs but Harper stops him again. Cesaro leaps off the ladder and catches Harper with a DDT. Harper swings a ladder at Cesaro and Cesaro comes back with a superkick driving the ladder against Harper. Cesaro drives a ladder against Harper, knocking Harper off the apron onto the ladder bridge on the outside. Cesaro climbs but Harper tips the ladder over sending Cesaro crashing to the mat. Cesaro goes up and rides a ladder against Harper which also causes him to land on the second ladder!!! Cesaro climbs but Harper stops him once more. Harper sets up a second ladder and Cesaro catches Harper with a Neutralizer. Cesaro climbs and grabs the title!!!!
Cesaro def. Luke Harper
Ryback def. Kane
Seth Rollins def. John Cena to be in Royal Rumble Triple Threat with Cesaro and Brock
December 15 2014 Monday Night Raw
Mark Henry and Luke Harper def. Cesaro and Erick Rowan
Lesnar destroys Cesaro after the match leaving him in a heap
December 22 2014 Monday Night Raw
John Cena and Cesaro def. Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins
December 29 2014 Monday Night Raw
Edge and Christian are out to kick off the show. But the fun times are cut off by Heyman and Lesnar, which leads to Heyman cutting a promo, noting that Lesnar was not there to take out men that were already injured and retired. Heyman discusses Lesnar being ready to kill Rollins and Cesaro which brings out Cesaro. We have a brief scuffle, Cena stands tall as Cesaro retreats
January 5, 2015, Raw
WWE Intercontinental Championship: Cesaro vs Wade Barrett
Wade works the arm but Cesaro reverses. Cesaro turns it into a side headlock. Wade sends Cesaro into the corner with a kick and a few stomps. Middle of the ring and Wade hits a suplex and a cover for 1…NO! Wade lifts Cesaro, goes for a back suplex, but Cesaro hops over, lands on his feet, and hits a dropkick. Elbow to the chest and a pin for 1..NO! Cesaro in the corner with some right hands then a whip, it’s reversed. Cesaro locks the legs around Wade’s head, but Wade pushes up and kicks the gut of Cesaro. Cover for 1..2..NO! Cravat from Barrett. Barrett goes for a cover, gets a 2, then locks in the hold again. Cesaro stands, turns out of the hold, and hits some rights, but Wade goes for a side slam! Cesaro reverses and rolls up Wade! Pin for 1…2….3!!!
January 12, 2015, Raw
Cesaro vs Seth Rollins Lumberjack Match
The lumberjacks are Kane, Show, Barrett, and the rest of the heel roster like Fandango, O’Neil, Axel, Gabriel, and Kidd. The lumberjacks would attack Cesaro and not attack Rollins because, heels. Cesaro has the match won, but of course, gets pulled to the floor for the lumberjack beat down. Cesaro fights back, but after J&J Security & Kane’s interference and a KO shot by Show, Rollins wins the match. The Authority not only gets to see Cesaro lose, they get to see him beaten down and also embarrassed.
January 19 2015 Monday Night Raw
The Beast Incarnate is here! Heyman is about to talk, but Brock cuts him off. He grabs the mic and says he is here to fight, baby. That’s right when Brock shows up, it’s business time. He calls out Rollins, says he has 10 seconds to get his weasley ass out here.
Instead of Seth, we get the music of Triple H. Triple H is out solo. Maybe everyone should calm down, go in the back, get him a nice steak while Heyman and H talk about this like businessmen, and put it behind them.
Brock wants to know if Triple H is here to fix this or to fight. Heyman tries to stop him, calling Triple H our meal ticket. “He pays the bills, Brock!”
Steph’s music hits. She, Kane, and Big Show head out. She tells Brock this is not what he wants to be doing, not right now. She tells him to think about this. Kane and Show stand behind Triple H. Steph tells Heyman to speak reason to Brock. Brock and Heyman are in the corner. Brock isn’t showing fear. Brock eyeballs The Authority, looking like he wants to fight. He has his back to the ramp.
Rollins shows up on the tron! He says Brock’s name a number of times then says that he is always just two steps behind. He tells Brock that he’ll get Seth’s shot at him right before he takes his title at the Rumble. Heyman says that this will be between the adults if Seth doesn’t mind – and even if he does. Heyman tells Triple H to put a leash on his puppy before Brock fixes this all by himself. If Triple H fixes it, Brock can be happy, but if Brock fixes it, there will be a lot of bodies and that’s worse for business. Regardless, what you’ll hear come the Rumble is that Brock is still the champ—CESARO IS HERE! Cesaro tells Seth to shut up. He says this Sunday, they’re going to settle it. Steph is not impressed.
Cesaro says they have no fire, they just use their false sense of authority. Cesaro doesn’t talk for much longer as Brock attacks! Brock lays into Cesaro with germans but CESARO HITS A TEXAS PILEDRIVER! Cesaro holds the title above his head.
Royal Rumble 2015
WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins
Lesnar goes after Rollins but he bails. Cesaro attacks so Lesnar catches him with a release German suplex. A second release German suplex by Lesnar and Rollins comes in to attack. Lesnar catches him and goes for the F-5 but J&J saves. DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX TO J&J!!!! Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Lesnar escapes and Rollins hits an enzuigiri from the apron. Lensar pulls Rollins into the ring and hits a release German suplex to Rollins. Release German suplex to Cesaro and he hits a suplex. Another release German suplex to Rollins and he hits another release suplex to Cesaro. Release suplex to Rollins and Lesnar goes for the Kimura on Cesaro. Cesaro powers up and Rollins breaks with a springboard knee strike to both. Kicks to the leg by Rollins and he and Cesaro hit a double suplex to Lesnar. Neutralizer by Cesaro and Rollins dumps Cesaro. He covers Lesnar for 1. Lesnar fights back and hits a release suplex to Cesaro.
They go to the floor and Rollins catches Lesnar with a dropkick. Back in, Cesaro cleans house on Rollins and hits the European Uppercut. Rollins blocks the Money Shot so Cesaro hits another European Uppercut. Release German suplex by Lesnar and he goes for the rolling German suplexes but Rollins breaks with a superkick. Knee to the back by Rollins knocks Lesnar to the floor. Michinoku Driver by Cesaro to Rollins gets 2. Blockbuster by Rollins to Cesaro gets 2 as Lesnar saves. Lesnar dumps Rollins to the floor and Cesaro fires away on Lesnar. Three clotheslines knock Lesnar down and Rollins pulls Cesaro to the floor. Rollins springboards in and Lesnar catches him with the F-5 for 2 as Cesaro saves!!!! Release German suplex to Cesaro and Lesnar tears the announce table apart. Back in, Cesaro catches him with THREE NEUTRALIZERS IN A ROW for 2 as Rollins pulls Cesaro to the floor!!!! Rollins sends Cesaro into the steps and Rollins hits the Curb Stomp for 2 as Cesaro saves!!!! CESARO TACKLES LESNAR ON THE FLOOR AND THEY CRASH THROUGH THE BARRICADES!!!!! Cesaro sends Lesnar into the steps and he nails Lesnar with the steps, knocking him onto the announce table. Rollins goes up and HITS THE FLYING ELBOW DROP OFF THE TOP THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE ON LESNAR!!!!!
Back in, Rollins catches Cesaro with a small package for 2. Basement superkick by Rollins gets 2. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Rollins escapes and Cesaro hits a sit-out powerbomb for 2!!! They go up and Rollins hits the sunset flip buckle bomb for 2. Cesaro blocks the Curb Stomp and PUTS THE SHARPSHOOTER ON ROLLINS!!! J&J Security break it up and they work over Cesaro! Triple Powerbomb to Cesaro gets 2. Rollins charges with the briefcase but Cesaro backdrops him to the floor to block. Cesaro attacks J&J and he hits them with his IC title. Neutralizer to Rollins gets 2!!! EMTs are attending to Lesnar on the floor and Cesaro and Rollins slug it out. Enzuigiri by Rollins and he hits the Curb Stomp for 2!!! Rollins goes up and hits the Phoenix Splash. LESNAR RETURNS AND HITS A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX ON ROLLINS!!! Release German suplex to Cesaro. Rollins lands on his feet on another Release German suplex attempt and nails Lesnar in the head with the briefcase twice. He goes for the Curb Stomp on the briefcase but Lesnar catches him with the F-5 for 3!!!
Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble last eliminating Roman Reigns
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2020.11.08 20:07 DGenerationMC Rebooking Taboo Tuesday 2005

Sunday Night Heat: Shelton Benjamin def. Matt Striker
Shelton squashes the teacher in two minutes.
Team Smackdown! (World Heavyweight Champion Batista & Rey Mysterio) def. Team Raw (Snitsky & Tyson Tomko)
Mysterio was chosen by the fans over Chavo Guerrero, JBL and Hardcore Holly to be Batista's partner. Tomko would take the place of Edge, who refused to wrestle, saying he didn't care about representing Raw. Tomko and Snitsky quickly gained the early advantage in the match, as they took the upper hand over Mysterio. Mysterio fought back with a tilt-a-whirl, a counterattack hold. Afterwards, Batista and Snitsky were tagged in, leading to Batista getting the advantage as he delivered a spinebuster on Snitsky. Back and forth action took place between both teams. The match ended when Mysterio performed the 619 on Snitsky, before Batista performed the Batista Bomb on Tomko. Mysterio pinned Tomko to give SmackDown! the win over Raw.
Big Show & Kane def. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch(c) to win the World Tag Team Championship
Show and Kane received the two lesser amount of votes in the WWE Title #1 contender's poll, forcing them to team up. The match began with Show and Kane dominating Cade and Murdoch early on. Cade and Murdoch fought back after Murdoch shoved Kane off the top turnbuckle. They performed a running chop block combination on Kane and taking the upper hand. Show, who was tagged in, used his body size to his advantage as he squashed Cade and Murdoch. The match concluded after Show and Kane delivered a Double Chokeslam and Show pinned Cade to win the title with Kane. After the match, Show and Kane teased fighting each other before they double teamed Murdoch, performing a chokeslam.
Eugene def. Jonathan Coachman
Eugene won a poll over Goldust, Jim Duggan and Val Venis to be Stone Cold Steve Austin's replacement against Coach. Eugene performed a Stunner on Coach, which proceeded with Eugene delivering a Rock Bottom to Coach for the win.
Mankind def. Rob Conway
Conway's disrespect of the WWE legends put him in a position where could face Mankind, Jimmy Snuka, Vader or Kamala. The match began when Conway performed a clothesline on Mankind. However, Mankind got the advantage over Conway. Midway through the match, Mankind tried to use a steel chair on Conway, but Conway avoided, executing drop toe-hold, sending Mankind into the steel steps. Mankind rose to his feet, which led Conway to perform another clothesline, resulting in Mankind to hit the back of his head into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Mankind received the upper hand after delivering a DDT and forced Conway to submit with the Mandible claw and win the match. After the match, the other legends came down and attacked Conway.
Kurt Angle def. Shawn Michaels to become the #1 contender to the WWE Championship at Survivor Series
The two fought to a draw in their Iron Man Match at Raw Homecoming and led the poll for the #1 contender. Angle performed a variety of suplexes on Michaels. Angle Angle Slammed Michaels from the top turnbuckles. Angle then tried to apply the ankle lock on Michaels, who escaped. Toward the end, Michaels attempted another Sweet Chin Music after the first resulted in a nearfall. Angle caught Michaels in the ankle lock, making him submit to earn a title shot. After the match, both men shook hands.
Trish Stratus(c) wins a Battle Royal to retain the Women's Championship after eliminating Victoria last
Other participants included Ashley, Candice Michelle, Mickie James, and Maria. In the match, James saved Stratus from being eliminated from the match, after Victoria tried eliminating her. Maria was tossed over the top rope by Stratus and James, thus being the first to be eliminated. Afterward, Michelle applied a submission move on Ashley on the top rope. Michelle turned around and was knocked off the ring apron by Ashley, making the second elimination of the match. Following the elimination of Michelle, Ashley was then eliminated by Victoria. The match concluded after Victoria hesitantly tried to eliminate Stratus, but James stopped her from doing so. James eliminated herself along with Victoria to allow Stratus to win and retain her Women's title.
Carlito & Chris Masters def. Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair & Triple H in a Steel Cage Match
Triple H does not betray Flair at Raw Homecoming. During the match, Carlito and Masters sent Flair head-first into the steel cage, bloodying Flair's from the head. In one point, Carlito retrieved a steel chain from Triple H, wrapped it around his fist and attempted a diving fist drop from the top turnbuckle. However, Flair countered, raising his foot to Carlito's face and performed a series of knife edged chops. Triple H and Flair controlled most of the match, until Flair attempted to apply the figure four leglock, resulting in Masters sending him towards the steel cage. After that, Flair bit Carlito's head, bloodying him from his forehead, as a desperation move. The match ended when Masters reversed a Pedigree with a back body drop and Carlito hit Flair with a steel chair three times, allowing the heels to escape through the steel cage door to win the match. After the match, Triple H helped Flair to the back but couldn't help but be disappointed and annoyed with his mentor.
John Cena def. Christian(c) in a Submission Match to win the WWE Championship
Christian won the WWE Title at Unforgiven after defeating Cena by disqualification. The fans chose a Submission Match over a Street Fight and a regular match. Early in the match, Cena performed a back body drop on Christian, sending him outside. Mid-way in the match, Cena lifted Christian in the air, crashing him face-first on the Spanish announce table. Christian then tried to apply a Texas Cloverleaf on Cena, but Cena reversed it and proceeded to back body drop Christian. Cena attempted to perform a Five Knuckle Shuffle but Chrstian kicked him in the head. Christian pulled Cena out of the ring, tossing him over the security barricade, but realized he couldn't win via countout. After entering back into the ring, Cena executed a STF on Christian and submitted him to regain the title.
As Cena celebrated, Edge attacked Cena with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Edge attacked Cena with a Spear and then attempted to cash in his contract but Matt Hardy, who had been fired from Raw, attacked him before the match could actually begin. Hardy then executed a Twist of Fate on Edge before revealing a Smackdown! t-shirt to close the show.
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2020.11.05 08:54 J12ich Firestorm LVI - What if Edge Never Retired in 2011 - Part 1

Rewind the clocks to 2011. At the top of his game, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge never injures his neck and therefore, is not forced into retirement, and instead of a heartfelt goodbye to professional wrestling, the Rated R Superstar goes on to defend his World Heavyweight Title in a TLC match against Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules.
Extreme Rules 2011
In the first PPV following Wrestlemania, Edge is once again defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio, but this time ini his specialty match of Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Edge gets off to a quick start against Del Rio, going after him with a steel chair and spearing him through a table on the outside of the ring. Del Rio’s entourage of Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez interfere to help Alberto gain an upper hand on the Champion, and together, they hit Edge with a triple powerbomb through the announcers table. Alberto looks to climb the ladder and steal the World Heavyweight Championship, but Edge’s old tag team partner Christian runs out and knocks Del Rio off the ladder. Christain takes out Alberto with a steel chair before climbing outside the ring and hitting a Kill Switch on Rodriguez. Clay runs over and attacks Christain from behind, but Edge gets back up to make the save. Together, they hit a conchairto on Clay outside the ring, but Del Rio flies in from out of nowhere and hits both men from behind with a chair. Alberto powerbombs Christain through a table and sets a ladder back up in the ring to climb and claim the championship. Edge meets him at the top and the two have a punching match, which Edge gets the upperhand in, and knocks Del Rio off the ladder and he crashes onto the mat. Edge reclaims his championship and is joined in the ring by Christain to celebrate his victory.
Road to Over the Limit
Following Extreme Rules, Edge continues his reign as WHC while on the first Smackdown following the show, Christain wins a 20 man Battle Royale and becomes number one contender for Wade Barrett’s Intercontinental Championship. Christain faces off against Barrett the following week for the title, while the Corre (remember them?) stand in Barrett’s corner. Christain tries to take an advantage but Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater keep interfering to assist Barrett. The referee gets taken out and Gabriel and Slater climb into the ring to help Barrett triple team Christain, when Edge’s music hits and the Rated R superstar runs down to the ring to even the odds. Edge hits Slater in the head with his title before dropping the belt and spearing Gabriel. Barrett gets up and hits Edge with a Barratt Barrage, but this allows Christain to recover and sets up Wade for a Kill Switch. Christain nails it on him and pins Barrett 1-2-3 to become new Intercontinental Champion. The two celebrate in the ring together with their titles, and Edge calls for a microphone and suggests the do a 5 second pose. Christain obliges and the two pose, when out of nowhere, Randy Orton slides into the ring and RKOs Edge. Christain and Randy get into a brawl when suddenly, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase sneak into the ring and go after Christain. They beat the two of them down and leave the champions laying in the ring. The Legacy has reunited.
The following week, Orton, Rhodes and Dibiase come down to the ring and Orton cuts a promo, saying that the three of them have once again been drafted to the same brand and have left their collective animosity in the past. Rhodes says that they realize that united, they are the most dangerous force in wrestling and sent a message to the two top champions that they are coming for them and their championships. Randy calls out Edge and Christain and dares them to come down to the ring to face them like men, but Barrett, along with Gabriel and Slater, comes out to say that Edge cost him the Intercontinental Championship and they way he sees it, he should be next in line for a title match.
Edge and Christain walk out to the entrance ramp to say that Christain kicked Barrett’s ass last week and will be more than happy to do it again, and as for Randy, Edge says that he’s always been a snake and says that he figured he’d come after him eventually once he was moved to Smackdown. Edge warns Rhodes and Dibiase that Orton will turn on them again, just like he always does, but Dibiase takes the microphone to say they’re just scared because they’re outnumbered. Barrett interjects to say that regardless if they are facing the Corre or Legacy, the odds are against them. Ezekiel Jackson, Barrett’s former Corre member joins Edge and Christain on the stage, and gives the two a nod before they spring forward and charge the ring. The 9 men break out into a massive brawl, and each man is taken out with a finishing move, until Barrett, Edge and Orton are left in the ring. Edge spears Randy and he goes down, but Barrett grabs Edge with a barrage and takes him out. Barrett stands alone in the ring and picks up the World Heavyweight Championship and poses with it.
Following their brawl, Smackdown GM Theodore Long announces at Over the Limit, Edge will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Barrett and Orton, while Christain will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Ted Dibiase and Justin Gabriel. Long also puts in the stipulation that to insure there is not outside interference in the main event, Edge will defend his title in a Steel Cage In the lead up to Over the Limit, Edge helps Ezekiel Jackson steal a win over Wade Barrett, while Randy defeats Christain in a singles match after nailing him with an RKO
Over the Limit 2011
In the opening match of the night, Christain defends his Intercontinental Championship against Ted Dibiase and Justin Gabriel, with Cody and Heath Slater in the corner of each respective challenger. Christain fights admirably, and nearly scores the winning pinfall over Justin Gabriel, however, constant interference from the outside derails the champion’s momentum. Christain gets frustrated and runs outside the ring to take out Slate with a suicide dive before grabbing a steel chair to chase off Rhodes. The distraction however allows Gabriel to take advantage and he nails a shooting star press on Dibiase and he nearly pins him, but Christain slides back into the ring to break it up. Christain is irish whipped into the ropes by Justin, but he bounces off of them and spears Gabriel. He grabs him by the head and hits a Kill Switch on Justin before pinning him 1-2-3 to retain his Championship.
In the main event, Edge defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Orton and Barrett in a Steel Cage match. Randy and Wade briefly team up to double team Edge before Randy betrays Barrett and nails and RKO on him. Randy tries to take the easy win and calls for the door to open so he can escape, but Edge tackles him from behind to stop him. The two get to their feet and go back and forth trading punches. Randy irish whips Edge into the ropes, but he bounces off of them and flies back into Orton with a spear. Edge pins Randy, but Barrett leaps onto them to break up the pinfall. Wade and Edge get into a fight and Barrett lifts up Edge to powerbomb him, but Edge grabs the cage and starts climbing up it to get away. Barrett climbs up after him and pulls Edge down back into the ring and he crashes on the mat hard. Barrett calls for the door to open, but he is attacked by Orton from behind. The two crawl and try to escape the cage, but they are pulled back in by Edge. Edge goes after Wade and starts punching him in the skull before Randy pulls him off and attacks the Champion. Randy hits Edge with a DDT and covers him, but Edge powers out at 2.
Randy sets up to put Edge away with a punt, but is intercepted by a clothesline from Barrett. Both Edge and Orton are down, and Barrett calls for the door and goes to step out of the cage, when his old stable mate Ezekiel Jackson runs in and slams the door in his head and Wade falls back into the ring. Barrett stumbles to his feet when he is suddenly speared by Edge. Edge is slow to make the cover, but he crawls onto Wade’s prone body and 1-2- Orton breaks up the pinfall!!!! Orton gets to his feet while Edge rolls away, leaving Barrett set up for a punt kick to the head. Randy nails the punt on Wade and quickly gets up to start climbing the cage. Edge slowly follows him up and the two meet at the top of the cage and start trading punches. They go back and forth before Edge nails Randy in the head and he falls back into one of the support cables. Randy reaches back behind him and grabs a metal ring before pulling it off the cable and nailing Edge in the head with it. Edges head is busted open and Randy pushes him back down into the ring before climbing out of the cage and wins the World Heavyweight Championship.
Road to Capital Punishment
The New World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton comes down to the ring flanked by Rhodes and Dibiase, and cuts a promo saying that just after one month after reuniting, Legacy now holds the richest prize on Smackdown, and while Christain may have escaped with the Intercontinental Championship, that will soon be theirs too, and they intend on going after the tag team titles after that. Edge and Christain come out to interrupt them, saying that while Randy may be champion, Edge knows how he thinks, and he knows that Randy won’t truly be satisfied unless he pins Edge for that title himself. Edge announces he is invoking his rematch clause for next month’s show at Capital Punishment, so they’ll find out who the better man is soon enough. As for Christain, he tells Rhodes and Dibiase that if either of them want his championship, they can come and f***ing take it.
Edge and Christain later face off against Rhodes and Dibiase in a tag team match, and Cody manages to pin Christain to pick up the win for his team thanks to interference from Orton. Following this pin over the Champion, Cody is named the new number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. In the lead up to Capital Punishment, Edge picks up a win over Cody thanks to help from Christain, but Randy and Dibiase attack Christain backstage the following week in retaliation, badly injuring his ribs. However, Christain is still cleared to compete at the PPV.
Capital Punishment
Earlier on in the night, Cody Rhodes manages to defeat Christain to win the Intercontinental Championship after hitting him with the crossroads, thanks to help from Ted Dibiase at ringside.
Later on in the evening, Edge faces off against Randy Orton, looking to win back his World Heavyweight Championship. Prior to the match, Smackdown GM Theodore Long puts in place the stipulation that both Christain and the Legacy are banned from ringside. The two have a stare down to start the match before locking up. Orton pushes Edge up against the ropes before Irish whipping him across the ring. Edge bounces off the ropes and gets taken down by a clothesline by Orton. Randy drops his knee down on the back of Edge’s neck while he lies on the mat before putting him in a chin lock. Edge slowly powers out of it before getting on Randy’s back and locking him in a crossface submission. Randy rolls onto his back and turns it into a pinfall, forcing Edge to break the hold. Both men jump up and Randy clotheslines Edge over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. Randy tries to throw Edge into the ring steps, but Edge counters him and tosses Randy into the ringside barricade. Randy leans up against the barricade and Edge spears him straight through it. Both men are down and the referee begins to count them out. He reaches the count of 9 but both men manage to simultaneously slide back into the ring.
Edge gets up first and goes after Randy, taking him down with a russian leg sweep. Orton is slow to get up and Edge sets up for a Spear. He goes for it but Orton dodges it at the last second, and he nails Edge with an RKO outta nowhere. Randy covers him but Edge gets his foot on the bottom rope to stop the count. Randy waits for Edge to stand up and goes for another RKO, but Edge pushes him off and hits a Kill Switch on him from behind. Edge is slow to make the cover, giving Randy enough time to recover and he kicks out at 2. Randy crawls over to the turnbuckle pad and leans on the middle pad, while Edge makes his way over to the otherside of the ring and sets up for another Spear. Edge goes for the spear as Randy turns around, but Orton moves and Edge goes crashing into the exposed turnbuckle. Randy rolls Edge up, but he somehow kicks out at 2. The referee sees the exposed turnbuckle and confronts Orton, which further frustrates him and Orton snaps and HITS THE REFEREE WITH A RKO!!! The bell is called and the match ends in a DQ for Edge, but the championship doesn’t change hands. Edge is irate and attacks Randy after the match, but Rhodes and Dibiase run out and pull Randy out of the ring, and he escapes Capital Punishment with the World Heavyweight Championship.
Road to Money in the Bank
Following Capital Punishment, Legacy has made good on their promise and now hold both the World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships. As their previous match for the World Heavyweight Championship ended inconclusively, Edge is granted another shot at Randy Orton’s title at Money in the Bank, this time around with a Last Man Standing Stipulation. Additionally, the 8 competitors for the Smackdown MITB ladder match, with Christain, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson, Kane and Sheamus. In the lead up to MITB, Christain is granted a rematch for Cody’s Intercontinental Championship, which Cody retains thanks to interference from Orton. Cody and Dibiase earn a shot at the Tag Team Championships on Smackdown, but Edge and Christain cause a distraction and cost the two the match, further intensifying their feud.
On the go home show, in a backstage interview, Edge and Christain are asked what happens if they are both victorious on Sunday, and Edge is Champion while Christain has the Money in the Bank. Christain shrugs off the question and says they’ll worry about that after they win, which leaves Edge with a look of concern.
Money in the Bank 2011
In the opening match of the show, the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder match is not won by either Christain, nor Rhodes or Dibiase. Instead it is won by Daniel Bryan, alleviating any concerns in either party’s loyalty regarding what they would do with the briefcase. Christain, Cody and Ted go through hell in the match however, with both Cody and Christain being slammed through ladders, and Ted was tombstoned outside the ring by Kane.
Later on in the night, Edge once more challenges Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Championship, this time in a Last Man Standing match. The two go straight after each other to start the match and it quickly spills to the outside of the ring. Orton gets the upper hand, lifts Edge onto his shoulders and hits him with a buckle bomb into the ring barricade. Edge slowly gets up and Orton grabs a set of ring steps. He goes to hit Edge with them, but Edge kicks the steps back into Randy’s head. Orton drops down to a knee and grabs his jaw. Edge grabs Randy by the head and throws him over the ring barricade.Edge follows him into the crowd, and yells at a fan to get up so he can grab his chair. Edge breaks the chair over Randy’s back, before grabbing by the head and throwing him into a wall. The referee begins the count, but Randy gets to his feet. Edge walks over to him and sets him up on a production table to DDT Orton, but Randy pushes Edge away and nails him with an RKO, and both men go crashing through the table. Both are slow to get up, but Randy gets to his feet first and the referee begins to count out Edge. The Rated R Superstar gets to his feet at the count of 8 and the two continue their brawl, heading through the crowd and towards the entrance stage.
Randy drags Edge to the stage and goes to DDT him on the entrance ramp, but Edge fights out of it and hits Randy with a spin buster onto the ramp. Randy rolls around in pain, and Edge rolls over to the WWE logo statue to pull himself up. The referee starts to count out Randy, but he rolls off the ramp and lands on his feet on the floor below, stopping the count. Edge walks over towards Randy and jumps off the stage to take him down with a cross body. Edge slowly gets up and picks up Randy by the head. Edge pulls him back towards the ring, when Randy drops down to his knees and hits Edge with a low blow. Edge drops down to his knees and Orton spears Edge, trying to take him out with his own move. Edge somehow gets back up to his feet before the count of 10 and Orton is irate.
He drags Edge by the hair towards the announcers table at ringside, and clears the table off. He goes to slam Edge through the table, but Edge fights out of it and hits an RKO on Orton at ringside. Edge then sets Orton up on the table and sets up a ladder next to him. Edge climbs the ladder and hits an elbow drop on Orton through the table. Edge stands up against the ring while the referee counts out Orton and the crowd counts 7….8…9….10!!! Orton fails to get back to his feet and Edge has won the Last Man Standing Match and regained the World Heavyweight Championship.Edge rolls into the ring and stands on the turnbuckle to pose with his championship and celebrate his victory.
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2020.10.31 23:01 thecambridgegeek Audio Drama/Fiction/RPG Debuts - October 2020

I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new audio drama series that came out in October, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. See below. Anyone want to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it? (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released, or a previously non-fiction feed started producing fiction.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
Previous months are available here:
And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here:
And I do a weekly podcast collecting a few trailers here:

10/1: Between Acts (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Between Acts is an immersive audio theater podcast experience. Each biweekly episode sets the stage for your imagination to freely venture through the works of newfound playwrights—from dramas to comedies and everything in-between. Subscribe now, so not to miss a single spellbinding performance.
RSS Feed:

10/1: First Action Bureau (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Spy-fi audio drama starring Genevieve Gaunt, Sacha Dhawan, Paterson Joseph and Nicola Walker. From the worlds of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson. Series Summary: The First Action Bureau exists to protect the Earth - near-utopian by 2068 - from criminal elements before they get the chance to act. Using decades of ‘big data’ and globally connected quantum artificial intelligence, the Bureau is able to predict criminal activity before it occurs. Nero Jones may be the best agent the Bureau has, but something strange is going on. Headaches and bizarre dreams are troubling this deadly assassin, and as her missions continue it becomes increasingly clear that all is not well... not just with her, but with the Bureau itself. But where do the lies end? And where does the truth begin? Join the Bureau and get extra content: It has been created and written by Jamie Anderson and Nicholas Briggs, and has been directed by Nicholas Briggs, and is being produced and distributed by Anderson Entertainment. Series one is being released as an audio drama podcast consisting of 10x10’ episodes, hosted and supported by the team at Captivate. First Action Bureau was developed and recorded remotely during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 Nero Jones - Genevieve Gaunt Benjamin Saal - Sacha Dhawan Zero One - Paterson Joseph Charlize Wilkin - Nicola Walker Eddie Hunter - Wayne Forester Angus Reed - Richard James Created and written by Jamie Anderson and Nicholas Briggs Directed by Nicholas Briggs Produced by Jamie Anderson Sound design by Iain Meadows Music by Joe Kraemer Graphic design by Marcus Stamps Recording by Benji Clifford Distributed by Anderson Entertainment Ltd.
RSS Feed:

10/1: Grimwell County (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: A western horror serial set deep in the wicked heart of Texas. GRIMWELL COUNTY follows the adventures of Deacon Langley and the gunslinger, Church McMillan, as they encounter the nightmares of the dark Texan frontiers.
RSS Feed:

10/1: Monstica (Dramatised - Erotica)
Synopsis: Monstica is an LGBT anthology monster erotica fiction podcast.
RSS Feed:

10/1: Monstrous Agonies (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: From werewolves in the doghouse to new ghouls at work, there's no problem too strange for this weekly advice segment, from the UK's only dedicated radio service for the creature community.
RSS Feed:

10/1: My Parallel Life (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Daniel Jones' perfect life just took a sharp turn for the worse. His parents separated, he has to move to an apartment in the city and go to a PUBLIC school (ugh!) where everyone is a TOTAL SLACKER and no one cares about his high GPA and PRESTIGIOUS WRITING AWARDS, and worst of all, his mom just up and left the country. Daniel is working up a plan to make his life more acceptable, when he discovers a strange door... A door that takes him to a parallel life where his parents hadn't separated. Episode One is premiering October 1st. My Parallel Life was created by Vera Greentea and Jasmine Brown, and co-produced with Mike Umile. Subscribe for an episode every Thursday.
RSS Feed:

10/1: Running Sentences (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: An audio story podcast that brings narrated stories to life. The stories are all written and narrated by the podcast creator.
RSS Feed:

10/1: The Martian Broadcast (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: In 1938, a group of talented artists known as The Mercury Theatre on the Air, led by Orson Welles, created a spectacle that changed the course of broadcast history forever by terrifying a nation with a staged alien invasion. This is the story of how the infamous War of the Worlds radio drama came to be and how it almost never was...
RSS Feed:

10/1: The Scriptcast (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: A podcast that transforms unproduced film and television scripts into radio plays.
RSS Feed:

10/1: The Way We Haunt Now (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Eulalie Elizabeth Reed is haunted by lots of things. Paths not taken. Failed relationships. Mistakes. Fears. Hopes. But she’s never been properly haunted before. That’s about to change. The Way We Haunt Now is a lighthearted horror audio drama about female friendships, found family, and fighting the narratives that try to define us––even in the afterlife. Oh, and ghosts. Did we mention ghosts?
RSS Feed:

10/1: The Woes of Whitby (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Whitby. The late 19th century. A thriving coastal town in North Yorkshire, England. Full of bustling streets, gothic spires, sweeping ocean views... and evil lurking in the shadows. When the young and outgoing Lucy Westenra suddenly falls mysteriously ill, those around her are thrown into a dangerous conflict in an attempt to protect her. To protect her from what, or whom, they don't even know.
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10/2: Aquinas College Theatre (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Synopsis: Content and Updates from Aquinas College Theatre in Grand Rapids, MI.
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10/2: Avistrum Academy of Sorcery (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Avistrum Academy of Sorcery is the premier school of witchcraft and wizardry in North America. On this feed, you'll be able to subscribe for updates to the audio adventures in our series, Tales from Avistrum. We hope you'll join us to experience the magical world!
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10/2: Keepers of Alteria (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Synopsis: This is my journey to become one of the Keepers of Alteria -- a magical land accessible through a gate in the middle of the ocean -- after my predecessor vanished in what we suspect is an attempt to open the gate and infiltrate Alteria.
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10/2: Little Montgomery (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: A narrative scripted series from New City Players. Megan and Kimmy are fourteen-years-old, best friends, and currently planning to commit grand larceny against country music star Rick Montgomery at his concert tonight. As they put their plan into play, songs will sung, secrets will be revealed, and teenage girls will find out how difficult it is to exact revenge.
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10/3: Dick Meteor (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Calling all mystery fans. Calling all speculative fiction fans. Dick Meteor is on the air! Join us every Saturday for new adventures from Deep Space Nine 3/4!
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10/3: The Bellow of Brittle Stars (Fiction - Science fiction)
Synopsis: A group of students are given the opportunity to study and explore a giant fossil found floating in the asteroid belt. A story about the awkwardness of meeting new people.
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10/4: Digital Radio Series (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Performed by local actors, these audio plays are a nod to the days when families would gather around a radio for entertainment. During COVID-19, we're bringing you a new way to safely spend time together that doesn't include staring at your screen.

10/4: I Love Marsha (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: “I Love Marsha” - A weekly, fictional comedy. Meet Matt and Marsha Wilson, a middle aged, married couple who are from opposite sides of the US, and their crazy friends and family! Laugh along as each episode proves love and laughter can bridge the differences between Pasadena, California and Waldo, Arkansas, and maybe anywhere else.
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10/4: Lem 'N' Ginge: The Princess of Kakos (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Two down-and-out actresses are on the hunt for some stage work. Failing that, they’ll take up a lucrative quest to find the local princess’ stolen voice. In this chaotic tale, Lem N Ginge encounter queer frogs, woke baes, and their first actual deadline.
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10/4: The City in the City in the City (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Two women, each marked by loss and linked together by a strange twist of fate, journey to an ancient city—a storied city without borders—in search of answers and escape. But what they discover there will change their lives in ways neither of them could expect. Two actors (Eboni Booth and Mary Cavett) play more than thirty characters on this wild ride through a city of doubles, monastic cheese, octogenarian vocalists, dizzying bureaucracy, ancient graves, and lives more expansive and singular and wondrous than found even in myths and legends.
RSS Feed:

10/4: The HeatWalker Radio Hour (Fiction - Historical)
Synopsis: Capitalism. Racism. Masculinity. America. HeatWalker Productions Presents: The HeatWalker Radio Hour! Brought to you by Bruhmhill Cigarettes and Mammy's Malt Liquor. Join our hosts Johnny Sandtown and Doctor Robert Price as they regale you with another story from the life and times of famed novelist, cunning liquor magnate and American Legend: Tristan Milne.
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10/5: Dracula: A Radio Play (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Synopsis: A new adaption that attempts to counteract a century of pop culture distortion and adaptation decay to return to the fear and menace of the original Bram Stoker classic.
RSS Feed:

10/5: Good Neighbors (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: No one remembers the leeches in the coffee. No one sees the writing on the wall. No one knows that every cold spot, every bump in the night was a sign. Strange things happen every day in Louisiana, but they disappear just as quickly as they come. Everyone jokes about the gators in the sewers, but when the monsters come to Constance, you won’t need a professional - just a few Good Neighbors. Join Matt, Sera, Anna, and Soren at the table, and let’s play Monster of the Week!
RSS Feed:

10/5: Grimoire Nights (Fiction - Horror)
Synopsis: Grimoire Nights is an occult and historical horror fiction podcast written and produced by Kay Halloran. Each original, feature-length, dramatized story draws listeners into a chilling glimpse of the darkest and most obscure recesses of history.
RSS Feed:

10/5: Henpire (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: 3 women set out to create a women’s “media empire” and in doing so realise that their very different lives may just be the key to their success. Navigating themes of motherhood and other hood, sexuality, difference, sex and friendship, Henpire is a fast paced, irreverent comedy podcast written by Samantha Grierson Schwarz, an autistic and gay writer.
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10/5: Middle East Centre Stage (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: GOLDEN THREAD PRODUCTIONS is the first American theatre company devoted to plays from or about the Middle East. For 25 years, Golden Thread has created artistic excellence with plays that defy stereotypes, and engage diverse communities. Initiated as a response to the theatre closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Middle East Center Stage is Golden Thread's podcast series of audio plays. We are thrilled by the opportunity to reach audiences across the globe through this medium.
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10/6: Anton Pavlovich's Garden Club (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Synopsis: Anton Pavlovich’s Garden Club is our attempt to re-radicalize this Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. Using the backdrop of a podcast, we are exploring The Cherry Orchard act by act, bringing the specificity of Chekhov’s writing into the 21st century, complete with the anxieties and hopes of our day. Rather than holding up Chekhov’s work on an untouchable pedestal, we are treating it with irreverence, digging as deep into the play as possible, in order to rip it apart and put it back together again.
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10/6: Children of the Stones (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: These Stones can change people and they’re calling to you. Are you scared yet? Do you feel the shiver? Smash your speakers. Destroy your headphones. Whatever you do, don’t listen… The world depends on it.
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10/6: Circles (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Something is coming. If you want to survive, you must remember this: Stay safe. Stay inside your circle. A new four-part audio horror series. Created by Brendon Connelly. Co-written by James Field and James MacDonald. Starring Tal Minear, Beth Eyre, Sarah Pitard, Bryce Cooke and Tom Alexander. Directed and Produced by Jack Bowman. Produced in association with AudioMarvels®.
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10/6: Out of Place (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Andrew Moss loved his anthropology job, until mysterious artifacts from a Mr. Havisham started arriving in brown paper bags. The artifacts are... Wrong.
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10/6: Propaganda! (Dramatised - Musical)
Synopsis: Rookie doesn't know much about his family business--but then again neither does the American Public. Nevertheless, he is tasked with suddenly leading the secret government agency in charge of covering up all political scandals, and his first assignment is the biggest scandal since watergate! With a clever idea, Rookie must come into his own and fight off the evil Agent X in order to save the bureau and protect the country from ruin! With a score teeming with energetic pop and jazzy elements, brought to life by a Tony Award winning - star studded cast, Propaganda the Podcast Musical is the antidote we need now.
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10/6: Roll for Blank (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: A weekly, serialized, role-playing podcast featuring an original campaign written and DM'd by Nate Ragolia, and played by Rex Roberts, Greg Corbin, Shannon Paige, Zamantha Joeh, Jason Ling, Eric Palencia, and Cory Palencia.
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10/6: Seeds (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: Seeds, by No Stone Theatre, is a bold new podcast series inspired by the incredible true story of the world’s first seed bank and how the men and women who worked there protected the future of biodiversity through the worst siege of World War II.
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10/7: Ella Oleander Mysteries (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: Join Ella Oleander as she solves murders in this brand new fictional murder mystery podcast.
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10/7: Wardcliff Academy (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Welcome to the Wardcliff Academy, a school for people with very special abilities. Thomas Kane is one of these people, but his abilities are, shall we say, an anomaly. Welcome to the fully dramatized reading of The Wardcliff Academy, a story written by Landon Powers.
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10/8: Bobbo Supreme (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: President Bobbo Supreme is an infantile, narcissistic lounge singer, game show hosting, narcoleptic racist; an unhinged id running for reelection and unwilling to cede power if he loses. The billionaire recording artist and leader of the free world is in the final push of his re-election campaign. Tortured by periodic dreams that range from glorious fantasies of his prowess as an athlete to nightmares of utter failure, President Supreme struggles to maintain a grip on reality. As the Election Day gets closer, chaos erupts throughout the country as right wing militias, aligned with the White House, clash with protestors.
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10/8: Crypt I.D. (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: In this audio drama, we see a seemingly normal woman as she is thrown headlong into the strange occurrences that most of the world is blind to.
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10/8: Dear Liisphyra (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Broadcast live from the Towering Forest in the magical world of Grevelon, Dear Liisphyra is an advice radio show hosted by Liisphyra Lyndambar, where she gives advice to fantastical creatures with even more fantastical problems!
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10/8: Ghost Light Dice (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Welcome to Ghost Light Dice, where thespians meet TTRPGs! While times may get dark, our light is always on and all are welcome at our table. From 5e to Pathfinder, homebrew to module--there's always something on our virtual stage! So pull up a chair, crack open a cold one, and let's get rollin'!
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10/8: Make It Up As We Go (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: Make It Up As We Go follows the story of an aspiring young songwriter, played by Scarlett Burke, and her pursuits to make a name for herself in the music industry. Encountering a number of characters along the way, including legendary Nashville producer Van Tyler (played by Billy Bob Thornton), and the voice of country radio, Bobby Bones (playing himself). Make It Up As We Go unravels Charlotte’s own personal journey navigating the writer rooms of Nashville, which is where the stories are told, songs are born, and in turn - finding her own voice along the way.
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10/8: Tess and the Pest (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: Tess and the Pest is a three-act comedic play based on the true story of Esther Simpson’s friendship with Nobel prize-winning physicist Leo Szilard. Tess - as her friends call her - arrives in London in the mid-1930s to join the Academic Assistance Council, which is in dire need of a competent hand. As the Nazis are purging Germany for dissenters and Jews, Tess also has to deal with the resistance of pre-war Britain to welcome the refugees - personified in the play by the proprietor of The Daily Mail Viscount Rothermere through his personal private secretary William Outhwaite.
RSS Feed:

10/8: The Terrible Misadventures of Trixie and Gorgon (Dramatised - Children)
Synopsis: Welcome friend, to a dark tale for a dark time. The story of a young witch, a strange goblin, a demon-hunter with a thirst for vengeance, and the fateful Halloween night when one baby will unite them all. Welcome, to the Terrible Misadventures of Trixie and Gorgon.
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10/9: Lifeline On The Air (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: Chicago’s Lifeline Theatre is known for telling Big Stories Up Close! Lifeline explores, interprets, and reimagines books and other literary works to create stories that move us beyond the margins of our own lives. With our partner Sound Concept Media, we present our new podcast, Lifeline On the Air! A new way to bring our one-of-a-kind stories even closer…right into your headphones!
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10/9: Venom & Vulnerability (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Venom & Vulnerability is a fantasy advicecast where Ella and Eustacia, two new friends and housemates, talk about How To Person in a fictional magical multiverse of quirky, creepy, and cool imaginary beings. The world is fiction, but the advice aims to be genuinely helpful.
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10/10: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies! (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Rocks fall everyone dies is a new homebrew 5th edition D&D actual play podcast, featuring teachers and students escaping the humdrum of quarantine into a twisted dark fantasy.
RSS Feed:

10/10: The Kaleidoscope Project (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: The Kaleidoscope Project is an original audio drama that takes a deep dive into the world of mental illness. In this universe, individuals with mental illnesses have special powers or “Gifts” that separate them from the rest of the world. The government fears and labels these people, choosing to separate them from the rest of society. Over the years, a group of “Gifted” friends slowly drift apart, only to be brought back together when disaster strikes.
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10/10: Unknown (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: Unknown is a new verbatim audio performance written for radio, dramatising the story of one young person's journey from an abusive childhood to a life of homelessness on the streets of Bath - one of the most affluent cities in the UK.

10/11: Day Dream: A Radio Drama (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: Day Dream is an audio drama inspired by the life of jazz artist and composer Billy Strayhorn. It contrasts Billy’s journey, looking back on his life during a radio interview, with the journey of Andre, an aspiring jazz vocalist struggling to find his voice in today’s world. Day Dream is set in two time periods: Billy in 1965, and Andre in modern day. The 1965 time period looks at the musical genius, whom world renowned artist Duke Ellington called his “writing and arranging companion”, and the struggle to receive credit for many of his works. The modern day period explores a young man discovering his connection and understanding to music through the legacy of Billy Strayhorn.
RSS Feed:

10/11: The Sulphuric Secrets (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Barely clinging to life, a flayed man lies in a copper basement beneath a cornfield of a forgotten country in the 1850s. Why? From this weird and disturbing mystery begins the story of The Sulphuric Secrets, which spans the globe, and hundreds of years. This fictitious story entwines the unimaginable with historical events, which will delight occult and horror aficionados alike.
RSS Feed:

10/12: Finding Satan (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Good Omens meets The Black Tapes in Finding Satan, a Texas Gothic docudrama about a young woman searching for evil; she wants to see it, touch it, prove that it’s real. She wants to find the source of all evil and look Him in the face.
RSS Feed:

10/12: Knights of Degradation (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: A Dungeons and Dragons audio adventure! Knights of Degradation takes a table top role playing game and combines it with high quality music, sound effects, and voice overs to create a unique audio drama experience. We also have bi-weekly discussions about various topics, including our own personal experiences with Dungeons and Dragons and how D&D culture has changed over the years.
RSS Feed:

10/12: The Minister of Chance (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Epic Fantasy audio movie series starring Jenny Agutter, Jed Brophy, Lauren Crace, Paul Darrow, Philip Glenister, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Julian Wadham, and more.
RSS Feed:

10/13: Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Wayward Guide is a fictional investigative podcast about the sordid world of local politics, backroom dealings, and werewolves. When an alluring corporate corruption story falls unexpectedly into their laps, twin podcasting-team Artemis and Paul Schue-Horyn are given the chance to prove themselves as top hosts at the American Podcasting Network. But opportunity soon leads to tragedy as the eccentric and divided locals they are interviewing in the small California mining town of Connor Creek start dropping like flies. With the threads of their investigation quickly becoming tangled and rumors of a bloodthirsty werewolf on the loose, the Schue-Horyn twins need to decide who to trust and the price they’re willing to pay for a juicy story.
RSS Feed:

10/13: We Know None (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Gwen Thomas' girlfriend, Frankie, disappeared two weeks ago. Following her trail, will Gwen find Frankie, or is she really gone?
RSS Feed:

10/14: Absolutely No Adventures (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Absolutely No Adventures is a fantasy (un)adventure podcast that follows Sig, the owner of Signature Eats bakery, as he aggressively avoids becoming embroiled in any daring quests or chosen one shenanigans even though the universe really seems to want him to do just that. Follow Sig as he chills with his friends and stays far, far away from the slightest whiff of adventure. And bakes. He also bakes.
RSS Feed:

10/14: Beyond the Veil (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Two not-friends, an RV, and a magical Canadian road trip. Tennyson and Alder had known each other about six months when Alder's mysterious fae bosses asked them to set out across the country in an old RV, solving people's magical problems. Too bad neither of them asked the important questions. Too bad their secrets might be hazardous to their health.
RSS Feed:

10/14: Cupid's Arrow (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: The year is 2003. Bruce O'Dea, a sixteen-year-old, gay Junior who is still in the closet, struggles to accept his identity as his religious-toting parents push to enroll him, without warning, in an out-of-state Christian Science boarding school for the upcoming winter quarter.
RSS Feed:

10/14: The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett (Fiction - Horror)
Synopsis: An ancient head starts to speak... A spirit pleads to be laid to rest... An immortal stalks the corridors of power... Just a few of the horrors that lurk in The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett, an audiofiction podcast, featuring nine gripping new stories for anyone with a taste for the strange, the spooky and the supernatural. From a derelict Welsh hill farm to an East Devon mausoleum; from a converted pub in London’s East End to the courtyard of a Cambridge college, these are tales which burrow deep into the psyche of an unquiet nation.
RSS Feed:

10/14: Untold Virginia (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Untold Virginia is the story of a years-long relationship on the brink of collapse. Friends since college, Elizabeth and Ruth are starting a podcast. Their interest in local history entangles them with a mysterious, underground force that neither can explain, but only one of them wants to try to. Is this just what happens when two friends work together? Or is something inserting itself into Elizabeth and Ruth’s relationship, threatening both of their lives in the process?
RSS Feed:

10/15: This Gun in My Hand (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Like an old time radio show, except it's a new time podcast and no radios have been harmed by it yet.
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10/15: This is Rage (Dramatised - Thriller)
Synopsis: THIS IS RAGE is the story of what happens when you shine a light on the system that allows the rich to become the super-rich and the super-rich to get their own zip codes. As you can imagine, it isn’t pretty . . . but it does make for great drama. We have CEOs being kidnapped, Investors dealing unscrupulously, coders turning criminal, counsels breaching confidences, the public spinning conspiracies, and a has-been rediscovering his mojo. We even have a little romance. At the center of all of this are two people. Kimo Balthazer was once the biggest radio shock-jock in the land. But a series of spectacular flame-outs has left him sleeping on a bench in Golden Gate Park trying to salvage any semblance of his career broadcasting on the Internet with a laptop and a $10 microphone from Best Buy. Sylvia Normandy is a top executive at EnvisionInk, one of Silicon Valley’s most glittering jewels. Sylvia was once a public defender and she’s still committed to doing the right thing. But when Sylvia sees her company under siege on multiple fronts, she realizes she needs to bend some rules. And that means giving the story of a lifetime to a certain shock-jock she swore she’d never set eyes on again You see, Sylvia and Kimo have a history. A tortuous history. But that’s nothing compared to the future they’re about to create.
RSS Feed:

10/16: Cashmere and Friends (Dramatised - Erotica)
Synopsis: Erotic Fiction podcast featuring stories from Cashmere and her friends.
RSS Feed:
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2020.10.21 14:30 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Oct. 14, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002 6-10-2002 6-17-2002
6-24-2002 7-1-2002 7-8-2002 7-15-2002
7-22-2002 7-29-2002 8-5-2002 8-12-2002
8-26-2002 9-2-2002 9-9-2002 9-16-2002
9-23-2002 9-30-2002 10-07-2002
  • It's been 6 months since the brand split and we open with an analysis of how it's gone and the answer is not great. Dave wants it to work. In theory, it should give more talent TV time, let them slow-burn angles, create more stars, and foster healthy competition. In reality, it hasn't worked out like that at all. Guys like RVD, Benoit, Kane, Jericho....all of them are worse off now than they were 6 months ago when the split started and are no closer to breaking through that glass ceiling. Edge and Mysterio are the only two who seem to have benefitted by WWE making an actual effort to push them up the ladder but they aren't past that glass ceiling yet either. Everyone else is pretty much exactly where they were before or worse. Bubba Ray, Booker T, Lance Storm, Christian, Rikishi, Eddie Guerrero....all still mired in midcards. The only real main event top level stars WWE is building around lately are Undertaker, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Lesnar, who is the only real "star" that has been created since this brand split started. Other top stars from 6 months ago like Austin, Rock, Hogan, and Vince are gone or off TV. Ric Flair has been reduced to doing comedy jobs to Rico. And Chris Jericho, who main evented Wrestlemania 6 months ago, is back to the midcard.
  • And when you look at it from a business perspective, it's even worse. Live attendance from March to September has dropped over 50% and is the lowest it's been since December of 1996. Raw ratings in the last 6 months have dropped from 4.93 to 3.54, which is almost identical to the same 6-month drop WCW had when Nash took over booking during the first half of 1999. But at least WCW had the excuse that WWF was putting on amazing competitive shows on the other channel. WWE doesn't have that excuse in 2002. No competition bringing them down, just their own incompetence. Of course, there are other factors at play. They didn't expect to lose Austin the way they did. You could argue that losing Rock hurts, but he was around all summer and even held the WWE title for a month of that time and ratings continued to fall, so how much was he really helping? Dave goes on a big rant here about all the problems facing WWE right now holy shit it feels exactly like 2020. Let's cherry-pick a few lines: "The creative process works best with long-term storylines that fans feel they can invest in, and building characters that don't let the fans down. Vince changes his mind every week, so that makes that aspect difficult to impossible [...] Those backstage in Vegas remarked how amazed they were at how they were literally redoing the script as the show went on." Anyway, WWE doesn't have many more big cards to play. The Invasion has been done. NWO has been done. Hogan came back. Bischoff came in. None of it has worked. What's left? Scott Steiner can't hold up to the WWE schedule. Goldberg refuses to do the WWE schedule. Austin is on the outs and who knows how much his return would really change things anyway? The solutions aren't external. They have to fix the internal problems now and that's writing better shows and creating new stars. This piece goes on and on but it's just Dave rehashing what we already know about the creative issues that started plaguing them in 2002 and haven't gotten better in 18 years.
  • It's time to talk about Bob Sapp. He's a former WCW Power Plant trainee who only made one appearance on WCW television, in a backstage promo on Thunder to promote a Tough Man contest on FX during the dying days of the company. The interviewer was Lenita Erikson, a singer from the 90s who was rumored to be the secret girlfriend of a high-ranking TBS executive (Dave doesn't name him here, but pretty sure it's been revealed as Brad Siegel in years since) and she looked completely strung out on drugs, but was still given a gig on WCW TV for a few minutes. Anyway, they pushed Sapp as if he was a huge football star and hyped him up as the next big WCW star. But he never appeared on WCW television again. He worked a few NWA Wildside shows but that was it. When WCW folded, he got involved with MMA and kickboxing and here we are. Just one year later, Bob Sapp is a phenom in Japan, and with less than a year of training, he capped off his rise with a stunning victory this week over the greatest heavyweight kickboxer in history, Ernesto Hoost. Following the victory, he shot an angle with Manabu Nakanishi for their upcoming NJPW Tokyo Dome match, which will be Sapp's first pro wrestling match in Japan. And just like that, without ever having wrestled a match in Japan, Bob Sapp has become the biggest wrestling attraction in the country and will likely be what saves this Tokyo Dome show from being a disaster (which it was looking to be until this K-1 fight and the following Nakanishi angle).
WATCH: Bob Sapp is interviewed on WCW Thunder
WATCH: Bob Sapp vs. Ernesto Hoost (highlights of both their fights, we'll get to the 2nd one in a month or two)
  • Just as the Bob Sapp thing was helping NJPW build momentum for the Tokyo Dome show, Kensuke Sasaki had to go and ruin it all by announcing he's leaving the company. Sasaki has spent his entire 16+ year career in NJPW and has been a major star for much of the last decade, a 3-time IWGP champion, and was one of the top four stars that carried NJPW throughout the record-setting business in the 90s, even though he never quite reached the success or ability as Muto, Chono, and Hashimoto. Publicly, Sasaki has said he is upset over the way NJPW handled the planned Pancrase match he was booked for against Minoru Suzuki, claiming that NJPW pulled him from the match against his wishes and replaced him with Jushin Liger. He put in his notice with the company and an attempt to talk him out of leaving failed, so NJPW has pulled him off all advertised shows.
  • After a trial that lasted more than 2 weeks, a jury took only 4 hours to rule in favor of WWE and concluding that Nicole Bass did not suffer any sexual harassment. The jury gave statements afterward saying they felt Bass was lying about her claims that Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) had groped her and rubbed himself against her on a flight in 1999. Despite it being a crowded flight, Bass was unable to come up with any witness to corroborate the story. Vince and Linda McMahon, Jim Ross, Triple H, and Rena Mero (Sable) and others all testified. WWE attempted to introduce evidence showing Bass doing softcore porn bondage wrestling videos and video of her multiple appearances on Howard Stern's show, but the judge blocked that. Sable and Alicia Webb (Ryan Shamrock) testified on behalf of Bass, in particular about claims that wrestlers would frequently go into the women's dressing rooms uninvited. In particular, Webb testified that Triple H once came in while she was using the bathroom. In his testimony, Triple H claimed he couldn't recall such an incident. Bass claimed that Triple H was a frequent intruder into the women's locker room. Triple H denied purposely intruding but did admit to being in there at times due to his relationship with Chyna but he was always invited and always knocked and made sure everyone was clothed before he entered. Everyone on the WWE side noted that Bass was a terrible wrestler, which is why they say she was fired, with Jim Ross testifying that she couldn't even take a simple back bump properly. Ivory testified and admitted she had shot down a lesbian storyline between her and Bass, saying, "I told them I don't have anything against lesbians, but I don't want to be a lesbian on TV, especially if Nicole is going to be my girlfriend." Anyway, that's pretty much it. Jury didn't believe her and ruled unanimously against Bass. Also, one final unrelated note, Triple H testified that his downside guarantee on his current WWE contract is $400,000 in case you were curious.
  • Lots of issues with Chyna and NJPW. The promotion has to push her prominently because she's Inoki's pet project and he owns majority interest in the company. But no one likes working with her in the ring and she's rubbing people the wrong way by pitching ideas and giving advice on how they should be doing things and giving off the vibe that she thinks she knows more about wrestling than the Japanese do because she was a big star during WWF's peak. But they're all stuck with her because Inoki.
  • Brian Adams, formerly known as Crush, will make his professional boxing debut on an undercard match at an upcoming event in Las Vegas. Randy Savage will be in his corner. He's 36, which is too late for him to ever make any kind of serious attempt at being a boxer, and they're mostly selling this on the hype that Savage will be in his corner more than anything (Adams ends up getting injured in training and never actually has a pro boxing match).
  • Ring of Honor and XPW held competing shows in Philadelphia on 10/5, less than a mile apart from each other. Each group drew around 400-450 fans. During the week before, XPW began offering more money to advertised ROH stars to come work the XPW show instead. Some guys earning $100 for the ROH show were offered $500 to do XPW. Homicide's tag team partner Boogalou was the only one who accepted the offer and worked the XPW show under a mask (hope it was worth it, ROH never used him again). As the ROH show was going on, XPW called up Steve Corino (who was working the ROH show) and offered him $1000 to leave and come to the XPW show right then and do a run-in. He declined. This has resulted in former rivals ROH and CZW beginning to work together, out of a mutual desire to get rid of XPW. In another note from the ROH show, Insane Clown Posse showed up the day of the show and asked if they could work a match and they did. Crowd didn't like it at all and chanted, "Don't come back!" at them when it was over.
WATCH: Insane Clown Posse in Ring of Honor
  • Superstar Billy Graham's liver condition has worsened and he's still in desperate need of a liver transplant to survive much longer. A benefit show was held for him this week, with WWE and even Arnold Schwarzeneggar sending memorabilia to be auctioned off. WWE and Graham have had major issues in the past but to Dave's knowledge, things have patched up between he and Vince. Anyway, Brian Christopher showed up to the card and demanded his usual $1,500 fee. But he (and everyone else) had previously agreed to work this show for free since it was a benefit show. When Christopher was told he wasn't being paid, he left. Road Dogg (or BG James as he's called in TNA) also no-showed. Surprisingly, New Jack volunteered to work the show to make up for the no-shows, since he happened to be in the area. Good fella, that New Jack.
  • TNA has a TV deal! Barely. They will start airing a weekly show on Tuesday nights on Urban America Television, which consists of 60 low-power TV stations scattered around the country. The show will be called TNA Xplosion. This is little more than buying your way onto syndicated TV networks, as other promotions have had similar deals that amounted to nothing. So this isn't really going to mean shit for the company but it's something I guess. In the meantime, TNA is spinning its wheels, waiting to see if this big influx of money that everyone keeps waiting for will come through.
  • Nothing much to the latest episode of TNA's weekly PPV. Russo is primarily scripting interviews and being kept away from the overall storylines and angles. Scott Hall missed last week's show, calling the day of and saying his ex-wife left him with the children and he has a custody hearing so he can't leave them. They were understanding but at the same, c'mon dude. So then for this week's show, he called a couple of days in advance and gave the same reason. Sorry, got the kids, can't come to work. Considering he's only working one day a week and this time he knew in advance, they were less understanding. The last time Hall was on TV, his over-the-top fake selling and complete lack of taking anything serious made it clear he doesn't prioritize TNA right now.
  • There was a story in Milwaukee where a gang of teenagers beat a man to death that made national headlines. One of the teenagers admitted that he held the man in what they called a "cripple cross face hold" to allow the others to beat the man in the face. The teen confessed that he learned the move from watching Smackdown.
  • Notes from Raw: Dave calls it an episode of Murder She Wrote because the episode ended with Triple H accusing Kane of murdering someone named Katie Vick 10 years ago. Dave doesn't have high hopes for this angle (oh Dave, you naive young thing, just you wait). They aired a vignette for Batista debuting on Raw, with no attempt whatsoever at explaining why/how he's jumping ship from Smackdown. Anyway, the long-term plan is for Batista and Orton to join with Triple H and Ric Flair in a new Four Horsemen-type group. The whole show was gimmick matches because they were in Vegas and had a roulette wheel to pick all the stipulations. Godfather was also on this show, with once again no explanation as to how or why he was moved from Smackdown (non-kayfabe reason is because he's well-known and loved in Vegas). A four-team TLC match gets 4.25 stars and the crowd was going insane for it. Lots of people ended up banged up when it was over, with Bubba Ray getting the worst of it with a serious concussion and he's been pulled from all current bookings (yeah this is pretty famous for the fact that you can see Jericho talking Bubba through the finish of the match).
WATCH: Chris Jericho walks a concussed Bubba Ray through the match finish - 2002
  • Notes from Smackdown: another excellent show, with every segment serving a purpose and furthering a storyline, with some great wrestling to boot. Edge vs. Angle gets 4.25 stars and another 4 stars for Mysterio vs. Benoit. And the only other notable thing was the beginnings of a Torrie Wilson/Dawn Marie feud that saw Wilson's real life father Al Wilson debut (and here we go...)
  • Various news and notes: Hogan is being sued by someone for a boat he sold on eBay for $65,000, with the buyer claiming Hogan lied about the condition of the boat. Paul Bearer is leaving the company to spend more time with his wife who has been battling breast cancer. New York Post ran an article about ad rates for TV shows. Out of the top 135 network shows, Smackdown usually ranks somewhere in the middle each week in ratings. But they have the 5th lowest ad rates of any prime time show, more evidence that no matter how popular wrestling is, advertisers still see it as something that only poor people watch and aren't willing to spend as much money on it.
NEXT WEEK: WWE's collapsing viewership, NJPW Tokyo Dome show fallout, Brock Lesnar vs. Lennox Lewis negotiations, and more...
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2020.10.07 17:08 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Sept. 30, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002 6-10-2002 6-17-2002
6-24-2002 7-1-2002 7-8-2002 7-15-2002
7-22-2002 7-29-2002 8-5-2002 8-12-2002
8-26-2002 9-2-2002 9-9-2002 9-16-2002

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Sure, 10:08am is a good time to post this, right? Ugh. Sorry my schedule is all stupid lately.

  • We open with the death of Ted Petty, better known as Flyboy Rocco Rock of legendary ECW tag team Public Enemy. Petty passed away at age 49 of a massive heart attack while traveling to work a show in Philadelphia. He was riding with his girlfriend and told her he was having trouble breathing. She asked if he was having a heart attack and he never responded again and pretty much died at that moment. She called 911 and paramedics told her they would meet her at the next toll booth (she was driving) but when she got there and paramedics arrived, he was already dead. He had complained of chest pains for about a week prior, but never went to a doctor about it. Petty was known to keep himself in good shape and despite the gimmick, he didn't have a big reputation as a partier or drug abuser and it looks to have just been possibly an undiagnosed heart issue rather than anything scandalous. Dave recaps the history of Petty, his rise through the independents, forming Public Enemy, where they were huge stars in ECW and a major reason for their that company's rise in 1994-95. They also had brief runs in WCW and WWF that didn't work out great. This obituary has quotes from Gabe Sapolsky, Lance Storm, Mick Foley, and others. Dave notes that Petty was known to have saved his money well over the years, especially the big WCW money they made, and he only wrestled for fun these days, not because he needed to.
  • WWE Unforgiven is in the books and was a night of controversy, good wrestling, and bad finishes. The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match ended in a double-DQ and that was not the original plan. The original plan, devised by Pat Patterson, was for Lesnar to pin him, and then Undertaker would snap, go berserk, and leave Lesnar bloodied and beaten down in the ring after. Undertaker was extremely against the idea of doing a pinfall job, feeling there'd be no reason to do a rematch afterward (despite the post-match angle that was planned). Taker went to Vince and convinced him to change the finish, which head Smackdown writer Paul Heyman wasn't thrilled about. So they did the same angle, with a double-DQ and then Taker snapped and still murdered Lesnar after the match. Needless to say, most people are looking at this as Undertaker not wanting to put over Lesnar. The crowd hated the double-DQ finish and pretty much everyone except Taker and Vince realizes it was a bad decision. That being said, Dave kinda sees Undertaker's point about needing to keep him strong to do a rematch, since they don't have anyone else built up for Lesnar. So he's not too mad at it, but Lesnar needs to win the next match clean with the F-5.
  • The other big swerve of the show was Stephanie McMahon being forced to participate in some Hot Lesbian Action in front of the crowd because Billy & Chuck lost to Jamal and Rosey. Needless to say, that didn't happen and the crowd was furious but, like, did they really expect Stephanie to get naked and start munching some box in front of the crowd? That's a really crude way of putting that, sorry. But yeah. WWE's thinking was that, since babyface Stephanie turned the tables on heel Bischoff, the fans would accept it. But that was a pretty obviously flawed theory and clearly not understanding their audience of horny dudes.
WATCH: Stephanie McMahon doesn't actually do HLA
  • Other notes from the PPV: Benoit vs. Angle was the clear highlight, the best technical match in WWE in ages. Then there's Triple H/RVD, and Dave says a lot of people in the company are accusing Triple H of working the match in a way to purposely expose RVD's weaknesses. Triple H has apparently spoken out against RVD in creative meetings recently some felt this was Triple H's way of putting the brakes on that push. The way the match ended sets RVD up for a feud with Ric Flair now, meaning no rematch with Triple H, and that leaves Kane as the only halfway credible challenger for his title. Lance Storm took a scary bump off the top rope during the opening match and was shaken up for a moment but ended up being fine. Dave jokes that Ric Flair came out to Bob Sapp's entrance music (Sapp has been copying Flair's entrance for his MMA fights in Japan. Aren't jokes better when they're explained?!). The announcers spent half the match talking about how Flair isn't the wrestler he once was and how you can't beat father time. How does saying that help anyone? Some idiot in the crowd had a sign that said "Guerrero moed my lawn" and Dave mocks them for misspelling it. Dave gives Benoit/Angle 4.5 stars and calls it a MOTY candidate. The Stephanie/HLA segment took place ending with lesbian Rikishi giving Bischoff a stinkface. LesnaTaker was a good match until the finish killed the whole damn PPV.
  • WWE confirmed what's been known for months, officially announcing Seattle's Safeco Field as the home for Wrestlemania 19. They had a big press conference with all the top stars except Rock and Hogan, and they all cut short promos and teased potential matches and angles. They also had a press conference and the only notable things were Vince being asked about the downturn in business, which is said was temporary and wrestling is cyclical and how things will be hotter than ever when Wrestlemania comes.
  • Mitsuharu Misawa became the first ever 2-time GHC heavyweight champion, winning NOAH's top title in what was said to be one of the best matches of the year. His opponent, Yoshihiro Takayama, suffered serious injuries from the bout and word is he'll likely be out of action the rest of the year. The show, which only had 2 weeks of promotion, sold out Budokan Hall and out-drew AJPW's recent shows in the same building that featured Goldberg. Takayama (who is kinda like a Japanese Mick Foley and has built a career on being able to take ungodly punishment) suffered a broken nose, dislocated AC joint, torn ligaments in his shoulder, broken right eye socket, and more. Takayama was basically trying to re-create his brutal MMA fight with Don Frye and so he told Misawa to beat the shit out of him and, well....he did. Harley Race was there and congratulated Misawa after the victory in the ring. Anyway, on this same show, Kenta Kobashi wrestled his first singles match in almost 2 years, and looked great. There's word he may be back in the title picture soon, which no one ever expected to happen again after all the knee surgeries.
WATCH: Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Yoshihiro Takayama - NOAH 2002
  • Tons of new details on the story of Brian Ong, who died at the All Pro Wrestling school in California last year and the story just came out. Well, it came out big, being picked up by all the major California news outlets and Dateline NBC is looking to do a story on it as well. Ong died back in May of 2001 when he was training with Giant Singh (Great Khali) and a spinebuster spot went awry. According to the police report, Ong was told the trainer he was dizzy and then started vomiting. 911 was called but when they arrived, Ong was unconscious. As they started to take him to the hospital, they noticed he no longer had a pulse and rushed him to the hospital while doing CPR, but he died en route. Police spoke to everyone there, including Singh who was said to be very upset about what happened and in his limited English, told them he didn't mean to hurt Ong. The report says Singh was so shook up and emotional that he couldn't even remember his own birthday. Regarding what happened, the story that pretty much everyone told is that Ong basically took the move wrong and didn't tuck his chin, which caused his head to hit the mat before his back. When he got up, he was disoriented and not responding to people and then began vomiting and passed out. Anyway, this all happened back in 2001 and was kept quiet until the family filed the lawsuit and the story got out. Lots of people knew Ong had died, but very few knew that it happened in wrestling practice. In fact, several wrestlers had heard that Ong died in a car accident. Singh has since been signed by NJPW and has been working there since last year.
  • Former WWE star Brian "Road Dogg" James did an interview this week talking about the drug issues that cost him his WWE career. James said he's had drug issues since high school and the only time he's been clean since then was when he was in the military. When he got out and got into wrestling, his addictions got worse and never stopped. By the time he was fired from WWE, he was separated from his wife and has spent much of the last year and a half living in a halfway house, in and out of rehab. He talked about being proud of what he accomplished in WWE with DX but also said he's not proud of being high through most of it and teaching kids around the world to yell, "Suck it!" He said since joining a Christian-based rehab 6 months ago, he's become a more religious person. Said he didn't have a problem with any specific drug in WWE, but the fact that he was making big money and was famous, he lived a rock & roll lifestyle and his problem was with all the drugs. He said WWE tried to help him and intervened several times and he doesn't blame them for firing him. But he also says he doesn't think WWE realized how bad his problems were. After they fired him, he went to jail for a DUI, and he was already on probation for a domestic violence charge. He violated parole again by failing a drug test and spent a month on house arrest. When he got out, he got another DUI and spent another 3 weeks in jail before going to rehab. So that's what he's been up to the last couple years.
  • The Nicole Bass $120 million sexual harassment lawsuit from way back when is still a thing and it went to trial this week. Bass and Vince McMahon himself both testified. Bass claims she was sexually harassed by WWE agent Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) on an overseas flight to London in 1999. "He grabbed my boobs," Bass testified while crying on the stand. "He crushed me into the galley wall and pressed up with his whole body grinding against me." She testified that she tried to knee him to get him off her, but missed, so she then slapped him and pushed him back into his seat. Lombardi was in the courtroom and the New York Post claims he was smirking during her testimony. WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt's counter argument is that Bass was a lousy wrestler who is making up the story because she was upset about being fired. WWE denied any knowledge of the incident and said Bass never reported it and no one else on the plane has confirmed seeing it. McMahon testified that he believes Bass is making up the story. "You're just trying to throw dirt against the wall, trying to make something stick," Vince said directly to Bass during his testimony. In her lawsuit, Bass also claimed Shawn Michaels simulated a sex act when standing behind her, that male WWE employees often went into women's locker rooms, and that during an angle where she was supposed to get hit with a guitar by Jeff Jarrett, they used a real guitar instead of a gimmicked one, causing her to be injured. Bass testified that company masseuse François Petit came into her dressing room uninvited and saw her in the shower. She also claimed Triple H and Billy Gunn once came into the women's locker room with no warning to check out the local strippers that were going to be portraying Godfather's ho's that night. So that was the first day of the trial, it's still ongoing at press time.
  • IWA wrestler Chicky Starr has left the promotion and is jumping ship to WWC, the latest shot fired in the war between the 2 Puerto Rican promotions. Starr had been unhappy with the booking in IWA and tried to rally the wrestlers against Savio Vega (head booker) to complain about it. In response, Vega booked a match with Starr and a partner against another team and the loser would have to leave the promotion for 90 days. Starr knew about the match and the angle, but he didn't know the finish until he arrived to the arena. When he found out he was losing and Vega intended on enforcing the stipulation (meaning no work for Starr for the next 3 months), he walked out on the company, called up Carlos Colon, and struck a deal. Starr left WWC back in 2000 and Colon had made it clear he would not take back anyone who had walked out on him. But WWC is desperate right now and others convinced Colon it was necessary for business, so he took Starr back.
  • Motoko Baba officially announced her farewell from AJPW to fans at the recent shows. Ms. Baba is the only person remaining in the company who has been there from the start in 1972. She said she will no longer have any duties or involvement with the company and starting next week, it will become an all-new promotion under Keiji Muto's leadership. Tokyo Sports newspaper ran a story, with a quote from Antonio Inoki who predicted Muto would run AJPW out of business in 6 months. Dave jokes that Inoki didn't make a prediction on how long it's going to take himself to run NJPW out of business. Because he damn sure seems to be trying. When asked, Muto shrugged off the insult and wouldn't even say Inoki's name.
  • NJPW announced Seiji Sakaguchi as the new company CEO. Dave says it was a surprise because Sakaguchi is on the board but hasn't been involved with NJPW business much in recent years and was planning to retire soon, so this came as a shock. But he's good friends with Inoki and Inoki respects him enough that Dave hopes he can stifle some of Inoki's insanity. Basically filter him like he's Antonio Russo.
  • Dave reviews the latest NJPW episode of TV and says it was among the worst shows ever. The tag team main event was the worst match Dave can remember NJPW ever putting on last. Chyna was there cutting terrible promos to build for the match nobody wants to see with her vs. Masahiro Chono. She also cut a promo on Hiroshi Tanahashi saying he doesn't know how to wrestle, which is the funniest goddamn thing I've ever typed in these Rewinds. They showed the moonsault that Tenzan nearly killed himself on and it was brutal. Dave says he doesn't understand how he didn't break his neck. All in all, NJPW sucks right now and Dave ain't here for it.
  • All Japan Women is bringing in a woman billed as Amazing Kong for some shows. They're promoting her as the female version of Bob Sapp, since they're both large and black and she'll probably be booked to be dominant like Sapp is. So....yeah. In case you're wondering, yes, this is Awesome Kong very early in her career.
  • ROH's latest show featured a ladder match with Michael Shane vs. Paul London that had fans chanting "match of the year!" when it was over. Low-Ki also lost the ROH title to Xavier (RIP) which many fans were questioning. But the goal from the beginning was always to have a strong first champion with hopes that Xavier would then be solidified as a top guy by beating him. So that's the goal. The show also featured a tournament to crown ROH tag team champions, won by Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan. The show did get some criticism for running too long and had too many matches, but overall good show. Oh, it also featured a promo by 2 new debuting wrestlers by the names of CM Punk and Colt Cabana, who apparently showed up to the arena (not booked, they had worked a 3PW show earlier in the day across town) and worked out a deal on the spot to get booked on this show. They'll make their in-ring debuts for ROH in November.
  • America's Most Wanted aired their story on the Messiah thumb chopping incident. They interviewed Messiah and some other indie wrestlers and showed a bunch of deathmatch clips and whatnot. Nothing much more to it that hasn't already been covered here. The case remains unsolved officially, but we all know what's up and the story heavily implies the same thing. The story on America's Most Wanted pretty much painted it as wrestling being an unseemly business and dirty things happen.
WATCH: America's Most Wanted story on Messiah thumb incident
  • TNA's getting a new influx of money soon but no details have been released. All Dave knows is that it's said to be from a huge international company, and word is the money is enough to keep the promotion running for several years. Of course, this is pro wrestling and Dave hears that shit from people all the time so until a deal is signed, take it all with a grain of salt. Negotiations are still going but within the company, it's thought to be a done deal. Dave is curious what the power structure is going to be and who's going to be fully in charge of TNA when this is all said and done. Historically, people who try to run wrestling companies without any wrestling knowledge don't fair well.
  • Notes from TNA weekly PPV: Jeff Jarrett and Brian Christopher totally blew off the angle they've been building for weeks, no match, just a misunderstanding and now everyone's moving on to new programs. Former Road Dogg debuted as BG James who came out in a mask and revealed himself, to zero reaction and cut a promo about he and Jarrett walking out of WWF together in 1995, which no one remembers. Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond faced Tiny the Timekeeper in a worked boxing match angle that was terrible. CM Punk made another debut, this time in TNA, teaming with Ace Steele in a three-way tag match. There was a tag team battle royal style match with confusing rules that made no goddamn sense. Buff Bagwell was brought back, since they have new money coming in. And X-Pac, going by the name Syxx-Pac, made his debut with Scott Hall. But overall, pretty awful show.
  • Steve Austin is scheduled to go to trial on Oct. 9 on the misdemeanor domestic violence charges he's facing after the incident with Debra a couple months back. Most cases of this type are settled out of court before they go to trial so it probably won't get that far. Austin did his first public interview this week and said he's undecided about returning to wrestling but right now, the divorce with Debra is off and they are trying to work things out. Dave says WWE wants Austin back, but it's largely dependent on him getting his personal life in order first and then really, it's a matter of whether he even wants to come back.
  • Notes from Raw: they made a new rule for the brand split, no more jumping back and forth. Now wrestlers can only switch brands if a trade is worked out between Bischoff and Stephanie. This was done because Bischoff's character is going to be the heel GM who mistreats all the talent and they wanted to close the loophole because otherwise, why wouldn't everyone just quit and go to Smackdown if they could? At least WWE in 2002 was still trying to tell halfway logical stories, as opposed to 2020. Big Show vs. Jeff Hardy was awful, with Big Show looking terrible "and Jeff is just another story." The Pete Rose/Kane commercial for No Mercy is great. Randy Orton was apparently the first "trade" as he has been moved to Raw and was pushed hard as a babyface. So hard, in fact, that Dave suspects they're intentionally trying to give him The Rock debut treatment, where they put him over so much that the fans turn on him and then he can be a hated heel. Dave actually likes the idea. Speaking of Orton, there's been talk of forming a new Four Horsemen group soon, with Triple H and Ric Flair leading it, along with Randy Orton and someone else still to be determined (still 4 months away from it happening, but this is obviously the first mention of what becomes Evolution).
WATCH: WWE Kane & Pete Rose commercial
  • Juventud Guerrera got a tryout at the latest Smackdown tapings in a dark match. He was specifically told before the match to slow it down and limit his high spots. So of course, he went out to the ring and went 100MPH and did probably twice as much stuff as they wanted him to do. Didn't win him any brownie points (yeah, seems like that was a bad idea because he doesn't get signed and instead goes to TNA. Eventually makes it to WWE in 2005 and Vince has him riding a goddamn lawnmower to the ring which is one of the less-talked about racist things WWE has done over the years).
  • Notes from Smackdown: Lesnar beat Cena in a total squash match (won't be the last time) and Dave thinks Cena can't get anymore buried right now so it doesn't matter. Until they turn him heel and repackage him, he's dead in the water (sure enough, Cena was thought to be on the verge of getting released around this time, until the heel white rapper gimmick revived his career and the rest is history). That's pretty much the only thing worth noting.
  • Goldust did an interview this week and was asked if he thought there would ever be a gay babyface character in WWE and he said no, feeling like the fans won't accept it. That was sadly true for far too many years and even now in 2020, it's still an issue. Look at all the shit Sonny Kiss was catching a few weeks back when he was scheduled to challenge Cody for the TNT title, for example.
  • WWE has signed a couple new developmental wrestlers and will be sending them to OVW. The first is Sylven Grenier, a Montreal wrestler that Pat Patterson knows. The other is Orlando Jordan, who's been wrestling in Maryland independents. Dave says he's heard a lot of good things about Jordan in particular and from what Dave has seen of him, he definitely has potential.
  • Dave has heard from a lot of sources that there's concern about Jeff Hardy. Those close to him feel Jeff doesn't care about wrestling anymore and is completely burned out. He's been late to numerous shows in the last few weeks and was fined multiple times for it and didn't even show up to the recent PPV until midway through the show. Needless to say, there's some people in the locker room who are a little upset about it. Basically, if Jeff doesn't want to be here, why does WWE keep pushing him so hard ahead of guys who work hard and want that spot? But hey, Jeff Hardy still gets a superstar reaction, so there's your answer (yeah, Jeff really needed rehab and time away at this point. He'll get it soon enough).
  • WWE has hired a new ring announcer named Justin Roberts, who has been doing announcing on the indies for awhile. He was brought in for Smackdown because the normal ring announcer, Tony Chimmel, was on vacation. Roberts did a good enough job that they hired him to be a full time employee.
  • Shawn Michaels did a interview and said he wasn't hurting too bad after his match at Summerslam, at first. But about a week later, the pain kicked in. However, he did say he thinks he still has one more match left in him. Dave figures that'll probably be at Wrestlemania (turns out he still had about 500 matches left in him).
  • On the new Hulk Hogan DVD, they show a match from 1979 with Hogan vs. Ted Dibiase at MSG and it's billed as Hogan's first WWF match ever. It was indeed Hogan's first match in Madison Square Garden, but it was not his first WWF match ever. He had been doing TV squash matches in WWF for at least a month prior to that match. Don't ever try to slip an incorrect fact past Meltzer.
  • Dave says that Jim Cornette apparently loved the letter that Larry Matysik sent in to the Observer last week. In fact, he loved it so much that he made everyone in OVW read it to learn about the psychology of booking.
  • Porn star Kendra Jade was at WWE's latest PPV and she's apparently trying to get into wrestling. Some fans reported that people recognized her and some parents and even kids took photos with her.
  • The current plans for Smackdown is to build the show around 3 teams: Edge/Mysterio, Chavo/Eddie, and Benoit/Angle. Dave thinks that sounds pretty incredible (indeed it was. And so the Smackdown Six was born).
NEXT WEEK: Keiji Muto officially takes over AJPW, Vince McMahon floats the idea of reviving ECW, Nicole Bass/WWE trial continues, and more...
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2020.09.19 17:29 tombstoneshadows28 Turner Classic Movies (U.S.) Schedule for October, 2020 (All times E.S.T.)

Thu, October 1
(12:00am) Up the Down Staircase (1967/2h 4m/Drama/Robert Mulligan)
(2:15am) Our Miss Brooks (1956/1h 25m/Comedy/Al Lewis)
(4:00am) The Corn Is Green (1945/1h 54m/Drama/Irving Rapper)
(6:00am) The Girl He Left Behind (1956/1h 43m/Comedy/David Butler)
(8:00am) Lafayette Escadrille (1958/1h 33m/Romance/ William A. Wellman)
(9:45am) Dondi (1961/1h 20m/Comedy/ Albert Zugsmith)
(11:30am) The Shoes of the Fisherman (1968/2h 42m/Drama/Michael Anderson)
(2:15pm) Ring of Fire (1961/1h 30m/Drama/Andrew L. Stone)
(4:00pm) Twenty Plus Two (1961/1h 42m/Crime/Joseph M. Newman)
(5:45pm) Marooned (1969/2h 13m/Adventure/John Sturges)
(8:00pm) La Strada (1954/1h 55m/Drama/Federico Fellini)
(10:00pm) Two for the Road (1967/1h 52m/Comedy/Stanley Donen)
Fri, October 2
(12:00am) Dodsworth (1936/1h 41m/Romance/William Wyler)
(2:00am) Destry Rides Again (1939/1h 35m/Western/George Marshall)
(3:45am) Black Girl (1966/1h/Drama/Ousmane Sembene)
(5:00am) Robert Osborne's 20th Anniversary Tribute (2015/47m/Documentary/?)
(6:00am) Go West (1940/1h 21m/Comedy/Edward Buzzell)
(7:45am) The Big Store (1941/1h 20m/Comedy/Charles Riesner)
(9:30am) Double Dynamite (1951/1h 20m/Comedy/ Irving Cummings)
(11:00am) A Girl in Every Port (1952/1h 26m/Comedy/Chester Erskine)
(12:30pm) A Day at the Races (1937/1h 45m/Comedy/Sam Wood)
(2:30pm) At the Circus (1939/1h 27m/Comedy/Edward Buzzell)
(4:15pm) A Night at the Opera (1935/1h 36m/Comedy/Sam Wood)
(6:00pm) The Story of Mankind (1957/1h 40m/Drama/Irwin Allen)
(8:00pm) Dracula (1931/1h 14m/HorroTod Browning)
(9:30pm) Cat People (1942/1h 11m/HorroJacques Tourneur)
(11:00pm) House on Haunted Hill (1958/1h 15m/HorroWilliam Castle)
Sat, October 3
(12:30am) The Haunting (1963/1h 52m/Drama/Robert Wise)
(2:30am) The Queen (1968/1h 8m/Documentary/Frank Simon)
(3:45am) Wigstock: The Movie (1995/1h 25m/Documentary/Barry Shils)
(5:15am) The Relaxed Wife (1957/13m/Comedy/?)
(6:00am) Million Dollar Baby (1941/1h 40m/Comedy/Curtis Bernhardt)
(8:00am) MGM CARTOONS: The Peachy Cobbler (1950/6m/Comedy/Fred [Tex] Avery)
(8:08am) Phonies Beware! (1956/8m/Documentary/Larry O'Reilly)
(8:17am) Night Life in Chicago (1948/8m/Documentary/?)
(8:27am) Arctic Fury (1949/1h 1m/Adventure/Norman Dawn)
(9:30am) The Redskins' Revenge (1937/?/Action/?)
(10:00am) POPEYE: Baby Wants a Bottleship (1942/5m/Comedy/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08Am) Safari Drums (1953/1h 11m/Adventure/Ford Beebe)
(11:30am) Alaska Lifeboat (1956/20m/Documentary/ Herbert Morgan)
(12:00pm) The Prince and the Pauper (1937/2h/Adventure/William Keighley)
(2:15pm) Key Largo (1948/1h 41m/Crime/John Huston)
(4:15pm) The Defiant Ones (1958/1h 37m/Drama/Stanley Kramer)
(6:00pm) The Thomas Crown Affair (1968/1h 42m/Drama/Norman Jewison)
(8:00pm) Lawrence of Arabia (1962/3h 46m/Drama/David Lean)
Sun, October 4
(12:00am) Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950/1h 35m/Crime/Otto Preminger)
(2:00am) Across the Wide Missouri (1951/1h 18m/Adventure/William Wellman)
(3:30am) On an Island with You (1948/1h 47m/Comedy/Richard Thorpe)
(5:30am) Inflation (1942/17m/Drama/Cy Endfield)
(6:00am) The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937/1h 38m/Comedy/Richard Boleslawski)
(7:45am) Humoresque (1946/2h 3m/Drama/Jean Negulesco)
(10:00am) Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950/1h 35m/Crime/Otto Preminger)
(12:00pm) Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949/1h 23m/Comedy/Elliott Nugent)
(1:30pm) The Women (1939/2h 12m/Comedy/George Cukor)
(4:00pm) Bye Bye Birdie (1963/2h/Comedy/George Sidney)
(6:00pm) The Great Buster: A Celebration (2018/1h 43m/Documentary/Peter Bogdanovich)
(8:00pm) Sherlock, Jr. (1924/51m/Comedy/Buster Keaton)
(9:00pm) The General (1927/1h 23m/Comedy/Buster Keaton)
(10:30pm) Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928/1h 10m/Comedy/Charles F. Reisner)
Mon, October 5
(12:00am) Seven Chances (1925/45m/Comedy/Buster Keaton)
(2:00am) Viridiana (1961/1h 30m/Comedy/Luis Buñuel)
(3:45am) The Exterminating Angel (1962/1h 35m/Comedy/Luis Buñuel)
(5:30am) MGM Parade Show #5 (1955/25m/Documentary/?)
(6:00am) Roberta (1935/1h 25m/Comedy/William A. Seiter)
(8:00am) Fashions of 1934 (1934/1h 18m/Drama/William Dieterle)
(9:30am) Stolen Holiday (1937/1h 20m/Romance/Michael Curtiz)
(11:00am) Designing Woman (1957/1h 58m/Comedy/Vincente Minnelli)
(1:00pm) Made in Paris (1966/1h 43m/Comedy/Boris Sagal)
(2:45pm) A Place for Lovers (1969/1h 28m/Romance/ Vittorio De Sica)
(4:30pm) Blood and Black Lace (1964/1h 25m/HorroMario Bava)
(6:00pm) Lured (1947/1h 42m/Crime/Douglas Sirk)
(8:00pm) Cash on Demand (1961/1h 24m/Drama/Quentin Lawrence)
(9:30pm) The End of the Affair (1955/1h 46m/Romance/Edward Dmytryk)
(11:30pm) Time Without Pity (1957/1h 28m/Drama/Joseph Losey)
Tue, October 6
(1:15am) John Paul Jones (1959/2h 6m/Action/John Farrow)
(3:30am) Hamlet (1948/2h 35m/Drama/Laurence Olivier)
(6:15am) A Chump at Oxford (1940/1h 3m/Comedy/Alfred Goulding)
(7:30am) Vigil in the Night (1940/1h 36m/Romance/George Stevens)
(9:15am) The Gay Bride (1934/1h 20m/Comedy/Jack Conway)
(10:45am) Swing High, Swing Low (1937/1h 37m/Comedy/Mitchell Leisen)
(12:15pm) Love Before Breakfast (1936/1h 10m/Comedy/Walter Lang)
(1:30pm) Nothing Sacred (1937/1h 15m/Comedy/William A. Wellman)
(3:00pm) Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941/1h 29m/Comedy/Alfred Hitchcock)
(4:45pm) To Be or Not to Be (1942/1h 39m/Comedy/Ernst Lubitsch)
(6:30pm) The Golden Age of Comedy (1957/1h 19m/Comedy/Robert Youngson)
(8:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema 06 (2019/Documentary/Mark Cousins)
(9:15pm) The Ascent (1977/1h 45m/Drama/Larisa Sheptiko)
(11:15pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema 06 (2019/Documentary/Mark Cousins)
Wed, October 7
(12:30am) Meek's Cutoff (2010/1h 44m/Drama/Kelly Reichardt)
(2:30am) Cameraperson (2016/1h 42m/Documentary/Kirsten Johnson)
(4:30am) Daisies (1966/1h 14m/Comedy/Vera Chytilová)
(6:00am) Meshes of the Afternoon (1944/13m/Short/Maya Deren)
(6:30am) Angry Inuk (2016/1h 25m/Documentary/Alethea Arnaquq-Baril)
(8:00am) The Erl King (1931/1h 10m/Drama/Marie-Louise Iribe)
(9:15am) The Journey (1959/2h 3m/Romance/Anatole Litvak)
(11:30am) The Squall (1929/1h 42m/Drama/Alexander Korda)
(1:30pm) Beautiful Budapest (1938/8m/Documentary?)
(1:45pm) Rural Hungary (1939/9m/Documentary/James A. Fitzpatrick)
(2:00pm) Fight for Your Lady (1938/1h 6m/Comedy/Ben Stoloff)
(3:15pm) Storm at Daybreak (1933/1h 18m/Drama/Richard Boleslavsky)
(4:45pm) The Shop Around the Corner (1940/1h 37m/Comedy/Ernst Lubitsch)
(6:30pm) One Heavenly Night (1930/1h 20m/Musical/Geo. Fitzmaurice)
(8:00pm) No Time for Sergeants (1958/1h 59m/Comedy/Mervyn Leroy)
(10:15pm) A Face in the Crowd (1957/2h 6m/Drama/Elia Kazan)
Thu, October 8
(12:30am) Hearts of the West (1975/1h 43m/Comedy/ Howard Zieff)
(2:30am) Onionhead (1958/1h 50m/Comedy/Norman Taurog)
(4:30am) Thunder Afloat (1939/1h 35m/Comedy/George B. Seitz)
(6:15am) The Public Enemy (1931/1h 14m/Drama/William A. Wellman )
(8:15am) Red-Headed Woman (1932/1h 14m/Comedy/Jack Conway)
(9:45am) Dinner at Eight (1933/1h 53m/Comedy/George Cukor)
(11:45am) Saratoga (1937/1h 34m/Comedy/Jack Conway)
(1:30pm) Hold Your Man (1933/1h 29m/Romance/Sam Wood)
(3:15pm) Red Dust (1932/1h 19m/Romance/Victor Fleming)
(4:45pm) Personal Property (1937/1h 24m/Comedy/W. S. Van Dyke II)
(6:15pm) Bombshell (1933/1h 31m/Comedy/Victor Fleming)
(8:00pm) The Front Page (1931/1h 41m/Comedy/Lewis Milestone)
(10:00pm) Detour (1945/1h 8m/Drama/Edgar G. Ulmer)
(11:30pm) The Man with the Golden Arm (1956/1h 59m/Drama/Otto Preminger)
Fri, October 9
(1:45am) Love Affair (1939/1h 27m/Romance/Leo McCarey)
(3:30am) A Brighter Summer Day (1991/3h 5m/Drama/Edward Yang)
(7:00am) Alice in Movieland (1940/21m/Drama/Jean Negulesco)
(7:45am) Nora Prentiss (1947/1h 51m/Drama/Vincent Sherman)
(9:45am) Born to Kill (1947/1h 32m/Drama/Robert Wise)
(11:30am) Dark Passage (1947/1h 46m/Drama/Delmer Daves)
(1:30pm) Out of the Past (1947/1h 37m/Crime/Jacques Tourneur)
(3:15pm) Race Street (1948/1h 19m/Drama/Edwin L. Marin)
(4:45pm) Impact (1949/1h 51m/Drama/Arthur Lubin)
(6:45pm) The Woman on Pier 13 (1950/1h 13m/Drama/Robert Stevenson)
(8:00pm) The Ghoul (1933/1h 17m/HorroT. Hayes Hunter)
(9:30pm) The Black Sleep (1956/1h 21m/HorroReginald Leborg)
(11:00pm) Mark of the Vampire (1935/1h 1m/HorroTod Browning)
Sat, October 10
(12:15am) Night of the Living Dead (1968/1h 36m/HorroGeorge A. Romero)
(2:00am) White Lightning (1973/1h 41m/Drama/Joseph Sargent)
(3:45am) Gator (1976/1h 55m/Comedy/Burt Reynolds)
(5:45am) The Corvair In Action! (1960/6m/Documentary/?)
(6:00am) The Opposite Sex (1956/1h 57m/Comedy/David Miller)
(8:00am) MGM CARTOONS: Red Hot Riding Hood (1943/7m/Comedy/Fred [‘Tex’[ Avery)
(8:09am) Fortune Seekers (1956/8m/Documentary/Larry O'Reilly)
(8:18am) Historic Maryland (1941/8m/Documentary/?)
(8:27am) Men of the North (1930/1h 1m/Drama/Hal Roach)
(9:30am) The Brink of Doom (1937/?/Action/?)
(10:00am) POPEYE: Alona the Sarong Seas (1942/Comedy/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08am) Bomba In The Golden Idol (1954/1h 10m/Adventure/?)
(11:30am) King of the Islands (1935/17m/Comedy/Ralph Staub)
(12:00pm) Tarzan, the Ape Man (1932/1h 39m/Adventure/W. S. Van Dyke)
(2:00pm) Lili (1953/1h 21m/Romance/Charles Walters)
(3:30pm) Casino Royale (1967/2h 11m/Comedy/John Huston, et. al.)
(6:00pm) Top Hat (1935/1h 45m/Comedy/Mark Sandrich)
(8:00pm) Gunga Din (1939/1h 57m/Adventure/George Stevens)
(10:15pm) The Three Musketeers (1948/2h 5m/Drama/George Sidney)
Sun, October 11
(12:30am) The Racket (1951/1h 28m/Crime/John Cromwell)
(2:30am) Bananas (1971/1h 21m/Comedy/Woody Allen)
(4:00am) Hannah and Her Sisters (1986/1h 46m/Comedy/Woody Allen)
(6:00am) A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935/2h 12m/Comedy/Max Reinhardt)
(8:30am) Journey for Margaret (1942/1h 21m/Drama/Major W. S. Van Dyke II)
(10:00am) The Racket (1951/1h 28m/Crime/John Cromwell)
(12:00pm) Sounder (1972/1h 45m/Drama/Martin Ritt)
(2:00pm) The Secret Garden (1949/1h 32m/Drama/Fred M. Wilcox)
(3:45pm) The Catered Affair (1956/1h 33m/Comedy/Richard Brooks)
(5:30pm) Flower Drum Song (1961/2h 13m/Comedy/Henry Koster)
(8:00pm) The Front Page (1974/1h 45m/Comedy/Billy Wilder)
(10:00pm) The Odd Couple (1968/1h 45m/Comedy/Gene Saks)
Mon, October 12
(12:00am) Sidewalk Stories (1989/1h 37m/Comedy/Charles Lane)
(2:00am) The Firemen's Ball (1967/1h 13m/Comedy/Miloš Forman)
(3:30am) All My Good Countrymen (1968/2h 6m/Comedy/Vojtěch Jasný)
(6:00am) The Reptile (1966/1h 30m/HorroJohn Gilling)
(7:45am) The Killer Shrews (1959/1h 9m/HorroRay Kellogg)
(9:00am) King Kong (1933/1h 40m/Adventure/Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Shoedsack)
(11:00am) The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953/1h 20m/HorroEugène Lourié)
(12:30pm) Gojira (1954/1h 19m/Drama/Ishirô Honda)
(2:00pm) Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954/1h 19m/HorroJack Arnold)
(3:30pm) Creature From the Haunted Sea (1961/1h/Comedy/Roger Corman)
(4:45pm) The Green Slime (1969/1h 30m/HorroKinji Fukasaku)
(6:30pm) Night of the Lepus (1972/1h 28m/Comedy/William F. Claxton)
(8:00pm) Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960/1h 20m/Adventure/Terence Fisher)
(9:30pm) Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965/1h 25m/Sci-Fi/Gordon Flemyng)
(11:00pm) Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A. D. (1966/1h 21m/Sci-Fi/Gordon Flemyng)
Tue, October 13
(12:30am) She (1965/1h 44m/Drama/Robert Day)
(2:30am) Violent Playground (1958/1h 48m/Drama/Basil Dearden)
(4:30am) Corruption (1967/1h 31m/HorroRobert Hartford-Davis)
(6:00am) Devotion (1931/1h 10m/Drama/Robert Milton)
(7:30am) The Runaway Bus (1954/1h 18m/Comedy/Val Guest)
(9:00am) The Solitaire Man (1933/1h 7m/Comedy/Jack Conway)
(10:30am) Blind Adventure (1933/1h 5m/Crime/Ernest B. Schoedsack)
(11:45am) Double Trouble (1967/1h 30m/Romance/Norman Taurog)
(1:30pm) A Warm December (1972/1h 39m/Romance/Sidney Poitier)
(3:30pm) The V.I.P.s (1963/1h 59m/Drama/Anthony Asquith)
(5:45pm) The Prince and the Showgirl (1957/1h 57m/Comedy/Laurence Olivier)
(8:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema 07 (2019/Documentary/Mark Cousins)
(9:15pm) Dogfight (1991/1h 34m/Drama/Nancy Savoca)
(11:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema 07 (2019/Mark Cousins)
Wed, October 14
(12:15am) Rafiki (2018/1h 23m/Drama/Wanuri Kahiu)
(2:30am) First Love (1977/1h 31m/Romance/Joan Darling)
(2:00am) The House Is Black (1963/21m/Documentary/Forugh Farrokhzad)
(4:15am) The Night Porter (1974/1h 55m/Drama/Liliana Cavani)
(6:30am) Le Bonheur (1965/1h 27m/Romance/Agnes Varda)
(8:15am) Danzon (1991/1h 43m/Dance/Maria Novaro)
(10:15am) The Unholy Three (1925/1h 26m/Drama/Tod Browning)
(12:00pm) The Unknown (1927/1h 1m/Drama/Tod Browning)
(1:00pm) The Blackbird (1926/1h 26m/Comedy/Tod Browning)
(2:30pm) The Thirteenth Chair (1929/1h 12m/Crime/Tod Browning)
(4:00pm) Freaks (1932/1h 30m/HorroTod Browning)
(5:15pm) Mark of the Vampire (1935/1h 1m/HorroTod Browning)
(6:30pm) The Devil-Doll (1936/1h 19m/HorroTod Browning)
(8:00pm) Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940/1h 50m/Biography/John Cromwell)
(10:00pm) Sunrise at Campobello (1960/2h 23m/Drama/Vincent J. Donehue)
Thu, October 15
(12:45am) PT 109 (1963/2h 20m/Drama/Leslie H. Martinson)
(3:15am) 1776 (1972/2h 21m/Comedy/Peter H. Hunt)
(6:00am) Three Men on a Horse (1936/1h 28m/Comedy/Mervyn Leroy)
(7:30am) Unholy Partners (1941/1h 34m/Drama/Mervyn Leroy)
(9:15am) Sweet Adeline (1935/1h 27m/Romance/Mervyn Le Roy)
(11:00am) Happiness Ahead (1934/1h 26m/Comedy/Mervyn Le Roy)
(12:30pm) Big City Blues (1932/1h 5m/Drama/Mervyn Leroy)
(1:45pm) The Bad Seed (1956/2h 9m/HorroMervyn Leroy)
(4:00pm) They Won't Forget (1937/1h 30m/Drama/Mervyn Leroy)
(5:45pm) Random Harvest (1942/2h 4m/Romance/Mervyn Leroy)
(8:00pm) Tunes of Glory (1960/1h 45m/Drama/Ronald Neame)
(10:00pm) The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943/2h 43m/Romance/Michael Powell)
Fri, October 16
(1:00am) The Seventh Cross (1944/1h 50m/Drama/Fred Zinnemann)
(3:00am) The Diary of Anne Frank (1959/2h 50m/Drama/George Stevens)
(6:15am) Trances (1981/1h 32m/Documentary/Ahmed El Maanouni)
(8:00am) The Little Shop of Horrors (1960/1h 10m/Comedy/Roger Corman)
(9:15am) Village of the Damned (1960/1h 17m/HorroWolf Rilla)
(10:45am) The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962/1h 21m/HorroJoseph Green)
(12:15pm) Carnival of Souls (1962/1h 20m/HorroHerk Harvey)
(1:45pm) Dementia 13 (1963/1h 21m/HorroFrancis Ford Coppola)
(3:15pm) The Raven (1963/1h 26m/Comedy/Roger Corman)
(4:45pm) Spider Baby (1964/1h 20m/HorroJack Hill)
(6:15pm) The Nanny (1965/1h 33m/Drama/Seth Holt)
(8:00pm) Dead of Night (1945/1h 44m/HorroAlberto Cavalcanti, et. al.)
(10:00pm) Twice Told Tales (1963/1h 59m/HorroSidney Salkow)
Sat, October 17
(12:15am) Black Sabbath (1963/1h 40m/HorroMario Bava)
(2:00am) Enter the Ninja (1981/1h 39m/Action/Emmett Alston)
(3:45am) Revenge Of The Ninja (1983/1h 28m/Action/Sam Firstenberg)
(5:30am) Shake Hands With Danger (1970/23m/Documentary/Charles Oldfather, John Clifford and Herk Harvey)
(6:00am) The Password Is Courage (1962/1h 56m/Comedy/Andrew L. Stone)
(8:00am) MGM CARTOONS: Sheep Wrecked (1958/6m/Comedy/?)
(8:08am) Cave Explorers (1957/8m/Documentary/Heinz Scheiderbauer)
(8:17am) The Capital City Washington, D.C. (1940/8m/Documentary/?)
(8:27am) She Loved a Fireman (1937/57m/Drama/John Farrow)
(9:30am) The Indians Are Coming (1937/Action/?)
(10:00am) POPEYE: A Hull of a Mess (1942/6m/Comedy/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08am) Lord of the Jungle (1955/1h 9m/Adventure/Ford Beebe)
(11:30am) Kissing Time (1933/21m/Romance/Roy Mack)
(12:00pm) Angel and the Badman (1947/1h 40m/Romance/James Edward Grant)
(1:45pm) Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951/1h 57m/Adventure/Raoul Walsh)
(4:00pm) Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969/1h 32m/Comedy/Burt Kennedy)
(5:45pm) Rollerball (1975/2h 9m/Action/Norman Jewison)
(8:00pm) Singin' in the Rain (1952/1h 43m/Comedy/Gene Kelly)
(10:00pm) Summer Stock (1950/1h 49m/Musical/Charles Walters)
Sun, October 18
(12:00am) Destination Murder (1950/1h 12m/Crime/Edward L. Cahn)
(1:45am) The Fearless Vampire Killers; or, Pardon Me but Your Teeth Are in My Neck (1966/1h 38m/HorroRoman Polanski)
(3:45am) House of Dark Shadows (1970/1h 37m/HorroDan Curtis)
(5:30am) Return to Glennascaul (1953/23m/HorroHilton Edwards)
(6:00am) The Life of Emile Zola (1937/2h 3m/Drama/William Dieterle)
(8:15am) His Girl Friday (1940/1h 32m/Comedy/Howard Hawks)
(10:00am) Destination Murder (1950/1h 12m/Crime/Edward L. Cahn)
(11:45am) The Good Earth (1937/2h 18m/Drama/Sidney Franklin)
(2:15pm) Written on the Wind (1957/1h 32m/Drama/Douglas Sirk)
(4:00pm) Dear Heart (1964/1h 54m/Comedy/Delbert Mann)
(6:00pm) Peggy Sue Got Married (1986/1h 45m/Comedy/Francis Ford Coppola)
(8:00pm) Cane River (1982/1h 30m/Drama/
(10:00pm) Losing Ground (1982/1h 26m/Comedy/Kathleen Collins)
Mon, October 19
(12:00am) Exit Smiling (1926/1h 12m/Comedy/Sam Taylor)
(2:00am) I am Waiting (1957/1h 30m/Drama/Koreyoshi Kurahara)
(3:45am) A Colt Is My Passport (1967/Drama/Takashi Nomura)
(5:30am) MGM Parade Show #5 (1955/ 25m/Documentary/?)
(6:00am) I Married a Witch (1942/ 1h 16m/Comedy/René Clair)
(7:30am) Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941/1h 29m/Comedy/Alfred Hitchcock)
(9:15am) Touch of Evil (1958/1h 35m/Crime/Orson Welles)
(11:30am) Mogambo (1953/1h 55m/Romance/John Ford)
(1:45pm) North by Northwest (1959/2h 16m/Adventure/Alfred Hitchcock)
(4:15pm) In a Lonely Place (1950/1h 31m/Drama/Nicholas Ray)
(6:00pm) Any Number Can Play (1949/1h 52m/Drama/Mervyn Leroy)
(8:00pm) The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959/1h 24m/Mystery/Terence Fisher)
(9:30pm) Horror of Dracula (1958/1h 21m/HorroTerence Fisher)
(11:15pm) The Mummy (1959/1h 26m/HorroTerence Fisher)
Tue, October 20
(1:00am) The Curse of Frankenstein (1957/1h 22m/HorroTerence Fisher)
(2:45am) Frankenstein Created Woman (1967/1h 32m/HorroTerence Fisher)
(4:30am) Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1970/1h 37m/HorroTerence Fisher)
(6:15am) Front Page Woman (1935/1h 22m/Comedy/Michael Curtiz)
(7:45am) Wife Vs. Secretary (1936/1h 28m/Comedy/Clarence Brown)
(9:30am) Mr. & Mrs. North (1941/1h 7m/Comedy/Robert B. Sinclair)
(10:45am) Theodora Goes Wild (1936/1h 35m/Comedy/Richard Boleslawski)
(12:30pm) Breakfast for Two (1937/1h 5m/Comedy/Alfred Santell)
(1:45pm) Four's a Crowd (1938/1h 31m/Comedy/Michael Curtiz)
(3:30pm) It's a Wonderful World (1939/1h 26m/Comedy/W. S. Van Dyke II)
(5:00pm) Fools for Scandal (1938/1h 21m/Comedy/Mervyn Le Roy)
(6:30pm) Love on the Run (1936/1h 20m/Comedy/W. S. Van Dyke II)
(8:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema 08 (2019/Documentary/ Mark Cousins)
(9:15pm) Tomka and His Friends (1977/Drama/Xhanfise Keko
(10:45pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema 08 (2019/Mark Cousins)
Wed, October 21
(12:00am) Stop-Loss (2008/1h 52m/Drama/Kimberly Peirce)
(2:00am) The Third Miracle (1999/1h 59m/Adaptation/Agnieszka Holland)
(4:15am) Madeinusa (2006/2h 2m/Drama/Claudia Llosa)
(6:00am) Corpo Celeste (2011/1h 40m/Drama/Alice Rohrwacher)
(7:45am) The Birth, the Life and the Death of Christ (1906/34m/Short/Alice Guy-Blache)
(8:30am) Araya (1959/1h 22m/Documentary/Margot Benacerraf)
(10:00am) Children Of A Lesser God (1986/1h 50m/Romance/Randa Raines)
(12:15pm) Young Dr. Kildare (1938/1h 7m/Comedy/ Harold S. Bucquet)
(1:45pm) Calling Dr. Kildare (1939/1h 26m/Drama/Harold S. Bucquet)
(3:30pm) The Secret of Dr. Kildare (1939/1h 24m/Drama/Harold S. Bucquet)
(5:00pm) Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940/1h 18m/Drama/Harold S. Bucquet)
(6:30pm) Dr. Kildare's Crisis (1940/1h 15m/Drama/Harold S. Bucquet)
(8:00pm) Hard to Handle (1933/1h 15m/Comedy/Mervyn Leroy)
(9:30pm) Beast of the City (1932/1h 27m/Drama/Charles Brabin)
(11:15pm) They Live by Night (1948/1h 35m/Drama/Nicholas Ray)
Thu, October 22
(1:00am) One Way Passage (1932/1h 9m/Romance/Tay Garnett)
(2:30am) The Prisoner of Zenda (1952/1h 41m/Romance/Richard Thorpe)
(4:15am) Green Fire (1955/1h 40m/Romance/Andrew Marton)
(6:00am) Three Faces East (1930/1h 11m/Spy/Roy Del Ruth)
(7:30am) Born to Love (1932/1h 24m/Drama/Paul L. Stein)
(9:00am) The Common Law (1932/1h 15m/Comedy/Paul L. Stein)
(10:30am) Rockabye (1932/1h 7m/Drama/George Cukor)
(11:45am) Bed of Roses (1933/1h 7m/Comedy/Gregory Lacava)
(1:00pm) Our Betters (1933/1h 23m/Comedy/George Cukor)
(2:30pm) Topper (1937/1h 37m/Comedy/Norman Z. McLeod)
(4:15pm) Topper Takes a Trip (1939/1h 25m/Comedy/Norman Z. McLeod)
(5:45pm) Merrily We Live (1938/1h 30m/Comedy/Norman Z. McLeod)
(7:30pm) MGM Parade Show #5 (1955/25m/Documentary/?)
(8:00pm) The Killers (1964/1h 37m/Crime/Donald Siegel)
(9:45pm) The Breaking Point (1950/1h 37m/Romance/Michael Curtiz)
(11:30pm) Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933/1h 12m/HorroMichael Curtiz)
Fri, October 23
(1:00am) Night of the Living Dead (1968/1h 36m/HorroGeorge A. Romero)
(3:00am) A River Called Titash (1973/2h 39m/Drama/Ritwik Ghatak)
(6:00am) Inside Straight (1951/1h 29m/Drama/Gerald Mayer)
(7:30am) Absolute Quiet (1936/1h 7m/Drama/George B. Seitz)
(8:45am) Chain Lightning (1950/1h 34m/Drama/Stuart Heisler)
(10:30am) Tycoon (1947/2h 8m/Romance/Richard Wallace)
(12:45pm) No Marriage Ties (1933/1h 5m/Drama/J. Walter Ruben)
(2:00pm) Death of a Scoundrel (1956/1h 59m/Comedy/Charles Martin)
(4:15pm) Assignment To Kill (1968/1h 42m/Drama/Sheldon Reynolds)
(6:00pm) The Drowning Pool (1975/1h 46m/Crime/Stuart Rosenberg)
(8:00pm) Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954/1h 19m/HorroJack Arnold)
(9:30pm) The Blob (1958/1h 25m/HorroIrvin S. Yeaworth Jr.)
(11:00pm) The Tingler (1959/1h 20m/HorroWilliam Castle)
Sat, October 24
(12:45am) The Thing from Another World (1951/1h 27m/HorroChristian Nyby)
(2:30am) Ninja III--The Domination (1984/1h 35m/Action/Sam Firstenberg)
(4:15am) Heavenly Bodies (1985/1h 29m/Comedy/Lawrence Dane)
(6:00am) Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960/1h 51m/Comedy/Charles Walters)
(8:00am) MGM CARTOONS: One Cab's Family (1938/7m/Comedy/Fred [Tex] Avery)
(8:09am) Black Cats and Broomsticks (1955/8m/Documentary/Larry O'Reilly)
(8:18am) Wandering Here and There (1944/8m/Documentary/James A. Fitzpatrick)
(8:28am) King of the Lumberjacks (1940/58m/Romance/ William Clemens)
(9:30am) The Leap for Life (1937/Action/?)
(10:00am) POPEYE: Cartoons Ain't Human (1943/7m/Comedy/Dave Fleischer)
(10:09am) Tarzan and the Amazons (19451h 16m/Adventure/Kurt Neumann)
(11:30am) The Flame Song (1934/21m/Romance/Joseph Henabery)
(12:00pm) Harper (1966/2h 1m/Drama/Jack Smight)
(2:15pm) Brainstorm (1983/1h 46m/Drama/Douglas Trumbull)
(4:15pm) Men of the Fighting Lady (1954/1h 20m/Drama/Andrew Marton)
(5:45pm) Citizen Kane (1941/1h 59m/Drama/Orson Welles)
(8:00pm) Ace in the Hole (1951/1h 59m/Drama/Billy Wilder)
(10:15pm) Flesh and Fury (1952/1h 22m/Drama/Joseph Pevney)
Sun, October 25
(12:00am) Macao (1952/1h 20m/Adventure/Josef Von Sternberg)
(1:45am) The Werewolf (1956/1h 23m/HorroFred F. Sears)
(3:15am) The Howling (1981/1h 30m/HorroJoe Dante)
(5:00am) The Mummy (1932/1h 12m/HorroKarl Freund)
(6:15am) Murder on the Blackboard (1934/1h 11m/Comedy/George Archainbaud)
(7:30am) All This, and Heaven Too (1940/2h 23m/Romance/Anatole Litvak)
(10:00am) Macao (1952/1h 20m/Adventure/Josef Von Sternberg)
(12:00pm) The White Cliffs of Dover (1944/2h 6m/Romance/Clarence Brown)
(2:15pm) Around the World in 80 Days (1956/2h 50m/Adventure/Michael Anderson)
(5:30pm) What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962/2h 12m/Drama/Robert Aldrich)
(8:00pm) 3:10 to Yuma (1957/1h 32m/Drama/Delmer Daves)
(10:00pm) Gunman's Walk (1958/1h 37m/Drama/Phil Karlson)
Mon, October 26
(12:00am) Häxan (1922/1h 46m/HorroBenjamin Christensen)
(2:00am) Diabolique (1955/1h 47m/HorroHenri-Georges Clouzot)
(4:15am) Eyes Without a Face (1959/1h 28m/HorroGeorges Franju)
(6:00am) The Beast with Five Fingers (1946/1h 28m/Drama/Robert Florey)
(7:45am) Mara Maru (1952/1h 38m/Adventure/Gordon Douglas)
(9:30am) They Won't Believe Me (1947/1h 35m/Drama/Irving Pichel)
(11:15am) Where Danger Lives (1950/1h 24m/Crime/John Farrow)
(1:00pm) Fingers at the Window (1942/1h 20m/Mystery/Charles Lederer)
(2:30pm) Footsteps in the Dark (1941/1h 36m/Comedy/Lloyd Bacon)
(4:15pm) Kill or Cure (1962/1h 28m/Comedy/George Pollock)
(6:00pm) The Gazebo (1960/1h 40m/Comedy/George Marshall)
(8:00pm) Nothing But the Night (1972/1h 30m/HorroPeter Sasdy)
(9:45pm) Madhouse (1974/1h 29m/HorroJames Clark)
(11:30pm) From Beyond the Grave (1973/1h 37m/HorroKevin Connor)
Tue, October 27
(1:30am) Scream and Scream Again (1970/1h 34m/HorroGordon Hessler)
(3:15am) The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973/1h 28m/HorroAlan Gibson)
(4:45am) Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972/1h 40m/HorroAlan Gibson)
(6:30am) Somewhere in Sonora (1933/59m/Western/Mack V. Wright)
(7:45am) Along the Rio Grande (1941/1h 4m/Western/Edward Killy)
(9:00am) Valley of the Sun (1942/1h 24m/Western/George Marshall)
(10:30am) Sagebrush Trail (1933/58m/Western/Armand Schaefer)
(11:30am) Devil's Canyon (1953/1h 32m/Drama/Alfred Werker)
(1:15pm) The Hired Gun (1957/1h 3m/Adventure/Ray Nazarro)
(2:30pm) Black Patch (1957/1h 22m/Western/Allen H. Miner)
(4:00pm) Virginia City (1940/2h 1m/Western/Michael Curtiz)
(6:15pm) Escape from Fort Bravo (1953/1h 38m/Drama/John Sturges)
(8:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema 09 (2019/Documentary/Mark Cousins)
(9:15pm) Fjols til fjells (1957/1h 30 m/Comedy/Edith Carlmar)
(11:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema 09 (2019/Documentary/Mark Cousins)
Wed, October 28
(12:15am) Girlfriends (1978/1h 26m/Comedy/Claudia Weill)
(2:00am) The Connection (1962/1h 43m/Drama/Shirley Clarke)
(4:00am) Lost in Yonkers (1993/1h 54m/Comedy/Martha Coolidge)
(6:00am) Party Girl (1994/1h 34m/Comedy/Daisy Von Scherler Mayer)
(7:45am) Mabel's Strange Predicament (1914/Comedy/Mabel Normand)
(8:15am) Foreign Letters (2012/1h 40m/Biography/Ela Their)
(10:00am) Winter Meeting (1948/1h 44m/Drama/Bretaigne Windust)
(12:00pm) I Know Where I'm Going (1945/1h 32m/Comedy/Michael Powell)
(1:45pm) The Enchanted Cottage (1945/1h 31m/Romance/John Cromwell)
(3:30pm) Random Harvest (1942/2h 4m/Romance/Mervyn Leroy)
(6:00pm) Desire Me (1947/1h 31m/Drama/George Cukor)
(8:00pm) The Best Man (1964/1h 42m/Drama/Franklin J. Schaffner)
(10:00pm) The Last Hurrah (1958/2h 1m/Drama/John Ford)
Thu, October 29
(12:15am) The Great McGinty (1940/1h 22m/Comedy/Preston Sturges)
(2:00am) The Candidate (1972/1h 49m/Drama/Michael Ritchie)
(4:00am) All the King's Men (1949/1h 49m/Drama/Robert Rossen)
(6:00am) Haunted Gold (1932/58m/Western/Mack V. Wright)
(7:00am) The Devil-Doll (1936/1h 19m/HorroTod Browning)
(8:30am) Before Dawn (1933/1h/Mystery/Irving Pichel)
(9:45am) Man Alive (1946/1h 10m/Comedy/Ray Enright)
(11:00am) Tormented (1960/1h 15m/Drama/Bert I. Gordon)
(12:30pm) Angel on My Shoulder (1946/1h 41m/Comedy/Archie Mayo)
(2:15pm) Night of Dark Shadows (1971/1h 37m/HorroDan Curtis)
(4:00pm) Indestructible Man (1956/1h 10m/HorroJack Pollexfen)
(5:15pm) From Hell It Came (1957/1h 11m/HorroDan Milner)
(6:30pm) Death Curse of Tartu (1966/1h 27m/HorroWilliam Grefé)
(8:00pm) Winchester '73 (1950/1h 32m/Western/Anthony Mann)
(10:00pm) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949/1h 43m/Drama/John Ford)
Fri, October 30
(12:00am) Primary (1960/1h/Documentary/Robert Drew)
(1:15am) Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment (1963/58m/Documentary/Robert Drew)
(2:15am) Dos Monjes (1934/Drama/
(4:00am) Of Mice and Men (1939/1h 47m/Drama/Lewis Milestone)
(6:00am) MGM Parade Show #5 (1955/25m/Documentary/?)
(6:30am) Doctor X (1932/1h 16m/HorroMichael Curtiz)
(8:00am) The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932/1h 12m/Adventure/ Charles Brabin)
(9:30am) The Most Dangerous Game (1932/1h 3m/Drama/Ernest B. Schoedsack)
(10:45am) Island of Lost Souls (1932/1h 10m/Romance/Erle C. Kenton)
(12:00pm) White Zombie (1932/1h 13m/HorroVictor Halperin)
(1:30pm) The Vampire Bat (1933/1h 3m/HorroFrank Strayer)
(2:45pm) Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933/1h 12m/HorroMichael Curtiz)
(4:15pm) Mad Love (1935/1h 7m/HorroKarl Freund)
(5:30pm) The Walking Dead (1936/1h 6m/HorroMichael Curtiz)
(6:45pm) The Return of Dr. X (1939/1h 2m/HorroVincent Sherman)
(8:00pm) The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake (1959/1h 10m/HorroEdward L. Cahn)
(9:15pm) Eye of the Devil (1966/1h 29m/HorroJ. Lee Thompson)
(11:00pm) The Devil's Bride (1968/1h 35m/HorroTerence Fisher)
Sat, October 31
(12:45am) The Wicker Man (1974/1h 37m/HorroRobin Hardy)
(2:30am) Fleshpot on 42nd Street (1972/1h 20m/HorroAndy Milligan
(4:00am) Guru the Mad Monk (1970/1h 2m/HorroAndy Milligan)
(5:15am) Distant Drummer: Flowers of Darkness (1972/22m/Documentary/William Templeton)
(6:00am) Freaks (1932/1h 30m/HorroTod Browning)
(7:15am) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932/1h 30m/HorroRouben Mamoulian)
(9:00am) House of Wax (1953/1h 28m/HorroAndre Detoth)
(10:45am) Children of the Damned (1964/1h 30m/HorroAnton M. Leader)
(12:30pm) The Bad Seed (1956/2h 9m/HorroMervyn Leroy)
(2:45pm) The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945/1h 50m/Drama/Albert Lewin)
(4:45pm) The Wolf Man (1941/1h 11m/HorroGeorge Waggner)
(6:00pm) The Haunting (1963/1h 52m/Drama/Robert Wise
(8:00pm) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964/1h 33m/Comedy/Stanley Kubrick)
(10:00pm) Them! (1954/1h 34m/HorroGordon Douglas)
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2020.09.11 17:00 PaulPM1 My Fantasy All Time Summerslam

Dream Summerslam Card – Paul (2020) – The Games”
Announcers: Jim Ross & **Jerry “The King” Lawler (**Unless Stated Otherwise) Referees: Mike Chioda (Mens), Jessika Carr (Womens)
Opening Video Package Content: Gladiator Theme Opening Video Package Theme: Time is Now by Moloko
J.R says welcome to Summerslam and says we have breaking news that there is going to be an exclusive interview with Bray Wyatt later on tonight.
1. NXT Fight Pit Match - (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo) (Guest Referee: Nigel McGuinness)
Build: Past vs Future (talking up tyler bate all the time) dunne to regal, you don’t like me cos I remind you of the younger you, just I won’t get stuck in the middle tier and let myself down with drugs etc I will be world champion, but I need to take you out and prove the doubters wrong.)
William Regal vs Pete Dunne
Finish: Dunne distracts the ref and hits Regal with brass knuckles then grabs a groggy regal and hits him with the bitter end.
2. Lumberjill Match (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, Paige) (Guest Referee: Ronda Rousey)
Build: Beth previously announced she wants her final match to be at summerslam, and she wants it to be against her best friend Natalya, and that through a friend she has convinced the Mcmahons to allow Ronda Rousey to be special guest referee (as shes thinking about joining WWE), a week before the summerslam paperview wwe do a tribute night to beth and this climaxes with a contract signing to end raw, beth signs the contract and natalyas music plays, then plays again, the titantron changes to refs and paramedics running to a beaten unconscious Natalya on the floor, beth runs backstage and demands to see the cctv, as she see the footage, the camera goes back to the ring where the contract lays on the table in the middle of the ring and Rhea Ripley signs where Natalya should have signed, Rhea says natalya won’t make it and that beth won’t get a friendly goodbye from a bland competitor, that she will be forced to retire, just like Natalya, by the woman who will go down as the most dominant woman in professional wrestling history, me, Rhea Ripley. And in the blank stipulation section of the contract Rhea writes Last Woman Standing Match.
Beth Phoenix vs Rhea Ripley
Finish: Beth gets rhea into the glamslam position but rhea reverses underneath and gets behind beth to do the riptide for the 1-2-3. Rhea the kicks beth over the apron, ronda goes to check if beth is okay, Rhea pushes Ronda and shouts her to raise her hand, Ronda does this begrudgingly and as rhea goes to walk away, Ronda still has her arm and judo throws her into an armbar.
3. 4 Man Extreme Tornado Tag Team TLC Match – Stipulation If Dudleys and DIY lose, the teams have to be disbanded forever: (Announcers: M Ranollo, Samoa Joe, Triple H)
Build: Undisputed Era had run through every team and faction and claimed total domination, and started attacking DIY, and with no one willing to help, undisputed era go to attack DIY to put them through the Titan Tron stage, when a firework hits the stage and signals the return of the Dudley Boyz. Who run of undisputed era and. DIY challenge them to a 4 man tag team TLC match, and the Dudleys say its going to be an extreme TLC Match. Adam Cole accepts but only if the stipulation is if Dudleys and DIY lose they have to disband there teams forever.
Dudley Boyz & DIY vs Undisputed Era
Finish: Dudley Boyz put Fish through a flaming table, Roderick strong takes himself and D-von over the rope, Bubba Ray turns around and O’reilly picks up Bubba and Cole is on the other side and they pick him up for what looks like a 3D but Cole converts his end into the Last Shot, and pins him for the 1-2-3. Undisputed era celebrate and make their way to the back, leaving the Dudleys and DiY to hug their partners in a final goodbye, DiY both Superkick the Dudleys, then Ciampa superkicks Gargano.
4. Loser Leaves WWE match -Unsanctioned Match Stipulation: (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo)
Build: edge – yeah we both came back from injury but you’ve done nothing, I had to sit on the sidelines as you do shit storylines and don’t even go for world titles, and crying about how you owed it to your dumb wife, brie mode? Sounds like something an angry retard would say,…..behind every man is a great woman? Damn. Then you are less of a man, remember what you had, how you had to crawl and claw your way to the main event picture, and now your just happy to be here, you might as well be in the indies, because this Daniel bryan doesn’t belong in the big leagues.
Edge vs Daniel Bryan
Finish: Edge rolls through on the yes lock and hits Bryan with the Spear for the 1-2-3
5. 2 Falls Count Anywhere Lumberjack Match “Career vs Career”- Stipulation: Must get a Pin Win & A Submission Win (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, J Lawler)
Build: Jericho called out Owen, to never meet your heroes, and goes on to say that owen doesn’t love wrestling, he is ashamed of it, whether it’s his wife or he’s in the shadow of bret, he needs to get out of wrestling, because he’s taking a spot of people who are 100% committed to be here and that Jericho isn’t going to allow Owen to stay in wwe. And both put careers on the line.
Chris Jericho vs Owen Hart (Outside the ring are The Radicalz and the Hart Foundation)
Finish: Owen Catch jerichos codebreaker and puts him in the sharpshoot for a submission fall, Jericho pushed owen into an exposed turnbuckle then as owen falls on the ground Jericho hits the lionsault for the 1-2-3, then as owen tried to do a sitdown tombstone, Jericho reverses behind, hits a reverse codebreaker then makes Owen submit from the liontamer.
6. Hell In A Cell Match: (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, Mick Foley)
Build: Taker says that no matter who came and went, this ring will always be his yard, Walters music hits and he comes out and says taker is just an old soldier that needs to be put out of his misery and that he is the ring general now. Walter says he knows takers weakness and that taker will finally go down in flames.
Walter vs The Undertaker
Finish: As taker goes to hit the last ride, while walter is in the air, he singles to the titantron and waves for help to come down. suddenly 4 flames of fire come from each ringpost and the arena goes dark, the voice of paul bearer screams “he’s here” and out comes 97 kane and rips the hell in a cell cage door off. Does a faceoff with taker then tombstones him, walter crawls over for the win.
7. 20 minute Samoan Strap Match: (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, Paige) (Guest Referee: Stephanie McMahon)
Build: bitches about the rock being selective about his samoan legacy, quick to help roman, but where was help for joe when he was struggling at other companies, only mentions his somoan lineage if its good for the p.r. and how he became Hollywood over somoan without hesitation and that he is so paranoid to do anything as he wants to be mr.perfect, no not that guy, and can’t handle anything negative, seems a bit phoney to me rock, you used to tell us to know your role, but what is your role rock and to smell what your cooking, well all I can smell is shit.
Samoa Joe vs The Rock
Finish: the clock is into the last minute, in a last ditch attempt the rock goes to hit the 3rd rock bottom of the match, butjoe swtches behind for the kokina clutch, 10 seconds to go joe wraps the strap around the rocks throat, the rock seems passed out, the ref raises his arm once, twice, then on the 3rd the rock uses his last bit of strength to keep it raised for half a second, the ring bel rings. And the rock lets his hand drop. Result – Time Limit Draw.
Segment : Exclusive Interview with Bray Wyatt on who his next target is (Intentions to destroy the 3 faces of Foley)
Video package opens with Bray in the Firefly Funhouse and says he needs the right conditions to reveal the truth and walks through a door of the firefly funhouse and opens into the heartbreak hotel,
Looks at shawn michaels and says “hi shawn” nah this feels like it could be a screwjob wink wink, goes to walk away and turns back and says hey shawn, don’t you lose that smile and laughs, then bray falls back and lands in a chair, camera zooms out and hes in beefcakes barber shop, laughs and says touch me like I’m Hogan hahaha and runs of with his scissors, he runs into another room and hears a hissing and cuts the head off a snake, then the camera zooms out, he’s in jake Roberts snake pit…..bray holds up a beer and closes his eyes, the scene changes and his beer turns into a cocktail and hes on carlitos cabana, and bray says nah this ain’t cool and runs into a giant apple, and when he comes out the other side he steps out of a giant heart and is looking into the face of brother love, love asks who is your opponent, and bray says it’s something he’s wrestling with, wink wink, and falls through the floor and lands in a royal ring and jerry lawler says welcome to kings court, and bray says you’re a king? It’s all fantasy right, I’d rather be a king than a grand master hahaha, bray looks away and puts his hand over his eyebrows to see further and in the distance you see Christian with his peep show, and just lets it fade to black, and light creeps in as a door opens, but its actually bray stepping out of a coffin into the funeral parlour, and just looks at paul bearer, bray says oh yesssss, bearer falls back and shouts for help, undertaker robotically walks in, and bray says deadman, it’s not your time, yet…and laughs into the coffin. And falls back into an asylum and does his reverse crab walk past dean ambrose and do to a corridor, and into a room where the miz is watching a giant TV and bray says you will be a star and then crawls into the tv and is next to Jericho, and there is a highlight reel playing but it gets darker and darker and bray says your star will fade chris, if you try to be elite hahaha bray screams elite and lands in the ring on a sofa that’s says VIP lounge, MVP welcomes Bray and says give me the exclusive and tell me who you are targeting next to be your opponent, bray stars rocking on the sofa and says I’m not going to help you try and stay relevant…I want this to be right,.and bray gets up and walks into the ring rope and puts his head down on the turnbuckle, and raises his head as he hears bagpipes, brays turns around and smiles at “rowdy” roddy piper., roddy says so you’re the one that’s got the whole world in his hands huh, then I got just one question for you, who’s world are you trying to end? Bray walks into the face of roddy and says why aren’t you afraid, roddy laughs and says enough of the games bray, tell us who should be afraid, who should have fear over their faces, bray smiles and says faces…..roddy says he doesn’t do riddles, and bray says again faces….i want to destroy 3 faces……..Mick Foley……have a nice day and it goes to black with bray laughing, then a flash on the screen of the fiend.
8. Stretcher Match – Stipulation Lose has to not wrestle for a year (which is how long is on hogan contract): (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo,) 3 on 1 turns into 3 on 2.?
Build: on a Hogan tribute night, Punk interrupts and says to Hogan, that hulk doesn’t like him, why it that, is it because I don’t politic brother, is it my tattoos, is it because I don’t look like you, or do you hate me because I will do a pipebomb on you and there is nothing you can do about it, or do you hate me because I can get the type of women like your daughter or her friends, while you can only get there photos, your time is over old man, your in courtrooms more than rings and that is just the way punk likes it, so hulkster, brother, I want a match and hell I’ll give you the advantage, you can pick the stipulation, hell I’ll even make sure the referee is white. so make sure you take your vitamins, although we know the type of vitamins you like brother,
Cm Punk (With Paul Heyman) vs Hogan (With Jimmy Hart)
Finish: Hall and Nash interfere to take out punk and they go to turn on heyman who runs to the back then comes out with a smile on his face, then the returning brock lesnars music hits, hall and nash get taken out by Lesnar, then jimmy hart eyepokes hogan and punk hits hogan with the go to sleep and hogan falls straight into an f-5 onto the stretcher, punk straps hogan in for the win.
After the match heyman raises brocks hand and jimmy hart raises punks hand, punk looks at brock and brock f-5s hart, heyman grabs a microphone and says hart is just a big a fool as hogan and lets him know the match stipulation meant hogan and hart, and when hart recovers to enjoy irrelevancy stuck at home for a year.
9. Street Fight (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, J Lawler) (Guest Referee: Mike Tyson)
Build: Orton calls out stone cold in recent documentary on austin and the attitude era, and orton said it’s funny Austin and attitude go together, but I mean shit attitude, this is a guy that had top spot then as the company was starting to evolve he became a coward and took his ball and went home instead of staying and fighting to keep top spot, because he knows he couldn’t hang with the guys that were going to takeover and realise his one dimension schtick wasn’t going to cut it. And that it’s funny that Austin has had so many neck injuries because randy didn’t think Austin had a spine. the rattlesnake has nothing on the viper.
Randy Orton vs Stone Cold
Finish: Stone cold tried to hit his elbow drop off the top rope and orton rolls out the way and get up and runs and punt kicks Austin for a 1-2-3 (Tyson appeared to count quickly)
Post Match: Orton looks at Austin and said it was ring rust but he gave him a hell of a fight…goes to shake Austins hand..Austin goes to stunners Orton, but Tyson stops him, stone cold goes face to face with Tyson and Tyson rips off his ref shirt to unveil an evolution shirt, Austin looks confused and orton hits a running ko on steve Austin.
10. Stipulation: For the 17th World Title (Announcers: J.R, M Ranollo, JBL) (Guest Referee: Harley Race)
Build: flair previously cost cena a chance to win the title and it gets vacated due to the champ Triple H being injured, and flair blackmails Vince Mcmahon to not give the title to cena, but to put it on the line in a match between the two.
Ric Flair vs John Cena
Finish: Harley appears to be letting a few things go, including flair with a low blow on cena, flair pushes cena into Harley, Harley is down, cena gets put the the figure 4 leg lock, but works his way out as they both get up, batista enters the ring and hits cena with the spear., Cena tried to get back to his feet and Batisa goes to grab cena, but Harley is on his feet and orders batista from ring side, with flair looking at batista and with Harleys back to flair, cena low blows flair then fu’s him for the 1-2-3.
Post Match: Harley hands the World Title to John Cena. Confetti falls.
Segment: a brief advertisement of 50% off on wwe Shop. (this gives the ring crew time to clean up the ring off confetti)
Segment: Interview with Triple H, he says he is happy for cena, and announced while he isn’t back for a while he will be coming for that title, but for now, triple h announces that the next match, the last man standing match, is now a no.1 contenders match for cena’s world title.
11. Last Man Standing Match- Stipulation: (Announcers: M Ranollo, J.R, Triple H)
Build: AJ styles calls out Michaels, and says he’s sick of being compared to him and that styles is better, but shawn is too scared to find out the truth, aj then says he didn’t need a kliq to get where he was and that he never lost his smile, and he didn’t need to screw anyone to get to the top. Shawn says that he was always the guy, and that Aj can’t stand that he was a big fish in a big pond for so long and that aj is just upset that most of his career aj was a medium fish in a small pond.
Aj Styles vs Shawn Michaels
Finish: As aj jumps the the top rope to hit the phenomonal forearm, but as he goes to jump off the rope, hbk hits the sweet chin music and sends styles through the tables on the outside of the ring.
Aj fails to get up at the 10 count, but shawn almost gets up at 9 at the corner but falls back down to the ring., Ref Announces a draw.
Post Match: Aj and Hbk shake hands. (Triple H announces at the next paperview it will be AJ vs Hbk, vs Cena for the world title
12. 30 Minute Ironwoman Match - Stipulation: Charlotte wins, she’s the restored and new Womens Champion and Satomura has to retire, Satomura wins, she is champ and charlotte is not allowed a title shot for a year this includes being invalid for rumble, money in the bank and no.1 contender matches. (Announcers: T Stratus, M Ranollo, AJ Lee) (Guest Referee: Steph Mcmahon)
Build: AJ Lee has had to vacate the Divas championship due to needing surgeries, but she threw it down and presented a new women’s championship, and says there are only two women wrestlers that she respect that aren’t expendable, plastic, poor excuses for women and says it’ll be Charlotte vs Meiko.
Charlotte Flair vs Meiko Satomura
Finish: with a minute left and both 1 fall each, flair puts Satomura in in the figure 4- then converts it into a figure 8, meiko submits making it 2-1 to flair with 12 seconds left, AJ helps Satomura to her feet and says there is only 20 seconds left, Satomura is struggling to walk, and tries to kick flair with a standing inziguri kick, but charlotte ducks and rolls out the ring, circles the ring on the outside and comes in on the opposite end with 1 second to spare and the ref counting to 9. Timer runs out flair wins 2.1.
Post Match: Aj brings in the New Womens Championship and gives it to charlotte, Stephanie raises charlottes hand and Aj stares at the title being lifted by flair, flair catches aj staring, aj does a big smile and skips away. Confetti falls for charlotte.
Closing Credits.
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2020.09.10 20:07 Welfare420 Re-Booking Carlito's career (PART 4) (THE FINALE)

Check out parts 1-3 here to get caught up....
We left off as Carlito had just dropped the U.S title to Chris Masters at Wrestlemania taking him out of power as Raw GM. He challenged again at Extreme Rules in part 3 where if he lost he had to leave Monday Night Raw. Of course since it's Masters time to shine as champion, Carlito left Raw. He will now play a heel role on Smackdown as Teddy Long's "advisor". The premise of the feud is basically Carlito is pretending to want to help Teddy, when he's actually trying to take his job....
Smackdown, June 22nd, 2012: Carlito gives Primo and Epico a title shot
At this point Primo and Epico are 4x tag champs in their own right, and of course they're heels. They come up to their cousin backstage, and complain about the Prime Time Players winning at No Way Out. He says, "You know what cousins? I got it. You two get a title shot at Money in the Bank against Kofi Kingston and R-Truth." Primo and Epico seem happy about this and walk off when Teddy Long comes in. He says, "What was that? You can't just go around handing out title shots to people who haven't earned them." Carlito responds with, "Calm down Teddy alright. I was rewarding them with a title shot to test them of course! If they win, well they deserve it, and if they lose then the Prime Time Players are the real #1 contenders and get their shot at Summerslam. It all works out doesn't it?" The two have an awkward moment where they just stare each other down, and then Teddy goes, "Alright playa. Thinkin' long term I like it. Keep it up." He walks off and Carlito is chuckling....
For the next few weeks Carlito helps out Primo and Epico. Despite losing at Money in the Bank, they still want a spot on the Summerslam card. does Carlito. He makes himself a 6 man tag match of him and his Colon family members (not reforming that entirely but just for one night its okay) and they go against The Usos (who turn face by attacking Primo and Epico) along with one member of their choosing. Now of course Teddy is pissed about this because Carlito forced his way onto the card, but Carlito claims he just wants whats best for the Smackdown roster and putting them all in a match will help keep them satisfied. Teddy again is skeptical but agrees on the condition he picks The Usos partner. Of course Carlito agrees and now onto the PPV....
Summerslam 2012: Carlito, Primo and Epico def. Chris Masters(c), and The Usos via pinfall
This 6 man tag match should go for around 10-15 minutes with a pop to start as Masters comes out to join this match. Carlito being the heel should win here to build to his run as GM of Smackdown. It should be long as GM because its a role he could play very well. He rolls up Masters and Primo holds his feet on the ropes to give leverage for the win.
The next few months Carlito does more and more, giving heels Intercontinental and World Heavyweight title shots. He's protected by his new "bodyguards" of sorts in Primo and Epico. This takes us to Survivor Series. Team Teddy vs Team Carlito. Winning team's captain is the Smackdown GM. Since Teddy was set to retire months ago at this point, we know the result....
Survivor Series 2012: Team Carlito def. Team Teddy to make Carlito Smackdown GM
Team Carlito consists of Carlito, Primo, Epico, Damien Sandow, and Dolph Ziggler, while Team Teddy has Team Hell No, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, and The Miz (whos on a face run building to Wrestlemania 29) It starts with Mark Henry taking out Sandow, then Sandow attacks Henry with a chair, allowing Carlito to pin Henry. Daniel Bryan next manages to take out Epico and Dolph Ziggler before Primo rolls him up. Now its 3 v 2. Primo and Carlito against Kane, The Miz and Kofi Kingston. Kofi and Carlito go at it for 5 minutes until Carlito cheats for a roll up victory pinning the Intercontinental champion. Carlito tags out after getting attacked by Kane and Kane takes out Primo. Carlito runs up with a Backstabber right after and takes out Kane for the 1...2...3. Now its down to The Miz and Carlito. Miz dominates and then goes for a Skull Crushing Finale when Carlito pokes Miz's eye, and then hits a Backstabber. 1...2...3. Carlito is GM of Smackdown.
Carlito assumes his role as GM of Smackdown, and Primo and Epico assume a bodyguard role. He has his own office set up with potted mini palm trees and an apple on the desk to match. He walks around in a suit with an apple on the tie and he is in full heel mode. His first move as GM is to take the Intercontinental title off of Kofi Kingston. At TLC he gives Barrett a #1 contenders match against Santino Marrella in the pre show that lasts about 7 seconds. Bullhammer, 1...2...3. Royal Rumble its now Kofi defending against Barrett. On a Smackdown building to the Rumble, Kofi attacks his rival Barrett with a chair, and Carlito labels him a danger to society. He decides Kofi is off the chain, and if Kofi is counted out or DQ'd he still loses the IC title....
Royal Rumble 2013: Wade Barrett def. Kofi Kingston via DQ with help from Carlito
Carlito and Barrett cheat to take the title off Kingston. Kofi is about to beat Barrett until Carlito comes out with a chair. He swings but Kofi catches the chair and swings it back at Carlito. Carlito ducks and the chair hits Barrett. The ref rings the bell, and Kofi loses via DQ....and loses his title. Barrett and Carlito walk out celebrating.
Carlito is now also accompanied by Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett. We build to Wrestlemania 29 where babyface Miz is up and coming again against Barrett and the Carlito crew. He also puts Team Hell No against Team Rhodes Scholar for the PPV for the tag titles. He manages to help Alberto Del Rio defend the World Heavyweight title against multiple people and now we keep Swagger vs Del Rio. As for Carlito, he is given the job of hosting Wrestlemania! Carlito announces himself to be the host and shakes Vince's hand. Meanwhile Chris Masters is in a feud against Chris Jericho and they will have a No DQ match....
Wrestlemania 29: The Miz def. Wade Barrett(c) via pinfall
Same match minus the figure four finish. Have Primo and Epico get involved and also put this on the main card. Miz wins.
Also in the card, Team Hell No wins, and Carlito is shown backstage frantically planning with Del Rio, his last client of sorts left on the card...
Chris Jericho def. Chris Masters via pinfall; Carlito costs Chris Masters his Wrestlemania match
Masters and Jericho go for 15 minutes back and forth until Carlito helps the finish. Masters is setting up a Masterlock Slam, and he hits it. 1....2..Carlito pulls out the ref. He punches the ref and slides in the ring. Him and Masters look at each other, the crowd grows loud, and they just beat the shit out of each other (think Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn trading rapid fire punches.) Masters gets control with a kick to the gut, and he gets in Masterlock position before Jericho low blows him. Carlito calls down Scott Armstrong to start building to the legend of the screwjob ref himself. Scott Armstrong runs down and Jericho hits a Codebreaker. 1...2...3. Carlito raises Jericho's hand and walks off, but not before spitting apple on Masters.
Alberto Del Rio(c) def. Jack Swagger via pinfall; Carlito assures his clients victory at Wrestlemania
Carlito will not be embarrassed as the host of Wrestlemania, so he assures his clients victory. Swagger has the Ankle Lock in and Carlito comes down and spits apple in his face. Del Rio rolls up Swagger and 1...2...3.
Carlito celebrates his Wrestlemania greatness...
Carlito comes to the ring to boast a bit about how hes hosting Wrestlemania, and his clients are winning. He does this for about 5 min before we hear glass shatter and all hell breaks loose. Stone Cold walks down and begins attacking Carlito before planting him with a Stunner. He does his beer thing and thats about it for Wrestlemania 29 with Carlito.
From Wrestlemania, I would have Swagger move into a feud with Carlito trying to avenge his world title shot loss...
(SIDE NOTE: I would have Dolph Ziggler keep the World Heavyweight title until around Night of Champions, so Swagger is fighting for a shot at that title while Carlito is trying to keep Del Rio in the title scene.)
Extreme Rules 2013: Jack Swagger def. Carlito via pinfall; If Swagger wins he gets a title match
Swagger and Carlito exchange blows in a 14 minute bout. Of course Swagger needs to win as he's the face, but Carlito beats him down after the match. Swagger wins with a Gutwrench Powerbomb followed by a Swagger Bomb. He celebrates before he's low blowed and dropped by Carlito. Carlito hits a Backstabber after and beats him with a chair.
Payback 2013: Carlito def. Jack Swagger via pinfall in a steel cage match
These two have a rematch in a steel cage that sees Carlito trade a fall back with Swagger. The point of this here is that Carlito is trying to destroy Swagger before he gets his shot at Money in the Bank. He comes with a chair and abuses Swagger's ribs, hits a Frog Splash with the chair on his ribs, and finally gets the last strike with a Backstabber. He drives his knees straight into the back of Swagger and puts him away. 1...2....3. Carlito wins.
Money in the Bank 2013: Dolph Ziggler(c) def. Jack Swagger via pinfall
Just worth noting Swagger loses.
Carlito is on a tear as Smackdown GM and building to Summerslam, fans want to see him out of power. There happens to be a world champ on Smackdown thats as over as he will ever be. Dolph Ziggler decides to stand up to Carlito as a man and a champion and he challenges Carlito. If Dolph wins, Carlito is out of power. If Carlito wins, he's the World Heavyweight champion again....
Summerslam 2013: Dolph Ziggler(c) def. Carlito via pinfall; Carlito is out of power as GM...
Let's add a great match to an already great card. Carlito and Ziggler go for 20 minutes with each kicking out of each others finisher twice. The ending comes when Carlito hits a Frog Splash on Ziggler and goes for the springboard moonsault to finish it. Ziggler moves out of the way on this and pops up to hit a Zig Zag. 1...2...3. Ziggler retains his title and Carlito is out of power. He is furious and begging with the ref as the crowd chants "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye"
From here, Carlito should be off tv again. Another couple years grinded out for Carlito and he just deserves time off...
Elimination Chamber 2014: Carlito challenges Christian to a Wrestlemania match
So in this booking we can prevent (hopefully) a career ending concussion for Christian. Christian is eliminated by Sheamus as in real life and he refuses to leave, continuing his attack on Sheamus. That is when Carlito's music hits. The 2x world champion runs down and breaks up the brawl. He stands face to face with Christian, and they both look at the Wrestlemania sign. Christian backs off.....and then Carlito hits a Backstabber on Sheamus and walks out (heel at nature).
Raw, February 24th, 2014: Carlito def. Sheamus via pinfall; Christian attacks Carlito
Sheamus and Carlito go for 12 minutes near the main event with Sheamus trying to avenge the Backstabber that cost him a shot at the title. Carlito wins via roll up and as soon as the bell rings Christian is in the ring destroying Carlito. He stomps him out and beats him with a chair, all finished with a Killswitch on a chair. He looks at the Wrestlemania sign and points shouting, "This moment is mine!"
The real build here is that these guys are the same, and Christian should cut promos on this. Neither were seen as real world title material, but they got their shots at the titles and they proved they could be world champion. And yet they still get mistreated. Both have HOF resumes, but nobody really considers them first. All Christian is out to prove, is who's getting in first. Who's the better of the two. Carlito's side is the cocky heel stating he can outwrestle Christian anyday. He claims the only reason Christian gets his moments is because of Edge, and nothing has really come to Christian like it has Carlito. Carlito picked his spots and made the best of each moment, while Christian sat and waited for that shot to come. Carlito will try to prove that he's better because it all comes easy to him....
Wrestlemania 30: Christian def. Carlito via pinfall; Carlito shakes Christian's hand
Wait wait wait don't get mad for those who've been reading since part 1. HoW dOeS cArLiTo sTaRt 4-1 aNd nOw he's 4-4. Well these are losses he has to take. Him winning the matches over Miz-Show, Kane, Miz and Morrison, and then the Big Show and John Cena made him over the top a star. He lost to Chris Masters who hadn't had a moment, Christian who hasn't had a moment, Sheamus who hadn't had a moment to that point, and then in the Main Event of Wrestlemania. I dont think hes hurting that bad. Give these two great in ring workers 20 minutes to steal the show and have Christian win by catching Carlito out of mid air with a Killswitch (the final part of it). Face first, Carlito drops. 1...2...3. Christian celebrates his big moment as a singles star, and then Carlito shakes his hand.
And thats where Im gonna skip a year here. The future for Carlito between Wrestlemania and Wrestlemania 32 sees him be a top heel as part of the Authority. At Wrestlemania 31 he picks up a win against Neville in a great match, and then building to Wrestlemania 32 he has a target placed on Roman Reign's head for the Royal Rumble match with the WWE title on the line...
Royal Rumble 2016: Dean Ambrose wins the Royal Rumble and becomes WWE champion
Carlito enters at number 26 and instantly eliminates Dolph Ziggler to boos. He follows it up by tossing out Chris Jericho as well and the crowd is just pouring the boos on. The final 4 is Carlito, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and of course Triple H. HHH will not eliminate Reigns here though, that'll be Carlito. Reigns sets up a Superman Punch on HHH to boos, but as he goes up Carlito picks him out of the air from behind and hits a Backstabber. The crowd pops and Carlito tosses Roman Reigns out of the Rumble to an even bigger pop. HHH grabs his Authority members shoulder and points at Ambrose. Both make the walk towards him.....and Carlito throws HHH out. The crowd goes nuts at this betrayal but they go even more nuts when Ambrose pops up and tosses out Carlito to become WWE champion. Carlito doesn't even look bothered as he stares down HHH on his way out.
The build to Wrestlemania sees Carlito put in situations where he can't succeed. HHH offers him a WWE title shot if he can beat an opponent of his choosing at Fastlane. Of course, Carlito is put in a 4-on-1 tornado handicap match against the League of Nations. He is defeated with little to no offense except one burst where he takes them all out. We move onto a Raw where Carlito says he doesn't want the WWE title or any other one, he wants to kick Triple H's ass at Wrestlemania. HHH says be careful what you wish for on the titan tron, and suddenly Kane chokeslams Carlito from behind. The next few weeks is fighting and a contract signing before we're at the match...
Wrestlemania 32: Carlito def. Triple H via pinfall
These two should acknowledge their history in a video package, and then go at it for nearly 20 minutes. Have Carlito be in the fight of his life having to kick out of two Pedigree's, and not being able to finish the King of Kings with a Backstabber and his Springboard Moonsault. The two stagger to their feet, throwing punches on the way up, both men exhausted. Carlito suddenly hits the ropes going for a springboard splash but he's caught with a kick to the gut. He goes for a Pedigree but Carlito backdrops him and hits a standing moonsault followed by a double jump moonsault to finish the game. 1....2.....still HHH kicks out. Carlito doesn't know what to do, but then a smile crosses his face. He goes under the ring for a "weapon" and the ref chases him yelling the whole time. As the ref slides out to get Carlito in, Carlito slides in the ring, and to a huge pop spits apple in the face of HHH. He turns him around and hits a Backstabber and this thing is finally over. 1...2...3. Carlito wins. 5-4 at Wrestlemania.
The next night on Raw, Carlito celebrates on Carlito's Cabana! The return of one of the most underused segments in WWE history. Carlito claims he has a special guest for his celebration. He comes down and says his win was for the WWE universe because he was tired of seeing them mistreated. Remember hes a proper babyface now, so the crowd is behind this. He announces his guest to be....the returning Chris Masters! The crowd pops as he's been off tv for a few months now (everyone needs a break eventually) Masters comes down and embraces Carlito and they begin talking about all the good times they've had in WWE and stating besides their chances at world champion, their favorite times were as a team. Masters and Carlito keep reminiscing about the times as the WWE universe chants "One More Time". They look at each other and Carlito shouts, "What do you say? Should Masters and Carlito go for the tag gold one more time!" The yes chants break out and the men shake hands before hugging to a huge pop. Masters of Cool are back (that was their real tag name i just thought it was awful)..
Masters and Carlito begin to ascend the card as a team building up to the Summerslam PPV. They entered a feud with Gallows and Anderson exchanging wins before coming out on top at Money in the Bank. At Summerslam, we still get the New Day vs The Wyatt Family, but Carlito and Masters have a #1 contenders match for the tag title against Gallows and Anderson....
Summerslam 2016: Carlito and Chris Masters def. Gallows and Anderson via pinfall to become #1 contender for the tag titles
These two teams go to a 15 minute finish. The teams go at it with pure tag team wrestling just back and forth. Theres near falls and near falls and while the newer team deserves the tag title shot, their affiliation with Styles should carry them until they get the straps. So the finish sees Masters hit a Masterlock Slam on Gallows, tag Carlito in, big boot Anderson off the ropes, and Carlito hits the double jump moonsault to finish the match. The crowd has a positive reaction as Carlito and Mastes dream becomes reality.
Clash of Champions 2016: Carlito and Chris Masters def. The New Day via pinfall to become new Raw tag team champions
The New Day drops the titles to Carlito and Masters. It's 20 minutes of each guy just going at it. Every member kicks out of a finisher at least once and there's just no sign of stopping until the finish. Big E goes for a Superplex but Carlito reverses it into a Sunset flip powerbomb followed by a springboard moonsault. 1...2.....kickout. Kofi comes in and goes for a Trouble in Paradise but Masters gets in the way and takes the hit for Carlito. Carlito hits a Backstabber on Kofi and turns into a Big Ending! It looks like its all over. 1...2....Carlito kicks out to a huge pop. The two go back and forth again after this flurry. The finish is Big E going for a Big Ending on Masters from the middle rope but Carlito hits a Backstabber and Masters falls on top of Big E crushing him to the mat. Masters goes for the cover. 1...2....3! Carlito and Masters are finally champions in there last big run in the company (at least Carlito's....thats later)...
From here, we have a series of defenses because the actual run isnt important......
Hell in a Cell 2016: Carlito and Chris Masters(c) def. The New Day in a tables match
Again a nearly 20 minute back and forth. The table spots are teased all match bringing the crowd up just to disappoint as they escape. But the finish is well worth it. Big E is going for a Big Ending through the announce table, and Masters gets off his shoulders to lock in the Masterlock. Carlito gets on the table punching Big E's midsection as this happens. Xavier runs up to make a save but takes a Missile Dropkick off the announce table from Carlito. Big E passes out to the Masterlock and Masters lays him down on the table. Carlito gets on the apron on the right side of the ring, runs and leaps on the turnbuckle, then reverses onto the ropes to hit a double jump moonsault from the ropes to the announce table. (watch this for better explanation ) Carlito and Masters retain.
Survivor Series 2016: Carlito and Masters(c) win a 5 team battle royal
Just to make a really fun moment in this reign happen, we can try a tag team battle royal. The concept is each team isn't eliminated until both members of the team are thrown over the top rope. This is essentially a 10 man battle royal. It consists of Gallows and Anderson, The Bar, Masters and Carlito, Primo and Epico (who did reinvent as Los Matadores, but keep Primo and Epico as the name just because we need character reinvention. They return to Primo and Epico for this match) (another side note, keep them with Rosa Mendes in 2012. That was solid), and then of course Big E and Kofi. We start hot with Big E cactus clotheslining Masters out of the ring eliminating both men, and the two brawling on the outside. While the other teams go at it, Kofi and Carlito see each other from across the ring. The whole ring freezes and steps aside as the two face off, remembering their old U.S title feuds. The crowd is growing electric, as the two face off, and then both turn to eliminate a person. Kofi takes out Epico with Carlito dropping Sheamus. The two decide to team up seeing as how their partners are out, but it looks like Cesaro and Primo made the same deal. Cesaro and Primo mutually decide to team up, and then Cesaro immediately turns with a monster European Uppercut. He tosses Primo out and Primo and Epico are first eliminated. Right after this happens Gallows big boots Cesaro and Anderson Rocket Boots him out. It's down to Gallows and Anderson vs Kofi and Carlito. Kofi and Carlito's alliance works well as they brawl with Gallows and Anderson for around 3 minutes. Kofi manages to catch Gallows with Trouble in Paradise and it looks like Kofi's gonna throw him out when Carlito eliminates Kofi from behind! He turns and clotheslines Gallows out of the ring to eliminate him as well. Anderson runs up behind Carlito and nearly eliminates him. Carlito holds on and pulls Anderson over the top rope onto the apron too. Carlito ducks a clothesline, and superkicks Anderson. Anderson staggers when Carlito gets on the middle turnbuckle from outside. He kicks Anderson away, and then double foot stomps him off the apron to the floor. The refs are confused as it looks like Carlito's eliminated himself.....but then they realize as he hit the double foot stomp, he left his feet on Anderson's chest! Anderson is eliminated and Carlito is in. Carlito and Masters retain.
Let's give these two mini singles feuds while being champion to build off the battle royal....
TLC 2016: Big E def. Chris Masters(c) via pinfall; Carlito(c) def. Kofi Kingston via pinfall
Why not have both guys win? Because it builds disdain between partners. Next.
Royal Rumble 2017: Carlito and Masters(c) def. The Bar via pinfall in a bare knuckle brawl
A 15 minute defense and why not make another special match. A gimmick match? Good? What a joke right? Well I hope I can make this good. The point of the match is no hand wraps, no protective gear on the arms like elbow pads, and no knee padding. We see some blood here too. It starts out with Sheamus nailing Carlito with a Brogue Kick off the bat. He doesn't cover him after, as he's trying to use the stipulation to the best of his ability. He begins elbowing Carlito in the head over and over and there's nothing the ref can do. He rears back and busts open Carlito the hard way, and blood is dripping heavy on the mat. He sets up another Brogue Kick but Carlito stumbles out of the way and tags in Masters. Masters hits a hell of a fucking knee strike to Sheamus, and begins throwing lefts and rights. It looks really brutal because they throw in some stiff shots. After squaring up and going back and forth, incorporated with some grappling, Sheamus tags out. Cesaro tags in and throws some stiff uppercuts. Fast forward through a some stiff shots and each guy has blood coming from somewhere in the face. Everyone is in the ring fighting when Carlito ducks a Brogue Kick that hits Sheamus. He superkicks Cesaro and then throws a mean forearm to the bridge of Sheamus's nose. Blood begins pouring and Carlito goes in. Blood dripping down his face, Carlito lets out a roar of anger, and knee strikes Sheamus. He drops Sheamus to his knees, grabs his arms, and begins pulling him into knee strikes over and over just battering his chin with the knee strikes. After the crowd is reacting with shock and concern, Carlito drops Sheamus and falls on top of him. 1...2...3. Carlito and Masters win, but at what cost as they are helped out of the ring.
Gallows and Anderson earn a spot in the elimination chamber, and Carlito is only shown in backstage segments as commentators push he is recovering from serious head trauma. Masters is at the contract signings and serving singles matches against members of teams, yet the whole time all the crowd does is chant how they want Carlito. You can see where this is going....
Elimination Chamber 2017: Gallows and Anderson def. Carlito and Masters(c), Primo and Epico, Enzo and Cass, The New Day, and The Bar; Masters turns on Carlito
Let's skip the useless stuff. Gallows and Anderson are last in with Carlito and Masters, who came in first. They get the win pinning Masters. The crowd boos Gallows and Anderson as they ended the final run for Masters and Carlito. The chamber rises and its like Ricochet and Aleister Black leaving NXT. They take bows from all ends and hug. The crowd applauds this. Masters raises Carlito's hand to lots of cheers, and Carlito raises Masters hand to less cheers. This is when Masters locks in the Masterlock on Carlito. He hits the Masterlock Slam and begins stomping out Carlito to an eruption of boos. He cracks into him with chairs and puts him through a table after. It's like Roman Reigns just pinned Orange Cassidy or some shit because Masters is getting booed from everyone as he walks off with a huge grin.
Now we've officially moved into the feud. You saw it coming, I saw it coming, and now to Fastlane. We have a contract signing between the two. Carlito states if he wins he doesnt want to see Masters around WWE ever again. He challenges him to a career vs career match. Masters gladly accepts before being spit on with apple and hit with a Moonsault through the signing table. Weeks of fighting and acknowledging history leads to Wrestlemania...
Wrestlemania 33: Chris Masters def. Carlito via submission in a loser leaves WWE match; Carlito gives his goodbye to the WWE Universe...
And as it should be, Carlito loses. Why you might ask, well thats simple. Masters success out of a landscape like WWE is limited, while Carlito is a talent that can succeed anywhere he's given opportunity. Masters has done a lot, but hasn't quite hit the top yet, even as world champ. Carlito would 100% want to go out like this, putting his best friend in the company over. It sets Masters up for big things as a top heel, and Carlito can go wrestle in Japan or somewhere, before a possible return and HOF induction. These two NEED to wrestle their best match here. Give them 20 minutes to put on a bloody, aggressive, hate filled bout before Masters sneaks a low blow and locks in the Masterlock. Carlito refuses to tap, and he passes out. Carlito's career in WWE is over. He gives his goodbye speech, and walks off to a great reaction, and thank you Carlito chants....
WOW, thanks for sticking around. It was long, full of ups and downs, and I rly appreciate you reading these. Before we go, lets have some career retrospects...
1x WWE champion (4 months)
1x World Heavyweight champion (5 months)
4x U.S champion (5 months, 2 months, 8 months, 1 month)
3x Intercontinental champion (5 months 4 months, 6 months)
6x tag team champion (5 months, 5 months, 6 months, 9 months, 9 months, 6 months)
Grand Slam/ Triple Crown Winner
Chris Masters:
1x World Heavyweight champion (5 months)
3x U.S champion (3 months, 4 months, 4 months)
1x Intercontinental champion (5 months)
4x tag team champion (5 months, 5 months, 9 months, 6 months)
Primo and Epico: (because we built them too technically)
3x tag team champions (6 months, 9 months, 4 months)
So again, thank you for sticking around, and I'll see you in the next one....
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2020.09.04 00:05 GingerBeamieBoi WWE No Way Out 2006

WWE No Way Out 2006
The final pay-per-view on the Road to WrestleMania. SmackDown presents No Way Out!
After Steve Corino surrendered the Intercontinental title, a sixteen-man tournament was announced to determine the new champion. With Chavo Guerrero, Edge, Billy Kidman and Yoshihiro Tajiri all advancing on SmackDown, No Way Out determined who each of them would face in the Quarter-Finals.
No Way Out opened with the first Intercontinental title tournament match, as recent signee Naomichi Marufuji defeats Nunzio, to book himself a Quarter-Final match with Edge
Charly Manson's long reign as Cruiserweight Champion continues, with a victory over Shannon Moore
The second Intercontinental title tournament match of the night saw Johnny Nitro defeat Hiro Asai, booking Nitro into a Quarter-Final match with Chavo Guerrero
The 2006 Royal Rumble winner Kane faced off against former WWE Champion Mortis, with the First Family patriarch picking up the victory
Rene Dupree then defeated Kenzo Suzuki to book himself a Quarter-Final match with Billy Kidman in the Intercontinental title Tournament
First Family members Jun Kasai and CM Punk once again retained the WWE Tag Team titles, with a victory over The Rock and his chosen partner, The Hurricane. Punk pinned The Rock to pick up the win
In the final Intercontinental title tournament match of the night, Sean O'Haire defeated Christian, booking himself a Quarter-Final match with Yoshihiro Tajiri
AJ Styles and Steve Corino were putting on one hell of a performance until Royal Rumble winner Kane interfered, making it end in a double disqualification, ending No Way Out with the WWE Championship raised in the air
There are no more detours. No more swerves. The next pay-per-view is the Grandaddy of Them All: WrestleMania 22!
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2020.09.03 01:41 GingerBeamieBoi WWE Armageddon 2005

WWE Armageddon 2005
The final pay-per-view of 2005, SmackDown presents WWE Armageddon!
To open up the show, Paul London won a ten-man elimination match to earn a Cruiserweight title match at the Royal Rumble
In a rematch from the pre-Armageddon episode of SmackDown, Edge, once again, defeated Sean O'Haire
First Family members Jun Kasai and CM Punk once again retained the WWE Tag Team titles, defeating Kane and his partner of choice, The Big Show
Following the Tag Title match, a first time meeting saw Mr. Money in the Bank AJ Styles defeat the returning John Cena
A triple threat match then saw Johnny Nitro become the #1 contender for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble, as he defeated both Christian and Hiro Asai, the recently unmasked Ultimo Dragon
Charly Manson then retained the Cruiserweight title over Nigel McGuinness
Steve Corino kept hold of the Intercontinental title with a victory over Mark Jindrak
In the main event of the evening, First Family lost one title from their stable, as Mortis' reign as WWE Champion ended on day 301, as a recently returned from Hollywood, The Rock ended the patriarch of First Family's reign of terror, winning his eighth WWE title
The Road to WrestleMania 22 has begun, as SmackDown now head towards the Royal Rumble as Charly Manson is set to defend the Cruiserweight title against Paul London and The Rock is set to defend his newly won WWE title against new #1 contender Johnny Nitro
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2020.09.01 06:17 Revolutionary_Voice5 How I Would Have Booked: Wrestlemania 36

First off, Hello, this will be my first post in general. I am a huge fan of professional wrestling, my most common is WWE which i grew up watching. With that out of the way, I will be taking a look back at WM36 which took place in the performance center due to the initial worldwide outbreak of covid-19 in March. Despite some critics crapping on the show prior to the date, they delivered a great show and made the most of the situation.
However, despite it's goodness, some storylines fell flat and I know it should have been booked way better in the prior months leading up to it. Therefore, I believe I can make it a way better story driven card and better booked. Please hold back harsh criticism as this is my first booking. Ill explain each match and build up all the story lines going all the way back to the night after Mania last year.
Note: Covid-19 doesn't occur in this booking. With that let's get to it! Also, in this universe, the wild card rule doesn't exist either because it was dumb and took away from the draft logic.brand locations after the shakeup account for here too and the draft remains the same except with a few starts not switching brands such as Andrade and Lars Sullivan.
2nd Note: The IC tittle does not get a new design because i personally hated the new one compared to the original white belt.
3rd Note: Teams such as SaNiTy (Moves to Raw), The Riott Squad (Stays on Raw), and Chad Gable and Bobby Roode (Moves to Smackdown), and The Bar (Stays on Smackdown) don't get split apart. Other teams such as The Usos and Lucha House Party stay on Raw. The War Raiders are not called up either and remain on NXT for the long run with the tag belts.

Raw's Storylines

WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre
I refuse to change the booking as this was the perfect match to set up for the show and the buildup was done excellent. Lesnar still wins the WWE tittle from Kingston but in a actual match that lasts around seven minutes until Kingston can't fight off Lesnar to avoid making him look week. McIntyre still turns face in January and wins the rumble just like he had. Lesnar still enters and dominates the other 13 guys except for Keith Lee who manages to give a fighting effort, and a few stars that didn't deserve to get buried like John Morrison and Cesaro do not enter early on. McIntyre still eliminates Lesnar without help from Ricochet and sets up the start of their feud. In the following months, Paul Heyman attempts to sway McIntyre away from facing Lesnar as he has no idea what Lesnar can do to anyone who steps up to him but McIntyre ignores and continues to build himself as a threat defeating superstars such as Lashley, Baron Corbin, Erick Rowan, MVP, and Seth Rollins.
McIntyre's past failures and shortcomings are mentioned by Heyman as he seemingly starts to get into his head. McIntyre, however, reverses this and says that he has come along way since his original run mentioning his run in NXT and his change of character and physique and that he never had to resort to Lesnar's weaknesses. All of this over the course of February and March shows Lesnar becoming more and more alarmed and feeling more and more threatened with each week passing and McIntyre building momentum with his in ring work and with the fans. On the final Raw prior to Mania, McIntyre corners Heyman but Lesnar appears and beats McIntyre down using a steel chair repeating this over and over again. To mock McIntyre for his past in 3MB, he F5's him on the barricade just like he had done 7 years prior when he attacked him, Mahal, and Slater on a episode of Raw in 2013. Lesnar does the 3MB pose over his body as McIntyre sits there in severe pain from the beating.
United States Championship Match: Ricochet (c) vs. Aleister Black (Falls Count Anywhere)
Samoe Joe should have had a more legitimate reign, Joe never drops the belt to Mysterio at MITB 2019 and doesn't enter a feud with Ricochet until later in the summer. Black and Ricochet get split up in the shakeup and Ricochet builds himself up in the months following as Black is relegated to nothing as management seemingly forgets about him Ricochet picks up serious momentum defeating AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, and EC3 en route to challenge Joe for the title at Summerslam. At the event, Ricochet defeats Joe in a underdog like style with two 630 sentons and wins the tittle. Meanwhile, Black fails to find his spot on the card after his feud with Andrade is cut before it can even get started. As Ricochet grows with popularity and mic work with the fans and Black falls to nothing, when the draft rolls around, Black is drafted back to Raw but in the last round of the second night. Black is seen to be cast a afterthought.
In November, Ricochet finds Black sitting alone backstage where Black acts more distant as he stares at the wall until Ricochet snaps him out of it. Seeing that Black has lost himself, he tells Black to ask for a qualifier to fight for team Raw at Survivor Series and show his worth. Black enters the match after defeating Baron Corbin after Corbin attempts to cheat several times and Ricochet arrives and stops him from doing so allowing Black to hit the Black Mass. At Survivor Series, Black is on team Raw and is one of the final two members alongside Rollins. During the match, Black eliminates several superstars such as Damien Priest (NXT) and Mustafa Ali (Smackdown. In the closing moments, Black eliminates Ciampa and Strowman but is eliminated by Reigns. Smackdown still wins the match. Despite failing to win, Black impresses and is congratulated from Ricochet and the duo tags together from there and wins several matches and eventually earns a shot at the Raw tag tittles held by Gallows and Anderson the night after the Royal Rumble.
After Ricochet hits a superkick and prepares 630 to Anderson as Black hits the black mass to Gallows, it appears Black and Ricochet will finally win the gold together when suddenly Blacks hits the black mass on Ricochet as he is on the top rope. Ricochet falls to the ground and Black lays Anderson over top of him as the ref counts the three. After the match, Anderson and Gallows flee as they escape with the belts as Ricochet appears shocked at his friend's betrayal. Black appears emotionless as he proceeds to brutalize Ricochet in the ring.
In the following weeks, Black is seen to have hit a meltdown or sorts as he appears darker. Ricochet is bent on finding out what caused Black's turn but is interrupted by Lashley who has unfinished business with Ricochet following his elimination from the rumble by Black and Ricochet. Ricochet successfully defeats Lashley with a surprise roll up at the Elimination Chamber. After the match, Lashley attempts to attack Ricochet but Black appears and black masses Lashley knocking him out of the ring as he grabs a microphone and finally breaks his silence. Black goes off on Ricochet citing how in NXT, he was the champion that Ricochet wishes he could have been and how Ricochet dragged him down, he tells Ricochet that it should have been him that went over with the fans. Frustrated at his lack of success, Black snapped as he hits three black masses to Ricochet as he holds the United States Championship and points at the WrestleMania sign before leaving.
Black continuously taunts Ricochet and puts him down siting his inability to do anything but do flips and appeal to the fans that will cheer for anything stupid and not what deserves it like himself. On the last raw before Mania, Black brutally attacks superstars such as Sin Cara, Rey Myserio, Humberto Carillo, and others to capture Ricochet's attention. He attacks the superstars in different areas in the arena and challenges Ricochet to take their match all over the arena where everything can be used to destroy each other. Ricochet accepts Black's challenge.
Raw Tag Team Championship: The Club (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson) (c) vs. SaNiTy (Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe) in a 6 man elimination match.
Following Mania 35, The Usos defeat Ryder and Hawkins at Stomping Grounds to win the belts. Afterwards The Usos are attacked The Club fully reunited as Styles had caved in much earlier and joins his boys to attack the champs. Gallows and Anderson won the tag tittles at Clash of Champions and have carried them in the freebird rule alongside Styles. They proceed to defeat the teams of Ryder & Hawkins, LHP, The Ascension, and The Street Profits. After winning against the Profits at the rumble and attacking them afterwards, the lights go out and when they come back on, Gallows and Anderson are out at ringside. Styles finds himself alone in the ring when he turns around to reveal a hooded figure standing on the apron as suddenly two others approach on the opposite sides of Styles as the first figure removes his mask revealing ERIC YOUNG! Dain and Wolfe reveal themselves and storm the ring as the three attack Styles as the crowd pops for their return and this officially turns them face. Eric Young is jumped backstage on the show before EC 2020 and is injured.
At the elimination chamber, SaNity fights the other 5 teams for a shot to face The Club at Mania for the belts and entering the chamber at number one, Wolfe and Dain fight through all the teams and last eliminate The Usos to win. After the match, The Club attacks Dain & Wolfe. During the next few weeks, they taunt Dain & Wolfe during their matches and use their number game to their advantage. Eventually Styles defeats Dain in a highly acclaimed match on Raw to allow all members of the club will battle Dain and Wolfe in a 2 on 3 handicap match unless Young returns in time for the event.
On the final Raw, The Club attacks Wolfe and Dain alone backstage as they proceed to taunt them prior to their final showdown. Styles prepares to fight The Uso's with Gallows and Anderson. It cuts away to reveal Gallows and Anderson attacked backstage as Styles watches. The crazed figure is revealed to be Eric Young with a steel pipe as he attacks. Styles attempts to flee the arena but The Uso's prevent him for escaping as he turns around in the ring to reveal Eric Young with a crazed look in his eyes. Young pummels Styles several times with the pipe as Styles flees throughout the crowd. Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain rise from different areas in the crowd to reveal themselves as Styles flees and sets up the 6 man tittle match officially for the show.
Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (Submission Match)
Shayna enters at 30 and clears house but the only difference is she actually wins the match and eliminates Charlotte to win the match. In the build up, Baszler doesn't bite Lynch's ear and instead taunts the champion the same way she did in the real feud, she also calls Lynch weak after working her ass off to get where she was last year around this time and tells her she lost her edge after she ran out of credible opponents ranting on the weakness of the women's division and says that the main cause of this is because someone like Lynch is champion instead of a real fighter.
Lynch puts away her less serious side and prepares as she retains her Raw Women's tittle in the Elimination Chamber after barely eliminating Asuka. Baszler appears after the match and circles the ring as Lynch watches her. In the coming weeks, Baszler mentions Rhonda Rousey and how she was the perfect example of a fighter and how Becky has used the easy way out and that she would knock her ass out at Mania. Lynch challenges her to a submission match and Baszler accepts as she beats several female raw stars in the weeks to come.
Non Title Raw Feuds

Smackdown Storylines

Universal Championship: The Fiend "Bray Wyatt" (c) vs. Roman Reigns
To fix the awful SSD ending with Goldberg, Goldberg gets murdered by the Fiend and he is defeated in less than a minute. Therefore this sets up the Fiend to face Reigns like it was planned from the start, Wyatt is still booked strong and in this version, he won the title at Hell in a Cell like he should have to start off with. Wyatt holds the title and defeats the same people except his feud with Bryan is scrapped and he defeats Sami Zayn after he mocks the Fiend at Royal Rumble. At Elimination Chamber, Reigns defeats John Morrison in the finals of a tournament to challenge the Fiend at Mania once and for all and try to end his reign of terror.
Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Sami Zayn
In the buildup, Nakamura still wins the IC tittle from Balor at Extreme Rules and gets into a partnership with Zayn, but in this case, Zayn still is a active competitor most of the time and eventually is able to get a one on one shot for the Universal title against The Fiend after he insulted him and mocked his character. Wyatt destroys Zayn but something happens afterwards that had affected The Miz and Rollins the same way. Zayn slowly reverts to his face character as he prevents himself from cheating and often Nakamura. Zayn slowly begins to praise more towards the fans and all of this combined with Nakamura's slow tension building with Zayn, he attacks Zayn and Zayn officially turns face for the first time since 2017. He embraces the fans and does his entrance he use to as he apologizes for his actions and challenges Nakamura to put his tittle on the line at Mania and have a official rematch four years since their encounter at NXT Takeover Dallas. Nakamura is booked strong and doesn't lose to Strowman as him and Zayn are set to clash the same way they did, with Zayn back to his face lovable character and Nakamura to his old style.
Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival
AOP returns and defeats Bryan and Rowan to win the Smackdown Tag Titles. The other teams of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, Daniel Bryan and EC3, The New Day, and John Morrison and The Miz crumble to them. Eventually, The Revival turn face and step up to take out the Authors of Pain who have redeemed themselves without any manger as The Revival prepare to show the Authors of Pain who the Revival are. The Revival return in November andrevert to pure wrestling and show respect after their matches signaling the turn as AOP runs through the others. Finally in February, The Revival defeat the other teams in a gauntlet and win the chance to fight for the tittles
Smackdown Woman's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks
Sasha will attack Bayley at Elimination Chamber possibly after they lose to the Kabuki Warriors in a match for the Tag Team Championships and Bayley blames the loss on Banks turning face. This sets up Bayley berating Banks and everyone else in the division with Banks calling Bayley out for what she became referencing her downfalls and that Banks would lead another one. Bayley mocks Banks and calls her out on all her failed reigns. In this version, Charlotte never beat Bayley so she has held the title for nearly 9 plus months. Banks attempts to bring Bayley back by showing her the old clips with her and her fans who adored her and fear her now for what she became. Bayley disregards her fans and reminds Banks that she was a bitch. This leads to Banks and Bayley brawling and Bayley escaping setting up the final match.
Not Tittle Feuds

Other Title Matches and Matches

Due to no outbreak, the event isn't cut into two nights but this is perfectly fine. With all of this, let's get into the official card and book this event the way it deserved. Winners will be marked in bold.

WrestleMania 36

Kickoff Show
The Kickoff show is met with four matches for the hour and a half pre-show.
  1. Women's Tag Championships: Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kari Sane) (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix and Natalya) (12:32) - to kickoff for the live crowd entering the arena, the female tag teams brawl it out in a close contest with several near falls. The match concludes after Asuka reverses a glam slam into the asuka lock and submits Phoenix as Kari Sane takes out Natalya who attempts to break up the submission. Asuka and Sane continue their reign like they should have and continue to rebuild credibility for the tag belts.
  2. Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Chad Gable wins by last eliminating Bobby Roode (11:54) - One of the many arcs for the match during its buildup is the tension growing between Roode and Gable due to Gable growing more and more popular with the fans due to his strength, moveset, and look. This is further backed up when Gable nearly wins the king of the ring tournament but falls short to Baron Corbin but still earns the crowds support. Roode knows Gable is growing more popular and that he will be outshines so he consistently reminds Gable he wouldn't be able to flourish on his own due to his past career spent only in tag teams. Gable goes with Roode and the two survive together throughout the entire match eventually coming down to them and Andrade, Baron Corbin, and Jeff Hardy. Andrade eliminates Hardy and Gable eliminates Andrade and Corbin with a double suplex that sends them both over the top rope and receives a huge reaction from the crowd. Roode and Gable stand together as Roode tells Gable to eliminate himself and let the glorious one bask in his victory. As it looks like Gable will surrender to his partner, he super kicks Roode and finally breaks away as he screams it took him 4 years to get his own WrestleMania moment and his night would be tonight. He delivers two more super kicks before he close lines Roode over the top rope to win the match as the crowd embraces Gable as he celebrates his Mania moment as Roode is still shocked. Gable wins this match and wins a short feud against Roode and begins his run as a strong mid-carder on Smackdown.
  3. The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (16:02) - This match is highly action packed. The Bar fail to gain chemistry against the sheer power from Rowan and Harper but they come more and more together as the match goes along and save each other from getting double team several times. Eventually after a miscommunication causes Harper to superkick Rowan, Sheamus bro kicks Harper out of the ring allowing them to have the advantage. The Bar hits the Irish curse elbow drop to finish off Rowan and the duo win their last match together as they embrace after the match and part ways.
  4. Women's Battle Royal: Bianca Belair wins by last eliminating Nia Jax - Not much goes into this match but Nia Jax returns before Mania and announces herself as the winner of the match already and Belair appears a surpise entrant. In the match, Jax eliminates a good amount of the competition as does Belair, Ruby Riott, and Tamina. It appears Jax and Tamina will team up but Jax turns on Tamina and eliminates her as Belair eliminates Riott who is shown to be very desperate to win. It appears as if Jax will overpower Belair but she she uses her K.O.D hair whip to incapacitate Jax to the ground, with a last ditch of fight, Jax charges at Belair and knocks her over the rope but Belair remains on the apron. Jax realizes this and goes to yank Belair off the rope but Belair dodges her grapple and uses one last K.O.D to stun Jax. Belair holds the rope low and lifts Jax over and eliminates her as she wins the match to a decent pop.
Main Show
The actual show starts off with the performance of the national anthem and the fireworks set off within Raymond James Stadium to officially start the event. Christian serves as the host of WrestleMania as he welcomes the crowd to a pop considering he resides in Florida and of his past fame. He takes the position mainly to monitor Edge and embrace the crowd once again.
  1. Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (Submission Match) (12:03) - The match picks off intense with Lynch firing back against Baszler and showing she had prepared for her intense style, initially Baszler looks to be in trouble but after a while, Lynch slowly over exasperates herself as Baszler picks up her intensity and attempts to drop Lynch with a armbar of her own but Lynch hits the bexploder suplex and regains control. In the closing few moments, Baszler delivers a jumping knee and four Yokosuka Cutters as Lynch crawls to the rope, Baszler steps on her hand to prevent her from escaping. Lynch spins on the ground and knocks Baszler to the ground and pounces on her and puts her in the dis-arm-her as Baszler attempts to fight out of it. However, Lynch fails to put Baszler away and she rolls out of it after playing dead and locks her in the ace of spades. Lynch makes it back to her feet but with all her energy gone, she collapses and succumbs to the submission as she passes out and Baszler keeps the hold applied even after the bell. The ref separates Baszler and checks on her as Baszler is crowned the new champion as she smiles sadistically and laughs at Lynch who is out. Baszler holds the belt over Lynch. Baszler goes over strong and Lynch announces her pregnancy soon after and leaves leaving Baszler as the new bad ass of the division and to start her own great run.
  2. The Miz vs. John Morrison (9:43) - Miz attacks Morrison before the bell and takes Morrison down to one knee as he tells the ref to start the match. During the early part, Miz blocks off Morrison's attempts to use the ropes to his advantage and targets his legs and midsection. Miz throws Morrison into the turnbuckle and grabs a mic to mock Morrison and state how far he has fallen. Morrison rallies behind this built up anger from Miz ruining his initial run and when Miz fails to notice him returning to his feet, Morrison springboards onto Miz and knocks him down and hits several signature moves onto the Miz who attempts to battle the new fire in Morrison. Eventually, Miz attempts the skull crushing finale but Morrison superkicks Miz after doing a handstand flip to move away. Morrison uses the rope to gain momentum and hits the running dive knee as he then hits starship pain to put away Miz.
  3. Raw Tag Team Championship: The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows) (c) vs. SaNiTy (Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe) (10:04) (6 man elimination match) - After The Club targets Dain first and keeps Young or Wolfe from stopping their assault, it appears it will be a quick match for the Club, however, Dain fights back and Young and Wolfe get their game on. Eventually, the three members of SaNiTy take Styles out and throw him through the announce table. Alone without the numbers game, Gallows and Anderson are mauled by SaNity and are eliminated first with a dive from Dain to Anderson and then Gallows with a devastation double team from Wolfe and Dain. Styles notices he is alone as the trio swarm him. Styles attempts to throw in the towel and award the match to them but the three ignore and attack Styles. In the ring, the group takes their turns hitting Styles with their finishers before they finally finish him with a stairway to chaos and Young pins Styles as Dain and Wolfe stand and embrace the crowd on the nearby middle ropes and are awarded the championships as Styles in taken from the ring by Gallows and Anderson.
  4. Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler (4:01) - Once again, nothing is changed. The only difference is the match is shorter and Otis kicks Ziggler's ass and him and Mandy embrace to a pop and kiss in the ring with Tucker after Ziggler and Deville are taken out.
  5. Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy vs. Kevin Owens and Cedric Alexander (14:37) - This match is all action as Murphy and Alexander start things off fast paced, the match picks up for the advantage to Rollins and Murphy after Owens is taken out. Cedric hits a few big moves to Rollins for some near falls and receives the pop from the crowd. Eventually, the numbers catch up to Alexander as Seth hits a blackout and it about to win when Owen storms a comeback from the outside and does a splash from the top rope to avoid the count. Owens hits offense against Murphy and Rollins both and eventually a double team move from the pair is stopped when Owens and Alexander double superkick Murphy off the top turnbuckle leaving Rollins. Rollins attempts to hit a high knee to Owens but Alexander superkicks him as Owens catches him with a stunner as he drops him. Owens signals to Alexander to climb to the top rope as the crowd cheers. Alexander hits a moonsault to Rollins and then a middle rope dive onto Murphy outside as Owens covers Rollins for the win. The duo celebrate with the fans after the match as Rollins looks on with anger.
  6. Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Sami Zayn (20:03) - These two clash in a absolute classic with Zayn going back to his face like offense using his middle apron ddt and his springboard over the top rope. Shinsuke goes back to his original strong style that was taken away on the main roster and the two give a rematch that blows the house down. Near fall after near fall brings the crowd to their feet. The match comes to a end when Mura taunts a downed Zayn preparing for the Kinshasa. All of a sudden, Zayn springs to life and delivers a helluva kick that surprises Nakamura. He proceeds to throw Nakamura into the three other corners and hits three more helluva kicks and pins Nakamura to the crowds delight and embraces the crowd with a crowd dive as he holds his first main roster title as Nakamura is left in shambles.
  7. NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (16:15) - The match they originally had was excellent so the match stays the same, only difference is the ending. Charlotte attempts a top rope moonsault but Ripley catches her mid jump and delivers a sudden and quick riptide and pins her to a pop from the crowd. Ripley deserved to hold the title longer and Charlotte never needed this to begin with but it was a great match and this time, the right person won.
  8. Lars Sullivan vs. John Cena (3:21) - Cena enters the ring and right away lunges at Sullivan firing hard to knock the giant to his feet. Cena hits a AA and applies the stfu but Sullivan quickly shows his strength and throws Cena off once he gets back to his feet. Cena does everything possible to take out Sullivan but in order to show Sullivan's dominance and future status, he hits several bodyslams before hitting Cena with a freak accident as he lays his foot on top of Cena and wins the match quickly and clean.
  9. Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival (22:12) - Once again, these guys dominate the art of tag wrestling and the duos battle it out in a very NXT style match. The match looks to be a close one for AOP but the Revival rally together and reverse the last chapter causing Akam and Rezar to stumble into each other, Wilder and Dawson take Rezar out as Akam rallies to fight both of them but after a double knee shot, the pair hits a shatter machine from the rope as both cover Akam and win the titles ending AOP's dominant reign.
  10. Daniel Bryan vs. EC3 (15:27) - A evenly matched fight between the former pro and rookie is excellent and EC3 and Bryan hit move after move attempting to out perform the other. EC3 pans to the crowd a lot as Bryan makes him pay for it. Bryan attempts to hit a running knee and then applies the lebell lock but EC3 fights out. Bryan attempts to hit a running knee again to floor EC3 but he dodges and performs a high knee to stun Bryan. EC3 drops Bryan with the one percenter and pins his former teacher. Following the match, it appears EC3 will attack Bryan but instead he offers a hand to him and when Bryan accepts, the two embrace together as Bryan admits defeat. EC3 holds up Bryan's hand as Bryan leaves the ring to let the winner enjoy his first Mania moment.
  11. United States Championship: Ricohet (c) vs. Aleister Black (Falls Count Anywhere) (18:05) - This match is nothing short of brutal and intense. Black and Ricochet fight through the crowd and through the back in a fast paced encounter. Ricochet fires his aggressive side to evenly match the new dark side of Black and delivers a 630 to Black from the top of the production truck. Black shows no will to quit and breaks out at 2. The battle travels through the backstage area. The two battle it back out through the crowd as they approach the upper level of the arena with a railing between them and the ground, Ricochet prepares to superkick Black over the top but Black rises and hits a strong knee to stun Ricochet who was close to victory. Black hits a black mass which knocks Ricochet over the rail and to the ground below. Black climbs over and hops down as he covers his former friend to win the US title and prove he was superior as he smiles as the ref awards him the victory as the crowd cheers him despite being a heel since he would be over.
  12. Edge vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing) (25:40) - The match is about the same with the same spots mostly but is cut short by quite a bit. Eventually the fight ends up on the stage where Orton prepares to punt kick Edge and re-injure his neck. However, Randy Orton attacks Christian as he prepares give a rko to him off the stage through a table he had set up earlier. Orton is about to finish Christian off when he smiles when Orton realizes he was tricked into losing focus. Edge appears behind the pair as Orton tries to react quickly but Edge screams and spears Orton off the stage through the table and the production crates as Christian watches from the stage. At 8, a hand emerges and it's revealed to be Edge as he rises to his feet, however, Orton is seen attempting to crawl to his feet as well but Orton collapses and Edge returns just in time to make the count as him and Christian embrace on the stage together once again.
  13. Universal Championship: The Fiend "Bray Wyatt" (c) vs. Roman Reigns (7:07) - Reigns enters to a course of boos expecting him to dethrone Wyatt and take the title and Wyatt enters to a ring of cheers. Reigns brings quick offense to the Fiend and surprises the crowd with three spears but Wyatt rises to his feet. Roman quickly wears himself out within the six minutes as Wyatt looks to be at his strongest point. Reigns is obliterated by The Fiend who mauls him as he makes Reigns pass out to the mandible claw. Instead of being booed, the Fiend is applaud as the crowd cheers him on as he crawls over Reigns and stares over him.
  14. Undertaker vs. Elias (0:54) - Before the match, Elias appears in the crowd singing a song mocking Undertaker about his age and recent failures his match against Goldberg in Saudi, the lights in the arena fade to black as Elias yells for being cut off, suddenly Elias is shown with a spotlight on himself. He appears horrified as a druid appears to be coming towards him as he rushes to escape through the stage but finds another druid blocking his escape as he rushes with his guitar towards the stairs out of the area when he sees another pair of druids coming down towards him. Elias who is now scared rushes towards the ring and in the middle as the ring is surrounded with druids, 24 to be exact. Elias prepares to swing his guitar at one who enters the ring. He stops after the figure removes their mask revealing it to be himself but with no emotion across his face. Elias freezes in his place when suddenly the lights go out completely and come back on revealing Elias to be alone with no sign of the druids as he appears shocked and blurry eyed. Unaware that Undertaker is behind him, the referee rings the bell and Undertaker attacks Elias with two choke slams and then finally a tombstone piledriver to win. Elias is left in the ring scared to death as Undertaker rises victorious. The lights go out once more as Elias screams out but can't be seen. When the lights come back on, both he and Taker are gone and all that remains in the ring is Elias's guitar which has now been destroyed.
  15. Smackdown Woman's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks (18:00) - In the final moments, Banks delivers a double knee drop and Bayley hits a bayley to belly. The match appears to be on Sasha's side when Bayley indirectly knocks out the referee. Bayley attacks Banks with several dive attacks and goes to grab her title which she prepares to use to finish her off. Bayley attempts to smash Banks with the belt but Banks dodges the attack and applies the banks statement. Bayley attempts everything to escape the hold but Banks uses all of her might to submit Bayley as she eventually taps out. After the match, Bayley is furious and berates the crowd and Banks but is hit in the face with the belt and knocks her off the apron by who embraces the universe as Bayley in a rage is left on the ramp furious.
  16. WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre (4:37) - Despite the injuries sustained, McIntyre ready's himself for the fight. As soon as the bell rings, Lesnar hops right away to attack McIntyre's middle with gut attacks in the corner and several suplexes. He hits three F5's and is believed to have ended McIntyre's run to the top but he kicks out. Lesnar attempts another F5 but McIntyre rallies back feeding off the crowds energy as he throws Lesnar off him, Lesnar is shocked at the change of pace and is hit with four consecutive claymores and a future shock DDT as McIntyre crawls to the cover and is crowned the new WWE champion to a humongous pop. McIntyre appears very emotional as he handed the championship with tears in his eyes showing his transformation and strong work. He receives a standing ovation from the crowd as confetti rains down as McIntyre poses on the top rope holding the title in one hand and raising it high as Lesnar and Heyman walk away in shame.
With that, that is how I would have booked WrestleMania 36 with a crowd and with a ton of buildup. Please comment what you thought and any future ideas you might have for me to book.
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2020.08.25 21:44 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 34

Chapter 34
Survival of the Fittest
Raw starts up the next night and we see CM Punk come out, he grabs a mic, and he says that after a hard fought battle, he is glad to still be WWE Champion, but Punk says that he did not do it fairly. Punk says that he knows the ref saw Mark Henry kick out at two, and he demands to know why the ref counted three anyway. Punk demands to know why that match did not go on longer. Paul Heyman then comes out, he looks at Punk and he says that yes, Mark Henry got screwed, it was simpily collateral damage. Punk asks Paul Heyman what he is talking about. Paul says that for the last eight years, one man has carried WWE on his back, and become a multi time World Champion, and main evented multiple Wrestlemanias. Paul Heyman says that man is John Cena. Punk looks very confused. Paul says that sure Cena has been on a losing streak as of recently, but with his new attitude, Paul sees a hunger in John Cena that he has never seen. Paul says that combined with his talent, that hunger could lead John Cena and Raw to perhaps be the pinnacle in all of professional wrestling. Paul tells Punk that he has been a legendary WWE Champion, but he cannot do what John Cena can do. Punk reminds Heyman that recently, he has beaten Cena not once, but twice. Paul then looks at Punk and he tells him that Batista once beat him twice in succession as well, but look at the third time that they met up. John Cena ended the career of Batista, and became WWE Champion. Paul says that luckily for Punk, John Cena wanted to face him over Mark Henry, that is why Mark got screwed. Paul tells Punk that if Cena wanted to face Mark Henry, then right now standing in this ring as WWE Champion, would be Mark Henry. Paul says that therefore at the next Pay Per View, Survivor Series, CM Punk will once again face off against John Cena with the WWE Championship on the line. Paul then tells Punk not to end up like Batista. Paul starts to get out of the ring, and then we hear the music of Mark Henry. Henry comes to the ring, and he looks at Heyman. Henry says that last night, he took everything CM Punk had, and he kept on kicking out, he kept on coming, only to get screwed out of the title. Mark Henry says that he demands a rematch with CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Paul then tells him that his hands are tied, he already made the match of John Cena vs CM Punk at Survivor Series. Mark Henry tells Paul that he has to make it right, he doesn’t care about Surivivor Series or John Cena, he wants a title shot against CM Punk. Paul tells him that he cannot do that, the match is already made. Mark Henry shakes his head, and he tells Paul that he is going to regret doing that to him then. Mark Henry gets out of the ring, and he storms to the back. After this we see Mark Henry erupting backstage, he is destroying all of the stage hands and everyone, he is going on a complete rampage. After this we see Daniel Bryan come out, he is taped up, and he has a black eye. Daniel comes to the ring, and he says that last night was insane. Daniel says that Ryback really did put up a hardcore fight, and he almost became IC Champion. But Daniel says that he did not give up, on anything, and he was able to hit the Flying Knee and pin Ryback. Daniel says that he looks forward to his next challenge. Ryback comes out again. Ryback grabs a mic and he tells Daniel to look at himself, and then look at Ryback. Ryback asks Daniel who it looks like won last night. Daniel tells Ryback that it probably looks like he won last night, but who is holding the Championship. Ryback tells Daniel that he didn’t need to add on that last part, but he is right, it does look like Ryback was the winner of the match. Ryback says that he wasn’t though. Ryback tells Daniel that he got one lucky strike in on him, and he won the match. Ryback asks Daniel if he is really looking forward to his next challenge? Daniel says that of course he is. Ryback then offers a proposition to Daniel. Ryback says that he doesn’t want to leave a match to a lucky strike, like the last time. Ryback challenges Daniel to a Last Man Standing match at Survivor Series. Daniel looks around at the crowd before accepting the match. Ryback tells Daniel, Good luck surviving, and then walks away. Up next we see Cody Rhodes come out to the ring, he says that he had a great showing last night, and he beat a former World Heavyweight Champion in the middle of this ring. Cody says that he already feels like he has sharpened himself up a little bit. Cody says that he isn’t done yet. Cody says that he wants to keep his momentum going. Cody issues another challenge to whomever would like to face him next. Yet again, nobody comes out. Cody tells everyone that is fine, although he expects a new challenger before Survivor Series. Cody then leaves the ring. After this we see Mark Henry in the back again, he is continuing to just destroy everything. Mark is also hurting anybody he sees backstage, he is causing this situation to be an absolute disaster. After this we see Serena come out with her newly won Women’s Championship, she says that this has been a long time coming for her. Serena says that for two and a half long years, she has fought for this moment, and she could not have won the title in a better way, from Aksana, who was taking the Women’s division backwards. Serena says that it means a great deal to her, and she thanks the fans for helping in this moment. Aksana comes out, she is clearly enraged, she cannot believe that she lost the title. Aksana starts yelling at Serena, she says that Serena does not deserve the championship, and next week, live on Raw, Aksana says that she is invoking her rematch clause. Serena tells her that the sooner they get this thing out of the way, the better. Serena then thanks Aksana and she tells her that she will see her next week. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and the first thing we see is the Usos come out, they talk about how epic the Tag Team match was at Hell in a Cell. Jey says that bodies were flying all over the place, and there was carnage everywhere. Jimmy then says that it ended with him hitting a huge Splash on Carlito for the win. Jimmy then tells everyone, that is how it is done. The Prime Time Players then come out, and they shake the Usos hands. Titus O’Neil says that it was a truly great showing at Hell in a Cell, and the Usos did win, but, like Jimmy said, he pinned Carlito. Titus says that he wasn’t pinned, and then Darren says that he wasn’t pinned either, and that neither of the Prime Time Players were pinned. Darren then says that he has an offer for the Usos. Darren says that he would love for the Prime Time Players to face the Usos for the Tag Team Championships, Jey says that he likes the sound of this idea. Then we hear the music of the Colons, they come to the ring. Carlito says that he hates the sound of this idea, because it does not involve the Colons, who are the best team in WWE. Carlito then offers his own challenge, he says that he wants a three on two Traditional Survivor Series match for the Tag Team Championships at Survivor Series. Jimmy says that he likes the sound of this idea, but he has a solution of his own, that he thinks everyone will like. Jimmy says that the Usos and the Prime Time Players have a healthy respect for each other, and they have good liking for each other. Jimmy then says that neither team likes or respects the Colons. Jimmy says that he wants an even fight, so he sees that there are three Colons, and between the Prime Time Players and the Usos, there are four men. Jimmys idea is for the Colons to find just one more man, whoever that is, and then at Survivor Series, they have a four on four traditional Survivor Series match. And in that match, if the Colons win, they will get a three on two shot at the Usos for the Tag Team Championships, but if the Prime Time Usos win, then the Prime Time Players will get their well deserved two on two shot at the Tag Team Championships. Jey then says that he for one votes for this idea, because he loves it. Titus O’Neil says that he is down for this, and then Darren Young soon agrees to this idea. Carlito and the Colons all talk to each other, before Carlito turns and tells all four men that they are on. After this we see Abyss come out, he is smiling and laughing, and he even pulls his stitches out, so that he can bleed out some more, while he speaks. Abyss says that he loved his rivalry with Kane. Abyss says that Kane was a worthy opponent for him, but now Kane has been destroyed, and he was destroyed in his own home of Hell in a Cell, by none other than the Monster Abyss himself. Abyss begins to laugh, and he says that nobody can stop him, and he is going to hold the US title for as long as he pleases. Abyss laughs, as the blood runs down his face, he then holds up the US Championship. Abyss leaves after this. Next up we have Cesaro come out, he talks about his victory over the Big Show, and he talks about how he was able to easily hit the Neutralizer on the five hundred pound giant. Cesaro says that he tried to warn the Big Show, but it did not work, and Big Show ended up on the ground, looking up at the lights at Hell in a Cell. Cesaro then says that he will keep all of this going until he gets his hands on Championship gold. Cesaro then leaves the ring. Next up we see Alex Riley in a random match, he is taking on the returning Chris Masters. Masters puts up a great fight and he gets the Master Lock locked in, but Alex falls forward and Masters hits his face on the Turnbuckle. Alex takes advantage and he hits his DDT on Chris Masters for the win. Finally we have Tyler Reks come out, he grabs a mic, he says that he did what he said he was going to do, he won the Triple Threat match at Hell in a Cell, but now he has to move on. Tyler says that he now has to face off against Triple H in a one on one match at Survivor Series. Tyler Reks says that unlike Triple H would tell anyone, he is looking forward to this match. Tyler says that it will be an honor just to step in the ring with the Game, let alone beat him in the ring. Tyler says that is exactly what is going to happen, he tells Triple H that he can hit him with two, three, or four Pedigrees if he wants to. Tyler says that he will kick out, and he will destroy Triple H with his Burning Hammer. Tyle Reks says that afterwards he will be moving on. Tyler Reks then leaves the ring, and Smackdown goes off the air.
Raw then starts up next and immediately we start out by seeing Mark Henry out in the Parking lot continuing his rampage from last week, he is flipping cars and everything. Mark Henry is not going to stop until he gets exactly what he wants. After the rampage we then see Cody Rhodes come out again, and once again, he says that he is looking for a challenge. Cody says that anyone will do, and that it does not matter who it is. Cody tells anyone that if they want to build any sort of stock, now may just be the time. Cody calls this his Survivor Series open challenge, he says that he is willing to face anyone, no matter how many wins or losses they have. Then we see Heath Slater come out. Slater gets in the ring. Cody says that he likes this. Cody says that Slater is just a man who would like to prove himself, he says that Slater has never won a Championship in WWE, but Cody says that he bets that Slater would like to in the future. Heath takes the mic, and he says that Cody is right. Slater says that he would love to win a Championship in the future. Heath says that he has a lot to prove. Heath says that he always felt like he was the weak link of the Nexus, and since the split, that feeling has done nothing but grow. Heath thanks Cody for the open challenge, and Heath then says that he gladly accepts. Cody and Heath then shake hands with each other. Heath then leaves the ring, and Cody tells the crowd that there they have it. Cody then leaves as well. Next up we see Ryback in a match with JTG. Ryback beats JTG senseless, meanwhile the whole time, he tries to count to ten as JTG is down, Ryback keeps getting to eight or nine before JTG gets up. Ryback then nails JTG with a Clothesline, and then counts all the way to ten. Ryback shrugs his shoulders and then hits Shell Shocked on JTG for the win. Next up we see John Cena get in the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman introduces Cena as the next WWE Champion, and then he gives the mic to Cena. John says that he doesn’t care about what happened at Hell in a Cell, he does not care about Mark Henry’s temper tantrum, and he doesn't care that CM Punk was upset about the outcome of the match. Cena says that what he does care about is Survivor Series. Cena tells Paul that he is grateful for the spot at Survivor Series, but then he looks at the camera, and he tells Punk not to fool himself. Cena says that the Survivor Series spot was not worthy of anyone else other than John Cena. Cena then says that the same is true for the WWE Championship, nobody else is worthy of it other than John Cena. Cena tells Punk that he can put up as much of a fight as he wants, he can make it another Summerslam of King of the Ring classic if he wants, but there is no point. Cena says that at Survivor Series, Punk might as well just lay down in the middle of the ring, and let himself be pinned by John Cena. Cena tries to go on, but is interrupted by the Titantron. We see Mark Henry on the Titantron, and he is destroying absolutely everything, he makes it into Paul's office. Mark then destroys most of Paul's personal things. Mark grabs a picture of Paul's family, and he gets ready to smash it. Paul then cries out for Mark Henry to stop. Mark looks like he is going to do it, but Paul screams that he will make it right. Mark then listens. Paul tells him that next week he will be in a match. Paul tells Mark if he loses next week, then the Survivor Series match will remain John Cena vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship, but if Mark Henry wins, then he will be added to the match, making it a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship. Mark Henry puts down the photo, and we see that John Cena is upset. Paul tells Cena that he is sorry and that he had no choice, he had to do it. Cena then storms off away from the ring. Finally we have our main event for the Women’s Championship, it is between Serena and Aksana. Aksana goes right after Serena but soon Serena is able to gain the upper hand, and start taking it to Aksana, she batters Aksana and puts her in her place. Aksana does fight back at some points, but she is no match for Serena, who ends up pinning her in the middle of the ring. After the match is over Aksana then turns into a sore loser, and she grabs her perfume, and sprays it in the face of Serena. Aksana then goes on the attack on Serena. Gail Kim then comes to the rescue and she drives off Aksana. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we see Triple H start out the show, he grabs a mic, he tells everyone that what Tyler Reks did at Hell in a Cell was impressive. Triple H says that Tyler has had an impressive reign so far, but the one thing that he has failed to do is successfully pin the most established challenger that he has yet faced. Triple H says that is probably by design, because Triple H says that he cannot be pinned by Tyler Reks. Triple H then says that Tyler is in way over his head, thinking that he can take so many Pedigrees. Triple H says that all Tyler will take is one, and then after that, Triple H says that he will be a fourteen time World Champion. Triple H says that he looks forward to facing Tyler Reks at Survivor Series, but he tells Tyler that he better hold that Championship tight, because he will not have it for that much longer. Triple H drops the mic and he walks away. Next up we have a number one contenders match to see who will face off against Abyss at Survivor Series. This is a match between Sheamus and Big Show. This match starts off like normal and we see both men go back and forth. Big Show then looks for a Chokeslam, but Sheamus punches Show in the face, and then hits a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then pins Big Show for the win. Sheamus celebrates in the ring, until Abyss makes his way out to the ring, that is when it hits Sheamus as to what he has just won. Abyss just looks at Sheamus and he laughs at him. Up next we finally see Carlito come out, and he says that he has a huge announcement. Carlito says that after a whole week of trying to pick a partner for the Colons, Primo, Epico, and himself have all come to a decision. Carlito says that years ago, before Primo and Epico, he was once in a tag team, and he spent a good while with his partner, and they knew each other well, and they worked well together. Carlito says that he went on to become a four time Tag Team Champion, while his partner went on to become a United States Champion. Carlito then tells everyone that it is time for a bit of a reunion. Carlito then welcomes Chris Masters. Masters comes out and tells Carlito that it is nice to see him again, and it is even nicer to team with him again. Masters says that he and Carlito were good in the day, now that they have come so far, they will be unstoppable, which is bad news for the Prime Time Players and the Usos. Masters says that at Survivor Series, don’t be surprised if it is a clean sweep. Masters drops the mic and the show goes off the air.
Raw is up next and it starts out with Gail Kim coming out. Gail says that everything that AJ and Serena have been saying over the past few months have been reinating with her. Gail says that she wants this division to move forward, she says that she is not a Diva, she is a superstar, that is why she helped out and defended Serena last week. Aksans then comes out, and she tries to attack Gail, the two get into a brawl, and Aksana uses her perfume to attack Gail with. Serena then comes out, and she fights off Aksana. Aksana is on the way out when Serena grabs a mic, she tells Aksana that it is getting too chaotic. Serens says that she wants to cut a deal with Aksana. Serena says that at Survivor Series it should be a five on five traditional Survivor Series match. Serena says that she already has Gail Kim, and she will search for three other women. Serena tells Aksana to search for four other women herself, so that they can make this thing official. Next up we see CM Punk in the back, he is asked about John Cena’s comments from last week. Punk says that there is absolutely no way, he would ever lay down for John Cena, he says that it just wouldn’t happen. In fact at Survivor Series, he looks to pin John Cena and remain WWE Champion. Punk is then asked about the Mark Henry situation. Punk says that he is rooting for Mark Henry, he really is, because him and Mark do have some unfinished business, and not only that, but it is funny to see a wrench thrown in Cena’s and Heyman’s plans. Punk says that if it is a Triple Threat, the only thing that will suck is that if he is out of the ring, and either Cena gets his ass kicked like he always does, or he cheats to win over Mark Henry, then Punk will no longer be WWE Champion. Punk says that other than that, he loves the idea of Henry being involved, Punk says that he deserves it. Punk then walks away. Up next we see Daniel Bryan in a match against JTG. This match is a bit more back and forth, but Daniel controls the match well. Daniel tries to do what Ryback did where he counts to ten. JTG keeps getting up though. Daniel eventuall gets frustrated, and he locks in the Lebell lock. JTG taps, but Daniel forces him to pass out. Daniel then counts to ten after the match is over. Finally we have our main event. Mark Henry comes out, and he finds out that he is in a three on one guantlet match. Dolph Ziggler comes out first. An angered Mark Henry goes right after Ziggler and he throttles him. Henry hits a quick World’s Strongest Slam on Ziggler and he pins him. We see Heyman watching from the back, he seems nervous. Next up we see Christian come out. Christian is able to put up a fight against Mark Henry, but Mark Henry is still able to overpower Christian and hit a World’s Strongest Slam. Mark then pins Christian. We see John Cena in the back next, he is nervous. Finally we see Alberto Del Rio come out to the ring. Alberto gets in a lot of offense, and he is even able to get Mark down and lock in the Cross ArmBreaker. Mark is able to power out, and then attack Del Rio. Mark gives Del Rio a World’s Strongest Slam and pins him for the win. Mark Henry is now added to the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series. We then see CM Punk in the back, he is shaking his head, and looking focused. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we see Sheamus come out, he says that last week he earned a shot at Abyss at Survivor Series. Sheamus says that last week, he was a little worried, but then, he thought about it. Sheamus says that he is an irishman and all irishmen, love nothing more than to fight. Sheamus says that at Survivor Series, he will be in a normal match against Abyss, nothing special. All that means to Sheamus is that he will be in a huge fight, and what does he get if he wins the fight, well, he gets the United States title. Sheamus says that it is a win win for him, and he looks forward to Survivor Series. Sheamus then says that he will take the biggest beating of his life, but it will all be in good fun. Sheamus then drops his mic and he leaves the ring. Next up we have a one on one match between Jimmy Uso and Carlito. This match goes back and forth, until Primo distracts the ref, and Chris Masters comes in and hits the Master Lock Slam on Jimmy Uso. Carlito then pins Jimmy for the win. After this we see Cesaro in the back, he is asked about his time in WWE. Cesaro says that it has been great, he has not yet been pinned, and he beat a former World Champion at Hell in a Cell with ease. Cesaro says that he just looks forward to what is next, he says that perhaps he will get a US title shot. Cesaro then makes the remark that he is far more deserving than Sheamus is. Cesaro then walks away. After this we have our main event which is a match between Triple H and Shad Gaspard. Shad gives Triple H all he can, and he remains in control for a while, but Triple H uses his experience to take control of the match and give Shad a huge Spinebuster, followed by a Pedigree. Triple H wins this match, and him and Tyler Reks have a staredown after the match. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we see Aksana in the back, she says that she has accepted the challenge of Serena, and she is happy to face her team at Survivor Series. Aksana says that she has already started building her team too, and as it turns out, there are some Women who loved the way she was taking the division. Aksana says that those two women that she is speaking of have already joined her team. Aksana then tells them to come on over, and as it turns out, they are Melina and Kelly Kelly. Aksana then tells Serena that she hopes that she has good luck finding some partners for Survivor Series. After this we see Ryback in another match, this time he is facing off against Dolph Ziggler, who is still hurt from last week. Ryback hits Ziggler with one Clothesline, counts to ten, shrugs his shoulders and then nails Ziggler with a Shell Shocked. Ryback then wins this match as well. After this we then see Serena in the back, she laughs at Aksanas choices and she says that she has a good pick of her own for this week, and that pick is Beth Phoenix. Serena tells Aksana not to get too upset when the whole thing is a squash match. After this we see Heath Slater in a match. He is facing off against Kofi Kingston. Heath does a good job throughout the entire match, but unfortunately for him he takes a misstep and Kofi hits a Trouble in Paradise, and pins Slater for the win. After the match Slater is very upset. Cody comes down to the ring, and he tells Heath that he did a very good job in that match, and not to be down about it. Heath leaves the ring looking upset. Finally we have John Cena come out and he says that for once he is not out there to address the Rock or CM Punk, he wants to take this time to address Mark Henry. Cena says that Mark Henry is nothing but a whiny little bitch who cries when he doesn’t get his way. Cena calls Henry and old man, and tells him that this is not the nineties anymore. Cena says that Henry’s time has passed, and he should have just stayed out of the buisness of John Cena. Mark Henry then comes out, and he looks at Cena and he tells Cena that he doesn’t get it. Henry says that he has waited for this moment for years, where he gains the WWE Championship for the first time. Henry tells John that he has had to wait so long for this moment, because John has always hogged the spotlight, while Henry has busted his ass. Henry says that he finally got a good opportunity at King of the Ring, and he won the tournament, then finally, he got his shot, only to be screwed by none other than John Cena. Mark says that at Survivor Series, he gets another shot at the WWE Championship, and this time he gets to get his hands on both John Cena and the WWE Champion, CM Punk. Mark says that at Survivor Series, he will gain the WWE Championship, and in the process of doing so, he will give John Cena a receipt for hogging the spotlight for all those years. Henry then leaves the ring and Raw goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we start out by seeing a match that pits Jey Uso against Chris Masters. Jey Uso looks good, but he is not primarely a singles wrestler. Masters is able to capatilize on this, and he gains the upper hand and he is able to defeat Jey Uso with the Master Lock. After this we see Tyler Reks in a match against Shad Gaspard. Shad once again puts up a good fight, but Tyler just keeps on coming. Tyler throws Shad all around the ring after a while and then we see Tyler Reks get Shad in position and hit the Burning Hammer. Tyler Reks then pins Shad for the win. After the match we hear the music of Triple H, who then comes out and he stands on stage looking at Tyler Reks. Tyler does not seem to budge, and he invites Triple H to come down to the ring, but he does not, and instead walks to the back. After this we then see Cesaro in a match against Ezekiel Jackson. Cesaro goes right after Ezekiel Jackson and lays on a huge attack, before he ultimately hits the Neutralizer and pins Ezekiel Jackson. Finally after this we see Abyss come out, he grabs a mic, he says that he has heard that Sheamus loves to fight. Abyss says that is good, because that is what he wants, a fight. Abyss tells Sheamus that of course it will be in good fun, because a fight and some brutality is always fun to Abyss. Abyss tells Sheamus to just ask Kane for example. Abyss then says at Survivor Series, Sheamus can put up as good of a fight as he wants to, but ironically, Sheamus will likely not survive Survivor Series. Abyss then drops the mic and he walks away. Smackdown then goes off the air.
The go home Raw is up next. We start out by seeing Serena in the back, she says that finally she has picked the final two women to join her team. Serena says that without further ado, she welcomes Mickie James and Layla to her team. Serena says that Aksana better have some really good picks in mind for tonight, because it seems like it will be completely one sided at Survivor Series. Up next we have Daniel Bryan in a match with Dolph Ziggler. Daniel knows what to do this time, and after a bit of a fight, he gets the Lebell Lock in on Ziggler and he forces him to pass out. Daniel wins and he starts to count to ten, but before he can finish, he is attacked by Ryback, who lays him out, before walking away. After this we see Heath Slater in a match with Alberto Del Rio. Heath puts up a really good fight, but he ultimately succombs to the Cross ArmBreaker. Heath is even more upset by this loss, Cody comes out again and he tells Heath that he did a great job in this match. Heath then yells at Cody and tells him to stop patronizing him. Heath then slaps Cody in the face hard, and he leaves the ring and walks away. Cody just has a look of shock on his face. After this we see Aksana in the back, she announces that her two final members also liked where she was taking the division. Aksana then introduces Maryse and Alicia Fox to her team. Aksana tells Serena that she is right, it will be a one sided match, and at the end of the night, Serena will be the one who is most disappointed by the match. Finally we see CM Punk come to the ring and he grabs a mic, he says that this Sunday will be the most difficult task of his title reign, but he looks forward to it. Punk says that the winner of this match will likely be the man to face the Rock at the Royal Rumble. Punk says that he also already knows that he has Mark Henry’s number, and as for John Cena. Punk says that if the past has proven anything, it is that John Cena is very beatable to CM Punk. John Cena then comes out and he grabs a mic. Cena says that he is sick and tired of Punk talking down to him. Cena says that he is the greatest to ever step in the ring. Cena says that this Sunday, he is going to begin to right his wrongs by beating CM Punk for the WWE Championship. CM Punk tells Cena to get over himself, he tells Cena that he should know by now, that Punk is the Best in the World. Mark Henry then comes out, and grabs a mic. Henry tells both men to just slow down for a second. Mark tells them that he is the third man in the match, and not to take him lightly. Cena tells Mark that he is nothing but a loser who has been aroubnd since the Attitude Era and never won a World title. Cena tells Henry that he can start talking when he is actually good. Mark then shoves Cena who starts hitting Mark Henry, these two start to fight, and Cena throws an elbow that hits CM Punk in the face. Punk then gets involved and all three men start fighting. Eventually Mark Henry delivers a World’s Strongest Slam to both Punk and Cena, and Mark Henry stands tall to close the show.
The go home Smackdown is next and we see Triple H start it out, he says that he admits he is in for a fight this Sunday. Triple H says that still nothing will change, all he needs to do is hit one Pedigree, and that is it. Tyler Reks is no longer Champion. Tyler Reks then comes out, and he tells Triple H that he keeps getting ahead of himself. Tyler reminds Triple H that he has never once stepped in a ring with him. Tyler then tells Triple H that this Sunday will be a life changing experience. Tyler says that he gets to step in the ring with the great Triple H and he gets to beat the great Triple H. Triple H is then seen laughing. Tyler Reks then walks to the back. Up next we see Primo and Epico going two on two with the Prime Time Players. This match is a good one, and the Usos are able to thwart Masters and Carlitos attempts to ruin the match. In the end the Prime Time Players are able to win this match, and afterwards it ends up in an all out brawl where the Usos and the Prime Time Players stand tall. Finally after this we have Sheamus in a match with Evan Bourne. Bourne looks good in this match, but in the end, he tries to jump on Sheamus only to be hit with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus wins the match. Abyss comes out after and he and Sheamus get into a fight where Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam on Sheamus. Abyss stands tall to end the night. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Survivor Series
  1. The Prime Time Usos defeat the Colons
  2. Cody Rhodes defeats Heath Slater (Slater controls most of the match)
  3. Ryback wins the IC title from Daniel Bryan
  4. Abyss retains the US title against Sheamus
  5. Tyler Reks retains the World Heavyweight title against Triple H
  6. Team Serena squashes Team Aksana
  7. CM Punk retains his WWE title (After Punk pins Mark Henry, three men come out of the crowd, they are identified as Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns from NXT. These three men first destroy Mark Henry, and Roman Reigns lays him out with a Spear, and then the three attack CM Punk, they viciously attack and destroy him, and at this point we see that John Cena is directing these three and telling them what to do. The three then hit a Triple Power Bomb on Punk through the announce table. Cena shakes hands with all three men, and he looks down at Punk as Survivor Series comes to an end.)
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2020.08.22 19:43 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking every WWE PPV part 36

Judgement day 2004
Cruiserweight championship Tajiri (c) def Rey Mysterio (13:14)- tajiri wins after spitting green mist in rey’s eyes
WWE tag team championships Basham brothers def Scotty 2 hotty & rikishi (c) (9:02)
Rob van dam def hardcore holly (8:16)
United States championship John cena (c) def big show (9:43)
Booker T def undertaker (16:40)- booker says he didn’t get enough respect on raw so he’s gonna take it on Smackdown. He attacks undertaker on the first night after being drafted. He wins the match after a low blow.
Steel cage match for WWE Championship Eddie Guerrero (c) def Kurt angle (31:10)- angle says eddies win at mania didn’t count because he cheated. Eddie says he’ll give him a rematch but Kurt says he wants to make sure Eddie can’t cheat this time so he asks Paul Heyman to make it a cage match which Heyman agrees to.
Bad blood 2004
World tag team championships Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho def evolutions (Batista & ric Flair) (c) (15:45)
Kane def Christian (12:19)- Kane no longer gives a fuck and just beats up everybody
Intercontinental championship Edge def Randy orton (c) (29:17)- this is the match that happened at vengeance irl but I wanted to keep the schedule at 4 raw PPV’s and 4 smackdown with the big 4 shared so I had to move it here.
5-way match for women’s championship Lita def Gail Kim vs molly holly (c) vs Trish Stratus vs Victoria (10:14)
World heavyweight championship Chris Benoit (c) def Chris Jericho (20:44)- just two Canadian friends wanting to prove who is best. The build is respectful to the point that evolution try to stir shit between them but this only leads to the tag title match earlier in the night. After the match they embrace.
Hell in a cell Triple H def Shawn Michaels (47:26)- the final battle in this epic rivalry. They both want to end each other’s careers. The build is their whole history together going back to their Kliq days. Shawn says trips owes him his entire career & trips says Shawn always needed him to stay on top.
Vengeance 2004
United States championship John Cena (c) def Rob van dam (15:02)
WWE tag team championships Basham brothers (c) def Scotty 2 hotty & rikishi (9:34)
JBL def Farooq (8:17)
Cruiserweight championship Rey Mysterio def tajiri (c) (16:15)
Undertaker def Mark Jindrak (4:03)
WWE championship Eddie Guerrero (c) def Booker T (19:25)- after the undertaker booker sets his sights on the WWE championship. Eddie welcomes all challengers and accepts almost immediately
Summerslam 2004
Triple threat for United States Championship Booker T def John cena (c) vs rob van dam (21:14)
World tag team championships La resistance def Chris Jericho & Rhyno (c) (10:05)- the night after bad blood Benoit vacates his half of the championship so he can concentrate on defending the WHC. Jericho picks rhyno as his new partner.
Cruiserweight championship Chavo Guerrero def rey mysterio (c) (18:33)
Intercontinental championship Edge (c) def Batista w/Randy orton & ric flair (10:06)
WWE tag team championships Basham Brothers (c) def Dudley boys (9:53)
Women’s championship Lita (c) def Trish Stratus (17:07)
Christian w/Tyson Tomko def Matt Hardy w/Lita (15:20)- christian wants to get with Lita but Matt tells him to back off. Christian refuses so Matt says they’ll settle it in the ring
WWE championship Eddie Guerrero (c) def undertaker (21:17)- new smackdown general manager Kurt angle makes this match because he still wants to punish Eddie for his lying, cheating & stealing ways. He gives taker a shot because he doesn’t think Eddie can beat him. Taker only accepts because he wants to be champ again and tells angle he’s not his henchman.
Triple threat for world heavyweight championship Kane def triple H vs Chris Benoit (c) (18:44)- trips thinks its time he had a one-on-one rematch for the WHC. Bischoff is about to make it official when Kane’s pyro goes off and and he tells Bischoff he’s been on a tear since wrestlemania and thinks he’s earned a shot at Benoit’s WHC. Bischoff inserts him in because he scared of what Kane will do to him otherwise. Benoit welcomes all challengers and wants to remain champ.
And that’s it for par 36. Come back tommorow for part 37 which will cover unforgiven 2004-Armageddon 2004, which will cover Kane’s title reign and the rise of JBL. Thanks for reading.
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2020.08.21 18:48 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 32

Chapter 32
Absense of Purity
Raw starts up after Summerslam, the first person that we see is the new GM, Paul Heyman. Paul says that Kevin Nash had a great two years as GM, but now, it’s over. Paul smiles and askes everyone if they know what else is over. Paul then says that Kevin Nash’s wrestling career is over. Paul says that last night, not only did Nash suffer a broken arm, but he also suffered a concussion. Paul says that this afternoon, he announced his retirement from the ring. Paul then asks everyone if they knew what Brock Lesnar suffered. Paul tells them that Brock suffered, nothing. Paul says that Brock went out, afterwards, got a bite to eat, and he celebrated, as if he was never in a match, meanwhile, he had just ended the career of a former World Champion, a former founding member of the NWO, and just an all round legend of the business. Paul then tells the audience, guess what! Brock didn’t even care. Paul says that he told Brock about Nash retiring, just after it happened. Brock responded by saying, oh well. Paul then says, enough about Brock and Nash, Raw has more pressing matters to attend to right now, like the WWE Championship. Paul says that he heard that John Cena wanted another shot at CM Punk. Paul tells everyone that Cena lost at Summerslam, but he unveiled a new attitude, he unveiled change. Paul says that he likes change, a lot. Paul then says that he wants Cena to plead his case, right now, and Paul will decide if Cena gets another shot. Paul tells Cena to come on out. John Cena walks to the ring, he now has a black hat and a grey T-Shirt. John nods at Heyman and he grabs a microphone. John says that over the past few months, he has lost a lot, including last night, but starting at Wrestlemania, he noticed that not only were the fans booing him, but they began to laugh at him. Cena says that he shrugged it off, but then he got busted open by Brock Lesnar and he was injured, still the fans laughed, and now it was even louder. Cena says that now he was angered, but he believed that the fans truly liked Brock Lesnar, and they would have laughed at and booed anyone that fought him then. Cena says that next he lost to the former GM, that idiot, Kevin Nash. Cena says that losing to a washed up bastard like Kevin Nash was the most embarrassing moment of his career. John turns to Paul and tells him to thank Brock for doing what he did for him. Cena says that once again the fans laughed at him. Cena says that this time, there was no excuse. Cena says that for years, he busted his ass for the fans, he loved them, he thanked them, and it was because of them that he had a job. Cena says that for that reason, he had to take a couple months off, to clear his head, because he knew that he would lash out at the fans if he stayed around. John then says that the same night he lost to Nash, he noticed something else, the fans were going wild for some terrorist called CM Punk. Cena says that Punk was the same guy who took the WWE Championship away from them, Cena says that Punk without a shadow of a doubt was the true bad guy of WWE. Cena says that a few weeks before that, he heard CM Punk name drop him. To Cena this meant that Punk was willing to fight him, that is why John appeared the night after he fought Nash, so he could challenge CM Punk, and hopefully fix the ass backwards mentality of the fans. Cena says that last night at Summerslam, Punk was able to somehow beat him. After the match, Cena heard fans chanting the name of CM Punk, and when Cena looked into the crowd, he saw fans laughing at him again. Cena says that he has had enough. Cena reminds fans that he beat Punk within an inch of his life after the match. Cena looks into the crowd, and he says that these people aren’t the reason for him having a job. Cena says that his talent is why he has a job here. Cena says he likes doing this, he tells the fans that if he wanted to, he could go make movies in Hollywood, just like the Rock. Cena pauses for a moment, and he looks at Paul. Cena tells Paul that brings him to his point. Cena says that he still wants a rematch with the Rock, and in order to do that, he needs the WWE Championship, so that he can face Rock at the Royal Rumble, and finally destroy him and right his biggest wrong. Cena then demands a rematch with CM Punk at the King of the Ring Pay Per View. Paul tells Cena that he loves this new attitude, and he brings up some good points. Paul says that he has absolutely no problem with giving Cena a rematch for the WWE Championship with CM Punk. Paul and Cena then shake hands. Cena leaves the ring and Paul says that there is one last thing that he has to address, the King of the Ring tournament. Paul says that he has a few matches already set up for the event, and they are Mark Henry vs JTG and Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes. Paul says that the other two first round matches will happen next week. Paul then leaves the ring. Up next we have our first, first round match between Mark Henry and JTG. The bell rings and we see JTG fly across the ring and attack Mark Henry. Mark throws JTG back to the other side of the ring with ease, he then smiles at JTG. JTG comes back but he gets hit with the World’s Strongest Slam. Mark Henry wins the match, and he wipes his hands clean as he leaves the ring. Mark Henry moves onto the second round. Up next we have AJ Lee come out, she is very upset. AJ grabs a mic and says that at Summerslam, she faced her idol, Lita in a great match, and she won that match. For AJ it was the greatest moment of her career. But all of that changed when Aksana cashed in Money in the Bank. AJ says then it was the worst moment of her career. AJ says that she held that title for a whole year, and defended it against everyone, she says that the Women’s division took a great leap forward during her reign, but now, the title is in the hands of Aksana, a woman who not only got lucky in her Money in the Bank Cash in, but also got lucky in her Money in the Bank win, and her qualifier. AJ says that she doesn’t deserve to be champion. AJ says that Aksana is nothing but a Diva, and the only title she was ever qualified to carry was the Divas title, and that was thrown in the trash, where it belongs. AJ says that is okay however, at least for now, because AJ has her rematch clause and she plans on invoking her rematch clause at King of the Ring for that Women’s title. Aksana comes out laughing at AJ, she holds up her title and she smiles. Aksana says that AJ is just a jealous crybaby who doesn’t even deserve a rematch. Aksana then says that she is undefeated, unlike AJ. AJ tells her that it won’t be too much longer before she has to stop saying that. Aksana tells AJ, good luck sweetie, and she smiles before leaving. Up next we see Daniel Bryan come out with his new Championship. Daniel says that last night at Summerslam, he did what he said he was going to do, he beat Sting. Daniel says that he did not make him tap like he said he was going to. Daniel says that Sting is just too resiliant for that, but he did think outside the box in order to pin Sting. Daniel says that now he is the new IC Champion, and he plans on having a great reign with the Championship. Sting then comes out and he congratulates Daniel Bryan. Sting says that Daniel deserves the Championship, and that he earned it at Summerslam. Sting then raises the hand of Daniel Bryan. Next up we have our main event between Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio. These men step in the ring, and they both go at it for a while. Del Rio jumps and kicks Cody in the side of the head, and Cody goes down. Del Rio covers, but Cody kicks out. Del Rio then locks in the Cross ArmBreaker. Cody is able to break it, and beat up Del Rio. Cody then picks up Del Rio and gives him a Cross Rhodes for the win. Cody Rhodes moves onto the second round, Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we see Teddy Long come out to the ring. Teddy says that the Summerslam event was great. Teddy says that even though Abyss won his match, he seemed to come out worse for wear as opposed to Kane, who lost the match. Teddy then says that Kane is not even injured from the match, and since that match was in the home field of Abyss, Teddy says that they will meet again, on a neutral field. Teddy says that at King of the Ring, Abyss and Kane will go one on one in a normal match. Teddy then says that speaking of King of the Ring, he says that he has some Tournament matches to announce for tonight. Teddy says that first up we will see Sheamus vs MVP, and in tonight's main event we will get Randy Orton going one on one with Rey Mysterio. Teddy then leaves the ring. Next up we see the Usos come out, they talk about Summerslam, and how great it was to defeat the great Rey Mysterio, the Usos then say that they are ready for their next challenge, the Usos then demand to know who their next opponents are. Teddy Long comes back out and he says that the Usos have to know that tonight, we will have a Triple Threat Tag Team number one contenders match between the Colons, Kozlov and Jackson, and the Prime Time Players. The Usos say that they like the sound of this. Teddy Long then leaves. Next up we have Sheamus vs MVP. Sheamus uses his brute force to stay in control for most of the match. MVP tries for the Playmaker at the end, but Sheamus reverses and hits a Brogue Kick to win the match. Sheamus moves onto the second round. After this we see Tyler Reks come to the ring. Tyler holds up his World Heavyweight Championship. Tyler says that he was the man to take down Justin Gabriel. Tyler says that nobody else was able to do anything to him. Not Wade Barrett, not Triple H, not Randy Orton, not Rey Mysterio, not Chris Jericho, and not Edge. Tyler says that he on the other hand took Gabriel apart. Tyler says that Gabriel is too ashamed of himself to even be on Smackdown tonight. Tyler says that he owns Smackdown now, and he would like to make a challenge. Tyler says in three weeks, any man who did not make it to the King of the Ring Pay Per View can challenge him for the World Heavyweight Championship. Tyler says that he will be watching the tournament closely. Tyler drops his mic and leaves the ring. Up next we have our Triple Threat Tag Team match. This match is all over the place and Chaotic. Eventually Darren Young is able to defeat Ezekiel Jackson in the ring and move on to be number one contender. After this we have our main event. Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio. This is a fast paced match, it goes back and forth for a while. Rey is able to hit the 619, but when he goes for the Splash, he gets hit with an RKO. Randy Orton wins and moves onto the second round. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start out with one of our first round matches, we have Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler tries to beat up Ryback, but Ryback is barely fazed. Dolph then bounces off the ropes into a huge Clothesline. Ryback then hits Shell Shocked and pins Dolph Ziggler. Ryback then moves onto the second round. Next up we see CM Punk return to Raw, he grabs a mic, he says that he would like to say a few things tonight. Punk says that the reason he wasn’t on Raw last week, is because he was hurt. Punk says that he is still a bit hurt, but he is still the WWE Champion. Punk tells the audience why he was hurt. Punk says it is because he was attacked from behind by John Cena, because John lost the match. Punk says he was hit a total of twenty six times with the steel chair, and then he got two AA’s on it, and then on top of that, he got an Avalanche AA. Punk tells Cena that he got the point after the first chair shot. Punk says that the point was, was that John Cena is a sore loser, not only because he is no longer the longest reigning champion of the modern era, and not only because he lost at Summerslam, it is because John knows what all the fans who laugh at him know, he is in the past, just like Hogan, just like Austin, and just like the man who CM Punk says he will beat at the Royal Rumble, the Rock. Punk says that Cena can’t accept this fact, he is holding onto something that just isn’t there, that is why he lashed out at Summerslam. Punk says that in his absence Paul Heyman, the new GM made a rematch between Punk and Cena at King of the Ring. Punk says that is fine, but Punk says that it will not be the same as Summerslam, it will not be a competition to see who becomes WWE Champion, it will not be a competition to see who faces the Rock. Punk tells Cena that it is now personal, and Punk looks forward to kicking Cenas ass at King of the Ring. Punk tells Cena that it is a guarantee that he will be WWE Champion after the rematch, because if he could beat John at Summerslam, where he at least slightly liked him, and had a bit of respect for him, imagine what he will do when all of that is gone. Punk drops his mic and leaves. Next up we have AJ Lee in a match with Serena. AJ and Serena go back and forth with each other in what is a long match. Towards the end Aksana comes out and she distracts AJ Lee, which allows Serena to hit the Gut Buster and pin AJ for the win. After the match Aksana attacks AJ Lee. Next up we have our final Raw first round match, it is between Christian and Ted Dibiase. Towards the end of this match, Ted has gained the advantage and he is going for Dream Street, but Christian is able to reverse and hit the Killswitch for the win. Christian moves onto the second round. Up next we have our main event between Daniel Bryan and David Otunga, these two men put on a good match, and David is able to survive the Lebell Lock, but he gets hit with the Flying Knee in the end, and he is pinned by Daniel Bryan. Raw then goes off the air
Smackdown is up next, and we start out by seeing the Prime Time Players come out, they grab the mics and Darren Young talks about how good it is to get a Championship opportunity. Titus O’Neil grabs the mic and talks about how they look forward to facing off against the Usos at King of the Ring. Titus thinks that it will be a great match up. Then the Colons come out. Carlito says that they should not be Number one Contenders, they have barely fought on Smackdown, as opposed to the four time Tag Team Champions, the Colons, who dominated most of that Triple Threat match last week. Titus says that sure, they dominated, but they did not win the match. Titus says that the match was won by the Prime Time Players. Carlito asks Titus how confident he is in his team. Titus says that he is very confident. Carlito then says that if he is so confident, then he will have no problem putting that number one contender spot on the line tonight. Titus looks at Darren who shakes his head. Titus tells Carlito that tonight, him and his family are on. Next up we see our first King of the Ring match take place and it is between Triple H and the Big Show. Big Show shows his strenghth, but he is out manuevered by Triple H, who then is able to hit a Spinebuster on the Big Show. Triple H goes for the pin but Big Show throws him off. Triple H hits the Pedigree and Big Show kicks out at two. Triple H hits another Pedigree and he gets the win. Triple H moves onto the second round. Up next we see Abyss come out, we see the stitches in his forehead. Abyss tells us that at Summerslam he experienced something that he hasn’t felt yet in a WWE match, fun. Abyss says that it was fun fighting Kane at Summerslam, it was fun beating Kane at Summerslam. Abyss says that it was one of the more painful matches he has ever had, but that is why he loved it so much. Abyss says that at King of the Ring, he looks forward to his rematch with Kane, he doesn’t care what type of match it is. Abyss looks forward to having more fun with Kane at King of the Ring. Abyss then leaves the ring. Next up we have our Tag Team match between the Colons and the Prime Time Players. The Prime Time Players dominate Primo and Epico, throughout the entire match. Towards the end however, we see Darren Young ready to finish off Epico, when Primo distracts the ref. Carlito then spits in Darren Young's face, which allows Epico to roll up Darren Young for the win. The Colons celebrate while the Prime Time Players sit in disappointment, on the stage, Primo and Epico both turn into Superkicks from the Usos. Carlito then slowly turns, and both Jimmy and Jey smile at him, before hitting a double Superkick on Carlito. In the Ring we see the Prime Time Players with some slight smiles on their faces, and we hear Jimmy tell them that they will get their chance. Finally we have our last first round match, it is between Alex Riley and the Miz. This is a heated rematch from Summerslam. Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale but Riley is able to kick out. Miz goes for another one, but Riley shakes him off, and he hits a huge Spinebuster on the Miz. Riley then picks Miz up, and he throws him into the air for a massive DDT, Riley smiles while he makes the pin. Alex Riley moves onto the second round. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next, and we see John Cena come out, he grabs a mic and he has a smile on his face. Cena says that he listened to what Punk said last week. Cena says for him it was never business, it was always personal, not with just Punk but with the Rock as well, and Cena says that he still plans on breaking the Rock at the Royal Rumble. CM Punk then comes out, and he grabs a mic. Punk says that this isn’t about the Rock, sure Punk says that he would love to knee the Rock face, but right now, he is focused on Cena and on King of the Ring. Punk asks Cena if Morrison told him to not focus on the Rock a while back. Cena answers with yes. Punk tells Cena that Morrison said if Cena was too focused on the Rock, then he would surely lose. Punk gets in Cena’s face and he tells John that if he is focused on the Rock come King of the Ring, then not only will Punk beat him, but he will put Cena in the *censored* ground. Cena tells Punk that is funny because the last time they met, Cena says that he beat Punk within an inch of his life. Punk tells Cena to tell the full story. Punk says that at Summerslam, he beat Cena fair and square, and Cena being the sore loser he is, attacked Punk after the match, while his back was turned. Punk tells Cena that perhaps, he did beat Punk within an inch of his life, but only after he got his ass kicked by Punk in the match. Punk then says to Cena that he knows Cena wants a second chance at the Rock, but Punk says that not many people get their first. Punk tells John to face it, at Wrestlemania 28, he lost, now Punk wants a shot, and he plans on getting it, even if he has to crack Cena’s skull in order to get to it. Punk looks at Cena and holds up his WWE Championship. Next up we have our first second round match of the night. It is Mark Henry vs Ryback. Mark Henry seems to focus on the back of Ryback throughout the match. Towards the end, Ryback hits Mark with a huge Spinebuster, he then bounces off the ropes and nails Mark with a massive Clothesline. Henry is down, and we see Ryback call for the Shell Shocked. Ryback picks Henry up, but then collapses from his back giving out. Both Mark and Ryback start to get up, but Henry hits a quick World's Strongest Slam, and he pins Ryback to win the match. Mark Henry moves onto the third round. We then see AJ Lee in the back, she says that last week, what Aksana did was cute. AJ says that she was having a Raw classic with Serena, when all of the sudden Aksana got involved in the match, and cost AJ big time. After the match, Aksana decided to attack her. AJ says, that was the cute part. AJ says that Aksana will not attack AJ face to face, but she never refuses to attack her when she is weakened. AJ says that at King of the Ring, Aksana will not be able to attack AJ in a weakened state, she will have to face her head on. AJ says that she looks forward to ripping Aksana’s head off at King of the Ring, and taking back the Women’s Championship. AJ then walks away. Next up we see Daniel Bryan in another match with David Otunga, the match is another good one, and once again we see Daniel hit the Flying Knee for the win. After the match, we hear the noise of a crow, and we then see Sting appear in the ring. Sting takes a mic, and he says that Daniel is already a great Champion, and he is willing to fight. Sting says that the only problem is that Daniel does not have a challenger for the IC title at King of the Ring. Sting smiles and says that the IC title meant a great deal to him for all the months he had it. Sting then says that he wouldn’t mind getting it back. Sting tells Daniel that at King of the Ring, Sting is going to invoke his rematch clause. Daniel shakes his head in approval. Finally we have our other second round match of Cody Rhodes vs Christian. Cody and Christian go back and forth for a while, but the longer the match goes, the better Cody becomes, and the slower Christian gets. Cody is able to hit an easy Cross Rhodes on Christian to end the match. Cody Rhodes moves onto the third round. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is on next, and we see the Usos come out to the ring. Jimmy takes the mic and he says that last week, the Prime Time Players were undoubtably screwed out of their rightful championship match, and now they have to face the team that screwed them, the Colons. Jey then takes the mic and he says that he asks one thing of the Colons, and that is, that Carlito is one of the men in the match. Jey says that he wants to kick that goofy looking afro right off his head. The Colons come out, and they get in the ring. Carlito tells the Usos that he will not be part of that match, and at King of the Ring, the Usos will be facing off against the two men that gained that number one contender spot, Primo and Epico. Primo starts to laugh at the Usos, who seem to get more upset the longer the Colons are out there. Jimmy then says that is fine, he says that no matter who they face off against, they will win. Jimmy then says that he has one final message before they leave. Jimmy then Superkicks Primo, and the Usos leave. Next up we have our first second round matchup of the night, it is Sheamus vs Alex Riley. Sheamus uses his brute strength to overpower Riley at first, after this the match goes back and forth. Riley hits a Spinebuster on Sheamus, and then he goes for his DDT, but Sheamus reverses into the Irish Curse. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but he misses and Riley is able to hit his DDT and pin Sheamus for the win. Alex Riley moves onto the third round. Up next we have Kane in a match, he dominates Khali and is able to put him away with ease. After the match, Abyss blindsides Kane and attacks him. Abyss and Kane get into a huge brawl that spills outside of the ring. Kane is able to force Abyss into the barricade, and then chokeslam him on the outside of the ring. Kane walks away from Abyss. Finally up next we have our main event, it is our other second round matchup between Triple H and Randy Orton. These two reignite their old rivalry, and this match quickly gets heated between the two men. Triple H nails Orton with a Pedigree, but Orton kicks out. Triple H tries for another, but Orton reverses into an RKO. Triple H kicks out. These two fight on for a little while longer. Orton goes for a Punt, but Triple H counters into a Spinebuster. Triple H then collapses, he eventually gets up, and he tries to pick Orton up as well. Orton fights back, he pushes Triple H away. Triple H tries to kick Orton in the gut, but Orton blocks and hits another RKO. Randy Orton wins and moves onto the third round. Smackdown then goes off the air.
The go home Raw is up next and we start out with Aksana coming out to the ring, she grabs a mic and she says that this Sunday at King of the Ring, she will finally be the one to have the honor of taking down the great AJ Lee, she says that at Summerslam she took the Women’s title from AJ, but now she looks to shut her up for good. Aksana says that this Sunday she will be done with AJ and she vows to remain Women’s Champion. Aksana then leaves the ring. Next up we see Daniel Bryan in the back, he is asked about his rematch with Sting. Daniel says that he is nervous, he says that Summerslam was the hardest fought win of his career. Daniel says that it took him everything just to defeat Sting, he even had to create a new finisher on the spot. Daniel says that at Summerslam, Sting couldn’t prepare against the Flying Knee, but now he is expecting it. Daniel says that at King of the Ring, he is going to need to pull something else out of the hat to beat Sting again. Daniel then walks off. Up next we see both Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes come out to the ring. Mark takes the mic first, Mark says that Cody is great, he has been watching him for a long time. Mark says that he was a great IC Champion, and his match against Sting at Wrestlemania was legendary. Mark says that is why he looks forward to beating Cody Rhodes this Sunday at King of the Ring. And Mark says that is not the only thing he looks forward to this Sunday. Mark says that it does not matter if he faces Randy Orton or Alex Riley, Mark is determined to win King of the Ring, because he has never got the recognition that he deserved, that is why at Raw 1000 he destroyed MVP, he was tired of being held back, now Mark says that he is on his own, he tells Cody not to take Sunday personally, but he has something to prove. Cody tells Mark not to get ahead of himself. Cody says that this Sunday, he knows that he is going to feel some pain, but he will fight to the bitter end if he has to. Cody reminds Mark of his wars with Tyler Reks and Sting. Cody says that King of the Ring will be no different, he is ready to go to war with Mark Henry. Cody drops the mic and he and Henry have a staredown to close this segment out. Finally we have our main event and it is between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre. This match goes back and forth, but as soon as Punk gets the upperhand, we hear the music of John Cena. Cena comes down to the ring, and he attacks Punk. Punk fights back for a minute, but Cena hits Punk with the AA, and to close out the show, we see John Cena looking down at CM Punk laughing. Cena looks at the crowd and he continues to laugh at all of them as they boo him. Raw then goes off the air.
Next up we have the go home Smackdown, and we start out with Tyler Reks coming out, he says that he is back to find out his next challenger. He says now that the Pay Per View matches, it is time for one of the tournament losers to come out and claim their prize. Reks waits for a minute, before he hears the music of the Miz. Miz comes to the ring, and he says that perhaps he does not deserve a shot, but look at all the men he has been partners with, John Morrison, Big Show, and Alex Riley. Miz says that Morrison and Big Show are former World Champions, and as for Riley, he may just be King of the Ring come this Sunday. Miz says that he on the other hand never got his shot, and he just asks for one shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Miz says that he wants to know where he stands in the company. We then hear the music of the Big Show. Big Show comes out and he grabs a mic. Big Show says that the Miz is a loser, and he doesn’t deserve a shot. Big Show tells him that if Miz thinks that he deserves a shot, then the man who pinned him at Wrestlemania definitely deserves a shot. Big Show then looks at Tyler Reks, and he tells Reks that he should choose him if he wants a real challenge. Then we hear the music of Triple H. Triple H reminds both men who made it furthest in the tournament out of all of them. Triple H then reminds Big Show who knocked him out of the tournament. Triple H then looks at Tyler Reks, Triple H says that he is extremely impressed with Tyler Reks, he says that him winning the World Heavyweight Champion has been a long time coming, but if he wants a true challenge for the title, then he should choose to face the thirteen time World Champion, The Game, Triple H. Tyler Reks then thinks about who he is going to choose for a second. Tyler then points at Miz and he says, you. Big Show and Triple H seem furious. Reks then points at Big Show and he says, you. Triple H still seems upset, but then Tyler Reks points at him and he says, and you. Tyler Reks says that all three men make good arguments and Tyler would like to take down all three of them in the same night. Tyler Reks then leaves the ring. Next up we have a match between Jimmy Uso and Primo. Jimmy Uso remains in control for most of the match, and he eventually hits the Superkick on Primo and he pins him for the win. Epico sneaks up behind Jimmy Uso, while Carlito gets in his face. Carlito spits, but Jimmy ducks, and the apple goes in the eyes of Epico. Jey Uso then Superkicks Carlito, and both Usos turn to Superkick Epico. The Usos then stand tall. Next up we see Alex Riley and Randy Orton come to the ring. Alex Riley gets the mic first, he says that he looks forward to this Sunday. Alex Riley says that it will be the greatest night of his career, because this Sunday, not only is he going to beat one of the most decorated stars of all time, Randy Orton, but he is going to go on to win King of the Ring. and after that, he looks to move his career forward, and start winning Championships. Randy Orton then takes the mic and he chuckles at Riley, he says that Riley is a bit too confident, and this Sunday, he will do no such thing. Randy says that after all these years, he looks to do the one thing that has eluded him, Randy looks to win King of the ring for the first time in his career, after that, then he will continue his journey towards the World Heavyweight Championship. After that, if he wants, Riley can have the first shot. Randy then drops his mic, and him and Riley have a staredown to close the segment. After this we see Abyss fight Khali. Abyss dominates the match, and he destroys Khali. After the match. Kane comes out and attacks Abyss. To close out the show we see Abyss and Kane having a huge brawl into the back. Smackdown goes off the air.
King of the Ring
  1. Randy Orton defeats Alex Riley
  2. Mark Henry defeats Cody Rhodes
  3. Aksana retains her Women’s title against AJ Lee (Aksana sprays AJ in the face with perfume, while the ref is down. Aksana then cracks AJ in the back of the head with a chair and busts her open for the win)
  4. Kane wins by countout over a bloody Abyss
  5. Tyler Reks retains the World Heavyweight title (Pins Big Show)
  6. Daniel Bryan retains his IC Championship against Sting
  7. The Usos retain the Tag Team titles against the Colons (Jey pins Epico)
  8. CM Punk retains the WWE title against John Cena (Very close match)
  9. Mark Henry defeats Randy Orton and becomes King of the Ring
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2020.08.21 09:48 john14325 What if Owen Hart never died part 3
Build to Unforgiven 2000
Owen challenges Jeff Hardy to a rematch the next night on Raw which he loses after a distraction from Chris Jericho and everyone is wondering why Jericho why.
The next week on Raw, Jericho comes out and explains that he was inspired to become a pro wrestler over a decade ago watching Owen Hart in his father’s promotion Stampede Wrestling. Jericho saw this amazing athlete and in a way he idolized Owen Hart and vowed to one day face him and beat him to prove he is the best in the world and the true face of Canadian Wrestling. Jericho doesn’t explicitly turn heel but in this feud, he’s the de facto heel of the match.
Owen responds that he comes from the greatest wrestling family in Canada and as great as Jericho is, he will never be Owen Hart and he lays down the challenge to Jericho at Unforgiven which Jericho accepts.
Unforgiven 2000
Chris Jericho vs Owen Hart
We need to give this feud a story so Owen comes in using his technical wrestling prowess and his experience to defeat the much younger Chris Jericho but is unable to keep up with Jericho’s speed and high flying skills and to everyone’s shock Chris Jericho wins clean.
Build to No Mercy 2000
Owen admits that at Unforgiven, Jericho was the better man but however he says that flukes do happen and challenges Jericho to a two out of three falls match at No Mercy, Jericho accepts on the condition that if Owen loses will not get a rematch.
No Mercy 2000
Owen Hart vs Chris Jericho two out of three falls match
Chris Jericho once again outclasses Owen Hart with his high flying ability winning the first fall.
Owen recovers and attacks Jericho’s leg grounding Jericho and eventually he locks in the Sharpshooter and Jericho is forced to submit giving Owen the second fall.
The third fall is a pure technical wrestling match and they go 15 minute and finally near fall after near fall, Jericho locks in the Liontamer and Owen is forced to submit and once again Chris Jericho has beaten Owen Hart clean.
After the match Owen gets up and raises Jericho’s arm in victory.
Build to Survivor Series 2000
The next night on Raw, commissioner Mick Foley announces a tag team #1 contenders tournament with the winners facing the World Tag Team Champions on the Raw before Survivor Series.
The first round Steve Blackman and Crash Holly come out then our comes Chris Jericho and his mystery partner Owen Hart oh what a surprise Jericho and Hart win and they wins the match advancing to the quarter finals of the tournament.
The next week on Raw, they face Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn which they once again win and I think this match would be great.
In the semi-finals they face The Dudley Boyz and they have a much harder time beating the more experienced tag team but they manage to barely get the win.
In the finals they face Edge and Christian winning the match after Edge accidentally spears Christian planting the seeds for a breakup.
On the go home Raw before Survivor Series, Owen and Jericho finally get their shot at the Tag Team Titles against The Hardy Boyz and they get completely outclassed by the best tag team in the world. The Hardy’s retain after the twist of fate and a Swanton Bomb combo onto Owen Hart.
After the match, Jericho tries to console Owen when Owen hits a low blow on Chris Jericho and locks in the Sharpshooter refusing to let go until officials pull Owen off of him.
That week on Smackdown, Owen challenges Jericho to a street fight at Survivor Series with the winner getting a WWF Title match in the future because as he puts it it’s his time to capture the only title he’s never held. So the match is made for Survivor Series the winner receiving a future WWF Title Shot.
Survivor Series 2000
Owen Hart vs Chris Jericho Street Fight
These two go to war they fight into the crowd we see some technical wrestling and even some hardcore wrestling but in the end, Owen Hart manages to make Jericho submit to the sharpshooter concluding this amazing trilogy of matches.
Build to Armageddon 2000
So in real life, Kurt Angle defended the WWF Championship inside a six man Hell in a Cell match at Armageddon for the WWF Championship against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker and Rikishi. But instead of Rikishi, Owen Hart will be in the match he’ll cash in his title shot there because in this story Rikishi never ran down Austin it was instead Kurt Angle.
The Undertaker still promises to make someone famous inside Hell in a Cell and he’s attacked by Owen who challenges Undertaker to make him famous.
Armageddon 2000
Kurt Angle(c) vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs The Rock vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Owen Hart Hell in a Cell match for the WWF Championship
Everything about the match stays the same just like in real life but with one big difference, The Undertaker hits the Last Ride on Owen Hart off the top of the cell through the announce table and Owen is stretchered to the back and that’s Undertaker’s making someone famous moment.
Build to Royal Rumble 2001
Owen Hart is injured and will not be in the Royal Rumble match. Meanwhile, The Undertaker dominates and is pegged as the heavy favorite to win the Royal Rumble match.
Royal Rumble 2001
30 man Royal Rumble match
We get to the #30 spot and it’s The Undertaker and along with Kane, they clean house eliminating a bunch of people then they look at each other and fight. The Undertaker hits a choke slam on Kane and is about to eliminate him when Owen Hart makes his return and low blows The Undertaker and Kane who didn’t see this, eliminates The Undertaker.
Build to WrestleMania 17
Owen says that at Armageddon, The Undertaker humiliated him and injured him costing him the WWF Championship and at WrestleMania he’ll make The Undertaker famous when he ends his streak on the grandest stage of them all in a street fight.
WrestleMania 17
Owen Hart vs The Undertaker street fight
They have a great 25 minute match that sees a lot of blood and weapons and The Undertaker finally gets the win after hitting the Last Ride on Owen Hart the move that started the whole feud.
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2020.08.18 16:56 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking every WWE PPV part 32

Royal rumble 2003
World tag team championships Dudley boys def Booker T & goldust (c) (11:45)
Cruiserweight championship Matt hardy def the hurricane (c) (14:50)
WWE championship Kurt angle (c) def Chris Benoit (19:49)- Benoit beats big show in a #1 contender match on smackdown. He says he’s travelled the world waiting for this opportunity and he has no qualms about going through his ex-partner to climb the mountain top. Angle says he knows Benoit inside & out and he will not hesitate to break Benoit’s ankle if needs be.
World heavyweight championship Triple H (c) def Kane (17:05)- Kane assaults ric flair the night after Armageddon, raging after the loss to Batista. Trips wants revenge for his mentor and takes Kane’s knee out with the sledgehammer. Flair returns during the match, shoves the ref hits Kane in the bad knee. This is followed by a Batista bomb which allows trips to get the win.
Royal rumble match (1:01:01) notes
Chris Jericho (2) is the match’s marathon man
Brock lesnar (13) gets the most eliminations
The final four are Brock, undertaker (30), big show (20) & Batista (16)
Brock wins eliminating undertaker last
No way out 2003
Intercontinental championship Christian def Jeff Hardy (c) (16:23)
World tag team championships Lance storm & William regal def Dudley boys (c) (12:01)
Cruiserweight championship Matt hardy (c) def billy Kidman (9:31)
Six-man tag Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit & undertaker def Kurt angle & team angle (18:45)- this match is awesome. That is all
Triple H & ric flair def Booker T & Shawn Michaels (13:22)- booker beats Michaels & Chris Jericho in a triple threat #1 contender match to face triple H at wrestlemania.
Steve Austin def Eric Bischoff (4:26)- Austin returns on the raw after the rumble only to be interrupted by Bischoff, who says he doesn’t belong there anymore after “retiring” in May. Austin wants to whoop Bischoff’s arse
The rock def hulk hogan (12:20)- both men are surprise entrants into the royal rumble. They eliminate each other and start brawling around ringside. Hogan challenges rock to this match because he wants to prove he still has it. Rock accepts then rock bottoms hogan turning heel.
Wrestlemania XIX
Cruiserweight championship Matt hardy (c) def rey mysterio (5:37)
Fatal 4 way for world tag team championships Kane & rob van dam def lance storm & William regal vs billy & Chuck vs Dudley boys (c) (12:09)
Triple threat for women’s championship Trish stratus def jazz vs Victoria (c) (7:17)
WWE tag team championships Team angle (c) def Chris Benoit & rhyno (10:48)
Shawn Michaels def Chris Jericho (22:34)- same feud irl
20 years in the making street fight Hulk hogan def Vince McMahon (20:47)- Vince cost hogan the match against the rock at no way out. After that same story irl.
Undertaker def Eddie Guerrero w/ Chavo Guerrero (19:10)- los Guerreros begin mouthing off to taker. He says he’ll make them pay for their lying, cheating & stealing ways. He starts by costing the tag belts against team angle on an episode of smackdown and beats Chavo on the go-home smackdown. He then says he’ll finish the job by adding Eddie to the streak.
Intercontinental championship Christian (c) def goldust (10:35)
World heavyweight championship Booker T def triple H (c) (17:55)- same story, but with the right result this time.
WWE championship Brock lesnar def Kurt angle (21:07)- once again, same irl
The rock def Steve Austin (17;55)- This match is announced ahead of time as the main event. Austin says he has one more match left in him and he wants it against his greatest opponent, the rock. Rock accepts because he would love to finally beat Austin in the main event of Wrestlemania.
Backlash 2003
World tag team championships Kane & rob van dam (c) def lance storm & William regal (13:16)
Cruiserweight championship Rey Mysterio def Matt Hardy (c) (14:17)
WWE tag team championships Team Angle (c) def Los Guerreros (15:03)
Women’s championship Trish Stratus (c) def jazz (5:50)
Six-man tag Booker T, Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash def triple H, ric flair & Chris Jericho (17:51)- a lot of grudges that get settled here.
Fatal 4 way for WWE championship Brock lesnar def big show vs John cena vs undertaker (16:22)- cena & undertaker are in the middle of a #1 contender match on smackdown when big show interferes and choke slams them both. He says he did it because he wants his title rematch from losing the belt at Armageddon. All three of the other guys want revenge on big show, cena & taker for ruining their match & Brock for show stealing his manager at survivor series so this match is made.
Goldberg def the rock (13:03)- Goldberg returns on the raw after wrestlemania, interrupting a rock concert. Same feud irl
And that’s it for part 32. Come back tommorow for part 33 which will cover judgement day 2003-summerslam 2003, including Kane’s unmasking, Goldberg’s push & the rise of a certain man beast.
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2020.08.16 18:49 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 31

Chapter 31
Summerslam ‘12
Raw starts up after Money in the Bank, and Kevin Nash comes out, he says that Money in the Bank was a great Pay Per View, Aksana has been engraved in history as the first Woman to ever win Money in the Bank. And not only that, but AJ retained last night, so Kevin says that he senses some history in the making coming up. Kevin says that Aksana will have to wait to Cash in for a while, because Nash has set up a dream match for AJ Lee as a reward to her for the great job that she has done as Champion. Nash asks if anyone wants to know who her opponent will be, the crowd cheers. Nash says that they will have to wait, as she will be revealed next week on the very special Raw known as Raw 1000. Nash says that he has a few plans for next week. Nash then moves to his next subject, he says that CM Punk was able to retain his WWE title at Money in the Bank, that means that at Summerslam it will officially be CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE Championship. Nash says that John Cena will return next week to address CM Punk. Nash then says that another big return is in store for next week, and that not only that, but the Smackdown stars will be attending Raw 1000. Nash then says that the other big return is.. Nash then is interrupted by an unexpected guest, Paul Heyman. Kevin Nash asks what Paul is doing here. Paul responds and says that he wants something, Nash asks him what it is. Paul says that since Nash has been in charge he has gotten involved with too many superstars, Sting, McIntyre, and Cena. Heyman says to Nash that as GM, you must never let your personal feelings get in the way of business. Heyman tells Nash that he wants to be the GM of Monday night Raw. Nash laughs at Heyman, and he says that of course he fought those guys, he had issues with them. Nash says that he does things hands on, he doesn’t just make people go one on one with the Undertaker, like Teddy Long does. Nash says that his answer is no. Heyman chuckles and he says that he expected Nash to say this. Paul then says that next week on Raw 1000, he will ask him again. Nash says that the answer will still be a no. Heyman chuckles and says that we will see. Heyman then leaves the ring. Nash is confused, and he tells everyone that he will see both them and Paul Heyman next week. Kevin Nash then leaves the ring. Next up we have Daniel Bryan in a match against Christian, the match is back and forth, and we eventually see Daniel Bryan make Christian tap out. Bryan then grabs a mic, he says that he won back at Wrestlemania, and since then, he has not been pinned. Daniel says that he wants a better opportunity, he says that facing Christian is great, but it is not what he came here to do. Daniel Bryan says that if Evan Bourne got two IC title shots, then Daniel deserves something. Daniel says that next week, he wants an answer to all of this. Daniel then leaves the ring. Next up we have AJ Lee come to the ring, she congratulates Aksana on making history last night, AJ says that now she is expecting a lot from her, she says that Aksana is going to have to drop her diva attitude from here on. AJ then moves on to talking about Summerslam, she says that Kevin says it is a reward that intrigues AJ, but she hopes that it will be a good challenge. AJ says that she has beaten everyone there is to beat, so this person better bring a good fight to the table. AJ drops the mic and she leaves. Next we see Sting backstage, he is asked about Evan Bourne, he says that Bourne is a good athlete, he says that he may become an IC Champion in the future. Sting is then asked about Daniel Bryan. Sting says that he does deserve opportunity. Sting is then asked if he is going to give Daniel an opportunity. Sting tells him to slow it up, and then he walks away. Finally we have our main event of CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio. Punk and Del Rio fight, but eventually Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice and makes Del Rio tap out. Punk grabs the mic, and he says that he looks forward to seeing John Cena next week. Punk then says that right now, however, he just would like to say one thing. Punk says that he has been busting his ass day in and day out, while Cena has been sitting on his. Punk says that he has beaten some of the best WWE has to offer, while John Cena has been watching him do it. Punk says to Cena that at Summerslam, he better have shaken the ring rust off, or else he is going to get the biggest ass kicking of his life. Punk drops the mic and he leaves. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we see Justin Gabriel come out, he tells everyone that he is sorry that he was not able to put on a performance at Money in the Bank, he says that it will not happen again, and he looks forward to defending the title at Summerslam. Tyler Reks then comes out to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Reks tells Justin Gabriel to look at it, he tells Gabriel that finally after all this time, he gets a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Justin tells Reks that he can cash it in right now if he wants. Reks tells him no, Reks then says that like everyone else, he is going to Cash in at the most opportune time. Reks then tells Justin to watch his back. Tyler Reks then leaves the ring. Next up we see Alex Riley come out, he says that yes, he attacked the Miz, he tells everyone why he did it. Riley says that him and the Miz are three time Tag Team Champions. Riley says that everytime they gained the titles it was from him pinning the opponent, but every time they lost the titles, it was from the Miz being pinned. Riley says that he could deal with that, because he knew that championships meant glory, no matter what title, or how it was earned. Riley then goes on to say that during their first two reigns, they could win back the titles whenever they wanted, but during their third reign, a Tag Team renaissance was going on, and Riley says he knew that competition was going to be stiff, so they had to step it up, Riley says he did, but they still lost the titles. Riley says that he wasn’t too worried, he knew they had a rematch clause, and they just had to invoke it, which they did, but then again, the Miz was pinned and he lost the match. Riley says that now, they are at the back of the line, which is now far longer, and due to the Miz losing everything, Riley did not think they would get another shot, so he knew that it was time to cut the Miz loose, so that is exactly what he did, he cut the Miz loose, and now Riley says it is time for him to go win championships by himself. Miz then comes out of the crowd and he blindsides Alex Riley with a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz then leaves. Next we have the Usos come out, they talk about the title defense at Money in the Bank, they joke about no longer having to deal with Miz and Riley, they wonder who their next opponents are. Jey tells Jimmy that they will find out in due time, he guesses. The Usos walk to the back. After this we see Abyss, he comes out with Janis and the US title. Abyss grabs a mic and he laughs while telling everyone that John Morrison will not be joining them tonight. Teddy Long comes out, and he goes to the ring, and he looks at Abyss, he tells Abyss that he is sick and tired of him hurting every superstar he faces. Teddy Long lists Rey Mysterio, Chris Masters, Chris Jericho, and now John Morrison. Teddy Long says that Abyss has the title, he has to stop this. Abyss looks at Teddy and he asks him, or else what? Teddy seems intimidated and he says that he will think of something. Teddy then leaves the ring and runs away. Abyss laughs as Smackdown goes off the air.
Raw is up next, but not just any Raw, this is Raw 1000. Raw 1000 starts with John Cena returning and coming out to the ring, he grabs a mic, he thanks everyone for the warm welcome back, but he has to get down to business. Cena tells Punk to get to the ring. Punk comes out, but not with the normal spinner WWE Championship, but instead with the Big Eagle Belt that was used in the Attitude Era. Punk gets to the ring, and he tells everyone that Cena’s old belt will no longer be on WWE television, Punk says that it is time for a change, and he brought just that. Cena tells Punk congratulations for getting rid of his belt. Punk tells Cena that it was much needed getting rid of that garbage, Punk tells Cena that he is glad the WWE Championship got what it deserved, respect. Punk then tells Cena to spit out whatever he was going to say. Cena tells Punk that he heard him last week. Punk tells Cena that he is glad that he isn’t deaf. Cena smirks for a second, and says that he may not have heard Punk because while he was gone, he was working out most of the time, he was sparring to sharpen his skill, and most importantly, he was getting his head on straight. Punk says that is good because at Summerslam he is going to knee Cena’s head clean off. Cena tells Punk to shut up for a second. Cena says that he has been working hard, and he has thought about nothing but Summerslam. Cena says that this is a must win, and he will take on CM Punk with more passion than he has ever put into a match. Cena says that the Big Show didn’t feel this much passion. JBL didn’t feel this much passion, Triple H didn’t feel this much passion, and the Rock did not feel this much passion. Cena said that he has hit his low point in his career, but he has made sure that point in his career is over, and the belt does not matter, because Cena says that he is going home from Summerslam the WWE Champion. Punk then asks Cena if he is done. Cena says that he is. Punk tells him that he can bring as much passion as he wants, Punk does not care. Punk tells Cena that there is a difference between the two of them. Punk says that unlike Cena, he does not hit low points, because he is the Best in the World, not John Cena like Vince McMahon wanted, but CM Punk. Punk says that yes, there was a time where he left, but that was history making. Punk says that he busted his ass defending the WWE Championship in other promotions, and then he came back and defended it in the WWE, and now he has held the title for over one year. Punk says that when Cena left, it was because he was losing, and he wanted to take his ball and go home, because John Cena is nothing but a whiny little bitch, and Punk says that at Summerslam, he is going to beat Cena like the bitch he is, and retain the WWE Championship. Punk holds up the belt and Cena gets in Punk's face. Then they are surprisingly interrupted by the Rock. Rock comes down to the ring, and seperates the two men, he grabs a mic, and he wishes everyone a happy Raw 1000. Rock then says that he has a huge announcement, and now is the perfect time to tell the world what it is. Rock says that at Wrestlemania, he got the thrill of a lifetime when he beat John Cena. Rock says that he loved and missed that feeling, so what Rock is here to announce, is that he wants back in the swing of things, so he talked to Kevin Nash, and at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View, the Rock will be facing off against whoever the WWE Champion is at the time, for the WWE Championship. Cena then takes a mic, and he says that is just more motivation to him to win the WWE Championship, so he can right the biggest wrong of his career and beat the Rock. Rock tells him that if that is the case, then he looks forward to beating Cena again and becoming WWE Champion. Punk then tells Rock to not look forward to it, because it isn’t going to happen. Punk says that at the Royal Rumble, Rock will be facing CM Punk, and just like Cena at Summerslam, he will be losing to CM Punk. Rock then smirks at Punk and he tells him that we will just see how everything plays out. All three men then leave at one time. Next up we have a match honoring the Nexus as we see the five main members all face off against each other. The match is complete chaos as the members are fighting all over the place, and using weapons on one another. Eventually Justin Gabriel hits the 450 Splash on Ryback and pins him for the win. Gabriel collapses from exhaustion in the middle of the ring, and we then hear the music of Tyler Reks. Reks comes to the ring and he Cashes in Money in the Bank, he then grabs Gabriel and hits a Burning Hammer on him to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Reks holds up the title with a smile on his face and he then leaves the ring. After this shocker we see Daniel Bryan come out to the ring, he calls out Sting. Sting comes out. Daniel Bryan asks Sting if he is serious, how could he blow off Daniel like that. Daniel says that he deserves an opportunity. Sting smiles at Daniel, he says that last week he told a joke. Sting says that Daniel Bryan is more than worthy, and of course he will get a shot. Sting just tells Daniel to name the time and place. Daniel looks Sting in the eye, and he says that he wants Sting for the IC Championship at Summerslam. Sting tells Daniel that he is on. Sting and Daniel Bryan both leave the ring. Next up we see Abyss face off against Christian. Christian looks scared the whole match and Abyss just laughs at him. Christian goes at Abyss finally, but then he is met with a Blackhole Slam. Abyss is able to pin Christian after this. Abyss then grabs Janis and gets back in the ring. Abyss yells, Batter Up! And he holds Janis like a baseball bat as Christian starts to get up. Then we hear the music of Teddy Long. Teddy comes out to the ring, and he tells Abyss that he is done hurting people. Abyss laughs and he asks Teddy what he is going to do about it? Teddy tells Abyss that he has found someone that will face him for the US title. Abyss asks Teddy who it is. Teddy smiles and says, this man! We then hear the music of Kane. Abyss even has a look of fear in his eyes as Kane gets in the ring. Kane gets face to face with Abyss, they have a staredown. Abyss tries to attack, but Kane grabs him by the throat and Chokeslams him. Kane stands tall. Next up we see the return of Rey Mysterio, he brings out his new partner Sin Cara with him, they are in a Tag Team match against Mark Henry and MVP. Rey Mysterio is able to hit a 619 on MVP, and then Sin Cara hits the splash and pins MVP for the win. Mark Henry then turns on MVP after the match. Mark Henry beats down MVP and he gives him the World's Strongest Slam twice. Evan Bourne then comes out to help MVP, he tries to attack Mark Henry, but Mark attacks Evan as well, and hits him with the World's Strongest Slam, and then he leaves and we see Evan Bourne and MVP helping each other up. After this we see Kevin Nash and Teddy Long in the back and they have discussed a trade. Mark Henry for Evan Bourne, as Teddy wants to improve his Tag division, as to where Nash is looking for hungry competitors like Mark Henry. Up next we have AJ Lee come out, she says that she wants to know who her Summerslam opponent is. Kevin Nash comes out, and he says that like he said, it was a reward to AJ for all the good work she has done as Champion, but this Woman was also a great Champion, and she meant a lot to Raw as she was the first ever Woman to main event Raw. Kevin Nash introduces AJ’s idol, Lita. Lita comes to the ring, and AJ looks starstruck. Lita shakes her hand. Lita grabs a mic and she says that she has so much respect for AJ, and she carried the division a long way. Lita appreciated that, and she says that at Summerslam, she hopes that AJ will give her the fight of her life, because Lita says that she is coming for that Women’s Championship, she says that it has been a long time, but she wants to hold that title again. AJ tells Lita that at Summerslam, she won’t let her down, she will bring Lita the best fight of her career. AJ says that also she admits, Lita is her hero, but at Summerslam, she will stop at nothing to gain a victory over Lita. Lita then tells AJ that, may the best woman win, the two shake hands again. We then have a tribute to all the great Raw moments over the years and to Vince McMahon. Next we have our main event. Kevin Nash comes to the ring, and he calls out Paul Heyman. Heyman comes out. Nash tells him to ask his question. Paul starts, but Nash interrupts him by saying, no. Paul laughs and he tells Kevin that he expected that, so he has a little incentive. Nash asks what the incentive is. Paul tells Nash that he is glad that he asked. Paul yells, come on out. We hear the music of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar power walks to the ring, and he attacks Kevin Nash. Brock throws Nash around the ring, he then gives Nash an F5. Brock then puts Nash in the Kamura lock. Paul holds a mic to Nash’s mouth. Nash screams, ok! You are the GM Paul! Paul gets Brock to let go, and both men walk up the ramp. Nash tells them both to hang on, and no papers have been signed yet. Nash says that Paul will be the GM, if his man Brock Lesnar is able to beat Kevin Nash at Summerslam. Brock and Paul look at each other. Brock shakes his head, and Paul says that he accepts. Raw 1000 then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we see the new World Heavyweight Champion, Tyler Reks come out, he gets in the ring, and he holds up his Championship, and he says that this moment has been a long time coming, and at Raw 1000, he smashed Justin Gabriel. Reks says that now at Smackdown 1000, you can expect this same image standing in the ring. Reks holds up the title again, and we then hear the music of Justin Gabriel. Gabriel comes out and he gets in the ring. Gabriel says to Reks that he is one of the greatest US Champions in WWE history, he is a former King of the Ring, he won the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, and he defended it well, only to lose it after the most grueling match of his career, to a Money in the Bank Cash in. Gabriel tells Reks that is anti climactic for him, and for the WWE Universe. Gabriel says that luckily, it will not have to all end like that. Justin says that he has his rematch clause, and he intends to use it, at Summerslam, for a proper one on one match with Tyler Reks. Reks smiles at Justin Gabriel and he tells him that is fine, he looks forward to it, but he warns Gabriel that it will be the exact same scene at Summerslam as it was at Raw 1000. Tyler Reks standing over Justin Gabriel with the World Heavyweight Championship. Reks then leaves Justin Gabriel standing in the ring. Next up we have Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in another match against Primo and Epico. Primo and Epico put up a great fight, but they get beaten back by Rey, who hits a 619, and then tags in Sin Cara, who hits the splash for the win. Rey Mysterio then grabs a mic, he calls out the Usos. The Usos come out. Rey says that so far, him and Sin Cara are 2-0, the Usos, aren’t that much better as of right now, and they need a challenge for Summerslam. Rey says that he and Sin Cara are more than willing to face off against the Usos for the Tag Team Championships at Summerslam. Jimmy grabs the mic and he says Rey is right, they are not that much better, and not only that, but they would both love to step in the ring with the great Rey Mysterio. Jey grabs the mic and he tells him that it would be magic if they stepped in the ring together, and that they are on. Next up we have the Miz come out, and he grabs a mic, he says that Alex Riley is really good in the ring, and perhaps he may be the reason that they were Tag Team Champions three times, but Alex Riley forgets that the Miz is a former Tag Team Champion even before Alex Riley, and he is also a former US Champion, and not only that, but the Miz is the man who trained Alex Riley for WWE and got him a job on Smackdown. Miz says that at Money in the Bank, Riley bit the hand that fed him, and now, it is going to cost him big. Miz then says that he wants to challenge Riley to a one on one match at Summerslam. Riley blindsides the Miz and hits him with a DDT and lays him out, he then chuckles and shakes his head at the Miz. Riley then leaves the ring. Finally we have Abyss come out, he grabs a mic, and he says that he cannot believe a fellow monster like Kane would do something like what he did to him. Abyss says that Kane humiliated him at Raw 1000, and he has to pay for what he did, but how? Abyss says that he will think of a way to humiliate and embarrass Kane at Summerslam. Abyss then leaves and Smackdown goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start out by seeing AJ Lee take on Kelly Kelly in the ring. AJ is able to make quick qork of Kelly, and she has her beat, but she decides to hit the moonsault on Kelly in order to finish her off. Next up we see Kevin Nash come out to the ring, he says that last week, he was embarrassed inside of the ring by Brock. Nash said that he had no intention of giving power to Paul Heyman, but Brock was going to break his arm, he had no choice, except, he was able to give Paul and ultimatum, and now, Nash says that he has to face the beast that he is responsible for bringing back to WWE, and his GM job is on the line at Summerslam. Nash says that he does not like the idea, Nash feels like he will get hurt and suffer an injury, but he has to go through with this, he has to try and defeat Brock Lesnar, and try is exactly what he will do, with everything he has got. Nash tells Lesnar, he doesn’t care how big and powerful he is, he will be beaten at Summerslam, and Kevin Nash says that he will keep his job as GM of Raw. Kevin Nash drops his mic and he leaves the ring. Next up we have Sting in a match with Dolph Ziggler. Sting is able to quite easily put this match away. After the match, Sting has a staredown with Daniel Bryan, who is on commentary. Finally up next we have John Cena come out and talk for a minute. Cena says that Summerslam means a lot to him, he says that under no circumstance can he lose the match with CM Punk, he has to win. Cena says that he absolutely must become WWE Champion at Summerslam, defend the title up to the Royal Rumble, defeat the Rock and bring the title to Wrestlemania. John Cena then talks about his losing streak, he says that it has been an unfortunate time for him, losing to Wade Barrett, the Rock, Brock Lesnar, and then to Kevin Nash. Cena says that he is the face of this company for a reason, not CM Punk, and that reason is, is that he is always able to overcome adversity, and that is what he is going to do at Summerslam, he is going to overcome adversity, and he is going to show Punk why he cannot handle being on top. CM Punk comes out and he looks at John Cena. Punk says that a man once said that in order to be the man, you gotta beat the man. Punk says that well for probably the first time ever, that saying works both ways. Punk says that Cena has to beat him to end his losing streak and once again become WWE Champion, but Punk has to beat Cena, because despite what Punk has done in the past year, Cena is still the poster boy for WWE. Punk says that Cenas time is in the past, and Punk being the revolutionary that he is, wants to change that. Punk says that at Summerslam, he will defeat John Cena and become the new face of the WWE, and on top of that he will continue to defend his WWE Championship. Punk says that Cena can whine and bitch all he wants both before and after Summerslam, but that will not change the fact that he will be looking up at the lights by the end of the show. Punk drops his mic and leaves. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we start out with Abyss coming to the ring, he says that for over a week now, he has thought about ways to embarrass Kane, like Kane embarrassed him at Raw 1000, well he thought about it. Abyss says that he wants Kane at Summerslam in a brutal match up, and since both men are considered Monsters, then why not make it something so brutal, that it has never ever been shown in WWE. Abyss says that at Summerslam, he wants to face off against Kane in a Monster's Ball match for the United States Championship. Abyss then laughs and he leaves the ring. Next up we have Rey Mysterio in the back mentoring Sin Cara, he is telling him all about the double team moves that they can do at Summerslam to defeat the Usos. Rey is then approached by an interviewer who tells Rey that next week he is going to be taking on Jimmy Uso one on one. Rey looks at Sin Cara and he tells Sin Cara that he will join him at ringside in order to watch him and take mental notes of what to do in the ring. After this we get a tag team match that pits two new Tag Teams against each other, it is Evan Bourne and MVP against the Prime Time Players. Bourne and MVP put up a great fight, but even after an Air Bourne, they cannot put away the Prime Time Players. Titus O’Neil uses his strength to attack and thwart Evan Bourne who has to tag to MVP. MVP uses his experience against Titus, but he tags to Darren Young. Young slaps MVP in the face and smiles at him. MVP gets angered and tries to attack Darren, but he slips right into the Gut Check and gets pinned by Darren Young. The Prime Time Players win their debut match. Next up we have the Miz come out and grab a mic, he says that he is done with the blindside attacks, he says that he offered a challenge last week to his former student, Alex Riley for a match at Summerslam in order to teach him one final lesson. Miz tells Alex Riley to come out from wherever he is and answer him like a man. Alex Riley then comes out and he gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. Alex Riley says that he wants to prove himself as a singles star, he says that he would love to take on the Miz, he thought that he did not even have to answer the Miz for this match. Riley says that he thought that it was a given for the both of them. Alex Riley then tells the Miz that at Summerslam, the Miz will be the first stepping stone in Alex Rileys quest for Singles gold. Alex then tries for a DDT on the Miz, but Miz counters and hits a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz takes his mic and tells Riley that he may just want to think again. Miz then leaves the ring. Finally we have Justin Gabriel in a match with Sheamus. Sheamus beats up Justin for a while, but Justin is able to make a comeback, and hit Sheamus with a 450 Splash for the win. Tyler Reks then comes out after the match. Justin Gabriel tries to fight Reks but he doesn’t stand a chance and he gets hit with the Burning Hammer. Reks stands tall to close out Smackdown.
Raw is up next and we start out by seeing CM Punk in a match with R-Truth. John Cena is on commentary. Throughout the match, CM Punk continues to beat up R-Truth and taunt John Cena while doing so. CM Punk gets Truth on his shoulders and he looks into Cenas eyes as he hits the GTS on R-Truth. Punk comes away with the victory and he has a staredown with John Cena after the match. Next up we see Paul Heyman come out with Brock Lesnar. Paul introduces himself as the GM of Raw, he says that he already is the GM, he doesn’t need Summerslam to prove that, because Heyman already knows that Kevin Nash is no match for Brock Lesnar. Heyman says that at Summerslam, Brock will toy with Nash, and he will hurt Nash, he will break Nash and make him scream in agony, and that will only be in the first two minutes of the match. Paul Heyman tells Nash that he should have just made him the GM at Raw 1000, because it would have been so much easier on him, but now, Kevin Nash is going to wish he had a cattle prod, he is going to wish he had his little buddies with him, because at Summerslam, Kevin Nash is going to get the worst beating that he has ever recieved. Paul Heyman says that Kevin Nash is going to leave WWE on a stretcher, but that means nothing to Paul Heyman, who will be the new GM of Raw, and to Brock Lesnar, who will be the new face of Raw. Paul Heyman tosses the mic behind him, and both him and Brock leave the ring together. Next up we see AJ Lee in another match up, this time with Melina. Melina puts up a good fight, but she is no match for AJ Lee. AJ gets Melina down, and she once again hits a Moonsault to gain a victory over Melina. Finally we have Daniel Bryan come out to the ring, he talks about how good it is for him to finally get a true opportunity here in the WWE, and not only that, but it is against Sting at Summerslam for the IC Championship. Daniel says that it does not get much bigger than that. Daniel says that he loves Sting, he is one of his favorite all time wrestlers, but at Summerslam, nothing will stop Daniel from gaining his first Championship in WWE and beating Sting for it. Daniel says that since Wrestlemania, he has not been pinned once, and not only that, everyone that he has beaten, he has made tap out. Bryan says that Sting will be no different, and at Summerslam, Sting will have his very first submission loss in WWE. Sting then comes out, and he tells Daniel that he likes what he is hearing. Sting says that he admires the passion coming for Daniel. Sting then says that however it is simply not true. Daniel will not make Sting tap out at Summerslam. Sting tells Daniel Bryan that he may tap out to the Scorpion DeathLock, but Sting will not tap out. Sting says that he will not lose, and just like at last year's Summerslam, he will be victorious. Sting says that he cannot wait to face Daniel, he thinks that it will be a great match, but Sting is for sure that he will not lose that championship. Sting then leaves the ring and Raw goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we start out by seeing Kane in a match against Vladimir Kozlov. Kane destroys Kozlov within just a couple minutes and pins him after a Chokeslam. Abyss appears on the stage after the match, he is holding Janis. Abyss looks at Janis and then he looks at Kane, who is staring a hole through Abyss. Abyss starts laughing at Kane, before he disappears into the back. Up next we see Jusin Gabriel in the back, he says that Tyler Reks may just be the strongest opponent he has ever faced in the ring. Justin says that the man came so close to ending the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, but so did Wade Barrett. Justin tells everyone that he defeated Barrett, twice now. Justin says that he does not care how tough Tyler Reks is. Justin says that he wants his World Heavyweight Championship back, and he plans on taking it back at Summerslam, after he hits a 450 Splash on Tyler Reks and beats him in the middle of the ring, by pinfall. Justin then tells everyone that he is determined and that they can count on it. Justin Gabriel leaves the backstage area. Next up we have a match between Alex Riley and Antonio Cesaro. This match goes on for a while and goes back and forth. Soon enough the ref goes down and so do both Riley and Cesaro. Miz gets in the ring and he gives Riley a Skull Crushing Finale and he drags Cesaro on top of him. Miz wakes up the ref and the ref counts three on Alex Riley and he awards the match to Antonio Cesaro. Miz leaves the ring with a huge smile on his face. Finally we have our main event between Rey Mysterio and Jimmy Uso. Jimmy puts up a great fight, but he goes for a Sperkick and Rey is able to take out his plant leg, and get him on the ropes. Rey then hits a 619 and a Splash to defeat Jimmy Uso. Smackdown then closes out with Rey and Sin Cara celebrating the victory.
The go home Raw is up next, we see a graphic and it shows that our main event tonight is John Cena vs R-Truth, and CM Punk will be on commentary. First up we have Kevin Nash coming out, and he says that Paul Heyman may just be right. Nash says that this Sunday he will probably get the biggest beatdown of his life by Brock Lesnar, and it is ironic because Nash says that he jumped through hoops to get Brock Lesnar back in WWE, and he said that Brock would be the face of WWE soon enough. Nash says that now unfortunately, that may be correct, but as GM, he might just have to let that happen. Nash says that yes, he said, as GM, because no matter what happens this Sunday, Nash is going to win, it is the biggest match that he has ever been in. Nash says that Lesnar can break his arm and bloody him up if he wants, it will make no difference, because Nash has all the plans of leaving Summerslam victorious. Paul Heyman then comes out, he calles Kevin Nash a valiant warrior. Paul says that Brock has all the intention in the world to do those things, but the thing is, is that Brock will be the one leaving victorious. Paul Heyman says that Brock is so brutal and so vicious that Nash will not be able to touch him in the ring at Summerslam. Paul says that Kevin Nash will be utterly dominated and destroyed. Nash tells Heyman that would be a tall task for even Brock Lesnar, and he is going to have to prove that he can do such things. Heyman tells Nash, ok, and then he waves towards the back. We then hear the music of Brock Lesnar. Brock storms towards the ring, and he gets right up in the face of Kevin Nash, he takes Kevin’s mic and says, come on and bring it, you big bitch. Brock throws Kevins mic on the ground and waves for Nash to come on. Nash then turns and steps out of the ring, he leaves, but Paul stops him. Nash grabs Paul's mic, and he says that it is not worth it to get hurt tonight. Nash says that he is going to save his strength for Summerslam. Nash then walks away. Next up we have Sting in the back, and he is talking about how big of a match he is going to have at Summerslam with Daniel Bryan. Sting says that it may just be one of the best matches of his career, but like he said last week, he will remain champion. Daniel Bryan then meets Sting backstage, and he tells Sting that he thinks that he is wrong, but we shall see. Daniel then walks away from Sting. Up next we have AJ in another match, this time it is a rematch against Beth Phoenix. AJ is able to hold off the strength of Beth, and make a comeback, once again, she wins with the Moonsault. After the match, Lita appears on the Titantron. Lita says that she has been watching AJ, and she says that she is impressed with AJ’s Moonsault, she says that it looks great, but Lita says that she still hasn’t perfected it yet. Lita says that at Summerslam, she intends on showing AJ what a perfect Moonsault looks like. AJ then laughs at Lita, and she says that she can if she wants, but she tells Lita not to be upset when she kicks out of it. AJ then leaves the ring. Finally we have our main event of the evening, John Cena vs R-Truth. Cena and Truth fight for a bit, and it spills to the outside of the ring. Cena ends up throwing Truth into Punk. Cena grabs Truth and gets him back in the ring. Cena is about to go for the AA, but Punk attacks Cena and stops the match. Punk and Cena get into a huge brawl with each other, and the refs and stars from the back have to break it up. Raw then goes off the air.
The go home Smackdown is up next and we start out with Abyss in a match against Kozlov. Abyss also beats Kozlov in just a couple minutes. After the match Abyss grabs Janis and gets back in the ring. Kane then comes out, he walks down to the ring, and he gets in the face of Abyss. Abyss swings Janis at Kane, but Kane catches Janis. Kane then grabs Abyss by the throat and forces him back into the corner. Abyss drops Janis. Abyss then grabs Kane by the throat and the two go back to the middle of the ring. Kane is able to shake Abyss off and hit a massive Chokeslam on him in the middle of the ring. Kane then looks at Janis before leaving the ring. Up next we have Sin Cara vs Jey Uso. Both men go back and forth with each other. Sin Cara then jumps off the ropes into a Superkick. Jey then pins Sin Cara for the win. After the match, Rey Mysterio helps Sin Cara to his feet and he tells him that it is okay. Both men then walk off. Up next we see Miz vs Antonio Cesaro in the ring. Cesaro looks great throughout this match, but Miz is the veteran and is able to put up a good fight against Cesaro. Towards the end Alex Riley comes out and he distracts the Miz and allows him to get hit with the Neutralizer. Cesaro then wins the match. After the match, Riley hits Miz with his DDT and stands over him before leaving the ring. Finally we have a match that pits Tyler Reks against Big Show. This is a hard match for Tyler Reks, but he eventually takes it to Big Show and hits an incredible Burning Hammer on Big Show for the win. After this match we see Justin Gabriel attack Tyler Reks, and hit the 450 Splash on him. Justin Gabriel holds up the World Heavyweight Championship as Smackdown goes off the air.
  1. The Usos retain their Tag Team titles against Mysterio and Sin Cara (Jey pins Mysterio)
  2. Daniel Bryan wins the IC title from Sting (Debuts the Flying Knee)
  3. Alex Riley defeats the Miz
  4. AJ Lee retains her Women’s title against Lita
  5. Aksana Cashes in and wins the Women’s Championship from AJ Lee
  6. A bloody Abyss retains his US title against Kane
  7. Tyler Reks retains the World Heavyweight Championship against Justin Gabriel
  8. Brock Lesnar squashes a bloody Kevin Nash (Brock breaks his arm and makes him tap)
  9. CM Punk retains his WWE Championship against John Cena (After the match Cena attacks Punk with a steel chair and gives him two normal AA’s on the chair before giving him an Avalanche AA. Cena has turned heel)
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2020.08.06 16:56 MatthewMir WWE Network Primer Part 2 - Your guide to every match you should watch on the WWE Network during lockdown/quarantine.

Hi Everyone,
You may know me from my Essential Lists post I have posted throughout the last few years - which you can find here shameless plug I know
Unfortunately where I live in Australia is currently in a Stage 4 COVID-19 Lockdown which has given me some spare time to actually work on a new list - that looks at another top 100 WWE Matches.
These collection of matches are my own personal opinion of the another Top 100 WWE Matches; for this specific list I tried to include more forgotten gems and/or matches that I deserve more love from fans. I have not included Dave Meltzer’s ratings like I usually would on these lists but have decided to use CageMatch Ratings. I understand there is going to plenty of omissions of matches but before you comment saying matches are missing – please look at the original listed which I posted a few months ago. Also since a few people have commented on these posts saying 'stop throwing lists at us with no information' so on a few matches I’ve added a little bit of a backstory for new fans/fans of who haven’t seen the matches, some match details do contain spoilers, so you have been warned. I have also tried to add a link to each match as well; all videos come from the WWE Network.
Alright, now lets start the list:
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2020.08.03 00:59 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 26/2

Raw is up next and we start out with CM Punk in the ring, he says that for the first time in his career, he felt the Claymore, and it was the hardest hit he has ever taken, but Punk says that it doesn’t matter, he says many times before he has faced men like Drew McIntyre, and Wrestlemania will be no different. Punk says he is going to go into Wrestlemania, and he is going to show Drew McIntyre that he is just another challenger. Punk says that Drew can hit him with as many of those Claymore kicks as he wants, but it will not work. CM Punk holds up the WWE Championship and he says that after Wrestlemania, everyone will still see this image, along with Drew McIntyre sprawled out across the ring mat. Drew McIntyre goes for a surprise Claymore Kick, but Punk dodges the kick and he hits a roundhouse Kick on Drew and then he hits a GTS on Drew and he stands over Drew. Next up we have Tyelr Reks come to the ring, he says that he is done waiting, he says that if the Undertaker is truly in the building tonight then he will come out and face Tyler Reks like a man. Tyler waits a minute, and the Undertaker does not come out. Reks laughs and he says the Undertaker shouldn’t call himself the Deadman, because it is obvious he is not a man, and he knows that if he steps in the ring with Tyler Reks, he will be just what he is, dead. Tyler then leaves the ring, but we hear a gong, Tyler gets back in the ring, and the Undertaker actually does make his entrance down to the ring. Undertaker gets in the ring and he has his mic, him and Tyler stare each other down in the middle of the ring as the Undertaker's music ends. Undertaker asks Tyler Reks if he prides himself on his destruction, Tyler chuckles and he says that of course he does. Undertaker looks at the Wrestlemania sign and he says good, because there, at Wrestlemania 28, your soul will be mine, and I will take it inside of Hell in a Cell. Tyler laughs at the Undertaker, and he says that he will have no hope inside the Cell and he will end up just like Cody Rhodes. Undertaker then unexpectedly hits the Chokeslam on Tyler, and he leaves the ring. Tyler gets right back up and he looks at the Undertkaer who is on the outside of the ring. Tyler says to the Undertaker that at Wrestlemania, the Undertaker is his. Next up we see AJ in the back, she is questioned about her Wrestlemania match. AJ says that she looks forward to it, she says that if Michelle still thinks she can control this division, then she is wrong, AJ says that at Wrestlemania, the bully is going to get bullied. AJ then walks away. Next up we have Cody Rhodes in the ring, he says that he meant absolutely no disrespect towards Sting two weeks ago, he says that he knows Sting will be an incredible challenge at Wrestlemania, but coming off of the toughest rvalry of his life with the IC Championship, Cody feels like he can do anything. We then hear the noise of a crow and the lights go out, they come back on and we see Sting and Cody Rhodes face to face, Sting holds out his hand, and a stunned Cody Rhodes shakes his hand and tells him that it is nice to meet him. We then hear the crow again, and when the lights come back on, we just see Cody again. Next up we see Sheamus in the back and he says that last week he heard exactly what Daniel Bryan said last week, and all he could do was laugh, Sheamus asks if anyone really thinks that a little man like that could defeat the Celtic Warrior? Sheamus calls Daniel Bryan pathetic and he walks away. Finally up next we see the Rock come out and he says that two weeks ago he heard John Cena call him a liar, and it just made him more furious. Rock then says that he knows Cena is in the back, he tells Cena not to come out. Rock says that if Cena comes out, then the Wrestlemania main event will be ruined, and he knows WWE banked a lot on this. Rock says that he hates being called a liar, he then says that if the people do not believe him, then look no further than the late nineties and early two thousands. Rock says he gave his blood sweat and tears for the people, he called himself the Peoples Champion for a reason, the Rock says that he always loved the People, and he remembers the good times he had back then, he thinks about them everyday. Rock says that back then he enjoyed his fueds with the greats like the Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Game Triple H, The Immortal Hulk Hogan. Rock says he enjoyed those matches, and he won them. Rock says that Wrestlemania 28, he will win, mark his words, but it is not about that, it is about destroying John Cena, and FINALLY after all these years, beating some respect into that punk ass of his. Rock looks in the camera, and he says to John Cena that he better keep his mouth shut until Wrestlemania, because if not, it may just well be his last night on this Earth. Rock then leaves the ring and Raw goes off the air.
Smackdown comes up next and we see Chris Masters come to the ring, he grabs a microphone and he says Chris Jericho, he then asks WWE if they are serious, they are taking someone who has never been US Champion before and placing him against the very best United States Champion that ever lived. Chris Masters says that it is absolutely absurd, and that this will be the easiest challenge yet. Chris Jericho then comes out and he says that Masters really needs to learn some respect. Jericho says that in the past, he may have not been the most likable person, and he said some stuff to some people that could be considered a little mean, or maybe even rude, but he at least had respect for those people, Masters does not. Jericho then says that he remembers all the stuff Masters said about the late great Curt Hennig a few months ago to his own son. Masters then says, so what of it, he’s dead. Jericho then tells Masters that a long time ago in WCW Jericho messed up his Lionsault, and he was going to break his neck, and it is likely his career would have been over before it even started, but he was saved, and not just by anyone, but by Curt Hennig. Jericho says that ever since then he loved and respected Curt, Jericho says that sometimes he still likes to talk to Curt an dhe likes to thank him for what he did all those years ago. Masters then calls Jericho pathetic, he says that Curt Hennig should have let Jericho break his neck, that way we would have an open spot on the roster now, that wasn’t taken up by a useless has been, who hasn’t even won the US Championship. Jericho says that Masters is right, he hasn’t won the US Championship before, even though he has tried time and time again, but he says that he is the opposite of Chris Masters in the fact that the US Champiosnhip is the only title he hasn’t won, as to where it is the only championship that Masters has won, and in six years he has only won it once. Jericho says now that is pathetic. Masters gets in Jericho's face. Jericho says that he better save his energy for Wrestlemania, because Jericho looks to lock in the LionTamer, break the neck of Chris Masters, and complete his title collection. Jericho drops the mic and he walks out of the ring and leaves. Next up we see Randy Orton in a match against Rey Mysterio. Orton is able to win after a while, but after the match, he is attacked by Christian who hits the Killswitch. Christian then backs up into the corner and goes for a Punt of his own, but Orton rolls out of the ring and escapes Christian. Next up we see Wade Barrett in the back, he says that Justin Gabriel is right about a couple things, the first is that he does not hat Justin, the second is that they are super competitive and will fight until they cannot fight any longer, Wade says that however Justin left out two things, one Wade has been competing with the other main eventers and beating them regularly, so he is used to this platform and sure Justin was a great US Champion, but that will not cut it at Wrestlemania. And two Wade is fighting for more than the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, he is fighting for respect, the respect that he has lost. Wade says at Wrestlemania, he is expecting a fight from Justin, but it is nothing he hasn’t overcome before, he says that he wishes Justin luck, both during the match, and after when he is regaining his consiousness. Wade then leaves the area. Finally we see Miz and Riley in the ring. Miz says that him and Riley have already signed the contract, and now it is time for Big Show and his “Partner” to sign the contract. Big Show comes walking out and he goes down to the ring, and he signs the contract. Miz asks Big Show where his partner is. Riley asks if he ate him. Big Show says that no he did not eat him, and he says that he is glad that the Miz asked. Big Show yells for his partner to get out here. We then hear the music of Kane, who marches down to the ring, gets in and signs the contract. Big Show then thanks Miz for signing, and then he and Kane hit Chokeslams on the two men. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start out with Tyler Reks coming to the ring, he says that this year has been full of brutality, he says that he destroyed people like Cody Rhodes and Sheamus. Reks says people fear the Undertaker, they crack under the pressure and they choke while facing him at Wrestlemania, Reks says, not him, he will kill the Deadman inside of Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania. Reks says to Undertaker, that this grave will hold his body down. Reks drops the mic and he leaves the ring. Next up we have John Cena come out to the ring, and he says that of course he heard the Rock last week, he was in the building with him, like the Rock said, and no he did not come out, because the Rock actually had a point, WWE invested a lot in Wreslemania, and Cena says he did not want to ruin Wrestlemania by coming out last week, and injuring the Rock. Cena says that with that being said, he still has some stuff to say, he says he stands by his point, the Rock is a liar, he always was and still is. Cena says if Rock was truly compassionate about these fans then he would have stayed, Cena says not to give him that better opportunity bullsh*t. Cena says that in his time, he has done some movies, meanwhile he barely missed any time in WWE or on Monday night Raw. Cena says that the Rock got a few deals, and then well it was bye bye for the Rock. Cena says that at Wrestlemania he will be the one who truly fights for the fans, because at the end of the day the day after Wrestlemania, the Rock moves on and continues filming movies, as for John Cena, well he comes out the next night on Raw to compete. Cena says that WWE is his life, it is all that he has. And at Wrestlemania he proves it by beating the Rock within an inch of his life. Cena leaves the ring, next up we see a graphic saying that the Rock will be on Raw next week. Next up we see Michelle McCool in the back, she is asked about her Wrestlemania match. Michelle says that it is a must win for her, she says that no matter what, she has to win and beat AJ to regain the Women’s Championship. Michelle says once that happens, then it is back to ruling the division, and she says that she heard AJ, and like AJ, she will allow anyone to challenge her for her Women’s Championship. Next up we see Daniel Bryan in a match with JTG, he beats up JTG, and does well against him, and makes him tap out. After the match, Bryan asks what the time was, it was 6:13. Bryan then challenges Sheamus to a beat the Clock challnege, he wants to see if Sheamus can beat that challenge next week on Raw. Sheamus comes out and he accepts the match. Next up we see Sting out in the ring, he says that last week was all in good fun, but he did want to prove something to Cody, and that is how quick he can strike, he says that he easily could have hit Cody with the Death drop but he didn’t, he says that he likes Cody, and Cody is very good in the ring, but he needed a reality check, and Sting says that he wanted to give him one. Cody comes out and he stands on the stage, he says that perhaps Sting was right, cody did need a reality check, and he got one, now however it is time for Sting to get his, and at Wrestlemania he will get that reality check when he loses the match. Cody tells Sting that he should be ready for that. Finally we see CM Punk come out, he says that he hopes last week, Drew got the message, and that message is that it is not going to be so easy at Wrestlemania, and the fact of the matter is, is that Punk will hit another GTS on Drew at Wrestlemania and he will retain his championship. Drew comes out and he stares a hole through Punk to close the show.
Smackdown is next up and we start out by seeing Christian come out to the ring, he grabs a mic he says that last week was funny, he said that it was funny to see Randy Orton get a taste of his own medicine, Christian says that is not the end of it however, he says he will connect with a Punt kick to Randy Ortons Skull at Wrestlemania, he tells everyone to just watch. Randy Orton then comes out and he says that he dares Christian to try it again, he dares him to, because if he does, he will get another Punt to the skull, and he will be taken out for good. Christian dares Orton to come and try something. Orton walks to the ring, and he gets there, but after that he ends up walking away. Christian laughs at him as he does so. Next up we have a match between the Big Show and the Miz. Miz tries to work on the leg of the Big Show, but it just leads to Miz getting a big leg dropped on him. Big Show then picks Miz up and he hits the Chokeslam on Miz for the victory. Next up we see Gabriel in the back, he says that he heard Wade Barrett last week, and he took everything that he said under consideration, and he says that he still thinks that at Wrestlemania he will be able to hit the 450 and beat Wade Barrett to become World Heavyweight Champion, Justin does say however, good luck to Wade, and he hopes that he can recover well from this. Finally we have a match between Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio. Jericho does really well throughout this match, but the match does not end, as we have Chris Masters come out and put Jericho in the Master Lock. Jericho soon passes out, and Masters throws him to the ground, and wipes his boots onto Jericho to close out the show.
On the go home Raw we see Tyler Reks come out, he calls out the deadman, he says that he wants to see him before Wrestlemania, and he heard a rumor that the Undertaker was in the building tonight, so Tyler Reks tells him to get on out here, so he can come face to face with his destruction. We then hear the gong, and the Undertaker comes down to the ring. Undertaker says that this Sunday we will have an end one way or another, we will have an end to the animalistic Tyler Reks, or we will have an end to the streak. Undertaker walks up to Tyler Reks, and he says that he knows that the streak will not end. Tyler says that he knows the Deadman is wrong. Tyler says the brutality stops for no one, not even the Phenom. Tyler says that Sunday at Wrestlemania he is going to step in the ring with something he has never experienced, and it will cost him big. Both men pause for a second and Tyler Reks gets caught by the Undertaker, who looks to Chokeslam Tyler. Tyler is able to reverse and hit Burning Hammer on the Undertaker. Tyler exits the ring and the Undertaker sits up in the middle of the ring and stares at Tyler Reks. Next up we have Michelle McCool come to the ring to have a match with Layla in a Wrestlemania rematch. Layla puts up a great fight, but Michelle is determined, and she takes everything Layla has. Michelle hits the Faith Breaker on Layla and she wins the match. Afterwards AJ Lee stands atop the ramp and holds up her Championship. Next up we have Sheamus come to the ring and try to beat Daniel Bryans time. Sheamus is able to beat up JTG, but he hits the Brogue Kick just a few seconds too late, and he loses the challenge. Daniel Bryan comes out afterwards, and he laughs at Sheamus, and tells Sheamus that he should be ashamed of himself, and after Wrestlemania, he should be even more ashamed when he has to tap out. Daniel then leaves. Next we see Sting backstage and he says that he heard Cody last week loud and clear, and nothing has changed. Sting says that Cody needs another reality check, but he isn’t going to just appear before him, he is going to beat him and take his title from him, this Sunday at Wrestlemania. Sting says that he expects a fight, and he expects a good one, but he will not lose this Sunday. Next up we have Drew McIntyre come out, he says that he just wants to give some closing thoughts on Wrestlemania, he says that he hopes that Punk truly did learn some things while he was away, because he is going to need everything he can get just to survive this Sunday, and Drew does mean survive, because Punk has no shot at winning. Drew says he will be appearing next Monday night as your new WWE Champion. Finally we have the Rock come out and he says that almost one year ago, John Cena challenged him to this match. Rock said that he was glad to accept, because all this time he wanted to kick John Cenas ass, now FINALLY this Sunday at Wrestlemania 28, he gets that chance, and he says that he is taking it. Rock says that he would wish John Cena luck this Sunday, but truthfully, he doesn’t give rats ass what happens to Cena this Sunday. John Cena then comes out, he looks at the Rock and he says this ends Sunday. Cena says that he is not talking about this year long build, he is not talking about their rivalry, he is talking about the Rock and all of his lies that he tells to the WWE Universe. Rock gets in Cenas face and we can see that both men are shaking with anger. Rock asks Cena what he is saying. Cena calls him a liar. Rock can’t take it anymore, he attacks Cena, and starts punching him in the face, he beats up Cena for a second, before going for the Rock Bottom, Cena reverses into the AA and he hits it. Rock is laying on the ground as Cena looks at him with a look of disgust on his face. Rock is squirming around, and Cena picks him up and takes him to the corner, he punches Rock in the face a few times and he lifts him to the top rope, Cena then gets up and hits an Avalanche AA on the Rock. Cena stands over the motionless Rock to close the show.
The go home Smackdown is up next and we start out with Alex Riley vs Kane. Kane looks dominant throughout the match, and he hits Riley with a chokslam, and surprisingly Riley kicks out. Kane then goes for a Tombstone, but Miz breaks it up, and saves Riley, Big Show comes down to the ring, and we see a staredown between Kane, Big Show, Miz and Riley. Next up we see Wade Barrett in a match against Randy Orton, with both Gabriel and Christian on commentary. Wade Barrett is able to win the match, and he grabs a mic and asks Justin what he thinks, and he asks him if he really thinks that he can stand a chance this Sunday, then out of nowhere Randy Orton hits his RKO, and looks like he is going to Punt Barrett, but Christian attacks and stops Orton. Christian goes for the Killswitch, but Orton hits the RKO, by now Gabriel is in the ring, and Barrett is getting up, so Orton makes his escape. We then see Barrett and Gabriel have a staredown. Barrett holds his belt up, and we see Gabriel just look at it for a minute, before looking back at Wade. Finally we have a match between Chris Masters and Rey Mysterio, the match goes back and forth for a while, before Chris Jericho gets involved and attacks Masters. Jericho goes for his Codebreaker, but Masters is able to push him off, and then hit the Master Lock Slam. Masters takes a mic, and he tells Jericho he is a washed up has been, and that the stupid idiot, will not be winning this Sunday. Masters then spits on Jericho and holds up his Championship to close the show.
Wrestlemania 28
  1. Daniel Bryan makes Sheamus tap out
  2. Chris Jericho wins the US title from Chris Masters (Makes Masters tap)
  3. AJ Lee retains her Women’s Championship against Michelle McCool
  4. Christian defeats Randy Orton (Punts Orton)
  5. Kane and Big Show win the Tag Team titles from Miz and Riley (Big Show pins Miz)
  6. Sting wins the IC Championship from Cody Rhodes
  7. A bloody Undertaker defeats Tyler Reks
  8. Justin Gabriel wins the World Heavyweight title from Wade Barrett (The two hug after)
  9. CM Punk retains his WWE title against Drew McIntyre
  10. Rock defeats John Cena
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2020.07.17 04:02 ThomasFunk1 WWF vs WCW Invasion Rebooked!

WWF Raw May Week 1 2001:
The show opens with a video package which shows the opening of the show as pyro appears from the top of the stage. The camera then pans over to Jim Ross and Paul Haymen at the commentary desk...
Paul Heyman: "All right JR. We get it. Yes we all know its the number one TV show on a Monday!"
Jim Ross: "Say what you want about Monday Night Raw Live From Los Angeles, California !! But before we start the show let's have a recap of Backlash last night!"
A video package then appears and shows the highlights of WWF Backlash, featuring Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, The Brothers Of Destruction, Stone Cold, Triple H and much more.
After the video about Backlash. Vince McMahon walks down to the ring as the crowd cheers and boos him st the same time. He holds a microphone as he makes his way down to the ring.
Vince McMahon: "All right quite down! Now as you all know we the WWF bought WCW a few weeks ago. And you know what I'm glad we did. And you want to know why im glad we did?" the fans shouts yes at Vince McMahon continues... "Yeah I didn't ask for your opinions! Yeah boo all you want but WCW is no more! So Shane O, you may have control over them but you are not capable of taking down the greatest wrestling company in the world! Because you see Shane. You and WCW are dead to me! I conquered WCW. And I'll conquer you! So to all you WCW fans I suggest you get out of my...."
Before Vince McMahon can continue. Shane McMahon makes his way down to the ring and makes his way down to the ring holding a microphone.
Shane McMahon: "See dad. You can run your mouth all you want but at the end of the day your all mouth and no trousers! So you say that I am dead to you? Well your just jealous that I kicked your ass at Mania! So if I was you dad. I would be prepared for anything that comes your way! Because you never know just never know what will happen..." Vince McMahon stares at Shane McMahon as Shane McMahon tells his father to look behind him. Vince McMahon turns around and DDP hits him with a Diamond Cutter!!!
Paul Heyman is heard at the commentary desk completely stunned at what just happened...
Shane McMahon: "See I told you dad. You always have to be prepared for WCW!" Shane McMahon drops the microphone on Vince McMahon and leaves the ring and heads to the back with DDP.
X-Pac w/X Factor def. Taka Michinoku w/Funaki - 7mins
The match was aimed as a high spots match to impress the crowd and to try to improve the LightHeavyweight Division. X-Pac ends up winning the match with a.. X-Factor for the win.
After the match X-Pac celebrates in the ring with Justin Credible and Albert as he grabs a microphone and begins to talk...
X-Pac: "As you all know that last week... Jerry Lynn won the LightHeavyweight Championship! I mean talk about hurting the prestige of the belt. Who the hell would make some old, pathetic joke a Champion? What you all need is a Champion like me! A Champion who treats the belt with respect! So, Lynn I challenge you to a WWF LightHeavyweight Championship match on Smackdown!!"
The crowd boos non stop at X-Pac but start to cheer when Jerry Lynn walks down to the ring holding his WWF LightHeavyweight Championship.
Jerry Lynn: "You seem to think that you are the greatest wrestler ever! Well face facts boy! You aren't! You can think your better than me all you want but you don't know how to beat me do you?"
X-Pac: "Uhm!" laughs at Jerry Lynn "You do realise anyone can beat your dirty old ass!"
Jerry Lynn: "Really? Well prove it because... I accept your challenge for Smackdown! So bring it on!"
The two men go face to face as a Commercial break appears afterwards.
Backstage Lita is seen at a food stand buying food during the show. Behind her is The Right To Censor who stop her and begin to talk to her...
Stevie Richards: "OMG! Lita! How dare you wear them clothes. When young people are watching live in the arena or at home."
Lita looks at Stevie Richards in a pissed of way as The Goodfather Val Venis surround Lita. Ivory is also seen next to Stevie Richards with a smug look on her face.
Ivory: "I mean seriously Lita. You are a tramp and you Do not deserve to be in the ring competing or even in this company."
Lita: "You want me to prove that I should be in this company? Well I'll prove it right now!"
Lita attempts to charge at Ivory but Val Venis and The Goodfather hold her back.
Steven Richards: "I guess we are gonna have to Censor you! Slapper!"
Then all of a sudden The Hardy Boys come to Litas aid and starts brawling with Val Venis and The Goodfather as Ivory and Lita start Brawling as Steven Richards watches on not impressed. Then Mick Foley storms into the scene with security and splits both groups up...
Mick Foley: "STOP IT!! I havs seen enough. Now you want to settle this issue out? I don't want an answer because you will be later on in the show! It will be The Right To Censor vs The Hardy Boys and Lita in a 3V3 Intergender Tag Team Match!"
Both groups stare each other down as the camera pans over to the ring.
Edge and Christian def. The APA - 13mins by distraction from Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire.
The match was aimed as a brawl between two excellent, outstanding teams. The match ends when Bradshaw attempts to hit a powerbomb to Christian but Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire run down to the ring and stands on the apron where they distract Bradshaw. Causing him to let go of Christian in the powerbomb postiton and would turn his attention to Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire. Christian then tags in Edge and Edge spears Bradshaw when Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire stop distracting him.
After the match Edge and Christian make their way up to the top of the stage where they celebrate their victory tonight. Whilst in the ring Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire attack The APA non stop. Then all of a sudden... Stacy Kiebler makes her way down to the ring as Edge and Christian watches on. Stacy Kiebler then enters the ring and low blows Bradshaw and Faarooq. Stacy Kiebler then tells Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire to hit them with their Tag Team Finisher. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire then hit The APA with a double powerbomb as Stacy Kiebler watches on as the crowd boos non stop.
Backstage Shane McMahon is in his locker room with Lance Storm, DDP, Chavo Guerrero and Buff Bagwell. Shane McMahon begins to talk until Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire w/ Stacy Kiebler enter the room and they all celebrate. Shane McMahon then begins to speak towards the camera...
Shane McMahon: "So. Here we are. Live on Monday Night Raw! And we are here for only for one thing. And that is to crush The WWF! See what we did earlier to Vince McMahon wasn't a cheap attack. Oh No! It was a statement! It was to show him that WCW will not be put down easily! And as I said earlier... Be prepared for ANYTHING!"
Shane McMahon then grabs a can of spray paint and sprays the logo of WCW onto the camera as The WCW stars celebrate.
Mick Foley is seen in his office backstage looking through paper work but is interrupted by The Undertaker and Kane who tower over him...
Mick Foley: "Taker, Kane how may i help you today?"
The Undertaker: "Well that's simple... We want Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin and that dirt little slapper Stephanie McMahon!"
Mick Foley: "Look. I know you two desperately want them in a match but, you lost last night! But I understand why you want to beat the crap out of them. We all want to!"
The Undertaker: "See me and my brother don't take no for an answer! I mean after all Foley you should know that by now! So if you still want to be walking I suggest you give us what we want!"
Mick Foley hears enough and stands up and goes face to face with The Undertaker as the two men stare each other down...
Mick Foley: "Oh yep. I remember. But I also remember beating you aswell! But that's the past and this is the future! So how about this... On Smackdown it will be... Triple H and Stephanie McMahon vs The Undertaker and a female wrestler of your choosing. If you win on Smackdown you face Stone Cold at Judgment Day for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship! But if you lose.. You want receive a Title Match!!"
The Undertaker: Looks at Kane and then back to Mick Foley "That's fine by me! Oh by the way. I'd like to introduce my Tag Team Partner for Smackdown.... My wife... SARA!!!"
Sara then appears behind The Undertaker and Kane as they walk away from Mick Foley. Leaving Mick Foley shouting...
Mick Foley: "Have a nice day!"
Lita and The Hardy Boys def. Ivory, The Goodfather and Val Venis w/Stevie Richards - 13mins
This match was aimed as brawl based match between two good teams. The ending of the match was when Lita hits Ivory and The Goodfather with a moonsalt of the top rope to the outside. Whilst Jeff Hardy hits Val Venis with a Swanton Bomb for the 1!2!3!
The Hardy Boys and Lita celebrate in the ring as Right To Censor make their way to the backstage area.
Rhino © def. Crash Holly - Street Fight for the WWF Hardcore Championship - 8mins
This match was aimed as a brawl between two hardcore wrestlers. The finish of the match was when Crash Holly hits Rhino with a Trash can to the head and then sets up a table in the corner. When the table is set up Crash Holly turns around and Rhino spears him through the table for the win.
The Rock is seen in the ring after a Commercial Break as he holds a microphone and looks around the whole arena.
The Rock: "To the thousands in attendance, to the millions watching at home... Finally The Rock has come back to Los Angeles! So as you all know Shane O Loser and his goons are supposedly invading the WWF! I mean i give credit to you. Very few people attack the owner of the WWF. So I'll give you that but who the hell are you lot? Because what I can tell is that you all like to kiss Shane's Candy Ass!!! Because you all think your the best. When you SUCK!!"
The Rock attempts to continue until Buff Bagwell interupts him and walks down to the ring.
Buff Bagwell: "Oh look who it is the joke of the WWF! I mean come on seriously your not a wrestler, your just a little baby."
The Rock: "Did you litteraly just call the people's champion a little baby? Well, if you think your man enough why don't I come over to you and kick your candy ass around Los Angeles!!!"
The crowd pops when Buff Bagwell backs away a little.
Buff Bagwell: "What do you really think im scared of some wanna be Buff Bagwell?"
The Rock: "Did you literally just call the Great one a wannabe Buff Bagwell!! Because I think you must be high on something. Or your just blind!! And why the hell would i want to be a wannabe Buff Bagwell? Because if I'm right in saying you got ass kicked by your own mother on live TV! Whilst the Rock was laying the Smackdown on actual competition!"
Buff Bagwell hears enough and charges at The Rock but The Rock hits him a Rock Bottom and then a Peoples Elbow. The Rock the looks at Buff Bagwell and says...
The Rock: "Meet me in the main event tonight so I can kick your Candy Ass! Jabroni!"
The Rock then drops the microphone as his music hits and he makes his way to the backstage area.
Eddie Guerrero def. Chris Benoit - 14mins - By distraction from Chavo Guerrero
This match was aimed as a technical masterclass between two outstanding wrestlers. The end of the match was when Chris Benoit is on the top rope looking to attempt a diving headbutt. But Chavo Guerrero runs from the back and hits Chris Benoit with a super kick as the referee is down. Chavo Guerrero then puts Eddie Guerrero over Chris Benoit for the win.
Eddie Guerrero gets back to his feet and sees Chavo Guerrero in the ring opposite him. Eddie Guerrero realises what Chavo Guerrero has done as Chavo Guerrero attempts to celebrate with him. Eddie Guerrero doesn't however and leaves ring confused about what happened.
Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Stone Cold and Debra are seen storming into Mick Foleys office as the camera sees him eating.
Mick Foley: "Oh now what is it!" As he's clearly angry about being interrupted again.
Stone Cold: "Oh don't give me that. You know why we are hear!"
Triple H: "So I suggest you think twice about that match because we will not be forced to face The Undertaker and his dog of a wife Sara!"
Mick Foley then goes face to face with both men as he replies back in a angry way.
Mick Foley: "Oh you know what Hunter. You may hold nearly all the belts but you need to remember that i decide what happens around here, not you! So you can plead all you want but the match will happen on Smackdown! So you better be ready!"
Mick Foley then sits down as The Two Man Power Trip storm off clearly not happy with Mick Foley.
William Regal def. Billy Gunn - 10mins.
This was a good back and forth match telling a story well. The end of the match was when Gunn attempts a Famouser but is reversed by Regal into a powerbomb for the win.
William Regal after the match has a microphone in his hand as he begins to speak...
William Regal: "How dare you all boo me! My name is William Regal and I am the face of British Wrestling! I am here for one thing and one thing only. And that is to protect the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II! So I demand a Championship against... Matt Hardy because that European Championship needs a Champion who cares for their great continent Of Europe. Yeah you can boo me all you want but I will Reign supreme over Matt Hardy and will show the world that the United Kingdom is the greatest country ever."
William Regal then leaves the ring as the crowd boos him non stop.
The Rock def. Buff Bagwell - 15mins
This match was aimed as a brawl between two wrestlers valiantly battling for their companies. The match ends when The Rock hits Buff with a Rock Bottom and then a people's elbow for the win.
After the match The Rock celebrates with the fans in the ring but from behind... Booker T enters the ring and hits with him the WCW Title on the back of the head. Booker T then celebrates in the ring as the crowd boos non stop as the show ends.
What do you think?
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2020.06.07 00:25 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010s. Part 8

Chapter 8
Brand Warfare
The next night on Raw, we start out with a message from the Raw GM, he says that he has some huge news, here in three weeks, there is going to be a special Pay Per View called Bragging Rights, now at this Pay Per View, we are going to have Smackdown vs Raw in a best of three series, we are going to have United States Champion, John Morrison vs Intercontinental Champion, Shad Gaspard plus another one on one match, and that will be WWE Champion, Wade Barrett vs World Heavyweight Champion, Drew McIntyre, and then our final match of the series will be a 10 man tag team match, Raws five best vs Smackdowns five best. Nexus music hits, and the Nexus walks down to the ring, Wade Barrett has a bandage on his head from last night. They get in the ring and Barrett grabs a mic, he says that Raws five best are Nexus, and if they make it Nexus vs Smackdown, then they will surely get at least two victories on the night, one when Wade Barrett wins over Drew McIntyre and the other when Nexus defeats Smackdown. The GM chimes in, he says that Wade will not compete in the 10 man tag as he already has a match set up, and then secondly, the GM wants Raw to take on Smackdown, not the Nexus, however there are three qualifying matches tonight, one is Edge vs Miz, another is Sheamus vs Evan Bourne, and finally the third of the night is Ryback vs Jack Swagger. After this we got our first qualifying match, Sheamus vs Evan Bourne. Both men put up a good fight, but in the end Sheamus is able to pull out the victory and successfully qualify for Team Raw. Next we have Eve coming out, she demands to have Michelle McCool come out, she does, she then tells Michelle to give her back the championship, Michelle declines, and says that at the first ever womens Hell in a Cell match Eve lost her championship, Eve tells Michelle that she got lucky last night, and that if Eve wanted she could pin Michelle or make her submit, over and over again. Michelle gets a smile on her face, she tells Eve to prove it. Michelle then tells Eve that here in three weeks the Bragging Rights Pay Per View is coming up, Michelle says that she wants some bragging rights of her own, and she knows Eve does as well, she tells Eve to invoke her rematch clause at Bragging Rights and make it the first ever Iron Woman match. Eve looks shocked, like she has just put her foot in her mouth, she yells out and says fine, but on one condition, Michelle tells Eve to name it, she says that no matter what this is the last time they will face each other for the championship, Michelle does not hesitate, she agrees, and then walks away. Next up is our second qualifier, it is between Ryback and Swagger, the two big men go at it, but Ryback overpowers Swagger and gets the Nexus a spot on Team Raw. Next up John Morrison comes out to ring and he says that last night R-Truth put up a good fight again, but last night was not like the friendly competition they had at Night of Champions, it was one of the most personal fights Morrison ever had, and he had to bring everything to beat R-Truth, but now R-Truth is in the past, and it is time to move on. John says that luckily he doesn’t have to defend his US title at Bragging Rights, because he has a massive challenge in front of him, Intercontinental Champion Shad Gaspard, who has a death grip on his title. Morrison says that like last night however, he will bring everything to Bragging Rights in order to win and defeat Shad Gaspard. Finally we have our last match of the night, Edge vs the Miz. Miz puts up a great fight, and even hits the Skull Crushing Finale, but it is not enough, Edge comes back and hits a spear on the Miz for the win, and to close out the night.
Drew McIntyre comes out on Smackdown and he immediately holds up his World Heavyweight Championship and laughs, he yells into the mic that he killed the Deadman, and that he is the true phenom of WWE, and that he is the most dominant force WWE has ever seen, not the Undertaker, and at Hell in a Cell Drew proved that when he beat the old man in the Cell, in the middle of the ring. He says that now he is looking to deal with someone else who thinks that they are the most dominant force in WWE, a man who thinks he can just do whatever he wants, a man who just walked over John Cena, WWE Champion Wade Barrett. Drew says that at Bragging Rights, Wade Barrett will go down and face his first taste of defeat in WWE, Drew then says because unlike Wade, he got his Championship on his own. Backstage we see Teddy Long announce two Qualifying matches for Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights. CM Punk vs Kane and also a man who is making his Smackdown debut Alberto Del Rio will be taking on Yoshi Tatsu for a spot on the team. After this we get CM Punk fighting Kane and he is able to beat Kane and move on to Team Smackdown. Next up we have the Colons come out to the ring, and Carlito exclaims that they were able to defeat the Hart Dynasty at Hell in a Cell, and that does make them the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov come out and laugh at the Colons, Carlito asks why they are laughing, and Jackson tells them to think about how small they are, Carlito then laughs and he says to Jackson, that height and weight did not matter a few weeks ago when Carlito beat him in the middle of the ring. Jackson takes offense and gets held back by Kozlov, Carlito says that he meant no offense by it, he was just saying, so that Kozlov and Jackson can bring their A-game to Bragging Rights. Next we have Shad vs Christian for the IC title, Shad once again beats Christian, and then tosses him out of the ring, and puts him through the announce table, he grabs a mic and says that at Bragging Rights that will be John Morrisons fate. Then after this we have our main event, which is, Alberto Del Rio vs Yoshi Tatsu. Yoshi puts up a great fight against Del Rio, but he ends up tapping out to the Cross ArmBreaker, and Del Rio grabs his spot on Team Smackdown.
Next on Raw we start out with the anonymous GM talking about the last two qualifying matches, first we will have Nexus member David Otunga vs his old NXT pro, R-Truth, and then we will have the last qualifier, Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler, after that Team Raw will be complete. First however we have a match between Eve and Kelly Kelly, the two fight for a while, until the end when Eve defeats her, after the match she attacks Kelly, until Michelle comes out and drives Eve away. Next up we have our first qualifying match between Otunga and Truth. Truth puts up a fight, but Otunga is out to prove something, and he ends up beating R-Truth to qualify for the team alongside his fellow Nexus member Ryback. After this we see John Morrison backstage and he gets asked what his thoughts were on what Shad did on Smackdown and the message he sent to John Morrison. Morrison says that yes he saw it, and he knows that Shad is going to be a tough opponent, but he also knows that with all due respect to Christian, he is not John Morrison, and what John Morrison is going to do at Bragging Rights is give Shad the fight of his life, Morrison says that Shad can send all of the messages that he wants, at the end of the day it will make no difference, he will either beat John Morrison at Bragging Rights, or he will walk out the loser of their match at Bragging Rights. Next up we see Edge and Sheamus backstage discussing strategy to defeat Team Smackdown, then we see Otunga and Ryback face off against them, Otunga says to the men that they need to just stay out of Nexus way during the match, and if they do that, then Raw will be winning at Bragging Rights, Nexus then walk away. After this we have our main event, Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler. It is another long match, and at the end Dolph goes for a Zig Zag, but Randy holds on to the ropes, Dolph gets up and tries again, but gets hit with an RKO out of nowhere, causing Randy to get the last spot on Team Raw. This however is not the end of Raw, Wade Barrett comes out, and he says that he has something to say, he says to Drew McIntyre that he does not think that he is the most dominant force in the WWE, he says that he is the leader of the most dominant force in WWE, and if Drew continues to piss him off, then he will feel that force first hand after he loses the match, and he says that if Drew thought the Undertaker was tough, then he has something far worse coming for him at Bragging Rights.
On Smackdown we start out with Carlito taking on Ezekiel Jackson in a rematch, however, the match just barely gets underway when Kozlov attacks Carlito, however, Primo and Epico come down to the ring and they attack and drive off Kozlov, and then all three beat up Ezekiel Jackson in the ring. After this our three qualifying matches are announced for the night, and they are JTG vs Chris Masters, Kaval vs Mike Knox, and Joe Hennig vs Christian. First up we have JTG vs Masters. Masters beats up JTG for a minute, but he goes for the Master Lock, to which JTG uses the ropes to roll up and pin Chris Masters to get a spot on Team Smackdown. After this we see that Shad comes out, he pulls a camera man in the ring, and he grabs a microphone and talks to John Morrison, he says that John can bring his fight however hard he wants, but the fact of the matter is, is that John is going to end up like Christian last week, which means he is going to get destroyed, Shad then says, like this, and proceeds to destroy the camera man. Next up we have Kaval vs Mike Knox, and Kaval evades Knox throughout the whole match until he can get some good offense in, and end up beating Knox for the spot on Team Smackdown. Drew comes out next and he talks to Wade Barrett, he says that Wades self confidence will be his downfall, sure Drew says, he beat John Cena, and that was pretty impressive, but Drew McIntyre beat the Undertaker, a man who has ruled WWE for almost two decades, almost no one can stand up to the Undertaker, especially inside of Hell in a Cell. Drew says that Wade will learn what a true challenge is at Bragging Rights, and he says that one, he doesn’t care if Wade Barrett gets pissed off, and two Wade should feel lucky that his WWE Championship is not on the line at Bragging Rights. Next up we have Joe Hennig vs Christian. Joe outdoes Christian in this match and he ends up beating Christian with the Perfect Plex, and he grabs that final spot on Team Smackdown.
Raw comes up next and it starts out with John Morrison vs R-Truth in a rematch from Hell in a Cell, the two fight for a while, until John is able to pull out the victory, after the match, a masked man comes out of the crowd and attacks John Morrison, he takes off his mask and is revealed to be Shad Gaspard. Next we are backstage, and Sheamus, Edge, and Randy Orton are all discussing strategy for this Sunday, they all talk about the strong and weak points of Team Smackdown, then Randy Orton begins to talk about Nexus, and how are they going to work with the rest of the team, Edge nor Sheamus have any answers for him. We then see Michelle McCool in a match with Serena, the two both get underway, but Mid Match Eve comes out, and attacks both members of LayCool, and stands tall at the end of all of this. Next up we are backstage again, and we see Ryback and Otunga at the end of their discussion, we hear Otunga say to Ryback that this Sunday they will just be there to take care of business, nothing else. Then for our main event we have Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes, this match is back and forth, but ultimately Cody goes for his beautiful disaster kick, and Wade catches him and hits him with Wasteland for the win. Wade grabs a mic, and he says look at Cody, he is one of the brightest young stars in WWE, he has such promise to be a future champion, but look at what just happened, he fought Wade Barrett and he lost, Wade says that Drew McIntyre is basically the same story, only he already is champion, he says that all bets are off Sunday, and that not only will he win, but Monday night Raw will have its bragging rights.
Smackdown starts with a graphic that shows the main event of the evening will be World Heavyweight Champion Drew McIntyre vs a huge challenge in the Great Khali. First however we see CM Punk talking to his teammates, he says that this Sunday is huge, and that they are all new to this type of situation, and that all they need to do is work together, Kaval takes a shot a Joe Hennig by saying that he needs to keep his ego in check if they do want to win this Sunday at Bragging Rights. Joe Hennig starts to argue with Kaval, and then this leads Alberto Del Rio to begin to act like he is better than everyone, and JTG confronts him, and Alberto tells him to watch his mouth, and that everyone knows what he has done in tag team action in the past, and what his partner has thought of him, JTG and Alberto begin to argue as well, and CM Punk just facepalms. Next up we have a handicap match between Epico and Primo vs Kozlov, Primo and Epico nearly win, and then Jackson gets involved, and beats the two men down, and when Carlito gets involved he gets double teamed and beaten up in the ring. Our main event comes and we get Drew McIntyre vs the Great Khali. Khali puts up a fight against Drew but is ultimately defeated. Drew celebrates his victory in the ring, and then we hear the music of the Nexus, they all come through the crowd, and then surround the ring. They get in the ring and attack Drew McIntyre, and the attack is finished off with a Wasteland from Wade Barrett, and then with the Nexus standing over Drew as the show ends.
Bragging Rights
  1. John Morrison defeats Shad Gaspard
  2. Kozlov and Jackson retain over Primo and Epico
  3. Team Smackdown defeats Team Raw (Nexus and the Raw superstars bicker the whole time and it escalates to the point where Slater and Gabriel come out and the four men attack Orton, Sheamus, and Edge and allow CM Punk to pin Edge, and then later Joe Hennig pins Orton, and Kaval pins Sheamus.)
  4. Michelle McCool retains against Eve (Final score: 4-2)
  5. Drew McIntyre wins by DQ (The match goes on for a few minutes, until the lights go out, when they come back on Undertaker chokeslams Drew causing him to win, Wade Barrett and the Undertaker have a small staredown as Wade has now been angered, but John Cena comes and attacks Wade from behind with a steel chair.)
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