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Weekly Round-Up: June 29th - July 5th

2020.07.05 17:53 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: June 29th - July 5th

Weekly Round-Up: June 29th - July 5th
/bangtan Weekly Round-Up

Previous thread: June 22nd - June 28th

This round-up is for everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
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News & Information

200629 Update on Legal Proceedings Against the Violation of Artist Rights
200630 BTS have been confirmed as the new brand models for Baskin Robbins Korea, an ice cream company
200630 Radio Disney: BTS will be joining Radio Disney Presents ARDYs Summer Playlist on July 10 on Disney Channel!
200701 Voting event by MTV Japan
200701 Weverse Official: How about staying in touch with your favorite artists through videos? Now the artists can upload their videos on Weverse
200702 “Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)” was nominated in this year's MYX Awards in Philippines
200703 BTS will perform Stay Gold on NTV’s Buzzrhythm02 on 7/17 24:59-25:59 JST

Official Media

Type Date Title Thread
Bomb 200701 [BANGTAN BOMB] Jimin's Short and Sweet Impersonation Thread
Bomb 200705 [BANGTAN BOMB] How to Stay Warm on the Set Thread
Run BTS! 200630 Run BTS! 2020 - EP.106 Thread
Run BTS! 200702 [Behind] Run BTS! - EP.106 Thread
Other 200629 Learn KOREAN! with BTS [EP.17] I Am Happy Thread

Official SNS

Date SNS Title Thread
200629 Twitter SUGA Thread
200630 Twitter Namjoon Thread
200701 Weverse Compilation
200702 Weverse Compilation
200702 Twitter Taehyung (deleted) Thread
200702 Twitter Seokjin Thread
200704 Weverse Compilation
200704 Weverse Namjoon Thread

CF & Partnerships

200629 Liiv M X BTS - 키워드 인터뷰 '제이홉' by KB국민은행 (j-hope)
200630 Hyundai Worldwide: Positive Energy Challenge by You and BTS
200701 Lotte Duty Free x BTS #WeWantaDutyFreeLife
200702 Liiv M X BTS - Keyword Interview 'Jungkook' by KB Kookmin Bank
200702 BTS T-money cards now available at CU stores in Korea
200702 PEACHVALLEY x BTS MIC Drop Product Release Date on Friday, July 3 @ 11:00 KST


Date Publisher Article Thread
200629 Billboard BTS Takes Over 'UNO! Mobile' for Limited In-Game Event Thread
200701 Al Jazeera The US's K-pop, BTS fans: A growing force for social justice? Thread
200701 SPIN LY: Answer included in SPIN's '101 Best Albums of the 2010s' Thread

Other media

NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS.
Type 💜 Date Title Thread
Photos 💜 200630 Production Designer Bona Kim posted behind the scenes pictures of Stay Gold mv set Thread
Photos 💜 200701 [BTS WORLD] BTS Set Behind the Scenes Photos (2/2) Thread
Reaction 200629 BTS SUGA Agust D MV REACTION with Contemporary composer 'Texu Kim' Thread
SNS 200701 Indian Singer Armaan Malik: "BTS x BUTTABOMMA is all that I needed to seee!!! 😱🕺🏻💜" Thread
SNS 200702 Jo Kwon thanks fans after his 8-year old song Animal ft J-Hope tops the iTunes charts in Saudi Arabia and Peru Thread
Video 200702 Unboxing SAMSUNG X BTS GALAXY BUDS + BTS EDITION + GA Thread
Video 200704 iJustine Unboxing the Samsung x BTS Galaxy S20 Thread


Type Date Thread
Charts/Sales 200630 BTS's "Stay Gold" debuts at No. 6 on this week's Digital Song Sales chart, earning the group its 16th career Top 10
Charts/Sales 200629 Moon is #1 in iTunes in 8 countries
Charts/Sales 200630 BTS' "Stay Gold" debuts at #1 on this week's World Digital Song Sales chart. BTS is the first act in chart history with 20 #1 hits.
Charts/Sales 200701 "Stay Gold' reaches a new peak on the Billboard Hot 100 Japan at #12 this week!
Charts/Sales 200701 Closing the first half of 2020, BTS 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' remains the #1 best selling album (pure) in the US this year with 546,000 copies.
Charts/Sales 200702 IU 'Eight' Ft Suga Ranks #1 On Melon For June, Its The First Song That Spent 2 Consecutives Months Since Love Scenario in 2018
Charts/Sales 200703 “Moon” has reached 50 #1’s on iTunes, extending its record for most #1’s achieved by a BTS B-side
Followers 200630 BANGTANTV has surpassed 32 million subscribers on Youtube
Streams 200630 BTS’s SUGA Has Surpassed 100 MILLION Streams on Spotify
Views 200702 'Agust D' by Agust D has become his first MV to hit over 100 MILLION+ YouTube views!
Views 200704 "Daechwita" has now surpassed 100 million views on YouTube


200629 Has donating ever been this easy or exciting? Just send BT21 X IVI LINE stickers and your charity work is done! All donations go to those in need of vaccines Thread
200630 BT21 X IVI Collab Sticker Thread
200701 BT21 RJ Cooks For Doggo (ft. Shiba Inu Mukbang) Thread
200701 Hmm.... Ideas anyone...? Shh. BT21 are holding a serious discussion session. 💡 Thread
200702 BT21 UNIVERSE 3 ANIMATION EP.06 - Love–Spread It, How? Thread


200630 Mini Korean lesson with IDOL lyrics
200630 Soribada voting on CHOEAEDOL app
200702 Korean lesson with Anpanman lyrics
200703 [Throwback] One year ago today, BTS released "Lights"
200703 I have a lot of time in my hands so I decided to make a Guide To BTS Discography as inspired by a post in the1975


Rolling /bangtan Awards 2020 nomination form

Top Discussion Posts

  1. [+189] Have you ever seen BTS in real life? How do they look?
  2. [+85] Anyone know how Agust D is viewed in Korea, particularly in the rap community?
  3. [+74] Hi! I'm new to BTS and I fell in love with the song "HOME". Any other songs like this?
  4. [+74] Please help with my daughters BTS birthday
  5. [+64] What Apps Have You Specifically Downloaded Because Of BTS?

Weekly threads


Here are past week's top 5 fanart posts from our sister subreddit, /heungtan!
Submitter Thread
ayinvui Sailor Joon! 🌙
InternalScreaming2 I just spent a solid three hours on this and I'm not sure if I should be proud or if I should be getting my life together
Lachimolala_yoonji I've always been afraid of sketching. But for the want of doing a BTS fanart, I took my pencil and gave it a go. This is now my 'I-didn't-know-I-could' moment. Thank you BTS. Here's Kim Namjoon.
emvink drew yoongi to celebrate daechwita's 100M views!
Smilex3_99 Stay Gold Inspired💜

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2019.06.22 20:13 eryslife Back to Back - Winning and Winning. (100 NEWS)

Ok. What a fucking week for the Org! From running it back at CWL Anaheim, to finding our first win in the LCS, to a clean 2-0 week in Academy. The lid is off and we're coming to take over.

First off, Nadeshot released a new episode of Selfmade, this time featuring iJustine. I recommend you go have a listen because she provides some incredible insight on coming up the way she has, how to avoid burnouts and more!
SELFMADE w/ iJustine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq66okx1sSI

Back to Back.
The boys ran it back at CWL Anaheim in dominant fashion! Storming the groups, storming through knockouts to then face GenG in the grand final. Winning the series 3-1. What stood out to me this tournament is our Search and Destroy looks to be our strongest mode right now. Yes, Hardpoint on Hacienda exists but I have to say some teams, most notably OpTic, gave us a difficult time on that mode. S&D was our weakest mode coming into the event but we have changed it up, worked hard and now shown how dominant we are at it. Slasher spoke on letting Kenny call the plays on S&D and I think that is a huge call, as Kenny is an S&D player, he knows the plays and can read the situation fast. Also, we unveiled the 'flying V' as the casters called it, where our whole team just flies together in a V formation. I noticed it in the final against GenG as we rotated from the A site to B, got spotted by killing someone watching the rotation, then to rush back to A at some unearthly speed.
Slasher received the finals MVP but I think that the whole team deserved it, every single player had their moments, even Enable. Ian popped off on some maps which caught me off guard but showed the level this team is at that anyone can turn up and run it up!
Now its back to the league followed by Miami then Champs. We have the ability to win everything right now and I think we will!

Winning and Winning.
Prior to championship Sunday the League team took to the rift, with FakeGod, Amazing, Ryu, Bang and Aphromoo. Dropping the GG game, but in a different manner. Aphro looked proactive, Amazing and Ryu were roaming correctly and finding good picks, but we just let it slip here and there leading to us losing the game but it was a very positive viewing and going into Sunday we needed to win.
Against EchoFox we dominated to the best of our abilities, taking our first win of the split. Bang and Aphro were clicking, Amazing was playing out of his mind, Ryu again showing his roaming ability, making me question why he retired! FakeGod in the top lane showed something Ssumday hadn't been and that was untiltable. After getting solo killed by Solo he kept going back for more and then when it came off we won the game. Yes, Ssumday is the better player right now but I feel if Ssumday takes FakeGod under his wing we could have one of the best top laners in NA soon.
After my comments last week about Bang, and watching the latest Heist I understand his situation. Expecting the other team to be perfect and them not can put you off, but he has begun to show the Bang we've been waiting for and with the league being wide open right now, we can still make playoffs!
Yet this week's games will be a huge test, C9 and FlyQuest. FQ is faltering so this should be an even game and hopefully we can show the same team as last week! C9 is another animal, Nisqy in the midlane does look like he sometimes ints and causes issues for his team so I would focus him. Amazing did the same last week, diving Mid onto Fenix, flash ults and more are needed this week!
Following the first win on Sunday our academy team, now fielding Ssumday and Soligo, Beat C9A and FQA. The C9A game was close, leading to a comeback but we found the W. Our academy now sits at 4-5 in the split.
I predict for the LCS however a 1-1 week, I can see us beating C9 but I think it will be super difficult.
Current Position - 7th, Record 1-5.

LATEST HEIST - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atwGQMRemZY&feature=youtu.be

Other than those events we have welcomed a new member to the 100T team, Jacob Toft-Andersen as VP of Esports.
" Jacob will be responsible for all our competitive teams, including expansion into new titles. A former professional player himself, Jacob joins us from OpTic Gaming.
Continuing in his role, Muddawg will be one of the leaders of our esports efforts, spearheading Call of Duty, battle royale, and supporting all our esports operations.
For League of Legends, Jackson Dahl - who has served as both our Director of Business Development and League of Legends GM - will continue to work with pr0lly and Jacob this split, while transitioning into business development full time."
- From 100 Thieves twitter, Thread here: https://twitter.com/100Thieves/status/1141459738539913216

We also wished Happy Birthday to Scooter Braun! From what I've heard, Jack hasn't stopped facetiming him causing to Scooter to block Jack on every social media. This is just speculation but reports have it Jack might be aiming to take Ariana Grande out on a date if Scooter doesn't unblock him.

Let's Run it Up once more for the Boys!

Also, shoutout the Discord Boys because Matt didn't at CWL!
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2017.09.17 17:26 Clbsfn Analytics for #SP7ForStreamys from hashtagify.me

We are in second place for Show of the Year, behind Phillip DeFranco.
Link to website: http://hashtagify.me
It gives a percentage of exactly how popular a certain hashtag currently is. I went through all the Streamys Show of the Year hashtags, and this is the ranking right now:

DeFrancoShowForStreamys 52.6

SP7ForStreamys 50.5

KianJCForStreamys 40.2

UNHhhhForStreamys 38.7

TYTForStreamys 27.9

TryGuysForStreamys 25.3

TKORForStreamys 24.2

GMMForStreamys 23.4

RoosterTeethForStreamys 19.2

REACTForStreamys 16.6

Update 1: Every hashtag went up by at least 1% except for Sugar Pine 7, Rooster Teeth, and REACT. Also, The Young Turks surpassed REACT.
Update 2: We are over 40% ! Ethan from CrankGameplays (400K youtube subs, 100K twitter followers) promoting #SP7ForStreamys really helped us.
Update 3: We are past 41%! Philly D isn't quite at 40% yet. The Young Turks surpassed both Rooster Teeth and The King of Random. Elliott Morgan (100K twitter followers, 100K youtube subs) promoted us. Also FAJAM, who is verified on twitter but only has 14K followers
Update 4: Philly D passed us :( He promoted his hashtag by having a 15K retweet goal of changing his profile pic to an embarassing picture of himself, and it was met within an hour. ONE OF THE SP7 MEMBERS NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING BIG TO GET PEOPLE TO RETWEET US! We passed 42%, at least.
Update 5: Neither Philly D nor Sugar Pine 7 have changed, but most of the other nominees went up a bit (KianJC, TryGuys, Good Mythical Morning, The Young Turks, The King of Random, Rooster Teeth). The Young Turks passed Good Mythical Morning. Also Sky Williams, a youtuber with over 900K subscribers and 500K twitter followers, tweeted out a (hilarious) video promoting Sugar Pine 7 and #SP7ForStreamys.
Update 6: Vincent Cyr (200K twitter followers, 400K youtube subs), who appeared in a few SP7 episodes, has promoted #SP7ForStreamys. Also iJustine (1.9 million twitter followers, 4 million youtube subs), who went on a “date” with Cib in an SP7 video, promoted the hashtag, and Jordan ‘CaptainSparklez’ Maron, (3.9 million twitter followers, 10 million youtube subs) who has appeared in a few SP7 videos, most notably A Day in the Life of Alfredo and I Become a Skater Boy, retweeted Steven’s streamy attire tweet, thus promoting the hashtag #SP7ForStreamys.
Update 7: We are only 0.4% behind Philly D now! We’re gaining on him! Also, The Young Turks surpassed TryGuys. Philly D seriously does not need to worry about Buzzfeed beating him, they have no chance. And shoutout to all the Rooster Teeth personalities (Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, the official RT merch twitter) supporting #SP7ForStreamys and not #RoosterTeethForStreamys. It’s so nice of them to support us! And ImmortalHD of Cow Chop (300K twitter followers, 1.2 million youtube subs), who appeared in a few SP7 vids, promoted our hashtag as well.
Update 8: Rooster Teeth’s official twitter account, with over 900K followers (their youtube channel has over 9 million subs) has promoted #SP7ForStreamys, completely ignoring their own nomination for the award. I’m so glad that they are supporting us!
Update 9: Philly D & SP7 both went up a bit, but he’s still ahead of us. We’ve got to surpass him to win!
Update 10: KianJC surpassed UNHhhh, taking 3rd place. Also The King of Random surpassed Good Mythical Morning.
Update 11: We’re only 0.6% behind Philly D! We’ve got to catch up to him before the voting period ends! Also, his “team” has been blocking anyone mentioning SP7 in the replies to his streamy promotion tweets. This is causing a massive backlash against him, and many instances of fighting between the two fanbases in the replies to Phil’s tweets. Also, KianJC reached 40%.
But somehow the numbers still show Philly D as higher than SP7 lol
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2016.06.22 10:32 MegaJacobF It seems that NX isn't the final name

In a interview Reggie did with iJustine http://youtu.be/jYiRDXwXgJ0 they give a lot of info for the new Zelda but around the 3:28 mark they talk a little of the NX.
Reggie mentions that we'll see the NX reveal,real name and how Zelda performs on NX compared to Wii U all in a later date
TL;DR: NX isn't the final name,bummer for us fans who love the name "NX"
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2015.03.13 20:12 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Justin Kan, cofounder of Internet startups (Justin.tv, Twitch) and investor at Y Combinator. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2015-03-13
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What inspired you to create Twitch? It was all my partner Emmett. We had been building Justin.tv for a few years, which started off as a reality tv show and turned into a general platform for live streaming ("youtube for live video"). Around the end of 2010, we were a small company (around 25 people) that reached a large audience (30m uniques a month) but we weren't growing any longer.
My cofounders Emmett, Kyle, Michael and I got together and brainstormed ideas for things to work on to continue to grow. Emmett's idea was the gaming section of Justin.tv -- Starcraft 2 had just come out and SC2 videos were the only things he wanted to watch. Honestly he had to fight an uphill battle to convince the rest of us. Luckily, he did, and we had a small team led by Emmett and Kevin Lin (our COO) start working on gaming, which in 6 months became a separate site they named Twitch.
After we started working on gaming, I started watching to try to understand what people liked about watching gaming. I am now addicted and watch 2-4 hours of hearthstone a day.
Were there times when you ever felt that your ventures would fail? As a young business owner trying to expand my business, (currently shifting to selling my product in retail stores) I'm learning a lot yet somedays I find that I'm sinking so much of myself into it that there's not much time for living life..Having said that I love the work..it's just some days the climb seems steep. How did you keep going in these times ? I've literally wanted to quit my startups every year I was working on them. Every year for 9 years.
This would usually happen during the summer, when most of my friends would be posting the awesome trips they were taking, BBQs they were having, and other fun shit they were doing on Facebook. I remember sitting at my computer in the dark thinking "wtf am I working so hard on this thing that is only kind of working?!"
Life is a trade off and there is no right answer. Lots of people are happy working at a job and living stress-free, and startups are absolutely the opposite of that. If you want to have a successful startup, you have to be willing to grind it out. But you should know that everyone goes through those moments of doubt. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
What are your long-term plans for The Drop? Find dope music :D.
Haha seriously I just wanted to make something I used myself every day. The Drop sits somewhere between Soundcloud (where all the new EDM exists but I can't easily discover new tracks from DJs I don't already know about) and a more general music discovery service like Pandora. I originally created it because I wanted to discover more trap, but unfortunately the front page is constantly flooded with Tropical House (the tyranny of the majority at work).
Twitch is such a hugely growing medium on the Internet. Is it where you ever thought it could be? It's way beyond where we thought it could be in the beginning! I remember we set an initial goal of 15% monthly growth for the first year, and 10% / month for the second year. If we accomplished that, we would be the biggest gaming video site online (bigger than gametrailer!). I think that was around 20m monthly uniques. Most of the debate around whether we should pursue Twitch was around whether it was a big enough opportunity to pursue.
Twitch just hit 100m viewers / month...
Obviously you made it big with Twitch / Justin.tv (and others), on top of that you were already friends with the people who founded reddit. How do you determine which ideas are likely to be successful?. There are infinite ideas that can be big startups. Well, maybe not infinity but lots and lots. The best way to find them is to build something that you yourself want and care about. That's how you will know if you are making a good product: if you use it and it solves your own problem. If I was a new entrepreneur and I wanted to make lots of money and ride a big wave, I might move to SE Asia or India (places where there's a large middle class wealth creation happening, and a huge smart phone adoption), and build an online service there.
Are there a lot of ideas out there that people simply aren't taking advantage of?
Hi Justin, Huge fan. How do you build a network in Silicon Valley? Where do you start? Knowing the right people seems to be key in finding great devs, VCs etc. When we got here, we knew no one. I suggest just coming out here and introducing yourself to people. We went to meetups, made friends with other entrepreneurs who were at our stage, and generally tried to be sociable and helpful. One thing we did was host a weekly dinner where we invited random people in the tech scene at our shitty apartment; one of the attendees one week ended up introducing us to the VC that led our series A investment of $2m!
What do you look for in a startup when you are considering investing? I've invested in some great startups like Tilt, Zenefits and Bellabeat. To me, it's all about finding founders who have a relentless drive to create something and refuse to give up. Most startups are a 7 year+ journey (Justin.tv -> Twitch -> selling to Amazon took 8 years). You want to find people who are in it for the long haul.
Also being in a really big market helps ensure that when you do win, you win big.
That's what I've heard. It's less about the idea and more about the team. A lot of people come to me with their ideas and want me to build them in exchange for a minority share in the equity. What would you say to those people? No.
I heard that back on justin.tv somebody commited suicide on a live stream, did that affect the site in any way? And what are your thoughts on it? It was pretty terrible. There wasn't a lot we could have done about it, because we were a live video site and it happened at like 3 am. We obviously got a huge negative backlash about it, and we failed to communicate well about what happened to our users and the public at large.
Afterwards, we worked to put up educational materials on the site around suicide prevention and help.
What are your favorite games? What was your inspiration to start Justin.tv? Favorite game: Hearthstone.
Inspiration to start Justin.tv: a conversation Emmett and I had been having about what to do with our failing calendar business. We thought the convo was interesting, which led us to thinking about starting a podcast, which led us to thinking about a 24/7 audio stream, which became a 24/7 video stream.
Although you have had an affinity for business and operating startups since your college days, you were (I believe) a physics & philosophy major in college. When you got yourself into the internet startup scene, how steep was the learning curve? (i.e., what coding experience did you have; what were your expectations and how did they contrast with the reality of it?) I was a physics and philosophy major in college. I was a shitty programmer when I started. The original version of Kiko (a google calendar-like web calendar, only 1 month before google calendar) was hacked up by googling for javascript tutorials and copying and pasting. Mostly I learned programming by having my partner Emmett, who was a CS major at undergrad, teach me. The key is just to get started. If you have an idea, just start hacking it up. Eventually, if you keep working on it, you'll make something useful.
I'm pretty interested in cutting my teeth in the tech startup game, and I figured you're perfect to get insight from.
Do you look at Meerkat and think "been there, done that?" I don't get royalties from iJustine, sadly. We should have made a contract!
do you get a cut of all of iJustine's work, since you helped make her when you took your vacation? I've tweeted a bit about meerkat; we had lots of problems making that model work (since most people don't have enough followers to get live viewers in the window that want to be live), but they seem to be making it work -- maybe they will figure out what we couldn't...
Do you have much say in things Twitch-related these days? And how hard was it to let JustinTV go? (assuming you had a say in that decision?) Not for a while! I'm no longer involved since the acquisition last fall -- Emmett is running it and continuing to do awesome things.
I actually am not that sentimental and it wasn't that hard when we shuttered Justin.tv (although I wish I'd kept the domain!). I've always been the type to be more excited about what's next up.
Not sure how much hiring you do yourself, but what do you look for in employees that have just graduated...Would you consider High GPA's or viable work experience to be more important? Since I'm investing now and not running a company currently, I don't do much hiring any more. However, I think the most important thing is what you've made: I look for engineers and designers who have created awesome stuff, even if they were just side projects while in school. I like working with people who want to build stuff!
When creating these sites, did you ever imagine that people would stoop as low as to having SWAT teams raid the streamer's house? What was your experience like and what do you think the appropriate punishment should be? We were doxxed constantly during the JTV days, which was fairly unpleasant. Kids would use relay to call in 911 calls to our place pretty much every day for the first couple weeks.
It was kind of dangerous in retrospect. Unfortunately the police have little power / interest in tracking down online harassers.
When looking for startups to invest in do you look more favorably on projects grounded in catering to existing markets or something unique and original? For instance, would medical office software be a better candidate than a new social media experience? I think it is hard to judge whether new social media experiences will work. For example: a few years ago, one of my friends showed me a new bookmarking site he had been working on. I thought it was stupid and wouldn't work. It was Pinterest.
That taught me you should invest in people first and foremost, and not ideas.
1) Did you enjoy the hackathon? I enjoyed it! I wasn't able to be there for too long unfortunately due to other commitments.
Last updated: 2015-03-17 18:25 UTC
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2014.06.20 04:04 jewi5hpanda If you could switch lives with anyone in the Competitive scene, who would you be?

Not limited to players (i.e. casters or managers). Personally, I'd be Fwiz because CHYABOIIIII (srsly because he gets to travel + entertain, and I mean dating iJustine is nothing to swing at)
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2013.03.27 11:38 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Felicia Day, Co-Founder of Geek & Sundry, Actor, Writer, Producer, ETC and Stuff – AMA

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-03-26
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
MY MAN! How are you? I have been wanting to get back with you guys but work is tightening its grip on me me harder every day, and unlike star systems, I am not slipping through their fingers. WHY ARE YOU HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE ON MY AMA?!?!? FUCK.
Thanks for doing this, I love your work :) Is there any way your character will come back in the next part of Doctor Horrible? (please?) Assuming that Doctor Horrible 2 is going to happen... If it were to happen and I were to be asked back (theoretical!!!) I would drop everything of course!!! The Dr Horrible experience was probably one of the highlights of my life, to be a part of that family again would be heaven, absolute heaven!
Most awkward date you've ever been on? I went to a Hilton in Austin during college and there was an amphibian show going on in the ballroom. Weird lizards do not horny make.
Any plans to get your Dr. Horrible co-stars NPH and Nathan Fillion on tabletop? I would love for them to be on the show, but they are so busy and I really do feel shy asking people I know who are very busy to take time out. I need to be more assertive about it! But yes, I would love it if they could make time, I'll try to persuade them!
almost as important, Felicia, whats it like to be a sister to an obvious 'hell of a guy'? Guys please don't encourage this shit.
You have a very prominent social media presence - how do you deal with the individuals who abuse the access? I've seen some facebook comments and twitter replies to you that are some of the filthiest things someone can say to someone else. Do these comments get to you? I skim over the gross ones, I really do. I have seen it ALL. Other than the time that 4Chan flooded one of my videos and made me cry and totally depressed for a month, I have a very thick skin. And some people actually don't KNOW they're being skeevy, so i just skim over them. I don't have enough time to say, "hey that's not cool" to everyone, and it's such a small percentage of commenters that I just focus on the ones that count, the people who support me and offer good criticism!
Did you ever sort out your underwear issues from the other day? I still have not done my laundry, no. I am currently wearing itchy lace underwear and hating every minute of it.
Obviously your career has been based upon your passions (Congratulations on that!). I was wondering if at any point in your career did you ever doubt yourself during low points--along the lines of, "I love this thing, but am I truly cut out for it?" Do you have any advice on how to push over the "self-conscious" side, and just make things? I experience self-doubt every day! When I start to really fall back I start journaling a lot and find that a lot of the self-doubt is just a voice that doesn't want me to succeed in my head. That voice is not my friend, so I am able to separate it, silence it and keep going!
What kind of tea? Yerba Mate. I had to stop coffee and it's killed my soul a bit, but I have chai with almond milk now and then Yerba Mate gives me energy without the jitters :D.
Have you ever thought about recording and releasing an album?? (because of your awesome violin, vocals, etc. skills) It is on my bucket list to do, I'm actually sad I can't make time for it. Or I guess i'm not prioritizing right, but one day I'd definitely love it. I think if I could find fun collaborators I would be more encouraged to do it, because I actually don't feel comfortable doing things about MYSELF only, I like doing things with other people, under the banner of a show or a band would be way more comfortable for me than doing a solo album.
Whose nerdier in real life, Neil Patrick Harris or Nathan Fillion? I think Nathan is pretty nerdy because he loves tech, he loves video games, he loves other kinds of games, but Neil is into magic and theatre and everything, so it's a tough call!
Felicia, you are such an amazing role model and I respect everything you stand for. I loved Penny in Dr. Horrible, and I am such a huge fan of the Guild. What would you say to your high school age self about how to live life happily and best? I would tell myself that grades don't matter, that you are better than you realize, and that the willingness to fail will get you farther than will to be perfect ever does.
You're one of the first actresses to figure out there's a big market out there for media by and for geeks (and I'm not talking about Big Bang Theory here…) How'd you manage to go from a small part on Buffy the Vampire Slayer to become Queen of All Geeks? I was at my lowest after quitting World of Warcraft, and I told myself that if I didn't write SOMETHING I was a total failure and would never amount to anything. So I wrote The Guild because I wanted to write something I knew about. And after that, I just believed in what I was making so much I MADE people see it, haha. It was just really about finding who I was and telling a story regardless of how many people would "get" it, or allow me to tell it. The internet took away the barriers to have my characters heard. I hope it never [email protected]
Also, do you ever get to walk around cons anymore? Or do you do it in costume now to not be noticed? And I walk around wherever I want and my fans are really cool. They understand I'm probably rushing everywhere, and if I can't stop they don't feel insulted. HOPEFULLY!
How is it like to play the role of a quirky lesbian on Supernatural, and what is your most memorable moment being on the show? It's awesome to have a fellow Texas Longhorn doing an AMA, so thank you Felicia! I think my most memorable moment is in the upcoming episode i just finished. I can't talk a lot about it, but Charlie goes through a lot, and it really stretched me as an actor. In the last episode where I Larped though, I loved stabbing that book, because I used my dagger skills I trained 4 months for Dragon Age web series, so it was like I got to call back to 2 years ago on film. I was super proud of myself for not dropping the dagger, haha.
Hi Felicia! We are excited about Tabletop Day at our Geek Tavern where tabletop & Geek and Sundry are celebrated every night in Montgomery, AL. We talked to Wil Wheaton and came up with a drink we have named after him. What are some liquors/tastes that you would like in a drink named after you? YES I WANT A DRINK NAMED AFTER ME! -I like sweet drinks -I love rum, dark rum.
If you could be any character from a book or game, who and why? I love the main character from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. I love urban fantasy, where a character is able to be HERE but there is magic all around, that makes me excited.
Felicia, I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the biggest role models I have. I love all your work and the guild really inspired me to go towards my dream of game design. My question is, what sort of challenges did you face being a female geek? I am actually pretty myopic about who I am, because I grew up loving what I love and no one called me out about it because I was homeschooled. I think it would be harder for an average girl to be solid in herself as a geek, to stay an "outsider" to the mainstream. I think the actual BIGGEST challenge for female geeks is STAYING a geek. The role models women have in media don't always present that being intellectual or geeky or an outsider is desirable, it's all about women being attractive and sexually appealing that leads to "success". I think that probably drives a lot of women away from more geeky subjects. SO I think overcoming those challenges is about finding people to look up to and more importantly peers that make you feel accepted and included. THAT is why it's good to live today, when you can connect with people over the internet who reflect how you are and who you want to be.
What is your favorite board game to play? I love Agricola and Lords of Waterdeep (resource management)
What is your favorite video game to play? I love any game that I can project myself into. That's why I get mad if games don't have a female character choice. That really pisses me off. So RPGs are my face, Dragon Age, WOW, Fallout, all those are my faves.
Hi Felicia! Loved your work on Dragon Age: Redemption. On your Twitter profile, you mention that you're a misanthrope. Do you think that the human race is generally doomed? Hmm, doomed? Well, i think when we lose beautiful things in this world, like habitats and animal species, that is a bit of our soul that is lost, that unique beauty, so I guess I'm a bit of an environmental pessimist. I don't think anything changes on a large scale until people are FORCED to change by being uncomfortable. And at that point a lot of beauty and diversity could be lost forever. But we are smart enough to SURVIVE. But to LIVE? That's a different issue :)
Who are your role models? anyone you inspired to be when you were younger or now even? My role models are Nora Ephron, Tina Fey, the women who are not trying to fit a mold of success but following their own muse. My favorite movie is Bringing Up Baby, because Katherine Hepburn is a total nut job but has an amazing heart, and just wants to bring love and joy to people's lives (in the weirdest way possible haha). I love eccentrics and people who dared to dream. Whether successful or not, they expressed themselves during their lives and that should be the goal for all of us.
What has been your favorite Flog segment to film to date? My favorite one to watch would personally be the one where you made custom perfumes with Sean Plott. Hilarious! 1- My favorite would have to be the CPR one, it was like I was on drugs that stuff got so weird. And all the gaming segments with my brother, because that's really me without a filter haha. 2) Yes although I make it a bit redder than natural because I like bright colors. 3) When we moved offices someone lost it. I got VERY ANGRY but the followup video made up for it.
Forgive my Wikipedia stalking but it says you graduated with majors in mathmatics and music, why the sudden urge to go into acting? Also, you're awesome and my favorite Fallout companion. I did those majors because I was good at them, not because I was passionate about them (although I loved playing the violin a lot). I acted all through my childhood in community theater, and there I found the greatest connection with people and the love of entertaining. My dad said I had to get a "real degree" before going to Hollywood, so I did. I was very naive about the whole thing ha.
Do you know Jesse Cox? WHO?
The length of web-series episodes are short in comparison with traditional television. With Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and other streaming services becoming more and more popular and people becoming comfortable watching television on the internet for extended periods do you think web-series will begin to expand to 22 min episodes? Or will budgets and viewers fragile attention keep them brief? I think this year will prove that TV-length content can succeed online. It's just a matter of time. One day soon I'd like to come up with my own full-length show, but creatively I don't have enough time right now to get the space. It's my biggest priority right now to carve that out, because of everything I've done, creating The Guild is my most proud achievement.
Do you watch Doctor Who or Sherlock? I'm obsessed with Sherlock, I occasionally watch Dr Who but I'm not very consistent.
My friends and I have a theory that Joss Whedon and everyone he repeatedly works with secretly live in one big house somewhere and make movies for fun. It's sort of like Summer camp. Can you fail to deny this theory? I want to go to there.
Hey Felicia :) It's been a long time since Buffy, but who was your favourite cast member to work with?? I loved Indigo, who was a slayer with me, and I loved Alyson (Willow) because she's an amazing person.
As a violinist, what is your professional opinion of Lindsey Stirling? I love her, I wish I had been that innovative with my instrument when I could play really well, she is reinventing classical music for a lot of people, and she's existing outside the music industry box. Bravo to her!
What's your favorite part about producing content for the web? How does it differ from making content for TV? I love that when we have an idea, we just MAKE it. I find someone on the internet I like, I email them and BAM I can be working with them the next day. I love that we don't have a gatekeeper censoring us (except for bleeping profanity, whatever.)
It differs in that we never have the resources to make 100% what we want, we can't get a lot of fancy people to work for us because we don't have the money to pay them, and we have to do so many roles on the set that we're never 100% at any ONE of them. So there's the tradeoff. For me, the freedom is worth the lack of comfort.
If you were offered the role of Squirrel Girl in the 3rd Avengers movie would you take it? HELL YES.
As a business owner, how to do you decide what to delegate to others and what to handle yourself? This is the best question! It's been the hardest learning curve for me, how to scale. Before G&S we never had an employee, now we have awesome staff but it's hard for me to not say, "I'll just do it myself." I took time to write down all the things I LOVE to do and what I do BEST and now I try to take a pause every time I do something and ask, "is this on that list?" Because everything takes time and has opportunity cost. I'm not there yet but it's definitely a move in the right direction.
So many insightful and relevant questions have been asked already! I must try to keep the trend going. What is your favorite cheese? ...uh, dammit. ;) GOAT CHEESE STINKIER THE BETTER.
If you had to change professions, what career would you pursue? I think I would be a fantasy book writer. I like being alone, I like being silent with my thoughts, I love escaping.
From the last season of the Guild, it seems pretty apparent that it will not be coming back. It will be missed dearly. Can you tell us of some of the process that you went through in deciding to end The Guild? What kind of things did you keep in mind while writing the last season? The Guild is still owned by me, so no one told me to stop, but I felt in THIS incarnation, doing more wouldn't really work beyond this season. The budget has gotten too big to keep everyone together, and people were interested in moving on. I felt wrapping up Codex's story by finding a job and getting her friends was a great arc and came full circle, she was healed a lot in a way by healing othrs. I still love the characters and can do whatever I want with the world, but if I do something else it would be in a different format in a different way. And after I do something new, because I want to invent a new world I just don't know what that is yet.
What do you do to keep in such good shape? you spend so much time on computer games yet you never put weight on and always look amazing what's your secret? I do not work out NEARLY as much as I should, but I have really bad stomach issues due to stress, so I have to watch what I eat in a health way (not a diet way). I am very high-strung though, and I got a treadmill desk recently that I LOVE so there are some genetic things but also small things I do to keep in shape!
If there were no restrictions, whether it be financial or scheduling, who would you most like to cast as a character in a season of The Guild? If you could have one super power what would it be? Would you be happy if Harrison Ford, Mark Hammill and Carrie Fisher all returned for the new Star Wars movies? Or do you think their characters are best left alone? I'd love Simon Pegg to be in The Guild, OMG awesome. Love interest for Codex WHAT?! -I want to be invisible for sure, I love sneaking around, it's creepy -I dunno, I feel like unless theres legitimate STORY there, they shouldn't come back. But that's just me.
What's your favorite ice cream flavor? I like a sundae the best. Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, almonds and some whipped cream. I can't just do one thing :)
Hey Felicia! Just wondering if you have any crazy fans at con stories? What's the craziest fan encounter you've ever had? A dude asked me to sign his arm so he could tattoo over it (his friend dared him to for 500 bux). I refused a lot but then was like, "What the hell". He came back and showed me the tattoo which was RED and gross but kind of awesome. Then the next day he tweeted at me, "Hey, my friend never paid me the money". DOH!
of all, thanks for being the paragon of intelligent girl gamers everywhere. We're not all unwashed, as the general population might have folks believe. And thanks for championing G&S, Tabletop Day, Penny (who might not really be dead, right?!?!?! RIGHT!?), Vaginal Fantasy, Veronica Santangelo... and good god, woman, what haven't you done? You're living the dream. *What game are you most looking forward to playing? Board/video, new/old... Bonus question! What are the odds you can weasel your way to the Acquisitions Inc PAX game this year? I'm pretty sure I'd pay to see that. I love DragonCon because I'm as big a fan of the cosplayers as I am a guest of the con. -I'm really looking forward to playing Bioshock, but my PC is in the shop so I'm pretty irritated right now. Dragon Age 3 for sure too. -I love Kingdom Rush and other tower defense to de-stress, or I just arrange stuff in my Skyrim home. I love Skyrim more than anything.
Do you still love Comic Con? For me it feels like it has multiple personalities as of late. I feel like Comicon is a bit disenfranchising for the average Geek now, it seems like there's a class system now, where there are fancy hard to access places and then everything else. It's also extremely commercial, about selling and selling and selling. We have an off-site destination planned where our community can relax and enjoy our stuff in a democratic way, so I think that's a cool trend, with Nerd Machine and other off-site places creating that community feeling that the core of Comicon doesn't have as much anymore. I still love it to death though, I go dancing every night because it's my vacation! :)
What was your favorite game to do voice work for? I loved doing Tallis for Dragon Age II because I created the character first, and then they took her in directions I never imagined and it was wonderful to see and act.
Just dropped in to say THANK YOU for 6 fantastic seasons of 'The Guild'! Look forward to your future endeavors. PS: can we get full versions of you and your brother playing video games? 5 minutes isn't enough time. Thanx! I'm bringing my brother back this year to do gaming stuff, we'll see about doing long-form stuff! I'm trying to segment my life a bit better, so it's a constant struggle to do all the things I want to and have time to create (oh and have a life haha)
Is there any chance of Sean P., Sean B. and Bill returning for a new series similar to MetaDating? Yup we are trying to work out what it is, but it's on the agenda. Metadating being on a monthly live schedule was hard for Sean so we're trying to come up with something new.
In one of the Guild Hangouts you mentioned wanting to do one with Dodger. Oh Dodger, yes I forgot to call her. I want her to come play on the channel more though, I actually just emailed her before this, psych!
Which is better, Dragon Age, or Dragon Age II? I enjoyed both of them, I think DA I is a more fully fleshed out game because they had twice the time to work on it, but the writing in both of them is stellar. FENRIS NEVER SLEPT WITH ME GRRR.
How would you define success? Supporting yourself with something that doesn't FEEL like work.
Knowing you're expressing something UNIQUE about yourself, and people are responding to it because of that truth.
Two part question, do you ever worry that you are type cast as the nerdy cute girl? How big of risk is it for you to go the other way as an actress? Yes I am actually very aware of that and turn down roles now. After Holly on Eureka and Charlie on Supernatural, I feel like I've done that, let's move on. I'm really into comedy and want to do roles that push the envelope a bit, so when I have time to go out and act on more stuff I'll be very picky.
Any funny stories to from the set of Supernatural any of the times you've been a part of it? If you look at the episode in LARP and the Real Girl, there's a scene where we're looking at a map and off camera Jared was saying the funniest nastiest things and I had to keep a straight face and not ruin the take. IT WAS VERY HARD. Those guys are so funny and awesome to work with :)
Do you ever get challenged for self identifying as a nerd/geek/game girl? With your level of fame I'm sure it's less common, but can you give the rest of us some advice on how to approach that sort of situation? I am sort of insulated in my world, I don't have to interact with a lot of people (except Hollywood suit-types) who don't "get" me. I get frustrated when I get pigeon-holed but then I just go back to the truth of what I believe in, WHY I do what I do, and that centers me. You are never alone in what you feel, so if you need to reach within yourself for strength or to people around you who UNDERSTAND, DO IT. Never be shy about reaching out.
At which point did you realize that you "made it"? When someone made fan art of my show. That was the most thrilling thing ever, that my creativity had spawned someone else's creativity.
Hey, what's your favorite sci-fi movie? Show? Is it cool to say I like Xena Princess Warrior a lot on TV? Is that weird?
Thanks for the AMA, I got a simple question: How does your typical day look like? I wake up at 7:30 and journal (MOST the time). Then I answer emails for an hour. Twice a week I go into the office and have about 12 hours worth of meetings, with all the Geek and Sundry peeps, meet creative people I want to work with, watch edits etc. Those are very tiring days of admin and business stuff. The other days I do voiceover jobs (I did Annoying Orange today), have lunches, view edits and give notes, meet people who are creative and I want to work with, write blog copy, proof scripts, answer emails (MORE EMAILS THAN ANYONE CAN IMAGINE), try to write something creative, do all my social networking and make videos. This month I'm going to NYC twice, Chicago and Seattle. I travel a lot. It's kind of insane, if you look at my schedule it's a WALL of stuff. So, yeah, I don't just sit around eating bon bons (the thing I hate most is doing my hair, haha).
What are some of the first geeky things you started doing in your life? I would sit on my mom's lap at like 5 or 6 and watch her play infocom games. My grandfather was a physicist and he'd quiz me on Calculus at a very young age, it was a game with him. And I loved Lost in Space more than anything. I retrospect that show is pretty creepy though.
What was it like playing with your own voice as an NPC in Fallout: New Vegas? It was great, it was HOURS and HOURS of recording voiceover. People dont' appreciate how FAST you have to record video games, you do 500 lines in a few hours. It's a wonder ANY of it is good at all haha. I loved the writing though, it was very Whedon-esque. And she was OPd as all getout.
In your opinion what is the best way to tell a nerdy girl you like her when you know your far less worthwhile than she? Also I tottaly dig your work. You're never LESS worthwhile, that thinking will get you nowhere.
I would try to find things you have in common and ask her to enjoy one of those things with you. Show her the commonality you have with her, and be CONFIDENT. Confidence and thoughtfulness combined are killer!
My wife and I watch Geek & Sundry shows in HD on our living room TV the way most people would watch cable TV. Scripted shows like The Guild and Space Janitors seem to blur the line with traditional television. Could you pontificate on the potential future of web programming and how it might intersect with more mainstream programming? I think that it's very interesting right now because what we think of TV is going to break down, and all content will be delivered digitally, so where is the demarcation line? Amazon is making 1/2 hour comedies, how is that LESS than a TV show on CBS? If Girls on HBO (Which I love) can survive with 600k viewers, and web video shows have that much viewership or more, why is there not more money being spent outside the box on web video?
The next year is VERY important in the space, so if you like independent stuff, please support it, whoever is making it. That support will allow them to graduate to longer content, bigger budgets and break through mainstream media just moving over here and taking over all the content outlets.
Favorite d&d class? I love sorcerers because I love high charisma low INT characters, they're SO FUN TO PLAY!
Why are you not on every episode of Supernatural? whyyy!!! Tell CW to make it sooo!
How has being home-schooled positively and negatively affected your professional life? Also, fellow home-schooler high five! And the obligatory YOUR AMAZING OMG SUPERNATURAL DR. HORRIBLE PERFECTION AHHH remark. It has formed me 100%. There are things like social anxiety and taking rejection too hard that I've had to deal with based on my upbringing, but the pros TOTALLY outweight the cons. I have so many skills that I would never have had if I'd been in school all day every day. Hell, half the time I didn't do anything at home, just watched TV and read. That allowed me to be myself in every way, and I think that was a great thing!
How should I ask out my local Starbucks barista? Wait for a quiet time and ask her to go to coffee at another coffee place haha.
What game has you continually coming back for more? Skyrim, I mean, I can just log in and do one quest and I feel like I accomplished a lot.
What was it like working with other youtubers on 'Youtube rewind'? Also who was your fav? I love Hannah Hart, so that was fun. I also helped iJustine learn how to play violin.
Who is your favorite scientist of all time? Feynman because he was my grandfather's hero and I listened to a lot of his tapes in college.
Hi Felicia! We shared an elevator at the Hyatt Regency for the Chicago Wizard World con in 2011. Do you remember me? Yes. And I'm lying. Were you dressed as Nightwing? I would have remembered that.
For the cast members on "the guild", did you guys barely know each other at the start, or did you all know each other prior? (P.S. I love you) I knew Sandeep and Jeff, the rest of the cast we had a casting session for.
What are your thoughts on how far geek/nerd culture has risen? Do you think that it's a cultural thing that will at some point fall, or do you think that access to technology will eventually normalize the relevance of the current culture and geeky pursuits will become just . . . pursuits. I did a video just this week about that on Geek and Sundry, I have been thinking deeply about that for existential reasons, I hope you find the video and it answers your question! I think it's great, but at the cost of some growing pains :)
Who is one artist you'd love to work with, and why? Also, my girlfriend dyed her hair red and was excited that it looked like yours. Not sure if creepy, but YOTTFDO. Edgar Wright or Wes Anderson, my dream directors.
How tall are you? 5'5.
You really aren't missing any questions here are you? I'm a frikkin fast typer, I think people are getting weirded out by it haha.
What the fuck type of name is Ryon. HAHAH You just opened a can of whoopass sir.
Maybe if one day I accomplish enough to deserve my own IAmA! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.
LOLOLOLOLOL. Remember when I said I was sending you Tomb Raider after I finished? Cold day in hell now dude.
Felicia, you need to share with your brother. YOU CANT MAKE ME DO ANYTHING JOSHUA.
Flog, Tabletop and the Guild must return. I also love Wil's idea to do a roleplaying show, something like a serial campaign like Acquisitions Incorporated. Would love to see another Dragon Age Story too. These are great ideas everyone!!! I'll write these down for us!
I like that you're excluding Felicia Day from this event, while in her own AMA. I want Morena to come be on the show, she's open to it just gotta make the schedule work!
All of Reddit has a crush on you. Really?! there was a thread a few years about about "Is it just me or is Felicia Day totally horrible at eveything" and it had like 500 comments. I admit, of all the places on the internet I want to be liked, it's Reddit so I cried haha.
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