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[For Sale] Eclectic Mix – Arctic Monkeys, Mitski, St. Vincent, VMP Releases, Indie Rock, QOTSA, Beatles, Springsteen, Rush, and much more!

2018.11.29 05:02 dabi71 [For Sale] Eclectic Mix – Arctic Monkeys, Mitski, St. Vincent, VMP Releases, Indie Rock, QOTSA, Beatles, Springsteen, Rush, and much more!

First time selling in this subreddit. Please be gentle...
Below are 45 LPs for sale. It’s an eclectic variety of new releases, compilations, limited/special editions, and a few classic rockers. I’m in the process of purging quite a few from my collection, so I want to give this subreddit the chance to buy these. Though it’s my first time selling here, I do have extensive history selling vinyl on both Discogs and eBay, so be assured what you buy is exactly what’s described. Each LP is linked to their Discogs page, so if you have any questions about the exact version of the album being sold, please refer to the link.
I use the Goldmine rating system to grade LPs, first by media, then sleeve. I grade conservatively; any albums listed as “NM” (Near Mint) have been opened and played once. If an album has no rating, it’s because it’s still sealed.
Payment is via PayPal only; please use “Goods and Services” when placing your order.
Shipping is $4 for each record shipped in the United States. I will combine shipping; $1 for each additional LP sold. At this time, I am only shipping to the United States. All LPs shipped from my home in Charlotte, NC. Once the sale has been made, I will provide the buyer with a USPS tracking number.
All prices are firm. I am not considering trades at this time.
Please PM me, rather than reply to this post, if you’re serious about making a purchase.
Thanks for reading!
  1. Adele – 25 – NM/NM - $13
  2. Afrique – Soul Makossa – VG+/VG+ - $17 (SOLD)
  3. Alabama Shakes – Sound and Color – White vinyl edition – NM/NM - $30 (SOLD)
  4. Alvvays – Antisocialites – Yellow vinyl – NM/NM - $15
  5. Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not – Vinyl Me Please Edition, Gray Translucent w/Black Smoke vinyl – NM/NM - $30 (SOLD)
  6. Arthur Russell – The World of Arthur Russell – 3LP compilation. NM/NM - $25
  7. The Beatles – 1 – 2LP w/1 poster and 4 mini posters. NM/VG+ (some light creasing on the sleeve) - $30
  8. Benjamin Booker – Benjamin Booker – NM/NM - $10 (SOLD)
  9. Benji Hughes – Songs in the Key of Animals – Signed copy, played once. NM/NM - $10
  10. The Blasters – The Blasters – VG+/VG+ - $8
  11. Bleached – Welcome the Worms – Black and cream split colored vinyl – NM/NM - $16
  12. Bruce Springsteen – Chapter and Verse – still sealed, extra copy - $15
  13. Buffalo Tom – Quiet and Peace – still sealed - $22
  14. The Cake – The Cake – original stereo issue – VG/VG (some pops and cracks heard during playback) - $17
  15. Cibo Matto – Viva! La Woman – Orange vinyl, mislabeled tracks on both vinyl and back cover. NM/NM - $16
  16. Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex – NM/NM - $18
  17. Classixx – Faraway Reach – Vinyl Me Please Limited Edition release, White vinyl, 2LP – NM/NM - $35
  18. D’Angelo and the Vanguard – Black Messiah – NM/NM - $20 (SOLD)
  19. Dream Wife – Dream Wife – Red Blood Splatter Clear Vinyl – NM/NM - $17
  20. The Electric Prunes – The Electric Prunes – 1967 Mono version, tri-colored label – VG+/VG - $21 (SOLD)
  21. EMA – The Future’s Void – Violet colored vinyl – NM/NM - $7
  22. Flume – Flume – NM/NM - $12
  23. Peter Gabriel – Ein Deutsches Album – Gabriel’s third album, vocals recorded in German, 2LP, 45RPM Half-speed remaster, still sealed - $30
  24. Guru – Jazzmatazz Volume 1 – Reissue – NM/NM - $18
  25. Margaret Glaspy – Emotions and Math – NM/VG+ (slight creasing on cover) - $10 (SOLD)
  26. John Hammond – Sooner or Later – VG/VG - $8 (SOLD)
  27. Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate – 2LP – NM/VG+ (slight creasing on cover) - $15
  28. Leadbelly – Leadbelly – Compilation album, Mono. VG/VG - $8
  29. Loretta Lynn – Van Lear Rose – 2010 reissue, G/VG+ - vinyl has a visible warp that doesn’t affect play. However, it does have some clear pops - $3
  30. Mitski – Be the Cowboy – Green colored vinyl, still sealed - $25
  31. Morphine – Cure for Pain – Light in the Attic reissue – NM/NM - $18 (SOLD)
  32. Mount Eerie – A Crow Looked at Me – NM/NM - $15 (SOLD)
  33. Mountain – Nantucket Sleighride – VG+/VG+ - $5
  34. The National – Boxer – VMP Reissue Edition, Gray colored vinyl – NM/NM - $22 (SOLD)
  35. The National – Sleep Well Beast – 2LP White vinyl – NM/NM - $24
  36. Pissed Jeans – Why Love Now – Lavender colored vinyl – NM/NM - $14
  37. Queens of the Stone Age – Villains – 2LP, single side etched. NM/NM - $17
  38. The Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet – mid-80s reissue, DMM remaster - $18 (SOLD)
  39. Rush – Moving Pictures – VG/VG - $5 (SOLD)
  40. Rush – Permanent Waves – VG/VG - $5
  41. Silvertones – Silver Bullets – VMP Reissue Edition, Light blue clear vinyl – NM/NM - $20
  42. Songs: Ohia – The Magnolia Electric Co. – 10th anniversary deluxe edition reissue, still sealed - $22
  43. St. Vincent – Masseduction – VMP Edition, Blue vinyl – NM/NM - $18
  44. Various - Tropicália Ou Panis Et Circensis – Reissue – NM/NM -$22 (SOLD)
  45. Various – The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Cambodia – NM/NM - $12
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2017.03.22 05:27 UnidentifiedFlop My friend's wife was murdered by her son. He is now a single father with a new mortgage and a three year old.

As stated, my friends wife (and my friend) was murdered by her 18 year old son in Riverview, Florida (close to Tampa/Brandon) To make matters worse, it was premeditated and on her birthday. There has been a go fund me created for Steve and his daughter. I will be donating on Friday when I get paid, but please consider a donation or sharing this go fund me through social media or anything else. Steve will now take in the responsibilities of a full time employee, single father, as well as deal with a new mortgage, and the loss of not only his wife and soulmate, but his step son as well. I can't really put into words how sad I am for him. I am not a religious person, but I am praying for my friend and his family. I have this horrible, sinking feeling that I didn't know I could have. No one deserves to experience a loss in such a terrible manner.
In any case, I want to clarify that this assistance request is not for myself, but for my friend Steve D'Angelo. If you are able to help, please do. The full details are in the update tab of the go fund me. Here is the go fund me link:
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2017.02.16 17:45 randomretro Flying home from Boston... what awesome coin shops did I miss?

Flying home from Boston area, raynham specifically... didn't see much for coin shops in the area. Had some good Korean BBQ sub from dangelos, good prime rib and spinach bacon soup from ironside tavern... got a lobster roll from stephanies to go to annoy other people eating pretzels on the flight home. Didn't visit Plymouth rock, lizzie borden's house, or any light houses. Feel guilty seeing sights without the family especially since wife's dream is to sip coffee at a Boston outdoor cafe. Was going to try Frates drive in but heard they only offer lobster rolls in season...
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2013.09.07 03:11 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Beverly D'Angelo. Actress. Been there, done that, ready to talk about what's next. AMAA.

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Date: 2013-09-06
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Would you ever team up with Amy Poehler in a comedy? Instantaneously. I want to play her mother some how somewhere sometime.
Are you a fan of FX's Archer? I think you'd be great as a guest secret agent / femme fatale / foil for H. Jon Benjamin's character... Hope they are reading your post..
Have you ever met the singer D'angelo? I imagine the introduction would go something like this. "D'angelo, Beverly D'angelo. Beverly D'angelo, D'angelo. And then we get married and name our first born D'angelo D'angelo.
When you created the character of ellen griswold, did you intentionally combine the sexual/maternal into the character? Ellen Griswold was based on my mother. My oparents were married for 62 years, til she passed away last March. I grew up witnessing a great love affair. I always thought of The vacation movies as a romance. I watched my mother combine being in love with raising a family...
What do you think of Kevin Spacey's speech (Link to video)? It would be fascinating to hear your views on what you think the distribution model for media will look like in the future... You know what? My home town of Columbus Ohio was a test market because the demographics perfectly match the demo's of the whole country- and way back in the early 80's they tried a system that did allow viewers to pick times and content for viewing what they wanted to see and when. It worked. But I think that the internet will fullfill that idea and soon. Networks are old fashioned.
But when you say "old fashioned" you obviously don't mean that entertainment executives still wear monocles and top hats. I wonder: why do you think they chose to ignore this for so long? It would be fascinating to hear your perspective because you experienced this shift in content delivery from the "inside" (so to speak). To regular entertainment consumers like myself this issue has been a no-brainer for quite some time! (And maybe one more question because this is cool? As I look out my window in downtown Toronto I see the film festival absolutely take over the city - a completely different feeling from what things used to be like even a decade ago. I wonder, from the industry perspective, why do you think things moved from Venice/Cannes to Toronto? Is it just the timing of things, being the "primer" for Oscar season?) No I dont mean networks are " old fashioned" in the sense of wearing moncles and top hats, (though that image is delightful) What I mean is that the concept of dictating what the audeince can see and when is antiquated- we are living now in a time when we have the mans to seek out and find what we want to see, and when on our own, with a personal computer. Networks make their money from the cost of advertsing time during any given program, and THAT is why they want hit shows, If 10 million people are watching a sit com, then 10 million people will see the commercial for toilet paper. Networks cater to the holy demographic of age 18-35, as a rule. Why> because studies have shown that that age group has not yet decided on their " brands" and will be open to advertised products. The more people that watch a show, the more costly the air time, the more valuable the stock in any given network. A 30 second commercial on air during the super bowl will reach potential buyers in greater numbers than an idiosyncratic show about art, period. But Networks will often keep a show on the air that garners emmys , even if the numbers are low, in order to attract talent that is looking for support- its like a circle. I think networks are running scared, doing a zillion pilots a year, picking up and then discarding them after even less than six episodes- that is how much trouble they are having securing the veiwership that existed only 10 15 years ago. Cable, though it gets maybe fewer veiwers in general is now more in keeping with a culture that wants what they want when they want it, by having on e, demand features and repeated showings of episodes during the week, not just the " opening night" And the internet trumps all of it. I really beleive that within a very short time, we will be using our existing television sets simply as monitors for content we stream through home computers. I think the present challenge is how to monetize the net. technically, anyone can have an online series ( hello youtube) but sooner or later the people prvidingthe content need support to make the product. Yes, you can put commercials in front of content or alongside on a website etc, they can force us to watch a commercial before we get to whatever it is we want to see/know- but I think even this will change. I think it is just a matter of time before the powers that be in network television crack the code, or mutate into something else. I am kind of rambling, sorry! better stop this thought ha ha.
What's your favorite Vacation film? First one. We were free. When a film is successful, there is a subsequent pressure to deliver the same thing again and again- this is different than creating something for the first time.
Hey Beverly, Big fan! I would love to hear you talk about your beginnings as an animator at Hannah-Barbara. Do you still dabble in art? I studied art at the a American School In florence in my junior year. My father was at the time a vice president of Taft Broadcasting and that company owned Hanna Barbera. I sent them my portfolio and got hired, left Columbus Ohio for that job the day after I graduated. I make these weird collages now. Just for myself. And I am known to do drawings of prototypes of strange weapons my son thinks up.
Which Rusty and Audry were your favorites? Don't you know a parent is never supposed to reveal that?
American History X is one of my all time favorite films. What was it like on set? I've heard that Edward Norton can be pretty hard to work with at times... Tony Kaye was and is a genius. He was the director cinematographer AND camera operator, so he would shoot anything anyone came up with. Edward did a lot of re writing on the spot and Tony always filmed it. Tony even put 800 k of his own money into it, that was how committed he was to this process of capturing everything an actor wanted. he invited Edward into the editing process too.But Tony's process did not end within the time constraints the studio wanted, he wanted to shoot more, edit more. At a certain point Edward himself wanted to get the movie done and released. There was friction about that. Its all settled now. PS I made another movie with Tony that he hasnt finished - and we shot it about 5 years ago!
What is your drink of choice? Liquid.
What was Chevy Chase like to work with? Was American History X a hard movie to make emotionally? American history X: The subject matter and the content of the scenes I was in resonated on a deeply personal level, so in that way I was " full"- like all acting it is a matter of delivering your internal landscape to the external- in this case not hard because I was inspired. Chevy: Chevy is THE BEST. We are good friends and always seem to fall into Clark and Ellen on and off screen. Kind of a psychic Astaire and Rogers- but I hope that doesn't sound like bragging, we just fit.
Vacation Movies are the best. Are the rumors of a reboot true? Where Rusty is the father? Is Wayne Newton dreamy? Rumors are true,but dont know start date. Wayne Newton was fascinating, seriously, approaches legendary- When I went to his house in vegas, he pointed to the group of penguins in his personal managerie ( why does every star in vegas have their own zoo?) anyway, he called the penguins " the boys" because they looked like an orchestra full of tuxedo'd musicians. He married a girl from Ohio, my home state, so he gets props for that too. Plus he plays like a zillion instruments.
Have you been asked to reprise your role as a grandmother (sorry!)? Yes, it is inevitable!
If you had to pick one. which Vacation is your favourite? And how crazy is Randy Quaid? I think the first one- first time for everything is the best. And we didn't anticipate all the success or longevity, we were innocent!
Don't ask me, I just work here!
Hi Beverly! Our family has a cult-like viewing of Christmas Vacation every year during the holidays. Such a great flick! Ellen seemed like a pretty down-to-earth mom/wife. Do you think she would have really allowed Clark to build a swimming pool in the backyard with that bonus money? Oh yea.She remembered jumping into the pool in the first Vacation. That was a good night.
Loved you in the Vacation series, you'll always be forever enshrined in my families mind as the woman who put up with Clark W. Griswold =) Seriously, how fun was it to make all those movies? Do you still get residuals? Do you ever watch the Christmas Vacation movie with friends / family during the holidays? Thanks again for this AMA. Thank you and you're welcome. yes, the Vacation franchise is the gift that keeps on giving. Have watched with my kids, so they would understand why their friends parents talk about the Griswolds...
Has anyone ever told you that you have a sexy overbite? Everyone except orthodontists.
I would like to say that you are one of the sexiest, classiest women on the screen. You are very talented and have worked with some amazing people. Thank you so much for all you do, and thank you for this AMA. 3) What makes Bounty Killer something to go see, besides you being in it? 4) When filming American History X, was there any point that you realized you were making a ground breaking poignant film that was so very socially conscious? How do you feel about the impact of that movie? 1.Billie Holiday, Rosemary Clooney, Miles Davis,Muddy Waters, Ronnie Hawkins,Patsy Cline, Milos Forman, Sid Krofft, Bruno Bettleheim, nature, water especially. Just realized everything everyday has an influence on me. 2.THE MIRACLE. A film written for me by Neil Jordan, brilliant Irish director. Maybe six people have seen it. Christian Pitre and Mathew Marsden. And if you like the idea of CEOs being taken down for their irresponsibility, its your ultimate revenge flick. It is a thrill ride. Bigger the screen and louder the soundtrack the better. I knew from the moment I met Tony Kaye that I was entering into special and impactful territory, just by following his lead. I am very grateful that people were affeted by the content, beyond appreciating the film itself.
, I think you're great, you have such a sexy singing voice. Why not go the prof singing route? Albums, vegas shows? Thanks- I got into acting because I was a singer- broadway musical of hamlet, and then first big films were musicals ( Coal Miners Daughter and Hair- so I sang my way into acting I had a 4 album deal at one time very early on. But at that time ( 83) you had to make a choice- no real hybrids of recording artists and actors ( like now) Also I left Hollywood in 1981, married an Italian duke and was based there for years- and frankly I didn't like pop music from about 1978 tip, well, including now. I am always looking for authenticity, a lot of stuff at the moment just sounds so manufactured to me. Don't get me started.
You may have already answered this, and if you don't want to answer it again I understand, but I just got here and don't feel like scrolling through all the comments. How do you feel about them changing your kids on ALL of the vacation movies? Did you find it annoying or humorous? Repeat: parents are never supposed to say which child is their favorite, ahem. But we always wanted to put in a line where Chevy or I would look at the kids and say " you've changed"
You have a scene of sorts in Annie Hall where you and Tracey Walter are acting in a fake TV show that's on in the background. How did you get that part, and was there any more material than what we saw in the movie? What was it like shooting a gag clip to go into the background of a movie - did Woody shoot it himself? Interestingly- the scene I was in was shot on video tape- and this was in 1976, way before anyone else even thought of it. He wanted that grainy quality , he wanted it to look very TV. genius. No, he did not operate the vid camera, a technician did,
Dark's Mom! Laurleen Lumpkin! Some of your finest work, thanks! 1.wow you ARE a fan! thank you!
How does it feel to know that every person in the world sees you onscreen every christmas? Everyone in the world?? well I love that.
"Everyone" meaning everybody that matters, and that is, people who watch Christmas Vacation. I never judge people, except when it comes to that film ;) How did you get involved with Nowhere? That movie was full of so many random actors. I met Greg Araki and wanted to work with him. I would love to see more of his films get made.
You were in High Spirits, one of my favorite underrated movies. What was it like acting with a ghostly Liam Neeson? Liam was absolutely wonderful. He was just starting out and was definitely compelling to watch and work with. We slaved over the waltzing- it was fantastic to dance with him literally and figuratively in those scenes.
I in fact do remember you from all those movies. You and Adrienne Barbeau both have that magic will-grab-your-eyes-and-won't-let-go charisma that cannot be forgotten. Ok, so what was the craziest thing Gary Busey said to you while filming Bounty Killer? (or any other film, while we're at it.) Double-down question: You get greenlit for anything you want, budget set at 100 mil, what's your project? I didn't work on the same days as Gary did. But our paths have crossed forever. I first met him when I was prepping for Coal Miner's Daughter- I showed him the script and he said " first, underline all the VERBS- that's the key to your character" I had actually been singing Patsy Cline songs in the band I was in in Canada, and knew a lot about her a long time before she was "discovered" in Coal Miners daughter- but his advice was solid and i was grateful Then he was in Entourage and now Bounty Killer. If you stay alive, everyone meets up over and over again. And what's with the 100 million dollar question?? If I had that I am not so sure I would put it into a movie. My thing is finding the cause and cure for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, i would give it to JUVENILE ARTHRITIS ASSOCIATION. It is a disease that affects 300 thousand kids at any given time, but has so little funding for research they cant cure it. Go to Link to www.juvenilearthritis.org and find out more!! ( pretty please)
I first saw you ( and loved ) in the motion picture Hair. Absolutely one of my favorite films. Did you ever do the musical on broadway and what was it like on the set of the film? One of Milos Forman's ( director) requirements was that no one could audition for the film if they had been in it. And I had never even seen it ( the play before my time, basically) I was in love with Milos. There I said it. I considered myself as only a singer at the time, but realized that the only way to continue with Milos was to become an actress. I had to audition 14 times to prove myself!
Hi Ms Angelo, I'm a huge, HUGE fan of you and Chevy Chase. I basically grew up with you guys on-screen and I love the chemistry you have together. What is it like working with Chevy, and also, what is life in Hollywood like for someone as talented, classy, and downright sexy as you? Hmm- always a matter of figuring out if the screwing you get is worth the screwing you get.
Also, does Al Pacino yell like Al Pacino around the house? Around who's house?
Do you watch Christmas Vacation every year around Christmas time? Finally watched it with my children this past year. but its not a tradition, that would be too " sunset blvd"
What was it like working with Edward Norton in American History X? What was it like? Any good backstage stories? I know what you mean when you say " what was it like", but really, every actor is so unique,every film is unique, and noone and nothing is " like " anything else! but to be less cerebral about it, he was great. It was an honor to watch someone come so powerfully into their own as an actor- he got a well deserved Oscar nomination for everything he put into that role, and into that film.
What was it like working on The Simpsons? The best, like playing in a sandbox with a bunch of geniuses. I met Matt groenig at Frank Zappas house and shortly after that, Lurleen Lumpkin was born. (Special rest in peace to Frank, all time great of greats)
Watching the 'Dinner For Five' episode you did. I noticed you smoking a cigarette. Are you still smoking or have you quit? Quit. And am miserable about it.
Do you prefer more serious roles, or comedy roles? I feel like my appproach to acting, my own " methodology is the same whether it's comedy or drama. Always a matter of finding the truth. Oddly, I have found more tension on comedy sets that dramatic ones, maybe I doing it all wrong!
What was the best part of working with Chevy? The part-y.
I'm a big fan of yours! (I especially love the movie Lightning Jack). What's going on with the new Vacation movie, and what's Bounty Killer? New vacation movie is in rewrites. BOUNTY KILLER IS JUST SO COOL. Post apocalyptic roadwarrior hybrid of animated and live action kick ass guts glory and chicks with guns... apologies to the Academy. and its funny, yougotta see it on the big screen if you can. Otherwise, its on ITUNES and VOD starting today.
It seems like there used to be a longer shower scene in lampoons vacation and every time i watch it now i feel robbed. did they cut some of your shower scene? by the way your rack was the only reason to watch european vacation. Shower scene is the same length, but based on your post,it may seem shorter to you because you've already seen it 500 hundred times.
Babs, what's the haps? Same old same old.
You have been in over 30 movies and several TV shows. Why do you think the National Lampoon franchise was your most popular role? The first vacation was actually r rated and conceived of as a kind of satire. But I think what happened is that people identified with it instead of standing outside of those characters. More than that I just don't know, but I love that it is alive in so many peoples hearts.
BABS! Entourage is one of my fav all time shows. Cast is simply phenomenal.. from the main 4 to you, Jeremy, and Gary. What was it like to work with the talent of Jeremy in a role like Ari Gold... which seems to be so well written and perfectly cast? See above!! That set was a testosterone rodeo with brilliant actors , I loved it.
If someone gave you a ton of money- say, 100M if needed- do you have a "dream project" you'd like to tackle? Protocol would mean I 'd have to ask you what your dream was first.
Is Chevy Chase really a jerk? I always see interviews from the actors in "Community" talking about how hard it was to work with him. No, Chevy Chase is not a jerk, period. I havent seen interviews of actors dissing him, but if I did I would wonder who died and made them critics.
Hi Beverly D' Angelo!! ** waves over excitedly ** I saw that your mom was a violinist, did she pass any of that talent on to you, or were you not interested in it? My whole family was musical. I didn't have the patience or desire for Violin, I was not drawn to classical music. Actually, I was more interested in grahic arts- my first job was with Hanna Barbera Cartoon studios, in LA. I came here at age seventeen and California was amazing culturally- I realized I had been singing all my life, and my voice led me into a fantastic life..
How is Jeremy Piven in real life? And how is working with him? Jeremy Piven is the son of acting teachers, consummate professional and inspired actor. Always a pleasure to work with.
How prevalent is HGH use amongst aging hollywood celebrities? No idea. Too scary for me to even think about.
My boyfriend and I are planning a trip. I suggested driving. He thinks it would be 'easier to fly'. I disagreed, I think 'getting there is half the fun'! Any advice for us? If i had the time i would definitely do a road trip for the sake of it. Unless you are going to Fiji Islands or something.
You were friends with Frank Zappa, was he as fun to hang around with as many of us imagine? You also have a beautiful voice. You can certainly do a pretty mean Patsy Cline. Frank Zappa exceeded everyone's imagination. He was so far ahead of his time I think he met everyone walking backwards. I cannot begin to say how much it meant to me to have known him. ( emotional now) His entire family is part of my heart, Gail is best friend and is devoted to continuing Frank's journey by protecting his legacy and reaching more and more fans. Moon is a goddess writer ( her first novel, " America the Beautiful is outstanding) Diva continues to create works of knitted art that you can wear ( www.divazappa.com) and exhibit as she knits a mile long ( literally) piece named " Emilio". Ahmet is ruling the world, after releasing another book, "Because I'm Your Dad", and writing and producing movies, check out "The Odd Life Of Timothy Green - Dweezil on tour with Zappa Plays Zappa ( grammy winner!) Look for upcoming performance of 200 Motels in Los Angeles and oodles more goodies at www.Zappa.com
Were there any special kinds of roles you've always wanted to do but never got the chance? Like a super futuristic sci-fi movie or something. I am always up for something new.
Out of all the Vacation movies what was your most favorite scene to shoot? What was it like working with Chevy Chase? Scroll scroll scroll to get the answer! No fav scene but I've responded a couple of times about how much I love working with Chevy- don't want to repeat, I'm starting to sound like I am obsessed!
A Bieber, a Jonas, and a Hansen kid... Who do you let your daughter hang out with, which one do you allow her to listen to, which one dies? She has good taste in music, I would trust her to decide who she would listen to. Would never kill a musician, just on principal,
How did you wind up playing Sally in Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay? They called, I said yes. Its not like I hijacked them.
This might be a little personal but... did Al Pacino ever say "Hoo-ah!" into your Who-ha? Did he ever say it into yours?
Ok, whats next? Bounty Killer today in limited theatrical release and itunes and VOD Just finished shooting a hallmark movie " The Michaels"- played opposite Elliot Gould in supporting roles. First time working with him since AMerican History x. I call him my american history ex .
Hope I'm not too late. As with everyone love the Lampoon series and of an age for you to very impressionable to a young man. How was making Tales from the Crypt? Did you watch it before after your episode? Who was the last person you geeked out about meeting and why? Have you been surprised by someone geeking out about meeting you? Favorite genera to read? Do you sing in the shower or while doing stuff around the house? I never saw Werewolf Sonata -the Tales from the crypt episode i did, I havent seen many things I've been in. I dont get geeked out in general, too fascinated for that. But I've never met a geek i didn't like. favorite genre for reading is history. and bios and auto bios. Always interested in how people have lived their lives.
What was it like being married to Al Pacino? We were not married. Met him in 1996.Lived together for 7 years, broke up when our kids were 3. So, its a 17 year relationship, in shapeshifting forms.
I heard Chevy Chase is hard to cooperate with! Is that true as far as you have seen? Nope.
Which actor would you never want to work with? Haven't met one yet.
Big fan!!! thanks for all the great movies you've done. Excited that I'm going to go watch the Bounty Killer tonight. How did you like working with Henry, Colin and Jason? LOVE LOVE LOVE HENRY JASON AND COLIN, and Christian of course.
What's for dinner, Bev? Low carb.
Don't you ever miss bread? Do you mean $$ or carbs?
I mean carbs. Or do I? Let's pretend it's Schroedinger's Question and that it's both. Both.
I enjoyed you in that segment in Aria by Julien Temple. Was it difficult to do because it was all one long take? Well actually there were some cuts, but doing it in long long takes added a tech degree of difficulty, heightened everything and added life. Buck Henry made me, uh, wet my cave girl sarong laughing between takes. Hope that doesn't ruin your memory, I'm glad you saw it. 90 minutes of opera with ten brilliant directors- I loved that film.
Which actors, directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, etc. that you haven't worked with yet, would you love to get a chance to work with? List is too long to fit in this space!
How do you get your hair so high? Is it static electricity? Italian back ground, lots of hair.
I once heard Scott Baio say that you were the best he ever had. Is it true? Are you the best? Frankly, yes.
Ellen, are you smoking again? Really I just think you are great but that scene...and how did you keep a straight face for all of Chevy's rants? You would be surprised at how unfunny things can be when you are shooting a comedy. We would make each other laugh in between takes, but were always dead serious when it came to shooting the jokes..
Do you happen to remeber making a movie when you were in England called The banana camel? Apparently with my aunt and uncle from New Zealand. I have been wondering since 1977 whatever happened to the people I met when I was in England that summer- The banana camel, which I dont recall as being a film, was part of a spontaneous 7/7/77 celebration we had. I actually still have a polaroid of me, your aunt and a small monkey at the Portobello Market from that time period...
Yeah they both talk about that time with fondness, some real interesting stories :-) I will PM you an email address for them on twitter incase you wish to contact them. Great- thank you!!! This is amazing!
Took me a dozen viewings to notice that you have your hand over Sparky's pants at the end of Christmas Vacation when everyone is frozen for the police. Hilarious and seemingly random. Who came up with that idea? My idea. And I told Chevy I was going to do that on about take 4, just to see if anyone would catch it.There was so much going on in that shot that the director didn't notice til he veiwed it on video playback.And of course, that was take he chose.
I've read you are a scientologist. You seem like a level headed, intelligent purpose. Do you really believe in the Scientology teachings? Huh? Nope, no association with Scientology, ever.
I'm also a Columbus Ohio native. What is your favorite place there and Do you ever stop in for a visit? Favorite place would be anywhere I can go with my family there. Yes I am in and out a few times a year.
Was there any actual real competitive energy between you and Christie Brinkley? Never- different roles, different strengths, we were all part of a whole.
My family and I have watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on VHS every single year on Black Friday. I grew up watching that movie, and can probably recite it to you line by line. What I want to know is if you've ever referred to your significant other as "sparky." Only one Sparky, Chevy Chase. We were doing the scene in the sleeping bag in the cabin in the first vacation and decided that we should have nick names for each other- and this would show the intimacy- I cant remember who came up with Sparky, but it stuck.
Would love to hear about how you met Al Pacino... Short story or long story?
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